In the light of the novel corona pandemic, even the in-house team operated from home. It was because it threatened not only the economy but also the health of the individuals. Due to such circumstances, employers had to make some tough calls. It was necessary to help the employee enhance productivity & engagement. 

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What do we mean by the term Employee Engagement?

Often an employee considers remote employee engagement to just restricted to the responsiveness of an employee towards official virtual meets, calls, and emails. But, it does not cover the entire concept of employee engagement.

Employee engagement can be defined as a two-way emotional relationship & commitment between an employer and his employee. Moreover, the employee and the employer’s relationship may differ and depend upon the various business environments. Now you may ask why it is crucial?

If your work depends more on the combined team efforts then maintaining and enhancing employee engagement is necessary.  And, if you are an owner of a start-up, working on employee engagement is more crucial than ever. It is because the success of an idea depends upon the unity of your team.

Why remote team engagement pivotal?

Employee engagement should be every organization’s agenda. But when it comes to a remote team, it becomes more significant than ever. It is because of the following points- 

  1. They feel as if they are part of your team: Working as a remote team developer has its shares of cons and pros. And, one of the biggest disadvantages is that they feel as if they are not a part of the team. 

    When you focus on the employee engagement activities it bonds them more with the rest of the team members. And, in such cases, it increases their overall productivity. 
  2. They work more: Often a remote team developer may not give 100% if he has no motivation. When you focus on employee engagement more, it increases profitability and reduces absenteeism. 

    A remote developer is an asset to the organization. Therefore, it is recommended to use them wisely. On the other hand, an emotionally distant employee may seek other opportunities as compared to the emotionally connected ones. 

    Aristotle once said, We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit. 

An engaged remote employee is committed to its workplace, motivated to perform better, and enthusiastic. Such an employee is open to any work challenge or new reforms. 

So, let’s understand and know the for main hacks that help an employer in increasing its overall remote employee engagement

1. Cherish small moments

In this pandemic, the biggest communication facilitator was the social networking mediums such as skype or a zoom call. We made sure that every member is well connected and feels like a remote family instead of a team. For an instance let us give you an example. Based on true events.

There was a day when one of our employees was appreciated for his work by a client. We made sure that we cherished this small feat of happiness and acclamation on the group call. The small gesture not only made him happy but he found a boost in his performance as well. Indulging in something new as a team.

2. Learn something together

We started this team eLearning activities on weekends. And, made a rule that whosoever is skilled in one thing will part his wisdom to others. It not only made them learn something new in a particular subject but also more about their team members as well. It made them bond differently and positively. It instilled the feeling of working together as one, one big team. 

3. After work fun activities

We know that this has nothing to do with your office work. But, it plays a huge role in forming bonds and nurturing great talents. Have you ever wondered, why don’t an employee who has a great caliber does not participate in team discussions and brainstorming?

Do not say that you did not even notice. When you hire the talent you expect them to impart values rather than just get the work done. And, if an employee feels less confident or emotionally distant in team discussions, he cannot put forward the ideas. 

To help every employee in our team get in their comfort zone we organize a small virtual activity on the weekends. On the last working Friday, we organized a team Ludo. And the positive result was that, even after that activity got over, they completed their pending task before logging off. 

The virtual happy hours or just the game nights have made every remote developer a part of the team. And did we share how the batter doesn’t stop after work hours in our WhatsApp group? We feel proud and happy. 

4. Not just schedule calls, plan virtual coffee dates or lunch

One of the best things about the office was to meet your friends, share happiness, gossips, and even work-related anxieties. And most of the above things we used to do while having lunch or during tea time. But the pandemic happened and the distance was created. 

You can fix this by arranging virtual coffee dates or lunch calls. Discuss your day with your favorite colleague, let them know you are eating their favorite lunch. It will create an office feeling away from the office. 

On a parting note

The above activities may act as a catalyst in increasing the bonds of the co-workers. Remember a happy workplace have more probability to win a marketplace.

In the past two years, the percentage of employees working from home was 5% of the total number of employees. But, thanks to this pandemic, the percentage has witnessed an upsurge. And, with the rise in the graph of remote workers comes a responsibility. And it is to manage and put every member of the remote as well as an in-house team on the same page.

The aforementioned tips and pieces of advice have worked wonders for us. It may or maybe not an aid for you, but it can help you take a step forward in making your employees happy and engaged.

Do let us know if you found any of the above tips useful in the comments section. We will be happy to hear you out. After all, it’s better to face this business pandemic together like a big happy workforce.

Apps have become an inevitable part of our daily lives. And, the app makers if succeeded to gather the mobile user’s attention then the developers would be busy filling their pockets right now. But have you ever wondered, what makes the app a success? Yes, exactly you are right, the technologies used to build mobile applications. In our blog, we will discuss leading technologies for mobile app development i.e, Flutter vs KotlinFlutter, which is a framework, on the other hand, Kotlin is a programing language. 

A successful mobile app is one that provide something of value to not only its users but also to its makers. Therefore, you need to hire dedicated kotlin developers or Flutter Developers for your Mobile app. 

Now, here comes the plot twist no one saw coming. The app market is dominated by 98% of both android and iOS users comparatively. And, in such a process, the app built should be such that it caters to the broad market of users.

For the same purpose will you follow a cross-platform app development strategy or stick with the traditional method of making both on separate platforms? Before nodding in affirmation on just one option, take a breath and read the question twice.

The cross-platform is which allows the app development on both platforms using a single code. The cross-platform app development may serve a lot of users on multiple platforms and that too at a lower cost.  Speaking of the preferred technological stack for the cross-platform app development was Flutter and React Native.

In recent times, the realm of app development has witnessed a new entrant, Kotlin. And, due to the varied features offered by it, the previous preferences were never the same. There has been a sudden shift where the developers are choosing Kotlin and Flutter.

