Have you ever wondered why global giants like Google and Microsoft are led by Indian personalities like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadela? And, Why Outsourcing Software Development Projects or hiring offshore development Team in India is a Success? We will unravel the mystery right here.

No doubt, favorable government policies, and superior work ethic make India one of the preferred destinations for outsourcing. But, this is not all when it comes to outsourcing development to India or establishing an outsourcing team in India. The crucial reason why India is becoming the top choice for outsourcing software development is the availability of resources in abundance.

Apart from lower cost and easy accessibility, the sheer volume of Engineers that India produces every year accounts for more than 1.5 Million. According to the World Economic Forum, India produces 3X the numbers of Engineers produced in Europe and the USA combined. 1.5Million Engineers produced every year gives rise to an unmatched talent pool that can serve N number of Software development projects every year.

Why India the preferred destination for outsourcing software development?

India’s market share in the global services outsourcing industry is 56% which is the highest in the world. The present revenue of the Indian IT industry is above $150 billion, and it aims to touch a gigantic $350 Billion in revenue by 2025. Also, India still leads in terms of software developer base and has the fastest-growing concentration of software developers in the world.

The above stats make it obvious as to why India is the preferred choice for outsourcing your projects.

With demand comes supply, and when it comes to software development companies in India that enable you to hire dedicated remote developers, there are a plethora of options. Hence, is tedious to decide on which are the best offshore software development outsourcing companies that you can put your money on. Here is all you need to know about setting the offshore development center.

Now let us understand this in detail with simple points as to why India is a preferred outsourcing destination and what makes India stand out globally.

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1. Whopping 1.5 Million Engineers:

It would not be wrong to say that IT engineers and India go hand in hand. Around 0.5 million software graduates are employed by India-based IT companies every year which results in 98% young and skilled developers in the age bracket of 18-35.With such an enormous size of talent pool catering the software development requirements become easy.

Hiring resources from India not only resolve your software development issues but also reduce the project management burden from your shoulder. Top outsourcing companies in India have project managers who hold hands-on experience in dealing with end-to-end design development and offering the clients with QA testing.

When you sign up with India for your software development projects you are in for a complete 360-degree experience.

2. Cost-effective

Software development cost is cheapest in India as compared to other global countries. This is a well-established fact for many years but the cheap price does not mean any compromise on quality. What’s interesting here is that in recent years the cost to quality ratio stands in equilibrium.

So exactly how much does it cost?

Hourly Rate quoted by a top outsourcing software development company in India start as low as 12 $ per hour.

Say, a React-based project requires at least three developers. Now let’s understand how this project can be managed in India on a low budget. Most companies in India will distribute the React project in a hierarchy of 1 senior developer, 1 junior developer, and 1 Intern. Since the wages In India are very low as compared to the US/Europe it becomes easier for companies to distribute the cost. Quality is not compromised as the most complex task is taken by the senior developer and the regular task which doesn’t require much expertise is distributed to the Junior Developer with the supervision of the project manager.

This cost reduction helps the companies to cut down the hiring and infrastructure cost as they don’t have to worry about all this while outsourcing software development to India.

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3. Strong Communication skills:

India is the second-largest English-speaking country in the world second to only the United States, which gives you an idea about the language proficiency of the country. Right from kindergarten until the time a student graduate the medium of communication is strictly English in several schools and colleges of the country.

India was recently ranked second on English proficiency by the EF English Proficiency Index. Companies look for developers with fluent spoken and written English skills as the IT industry across the globe operates in one single language. Several companies already started choosing India as an outsourcing partner without facing communication challenges.

This kind of command and application over a foreign language in a country is truly remarkable, and that’s why over the years people have trusted India as a one-stop solution to global outsourcing problems, especially software development.

4. Friendly time difference with Europe/Asia/United States.

India has got a competitive advantage even when it comes to the location with countries that are looking to outsource software development projects. The time difference of :

  • India is 3 hours 30 Minutes ahead of Eastern Europe and 9 hours 30 Minutes ahead of the USA
  • Singapore is 2 hours 30 Minutes ahead of India
  • Australia is 4 hours 30 Minutes ahead of India

With this time zone difference, Indian companies provide round-the-clock support and turnaround time for catering to project development needs.

As along with cost, time plays an important role and acts as a competitive advantage for companies working round the clock and wanting sync-ups and conference calls.