At the moment you must be wondering which is better among the two. Fret not, because we have all the detailed comparison of both of the technology listed in the context below. Till then keep reading! 

Before diving any further into the discussion let’s discuss

What is Flutter?

What is Flutter

Flutter was introduced in the year 2015. The basic purpose and intent for introducing such technology were to prepare the market for then Google Fuchsia. 

Coming back to the topic, Flutter is an open-source that allows its users with the ability to craft and build beautiful mobile, web, and desktop applications using a single code.  

The best feature about the Flutter was that it overcame the technological challenges faced by its then competitors and provided a plethora of benefits. And, the same made the Flutter an ideal choice when it comes to being chosen as the cross-platform app development technological stack. Another distinct feature that Flutter possessed was the efficiency of securing apps similar to that of a website.

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In no time, it was included in the list which stated that it was the top choice for the brands like- Google, Square, eBay, EMR, and Ali baba group to name a few.  AppBrain conducted a survey that reported Flutter holds the accounts of a total of 0.24 percent of the app market and about 0.07% of the total downloads. 

In similar terms, if you are using Flutter as a preferred choice for cross-platform app development, then you will find the following advantages

Flutter Advantages:

Flutter Advantages

1. Hot Reload Function 

Due to the above-mentioned trait, it is a choice of the major brands. The hot reload functionality allows the users to streamline the back-end as the front-end functions of the app, thus ensuring better decision-making processes in the entire app development. 

2. Quick Development 

Who doesn’t want to use a technology that provides them with less stress and more upper hand at fast development? WE DO! So, if you are looking for a cross-platform app development process that requires low cost and fast development then you have the choice!

3. Can create MVPs 

We have read how useful Flutter is when it comes to developing an app in no time quick and at a low cost. This makes it highly favorable to create MVPs and also a prototype. 

Flutter Disadvantages:

Flutter Disadvantages

1. Large size apps

If you are looking to create a flexible sized app, then this is not an option. Flutter is known to create an app where its size is too big. And, at times, it can turn out to be against your case.

2. Extra Effort of the coding 

You have to be well-versed in Dart. What you don’t know? Do not worry it is easy to learn. But if you have limited resources ( most importantly time) then this can turn against your favor. 

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What is Kotlin?

What is Kotlin

Wait, relax, because we will answer your every question. So give the hyper curiosity of your mind a rest and keep reading. Kotlin is the new age programming language that was built by JetBrains. He is the maker of the renowned & best IDE’s.

Do you know what makes this language best? It was made not for academia but for developers. Kotlin is a general-purpose and open-source programming language. It can be considered as a pragmatic platform for Andriod and Java Virtual Machine. 

It was initially released in 2010 as a small-scale project but later it was introduced on a high note in 2016. AppBrains found out in a study that, there were over 82,000 which are currently using Kotlin. And, talking about the total app percentage it accounts for 9.93% of apps and more than 22.36% of downloads.

The big and popular giants such as Microsoft, Huawei Video Player, Samsung uses it as their preferred choice.  

Kotlin Advantages:

Kotlin Advantages

1. Kotlin is a complete SDK and just not a framework – 

The above sentence clearly states that you don’t have to shift your entire app on a platform. 

2. Smooth Learning Curve

Kotlin possesses its similarity to Java, Scala as well as Swift. It is indeed easy to learn the language and provides its users with less struggle when designing a cross-platform app. 

3. Innovative UI experience

It is one of the best features of using Kotlin for app development. When you are using Kotlin it provides no challenges to their developers and hence, they can design accordingly with liberty depending upon the behavior, performance as well as functionality of the app-in making.

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Kotlin Disadvantages:

Why should you not choose Kotlin

1. High development cost

It is free to use the app, and now you may argue how come the cost of the development is sky-high? The answer to the same is quite simple. It offers its users semi-native functionalities. And, hence the entire development process to create such an app can hit hard on the pockets.

 2. Limited Libraries 

The platform is not in the active stage rather it is in the developing stage. It means the users may have access to the limited availability of the libraries. 

But, who won our vote? 

Wait, we have more comparative arguments to take your attention on. 

1. Popularity – Both Flutter and Kotlin is a widely used open-source network that provides free access to its users. Flutter today is gaining more popularity than Kotlin and it is because of the GitHub presence of the former is depicted as 69.5K stars as well as 8.11 forks. And the Kotlin enjoys 28.3 K stars as well as 3.29k forks.  In this category, Flutter has undoubtedly won its masses votes.

2. Learning Curve –  Kotlin has its similarities to Java, and thus, it is quite easy to get accustomed to. But when it comes to Kotlin Multiplatform and that of Flutter the scenario is quite different.

Speaking about the Kotlin Multiplatform it is an entirely new platform and having less resources available.  Therefore, after having a glance, the Flutter has won our votes when it comes to the learning curve. 

3. Cost of Development – Having a value-based idea of the app is one thing but when it comes to creating an app, cost matters. Of course, you might have certain budget restraints and in this regard, Flutter wins our vote.  It is because as discussed before flutter has a low cost of development as compared to Kotlin 

4. Performance – Kotlin offers its users a plethora of advantages such as high-speed animation, the same language for both high and back-end needs, and a lot more.  But when we compare it with Flutter, it surely lags. Flutter is known for its hot reload functionality, thus, making it users to change easily and accordingly. 

Want to Develop Mobile App Using Kotlin or Flutter? Get a Quote


 Both of the cross platforms are reliable and provide the feature to reduce the overall time. And, due to their unique advantages both of them are giving a huge competition to each other. 

 At times, the choice and preference may depend upon the app type and the functionalities you wish to add. In such scenarios, you may need to find the right company that can guide you through a process of smooth and unique offshore app development solutions.

The world witnessed a pandemic and yes, a lockdown. It took a toll on the economy and personal lives of the people. Every user was online. And, one type of apps that witnessed an upsurge of popularity was the dating apps. There are a plethora of dating apps, and these have become a hit in the market.

The popular examples of dating apps were- tinder, bumble, hinge, etc. Now you may wonder why these were equally so popular. It is because of their innovative and impeccable features and unique marketing strategy. 

 Fun Fact about using dating app Bumble –

 Females initiate the conversation, isn’t this nice? So, the boys all around the globe using this dating app can feel a tad privileged.

 Some statistics- 

Speaking about Bumble, it is one of the most popular apps in dating history. The foundation was laid by a co-founder of another dating app called tinder. 

  • It has around 55 million active users in more than 150 countries. 
  • Bumble users spend more than 62 minutes on this app.

With the above statistics, you can easily create an app. And, for the same purpose, to help you with the aforementioned there are a plethora of off shore app developers in India.

How does a Bumble dating app work?

As compared to the various other dating apps, the algorithm of the Bumble app is pretty simple. And, you can read the following points to take a note of how the app functions- 

– All the users that you have swiped right will appear on the top of the screen. 

– It does not take notes of how you swipe and your preferred patterns of swiping right or left it showcases all the profiles that may match with your interest.

– In case you need a break from all the matchmaking you can do so by pausing your account. 

Once you know how the app works and its algorithms, the next important point that needs our immediate attention is the set of features the app incorporates- 

  1. Log in – 

The first and foremost step we need to take care of before creating a bumble profile & it is to log in your Bumble account. 

  • Profile – 

 You can add your pictures and quotes that describe you the best. Or if you have an entire portfolio to showcase, you can do so by connecting the app with your Instagram. The profile is where you can add your age, name, the purpose of being on Bumble, and location.

  • Location – 

Bumble is an online matchmaking or dating site which allows the app makers to provide you with the most suitable matches based on the location proximity. The best part is that, though it is a sort of online dating, if your connection is in real vicinity you can meet them in real life too.

  • Discovery settings – 

It is one of the unique features. If your profile is not visible to Bumble users it is of no use. You can further set the discovery settings based upon the age, sex & distance factors.

  • You are all set, just Swipe – 

 You will see the potential profile of the matches and hence if you find them appealing enough, swipe right. And, if not, then you can swipe left.

  • Real-time messaging – 

It is yet another feature of the app. Once you both are super swiped and communicating, you can text and connect. And, who knows! If things turn out to be better, you guys can meet in real life too. 

  • Normal calls and video callings – 

    The best part about the bumble chat is that you can call or video chat with them. The calls are unlimited, and therefore, you can video call them no matter the times or frequency of calls. 

  • Backtrack – 

Bumble launched another unique feature in this dating app version. And, it was if you swiped left accidentally then you can undo that. But, to our disappointment, it is available only for the likes of premium users. 

  • Spotlight –

It includes that your profile will be highlighted and made visible to all the singles or your matches at just a minimum amount of cost. 

  1. Superswipe – 

 How do you tell a person that you are more than impressed in their profile? You can opt for the feature- super swipe. You can notify the person by tapping on the heart icon on their profile. 

  1. Bumble Bizz & Bumble BFF – 

This feature makes Bumble more distinguishable than the rest of the dating apps. It lets you find a new friend or make business connections. 

App Development Process – 

  • Launch an MVP version of the dating app
    Before starting with the basic app development and launching the same, remember to launch an MVP version. Gather the information, people who interact with the pre-launch version of the app, and incorporate the changes into it. 
  • Add value –
    To create a dating app like Bumble you need to add some value-added features to it. It will make your app altogether successful.
  • Target Audience – After you have collected the general public response alter it according to the desired audience. It will help you add more information. 
  • Development ( Technology Stack) – 


        For Andriod – 

Android Studio, Autolayout, Java

For iOS- 

 Swift, storyboard, Xcode, Autolayout

Database ( for both, android and ios )

 MySQL and Firebase 


 For Anriod- 

 Facebook SDK, Google Maps SDK, Swiping Cards, Google push notification 

For iOS- 

 Facebook SDK, Swiping cards, Google Maps SDK, Google push notification

Monetization Strategy- 

Dating apps can help you generate a lot of revenue and income. 


  1.  In-App purchases
  2. Sponsored Profiles
  3. Subscription

Moreover, Bumble offers the following boost plan- 

 1. Beeline- Users can help view all the matches and the numbers of people who have liked the profile.

2. Rematch- The basic version allows the matched person to reconnect with the prospect within a time limit of 24 hours. But when you invest in a paid version, you can connect with the prospect even after 24 hours. 

3. BusyBee– In this, a user can extend the time limit if his lady crush is engrossed in other work as many times he wants to. 

Cost of Developing the Bumble app- 

 The app development cost depends upon the –

  1. Features to be included
  2.  Experience of the technological stack employed

On average, the cost may depend and may range up to $50,000 to $55, 000. 

On a parting note, if you want to create a dating app like Bumble and are looking for a technological stack and wondering whom to contact then you can trust It is a reputed name that can is known to offer top-notch IT solutions such as app development and website development services. 

At first, you will think it is a silly question. There are a plethora of online tutorials and how-to guides that provide you with the app development insights. Then, what is the requirement of another blog? Well, it is not as easy as it appears to create an App for iPhone

Developing an app for the iPhone is like a hard row to tow. You get puzzled at every step and may even find yourself between questions like- Do I need a mac? What is swift and objective-c? And the list of questions continues. Do you know that often a developer follows just one set of commands instead of knowing that there is a loophole in it? Well, in this blog we will like to educate about the loopholes to look after and ways to succeed. There are a plethora of offshore app developers who can help you with the same.