It is also advantageous for companies who are looking for both in-house as well as an offshore team to work together in such a situation time plays a vital role.

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When it comes to outsourcing IT projects, India has the upper hand with almost 70% of the revenue of the company coming from the export of IT services. This contributes to around 7.2 percentage of the country’s GDP.

If software development is not your competency and you want to thrive in the IT segment, then India is the best option to outsource your IT project. Hiring India will free your money, energy, and time, along with ensuring world-class development solutions at the same time.

Outsourcing web applications have helped many small companies in accomplishing major objective and achieving success. In addition to this, partnering with software outsourcing companies also opens up a new environment to upscale the business.

Outsourcing web development in India means less investment, exposure to the latest technology, lesser project complexity, unwavering support, and top-notch services.

Coming up with a great idea is hard, but what’s harder is to find and hire the right app developer that can turn your idea into reality. There are around 23 million people working on web and mobile app development worldwide.

If you pick one of them without much thought, your idea might not turn into that big success as you desire. In this article, you will find the step-by-step process of hiring the right developer.

No matter, whether you are planning to hire a freelancer, a mobile application development company, or an offshore app developer, there are few general considerations to hire any of these resources.

Before you start searching for developers, ask yourself a few questions. What specific business challenge would you like to solve by hiring a business developer?

There are three common scenarios:

  • You are looking forward to implementing technology that you never used before. For example, say that you want to rewrite a website in particular programming languages. You can wait until your developers learn that  language or hire a developer from an offshore web and mobile app development company.
  • You already have an in-house team, but need more specialists. Depending upon the requirement of your project, you can hire an in-house professional app developer or a freelancer through an outsourcing company.
  • You want to develop a project from scratch. This scenario is common for both existing businesses and startups. Startup owners usually have budget constraints and thus opting to outsource a project is a reliable option for them.

    Existing businesses want to automate business processes and thus they can go for anyone of the options i.e. hire a dedicated or in-house team.

There is no denying the fact that business owners want to release a new app quickly and without investing much from their hard-earned money. And no doubt, the app should be of the highest quality. At this point, the question arises whether you should outsource the project or hire an in-house team.

Let’s have a look at both, the pros and cons of both options:

As the name suggests, the in-house team means hiring a group of developers that work with you in the same office. The in-house team provides you with the following advantages:

  • They will be working in the same workplace with you, hence they will be possessing a deep understanding of your company, your product, and your corporate culture.
  • Easy communication and quick responses to your inquiries.

But this option also comes with a wide range of disadvantages, such as:

  • You will be hiring full-time employees and thus you have to pay them a full-time salary, even if they have no tasks or take sick leaves.
  • You need to take care of office supplies, workspaces, equipment, and so on.
  • Just by hiring an on-site team you can remain assured of effective work and quick response to your inquiries. So, if you want to meet the deadlines and get the project to be completed without any flaw, you will also be required to hire a manager.  This is turn will increase your expenses.

Earlier companies were skeptical about outsourcing, but nowadays it has become a common practice. While outsourcing, another company takes care of your development project and you don’t have to get involved in every step of the process.

Here are a few benefits of an outsourcing development project:

  • When outsourcing, you can hire coders from any part of the world, which means access to more talent.
  • You can quickly add or replace the team members, which will help you start your development quickly.
  • You only till the time the developer is working on your project and there are no expenditures on things like office space and costly equipment.
  • You can hire experienced developers, leading to product development as per your needs.
Cost Savings from Outsourcing
Cost Savings from Outsourcing

Lack of face to face communication is the major drawback of outsourcing. But this challenge can be easily overcome with tools like communication software like Slack, conferencing tools like Zoom and project tracking software like Jira.

You can also consider hiring a ready-made dedicated team to automate the processes. Here is a guide to help you understand how to setup an offshore development team in India.

Why Hire a Company over Freelancer

Why Hire a Company over Freelancer

The answer to this question depends on whether you can want to manage the development process and the degree to which you can lead the project on your side. If you are looking forward to hiring a freelance, then think twice, it is quite intimidating to manage people located thousands of miles away.

Hiring a freelancer comes with various challenges, such as:

  • Freelancers work on several projects simultaneously, so there is the risk that the developer won’t meet deadlines.
  • There are also chances that freelance developer can suddenly leave the project. After all, there is no CTO or manager involved.