Which is better iOS or Android?

There has been a simmering debate between what to prefer for app development, iOS or Android? According to research, a study calculated the total number of apps in AppStore. And, when you read the number you are sure to be astonished. In today’s date, there are more than 1.7 M apps found on AppStore. 

And, if the recent studies are to be believed then the app store generated about $15 Billion of sales, which is approximately half more than that of the play store. Therefore, creating an application for the app store or iOS can be profitable. And, to create a successful one, we need to follow some pieces of advice and guides. 

But, the first and foremost question that we need to ask ourselves is the right process to hire a developer? 

Four ways could help you in developing an app- 

  • DIY or Do it Yourself 

  • Hire hourly based developers 

  • Hire in-house developers 

  • Remote based dedicated developers


It is the most common processes of developing an app if you have a tight budget. You can create an app for yourself, but for that, you should have a deep understanding of the technology stack used. 

The first thing you need is solid information of the iOS programming languages such as Swift, coding logic as well as the architecture of an app. And, before that, you should figure the UI/UX design as well. 

Hourly based developers

You can hire a developer just for the sake of the project completion. He will work on the project until it is not completed. And, you need to keep the communication in check as well as set the deadlines right. It is because certain things such as the deadline of the project and the communication should be properly emphasized. 

Create and hire your in-house team

You can hire your developers and even train them to accomplish certain tasks. The best part is zero communication obstacles as well as you can keep an eye on them always. 

Today, the time is such that there has been a lot of difficulty in managing the in-house team too. And, this is because even the in-house team has become a remote team.

Remote developers

At times, it has happened that you may lose on a great employee just because of the physical restraints. But with the concept of the remote team, you can hire dedicated remote developers and create your dream team. 

We have witnessed and already instilled our hopes in the outsourcing realm. The known examples that have risen to fame due to the outsourcing concept are as follows- 

  • Alibaba- They opted for the website outsourcing development
  • Whatsapp- They developed their messenger’s iOS version via an outsourcing team 
  • GitHub- Outsourced the back-end of their website.
  • Slack- The company outsourced the entire designing layout of their website. 

Moreover, if you are a startup and looking to create a Minimum Viable Product then you can opt for outsourcing. And, if you are worried about how to find that right talent, fret not, because there are well-developed outsourcing teams who have in-house talent ready.

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Well, it is often the most neglected process in the entire app development process. If you have zero ideas about who will be your target market, you cannot create a successful app. Therefore, take time to study the target market. And, the information that is collected will give you tips that help you to understand the app creation process in a better way. 

Competitor analysis 

 Please find some effective ways to do the competitor analysis and the same are as follows-

  1. Explore the app store- Thoroughly search for the apps, analyze the apps that are of similar pattern and examine for the loopholes, which helps them lure the target audience. 
  2. Read the reviews on Apple store/play store– The reviews can give you correct insight about what is an app all about. 
  3. And, finally, pen down the notes and offerings– Jot down the important piece or a value-added service that can help you get an idea about creating that one successful app. 

Sketch the perfect app idea

This section comprises the need to understand and create a particular type of app. Determine what will your app specialize in? What are your apps offering? And, what will be your main market? 

Once you understand and finalize this the rest of the process becomes very easy. And, no matter what do not fret. Your app type or an idea doesn’t have to be big or groundbreaking. Just keep your idea tangible. 

Define your target audience- 

 This is another important step that determines your overall app development process. Let’s start with some important pointers- 

 1. Age- It is one of the important criteria, suppose you want to offer scholarly guidance, then an adult who is working as a mechanic will do no good. 

2. Location- The language, timeline of ads sponsored and the offers may depend a lot on the location of your app. 

3. Interests- If your app provides the offer and discounts on food and best recommendations in a particular place, then you should seek and target an audience who loves to try new places. And, this can be done when your app user logs in through Facebook. It will read their data and suggest you referrals about the same.


 Monetization is one of the hardest processes today. And, to achieve the same we can keep in mind the following- 

  1. In-app advertising- It means though your app is free it comes with some added features.
  2. Freemium model- The app is free but some of the contents of the same aren’t. 
  3. Subscription model- The main part of the app is only available once you subscribe it. 
  4. Paid model- After a one-time purchase, the app is readily available for use.
  5. Paymium model- It is a combination of two different models. The app so downloaded is after it is paid but the additional content may have an option to buy or not.

Technological stack required to create an app for iPhone- 

 1. Programming Languages- Objective-C, Swift

 Why opt for swift?

Swift is known to be highly functional and is considered to have a dynamic library and therefore offer a code which is error-proof. And, this is done due to its strong inline support. 

On the other hand, Objective-C is a high-programming language that is based on C. It offers project-oriented capabilities as well as a dynamic routine environment. 

2. Integrated Development Executive- Xcode 

3. Software Development Kit (SDK)- IOS SDK

4. Popular tools available- Xcode, App code, Atom

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Wrapping it up:

On a concluding note, if you want to consult an expert about the mobile app development services, then look no more and contact us. Grafffersid is an award-winning name that offers impeccable and innovative IT solutions to its startup clients. In case you need to know more, we are just a skype text away!

The introduction of the World Wide Web about three decades ago ushered in the Information Age. Its 2020 and information has become a commodity that we can quickly and widely disseminate through our internet-enabled smartphones and computers.  Over the years, we’ve come to rely on the internet for a range of day-to-day tasks such as shopping, learning, entertainment, and work. In the process, we generate a lot of sensitive information.

All the information we generate has value and with the world now firmly in the digital age, data has become a currency. As a result, there’s a lot of scary individuals coming after the valuable information that we inadvertently put out there. It’s not only individuals that are at risk of a cyberattack but also companies that store, process, or transmit personal data. Symantec’s 2019 Internet Security Threat Report shows that attacks on businesses are up 12 percent.

Start-Ups are Particularly Vulnerable

Every company, whether it’s a tech giant or a small business, has vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. However, young start-ups are more vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches compared to larger, established businesses. And given their propensity for embracing new technologies and the lack of robust cybersecurity infrastructure, this is no coincidence. Reports show that 43% of all cyberattacks target small and medium-sized businesses, including start-ups.

Do not make the mistake of assuming that your start-up, due to its size, is not a target for cybercriminals. Start-ups have customer records that may contain information such as credit card numbers, medical records, social security numbers, and personal information (including birthdate, address, identification number, etc.). Hackers will try to steal this information from your organization, often with potentially devastating consequences.

Types of Cyber Risks Facing Start-Ups In 2020

Cyberattacks targeting young start-ups and other small businesses will continue to increase unless business owners do something about it. As a start-up entrepreneur, the most important thing you need to do is acknowledge the threat.

By truly understanding that you are a target of cybercrime, you have made an important first step toward better cybersecurity protection. Speaking of which, here are the types of cyber risks facing start-ups in 2020.


Constituting more than 90 percent of all attacks, phishing is the most common form of cyberattack targeting businesses and individuals. Phishing is a form of social engineering tactic designed to trick the victim into sharing sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information. A phishing attack often takes the form of an email directing you to a fraudulent website that is designed to look like a legitimate site.


Ransomware is a form of malware that is designed to encrypt or lock down a company’s mission-critical data until the victim pays some cash. Hackers prefer payments in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin because they are harder to trace compared to cash or online transactions.

Data Leakage

A data leak is an unauthorized transfer of confidential information from within a business to an external environment. In such an incident, sensitive or classified information seeps to the outside world. A data leak can be intentional or unintentional. The information exposed through a data leak may include contact info, user credentials, payment card information, etc. Data leakage is common in start-ups.

Ways to Secure Start-Ups

Any business that relies on technology to store and manage customer information is a potential target for a cyberattack. Despite their small size, start-ups are not exempt from cyberattacks and data breaches. In fact, start-ups and other small businesses are a favorite target for cybercriminals due to their lack of strong cybersecurity systems. So, what can start-up entrepreneurs do to ensure that their businesses do not fall victim to these attacks?

Assess Risks and Vulnerabilities

A risk assessment helps you identify where your company is most vulnerable and take the necessary steps to fix these weaknesses. By assessing risks and vulnerabilities in your system, you can effectively defend against the wide range of cybersecurity threats out there. Start by auditing the most valuable data and information in your possession including customer information, intellectual property, employee data, and other records.

Install Antivirus Software

Install reliable anti-virus and anti-malware software on every laptop or desktop in your company to protect your system from malicious code.  Antivirus refers to a set of programs designed to protect your system from malicious programs. Malware may include viruses, trojans, spyware, etc. Antivirus software can also remove glitches and unwanted programs to improve performance.

Secure your Wi-Fi network

A virtual private network (VPN) provides online privacy and anonymity by creating a private network in a public internet connection. Many large organizations use this service to protect sensitive data, and you can do the same for your start-up. A VPN on your router at the office will ensure that your office Wi-Fi network is encrypted, secure, and hidden. It provides a private connection and protects your office network against online threats.

Hire IT Services

Hackers often target start-ups due to their lack of a robust cybersecurity infrastructure as well as experience in IT security. As a start-up entrepreneur lacking the resources to invest in a strong cybersecurity system for your company, hiring IT services from a company that specializes in IT security gives you a chance to focus on expanding your business.

Backup Your Data

Backing up your data in the cloud and locally is important for a variety of reasons. Having a reliable backup is essential to start-up cybersecurity. A good backup strategy ensures that mission-critical data is available for restore in the event of a cyberattack, say a ransomware attack that encrypts your files.  You can use your backup to restore your data from the cloud and start afresh in the event of such an attack.

Limit Access to Company Information

The amount of information your vendors have access to can pose a cybersecurity risk, and most start-up entrepreneurs are not aware of this. Check your vendors’ cybersecurity controls as part of the vetting and onboarding process. Items to look at include how they store data, compliance with data protection regulations, access control, etc.

Employee Training

Employees are often said to be a weak link in a company’s cybersecurity system. Most data breaches can be traced back to negligent employees, contractors, and third parties. Employee actions such as continued use of default passwords, loss of company smartphones, etc. can easily result in a data breach. Employee training on cybersecurity best practices can greatly reduce the risk of an attack.

Build a Security Centric Culture

Develop a security-centric culture within your start-up, it’s one of the most effective ways to secure your start-up’s data. Encrypting mobile devices used for work purposes, blocking access to websites that pose cybersecurity risks, and making your employees use strong passwords reduces the risk of attacks and makes it clear that you are serious about cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is increasingly becoming a concern for businesses all over the world. Due to their propensity for embracing new technologies and the lack of robust cybersecurity infrastructure, start-ups are a favorite target for cybercriminals.

For a start-up entrepreneur, defending against cyberattacks and data breaches is always going to be a constant struggle. However, using IT security tools such as antivirus and VPN, backing up your data, and applying common sense policies can help you mitigate these risks.

When you decide to launch your line of products; you should work rigorously on MVP. Often, they do not realize that some of their efforts may go in vain or the process incorporated can be wrong. So, this blog is an amalgamation of every mistakes a startup makes when building an MVP and why they should avoid it.

We will first know what exactly is MVP?