On the contrary, with an app design agency, you get designers, QA specialists, developers, who deliver you, project management services. Hiring an agency comes with benefits like established communication channels, methodology, streamlined control and quality control.

Another great advantage of making a deal with an offshore web development company is they have already come across development challenges and know how to overcome them.

Over the years, the different members of the team accumulate knowledge which evolves into development approaches, ready-made components, and best practices. Unless and until have a small task, we recommend hiring a web development company over a freelancer

You have defined your goals and made your mind to go for the outsourcing development team. Now, comes the question of how you will find the developers?

1. Firstly, define the destination

North America, India, the UK and Ukraine are the most popular outsourcing destinations. Let’s learn about them more.

North America is the house for approximately half of the IT specialists in the world. Headquarters of leading IT companies are located in the US, even if they have their R&D in a different region of the world. Thus, the United States could be one of the good choices for building your offshore development.

However, it is important to note here that building an offshore development team in the US can be a bit heavy in your pocket.

India is one of the preferred choices for building an offshore development team. Business in India is concentrated in so-called IT clusters, which also includes the

Silicon Valley of Bangalore. According to the recent stats by Evans Data Corporation, by the year 2023, India will be ahead of the US by a number of developers.

Countries like the UK and Ukraine also hold a good share of web developers. The only thing that keeps India above all the three countries is you can find highly enthusiastic and skilled developers in India at quite an affordable cost.

Region iOS ($/hour) Android ($/hour)
North America 150 168
Australia 110 110
UK 70 70
South America 43 34
Eastern Europe 35 35
India 30 26
Indonesia 11 12

2. Conduct Research

Here is where you can find the right offshore development team for your business:

  • Freelance Website:

These websites can prove resourceful if you are looking for a freelancer. However, they are less helpful when you are looking for an outsourcing company that provides full-cycle development. Upwork, People Per Hour and Guru are some of the reliable solution for finding web and mobile app developers.

  • GitHub:

The best developer should not only be perfect in his designs, but should also be strong in coding. GitHub is a platform where you can check sample of source code put by various developers.

  • B2B Directories:

B2B Directories generally contain lists of companies that are categorized by their ratings, specialization and location. Clutch.co and Goodfirms.co are some of the best platforms where you can find the finest app developer in the country of your choice.

  • Design Communities:

You can check design communities like Dribbble and Behance to find some of the creative and unique designs. These two communities are the best places to find a great designing team

3. Make a list of candidates and analyze them

After you have found a list of developers that can make your dream come, it is time to carefully analyze them. There are several things to check while choosing an app developer for your project:

Once you are done preparing the list of candidates, you should create a list of questions that will aid you in making a wise decision. Here is a list of some crucial questions that will help you find reliable developers:

  • What feedback they have received from their client?
  • What market segment they focus on?
  • Do they have experience in creating apps for your niche?
  • What are the technologies they work on?
  • How will they ensure the quality of development?

4. How will the development process run?

This question won’t arise if you hire one developer, however, if you need a team to develop your product, try to find a company that has a streamlined development process.

Here are a few things to consider while choosing a development team:

  • The company’s SDLC:

SDLC or Software Development Lifecycle is a framework that defines tasks performed at each stage of the development process. Look for a company that has a clearly defined SDLC that adjusts to the clients’ needs and provide stability during app development.

  • Project Management Framework:

Project management framework and methodologies are also crucial besides well-structured SDLC. The most famous frameworks and methodologies are Agile, Scrum, Waterfall and Rational Unified Process. The right choice of the framework will define how quickly a team responds to changes, while still delivering product on time.

  • Communication and transparency:

Communication and transparency, both are crucial, especially when you are opting for outsourcing. A good team should provide you with a kick-off meeting, demo presentations, call upon request and sprint reports. Many companies use project management like Jira, where you can constantly check the progress of your project.

5. What about the high load?

Your app may become so popular that thousands of people will be using it simultaneously. Ask your potential vendors how they will deal under circumstances of high load. A development company should thoughtfully clone the app server and pick the tech stack.

After you have carefully analyzed the list of developers, it is time to make a decision and hire app developers. Before jumping to the conclusion, it is advised to clear all the controversial questions with your potential developers. Get an answer for all your queries to define whether the company you are hiring can fulfill your business needs.

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