MVP is a popular abbreviation for the term, Minimum Viable Product. It is known to be a concept from the Lean Startup which further emphasizes on the impact of the learning in the development of a new product. Moreover, Eric Reis, defined MVP as the version of the new product that allows the marketing team to fetch and collect important information about the customers with a minimum amount of effort.

 Why MVP is important?

The sole concept of MVP lies on the fact that it is all about testing, knowing what will bring value and what will not. In simpler terms, we can say that MVP is all the process known to understand the market demand. And, it is least about selling the products to the end customers. Often a startup owner may take this step for granted. They think that their product already has what is desired by the customers. But, it is known afterwards that such a product exists already in that category. It is why it is asked to invest in MVP. MVP allows the companies in question to test the waters know the actual demand and predict if the value offered by them is required or will be something of use to the customers. Once you the answer to the above questions you can create a successful app

On a concluding note, an MVP can allow the company to test their business concepts. When a product is launched, the company can know what the target audience is and hence can alter its functionalities according to that particular audience in mind. If you are start-up this step is even more crucial for you. You can’t just rely on just your instincts or guts. You have to test the concept with the MVP and tailor the results and requirements accordingly. Only then you can be assured that the product you invested in has the power to offer you profits. Coming back to the topic, the mistakes an entrepreneur makes while creating an MVP– 

Minimum Viable Product


Note: The above picture are the examples of a- MVP and b- product.

It is the sight of everyday occurrence that the start-ups try to bring their innovative or the great marketing impact idea into life. And, this is done by the means of a website or developing a mobile application. But, according to recent research and findings, only 10% of them succeed. Do you want to why? The same question popped in our head with the same intensity. The answer is pretty simple; most of the businesses don’t even know what they are offering, and how different it is from the competitors.

And, half of them don’t have any clue about the need of the customers in that area. We mean, ask yourself if a general audience requires pyjamas for the work from home, will you offer them with ready to wear at workplace denim. Who wears denim in our homes? We don’t. And, the example provides us with the pretty evident idea that knowing what your target customers require is IMPORTANT!

1. Not putting duly emphasis on Market research- As discussed in the case above, market research is one of the vital elements in the overall idea generation & product development process. When your offering is proportional to the needs & requirements of the target market, you may have an advantage. 

Source- CB insights

Moreover, if the statistics are to be believed then there are 50% of businesses who are at risk of failing because the business can’t provide something of value, or new to their customers. The product offering already exists. And it is why market research is one of the crucial things today. If you ignore this one, you may put not just your business but also your bank balance at a lot of risks.

 2. Unprofessional Development Team-

 It has been noticed that finding a good MVP is not the only hard challenge a business has to face. Rather it is also finding the right and experienced team. And, when working with the unprofessional team you will face the following problems- 

– Lack of cooperation- At times, you will need their suggestions and advice too. But, when they fail to compile by your policies and stand correct on the parameters what happens? Your MVP team should be such that it adds value to your ideas. They should stand true on your values, your protocols and even policies. And, they should help or assist you when required or needed. 

– Missed Deadlines- often it is seen that when an unprofessional MVP team is hired, they fail to deliver when asked to. It is because they spend a lot of time thinking about how to rather than when to. They will not know the correct procedure and how to implement the same to get the desired results. And, thus, it leads to the missing of the deadlines. 

– Feedback Interpretation issues- Once the MVP has done and is out to the target market, you will get certain feedback. The next stage demands you to tailor your product feature set accordingly to the feedback. But, an unprofessional team fails to cater to your needs and requirements and thus, puts your entire plan on hold.

 – Lack of experience- There will be challenges which will be known to be out of the context. And, when this happens you will need the support of your MVP team. And this is only possible if they have experience. If they do have, they will map and monitor out the problems beforehand. 

3. Not Prototyping-  It is yet another step that requires our immediate attention. Often a start-up skips this stage and moves further to the development phase. Why they do this? It is done by them to avoid the time taken in the prototype phase. But this is where they go wrong.

A prototype phase prepares the one in a way that they encounter no challenges ahead. Moreover, if you are building an app this can be helpful because it helps them to make the overall app development process smooth and easy. You should further start with the interference architecture. Once the above-mentioned is done you can build a general structure of the product. Now put all the information related to it. Then comes the step to get it formalized and this can be done by the means of supporting documentation.

 – Build your rough wireframe with the help of the previously designed product architecture & the main elements. Moreover, you can also draw such wireframes by your hand on a paper. 

– And, if you wish to then you support it with the high-fidelity prototype. It will help to present your product through a means of the graphic image.

 – A prototype so presented graphically will help give a clear picture to the investors. And, also forms a strong and valid foundation for the next phase i.e. the development phase. Prototyping is known as the art of analyzing and even spotting your faulty points. 

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4 Considering the M to be Maximum Have you ever seen a product that offers too many features? Not us. Do you want to know why? The more features incorporated in a product can make the overall product to be less usable. And according to CB insights, this is the number 6th reason as to why a start-up fails. Once the business fails, well its product disappears in one thin line. Without focusing on too many, focus on just one main feature and a basic feature. And, determine the way to highlight both in the best possible ways. 

5. Wrong Approach for building an MVP-  Have you ever wondered why your start-up solutions fail despite working rigorously on your MVP? It is because the approach to create a minimum viable product for your business is wrong. As discussed above, a product should have a feature that satiates the needs of a target market. For example, let’s imagine a cup of cake. A raw cupcake without any sort of icing should be offered to a customer. If he’s hungry, he will eat and tell you the feedback. For suppose, he tells that its too fluffy in the center but hard on the linings.

Take this feedback and along with the frostings make it a better version. And, that’s what an MVP stands for. Do not complicate it or rush into it. Give this process its time, and once the feedback are gained, ask the development team to incorporate it with the other set of functionalities. 

On a parting note, Your product idea can be unique, and we are looking at something that can provide us with a technical revolution. But, before that happens, invest in MVP. Ask yourself a few questions- -What is your product about?-What are the values you wish to add into it? – Who will be the target market for the same? And once these questions are answered, assign a software development team to initiate the next process. When you are a start-up you have an advantage. And, it is you can direct your limited resources to the feedback interpretation stage. So, don’t miss out on the MVP and keep the mistakes in check. 

Being the owner of a start-up based in India is not a piece of cake. The challenges often comprise the constant need to keep pace with the latest technological changes and updates. And, this is about the time that I wanted to develop an app with React Native. For development and deploying my React App, Hire ReactJS Developers. In the same process, we learned the following here are things to consider before working with react:

  1. React is easy to master because of the following-

 It is a JavaScript framework and used to write a real yet native mobile-based application. To be precise, it is a library which lets you create your own set of libraries. In simpler terms, even if you are a learner or a developed mind, there is no room for complications while using React Native.

The above figure shows the react as the preferred choice of JS

Source- Tecla

  • Routing- 

 Routing in the react-native is as we can say, has come a long way. In the web browser, the pages are independent and reloaded from the stack. But speaking of the react-native, the pages are stacked on the top of each other. So, when you navigate from one screen to the other, it will keep it in the memory. And for the same purpose, it is recommended to find a stable router. Before, you start with the application development process. 

  • App Theme Development- 

The dark mode is in fashion. A dark theme may help the user in a way that he does not strain his eyes when operating in the low light environments. You can attain the darker themes by following the below process- 

Define your-

  1. Color constants 
  2. Get the required colors into your application 
  3. You can also design the components to incorporate the color

(If you want to go in detail about the same, you can contact GraffersID. And we will help you with another blog for the same purpose.) 

But, no matter what, keep the following notions in your mind- 

  • It is better done at the starting when you are beginning with the process of application development
  • Do no overcrowd with the theme
  • React does justice to its name- 

What if we tell you, you do not need any library or framework to develop a multi-platform mobile application? 

 Now, you must be in a state of shock and would ask what to do then? How can you create a mobile application without a library? The answer is simple. You can employ WebView (it is the browser that is bundled inside the aforementioned app). 

But, there are certain disadvantages to the same. The WebView doesn’t guarantee on the overall performance. The visual effects so expected aren’t present. And, handling or taking care of such a gruesome gesture is hard. And, in such circumstances, you can couple it with the React Native. How will it do it? React Native will compile down to the application’s platforms native code. 

  • Great Work Efficiency-

 What do you understand by the term efficiency? No, we aren’t taking your grammar’s test. We want to convey that React Native ranks high when it comes to doing a certain amount of work in the short development cycle. The react native is used today by the fortune companies as well as the start-ups. Moreover, to date, major app development cases are- Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Walmart to name a few. 

Hire React JS Developers India

You can keep the following pieces of advice in mind, to increase the performance of the app- 

  • It is crucial to keep only the necessary features and eliminate the unwanted ones. 

Often when using an android application, we witness that there could be a plethora of processes running in your immediate background. It may lead to memory leakage. In such a process, it can undermine the overall quality of your app’s performance. In such cases, avoid the use of ListView, and employ scrolling lists such as VirtualList, FlatList or even SectionList. It will amplify the performance of the abovementioned android application.

  • Reduce the size of the application is an important criterion.

It is because the devices respond naturally better to the smaller applications. You can also use ProGuard to minimize the size of the graphics. 

  • Styling with the react-native- 

 There is a library known as a react-native extended stylesheet, which makes the overall styling more fun and interactive. Though the style system has flaws, it is easy to use as well as efficient. All you have to do is to keep your components small. And, the UI, as well as the styles, will fit on one single page. 

  • The Expo

 Do you know that reactive native is home to hundreds of libraries which are almost ready to use? But, despite this fact, it gets no attention from the creators or developers. And, when you try your hands to upgrade a newer React Native version, things may get ugly. 

Expo plays a crucial role in fixing such issues. Expo is a well-known toolbox that accentuates the functions of React Native. It provides its usefulness because it consists of many APIs and tools to build facilities. It helps by developing as well as storing the contents in a cloud. It can even upgrade the application when installed from the app store or play store in the background. 

  • Media Resources- 

 Now, here comes the tricky part. If your application is not sensitive to an image or a video than an extra deal of effort might go in the development process. Moreover, loading images of any high quality can make the overall application process slow. 

  • Profiler & the other tools 

You must know how to employ the use of Profiler. You can use the debug menu, watch out where your fps is running at, and run a Profiler. You can do this to ascertain the root cause of the problem. 

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Wrapping it up- 

The popularity of react-native has sky-rocketed lately. But, any tools comes with a plethora of pros and cons. And, the above things we wished someone could have told us or prepared us. 

As the adage goes, it is better late than ever you can keep the above things in mind before developing an app using react-native.       

We are living in a technology-mediated world. In evolving technology trends we want our hands on the best technology to develop apps. Speaking about the same, we often find ourselves between the simmering debate on what is better between- Angular vs React? And the moment the question pops into our head, we find ourselves comparing the apples and the oranges.

The reason behind it is that one is the framework and other is a library that helps to create or develop an interactive apps. Moreover, both of them work differently to offer somewhat similar functionalities. It is one of the most crucial dilemmas one is faced with, after determining the right mobile development ideas for start-ups.

Internet is flooded with a plethora of articles on “Angular vs React “. And this debate is becoming a center of attraction in online space that which is better among the two. And, to be very honest we don’t just want to storm your search lists with another yet similar article about the same.

So, here is the thing that you should understand about Angular vs React and how these two even being different add value to the overall website development realm.

What is Angular?

Angular was always considered as the golden child in the entire family of the JavaScript framework. And, you may wonder why? It was introduced by the renowned giant Google in the year 2009.

And, it was then built with the concept “Model-View-Controller”. It is used to build a single-page application using Typescript and HTML.

Angular Framework:

The angular framework further includes the following versions:

Angular 2

When Angular 2 was released it brought about innumerable changes to the original framework. The architectural style was then switched to that of the component-based one.

Angular 4

The release of Angular 4 brought about more advancement in this realm. It meant that the angular applications can be rendered easily even outside the main browser.

Angular 5–6

The version was concentrated on optimizing the overall Angular CLI as well as the compiler work.

Angular 7

In this version, the functions while using Angular became more intuitive. Moreover, the applications received a plethora of improvements in the size as well as the performance of the code-base.

Angular 8

It is the latest version of Angular. In this version, two new elements were introduced which were mainly, Bazel as well as Ivy Renderer. The other most important improvement that this version entailed was differential loading.

Speaking about the differential loading, it is used to upload browser-specific bundles. And, you may wonder how beneficial can be both? The browser-specific bundles are further used to assist in uploading the content fast and support the legacy browser.

Currently, we are obsessed over the recently released Angular-10.

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What is React?

It is one of the renowned JS libraries today that is used widely to create robust mobile applications.

In simpler terms, it is a widely popular JavaScript library. The React was created in the year 2011 by Jordan Walke to create a library that could be useful in building dynamic as well as responsive websites.

Moreover, you must have heard about the MVC? MVC is a popular abbreviation used for Model-View-Controller. React is the V in the MVC, and along with JavaScript is creates the view components.

Moreover, the React library makes use of the JSX, which further helps it to structure the component syntax template. Though it was developed in 2011, it was made open to use only in the year 2013. And, till date, it is used widely for application development services for its usefulness.

Now, we come back to the question we started writing this article for!

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Angular vs React- Key Differences

First of all, if you are a developer then you would be relieved to know that React offers a lot of job opportunities. And if the studies conducted by Stack Overflow are to be believed then React is one of the most sought-after development frameworks in the market today as well as for the recruiters.

Most Loved Frameworks
Source- Stack Overflow

Before delving into our series of arguments further, let’s focus on our topic ” Angular vs React “-

Learning Curve

React is easier to learn, and you can get yourself acquainted with it. On the other hand, Angular is among the biggest JavaScript libraries, and hence, the scope of learning that comes in the Angular is too vast.

And, it makes it more difficult to have command over as compared to React. If you are an Angular developer, then you can easily learn React.

But, keep in your mind this fact, that there are a plethora of practices in React that can be time-consuming if you wish to have command over these. 


If you wish to know about Scalability, then, of course, our vote goes to Angular as it is much easy to scale.

On the other hand, React is testable, but it doesn’t allow that much flexibility if it comes to be compared with the top-notch scalable features of Angular.

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Community support

If you want to discuss community support, then Angular without any second doubt has a credible and strong community base and support system.

And, it can also be made clear with the fact, that if the developers have a choice among the two, Angular vs React, they would prefer Angular. If this fact, doesn’t make Angular the clear winner then we don’t know what will.

Time invested in set up

If the point of the installation is to be considered then Angular has won our votes. It is because Angular takes less time to be installed in a source system.

And, react, on the other hand, takes too much of our time. Moreover, React may deliver the application solutions faster as compared to Angular that has witnessed a lot of delay in the delivery realm.


The React language prefers the one-way model of data binding whereas Angular works on the two-way. Moreover, the one-way approach of data binding possesses limitations such as the elements can’t be changed simultaneously with the employing changes.

You will have to update the corresponding model the moment one change is made. On the other hand, the two-way approach of the Angular can prove to be quite helpful in this realm. It ensures the changes are automatically made in the model system the moment a change is initiated.

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Testing & Debugging

When it comes to the fact of testing& debugging, Angular provides an option to do the coding and debugging with just one tool. Whereas, speaking of React, it involves the requirement of the different types of tools.

Type of the applications built

Now, question yourself. Do you want to develop an app? If yes, then what will be it and how will it function?

A React can prove to be a resourceful option if you want to create, hybrid, native, and web apps. But, if you just want to develop a Single page application then Angular is the ideal choice.

Moreover, Angular is the best choice if you wish to create feature-rich as well as large-scale mobile-based applications.

Examples of companies using the above-mentioned

React It is widely employed by Facebook, Uber, Instagram, Pinterest and Netflix to name a few.

Angular On the other hand, Streamline Social, Beam, Mesh, Auto Trader uses this for mobile or web-based application development.

Company’s perspective-

Speaking about React- It came with a clause that hindered its usage when it comes to being used by Companies. This issue was solved later.

Angular, on the contrary, is supported by Google and hence has a free open source license. The aforementioned makes Angular the best choice for companies around the globe.

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Making a decision!

We have listed how Angular and React are better in their ways. Of course one offers many features as compared to the other. But, no matter what, the preference of using just one depends solely on the type of project and the requirement it entails.

Often an experienced mind can make this choice without any failure. It is why it is recommended to hire a dedicated web and applications development service provider!

And, if you are still in two minds, then don’t be contact us! And, we will be delighted to enlighten you with our vast scope of services and expertise.

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On a parting note!

We can conclude that both Angular and React are two very different instruments used for web and application development services. You might come across certain statements and arguments that denote how one is better than the other.

Wait a minute, even we did that right? But, we also recommend you not to restrict yourself to just one. Both of the above are useful in their ways. If one is apple then the other is orange, you can’t decide between the two but you can always choose what to eat and what not to, depending on your mood and taste.

Well, the same goes for Angular and React! Make a wise decision with only considering the project in hand. Protection Status

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