Convincing individuals to help a thought or a task requires more than a sound portion of idealism. Unyielding financial backers request obvious proof that a startup and its strategic agreement can be practical and fruitful. It’s known as a proof of concept. The objective of a POC ( Proof of Concept ) in software development is to test whether or not a thought is practical.

It doesn’t zero in on the attractiveness or creation cost of an item or administration, yet it mostly attempts to address the inquiry, is the thought attainable? Any business that needs to excel and way over their primary concern would want every one of their dares to be effective.

Furthermore, albeit a proof of concept isn’t idiot-proof and doesn’t ensure a positive outcome, it assists associations with choosing whether or not a thought merits seeking after.

With such a huge amount in question as far as time, assets, cost, and the nature of your product item, setting aside the effort to appropriately design programming advancement and the final result before the real sendoff is a higher priority than any time in recent memory. A POC ( Proof of Concept ) is an incredible spot to begin.

Proof of Concept in Software Development

Proof of concept in programming improvement depicts unmistakable cycles with various goals and member jobs.

The general target of proof of concept is to track down answers for specialized issues, like, how frameworks can be coordinated or throughput can be accomplished through a given design.

POC may likewise allude to halfway arrangements including clients acting in business jobs to set up whether a framework fulfills specific prerequisites.

A Proof of concept can be utilized in the accompanying scenarios:

  • To look at the worth of a product though.
  • To characterize if the thought matches the necessities of the expected clients.
  • To ensure that the picked programming improvement technique is fitting.
  • To distinguish impediments and analyze their usefulness.

When the partners concur that the thought can be sought after, the proposition for additional stages is acknowledged. The real execution includes finishing the cycle from configuration to testing in various stages.

When you know the specialized and strategic issues with your thought, you can further develop your genuine cycle by settling on better decisions for model plan and full-scale creation later.

It is likewise utilized in assembling, designing, pharma, and different areas. POC forestalls misfortunes that happen to assume you contribute time and assets for creation straightforwardly in building the real arrangement.

How to Create a Successful Proof of Concept (POC)?

  1. Conduct Research and Development
  2. Specify the Need of Your Idea
  3. Check Your Idea’s Feasibility
  4. Create a model and test it.
  5. Accumulate and report input.
  6. Present POC for the approval.

Benefits of Creating a Proof of Concept’s ( POC perspective)?

Creative digital products regularly depend on novel thoughts. Making a proof of idea can assist with guaranteeing your plan and advancement process is suitable and in good shape before it even starts.

This article responds to the inquiry, what is a proof of idea, including explaining how a proof of concept is diverse to a model or least practical item.

Few out of every odd computerized item improvement venture will profit from proof of idea however in certain conditions,

1. Recognize improvement challenges

You can likewise utilize a POC to recognize which improvement challenges are inescapable and which you might conceivably keep away from.

You would then have the option to conceptualize with your gathering how to manage such troubles.

2. Mitigates Risks

The Proof of ideas supports distinguishing the potential issues the item might experience at a later stage. The issues incorporate strategic, specialized, monetary, lawful, or utilitarian issues that might emerge during the turn of events or execution stage.

Recognizing hazards at the underlying stage and rectifying them saves time and assets for business visionaries.

3. Recognize improvement challenges

You can likewise utilize a POC to recognize which improvement challenges are inescapable and which you might conceivably keep away from.

You would then be able to conceptualize with your group how to manage such difficulties.

4. Convince Investors

Proof of idea includes a specialized examination to exhibit the practicality of the item. It assists the financial backers with settling on an educated choice before putting resources into the task.

Benefits of Using Proof of Concept

1. Estimate assets required:

POC building assists you with working out more definitively at the beginning phase the expense, group, innovation, and different assets expected to foster the total arrangement or simply its MVP.

2. Check & Verify your idea:

POC is regularly the initial step to thoroughly consider your item, focusing on utilitarian and specialized angles. It assists you with changing your business thought

3. At the point when you need to control your answer with another element or innovation:

For this situation, evidence of idea is likewise required, and the POC business layout ought to incorporate a careful investigation of client assumptions.

4. Improve your existing software

Assuming you want to further develop your application, then, at that point, POC expects you to research and conceptualize rehearses that will permit you to remove unreasonable or futile thoughts and foster reasonable methodologies.

Proof of Concept vs. Prototype

Proof of concept may seem as though fabricating a model, yet there are contrasts, and each has its capacity. The proof of concept is a kind of little venture to test the thought.

Proof of concept exists exclusively to show that an item idea is both useful and can be created. Assuming the verification of an idea shows that the thought is feasible, one can continue with a model, then, at that point, MVP, or even begin fostering a far-reaching item.

Proof of concept demonstrates that the item’s thought is feasible, while a model exhibits its usefulness.

Simultaneously, because of MVP, you get to send off a fundamental rendition of your genuine item to the possible clients and accumulate client input. Making models is another significant exercise.

The formation of models is done to assist with imagining how an item will work in reality. It shows plan, route, design, and so on hence, proof of idea shows that an item thought can be made, and the model shows how it’s made.

Proof of Concept vs. MVP

The proof of concept exhibits that the plan of action or thought is doable. MVP is the main variant of a proposed activity or item.

Proof of concept alludes to a particular situation and affirms that the customer should be sure to settle on a specialized or secure arrangement. When examining phases of programming improvement, you may some of the time run over the terms Proof of Concept, model, and MVP all said in one breath or even utilized conversely.

The word least means here that an MVP comprises nothing more except for the basic beliefs which, even though it’s quite difficult, should be chosen now.

Suitable, then again, shows that it’s adequately utilitarian to be delivered to people in general and tried in real economic situations.


Proof of Concept is a little speculation that can carry a ton of advantages to the customer. Because of the PoC, we can recognize the possible difficulties and forestall them.

It’ll guide in the correct heading to measures that should be taken, which will help in additional item creation.

At times there’s another innovation more reasonable for the venture, however, it very well may be found simply because of Proof of Concept. Accordingly, it ought to be a piece of each product advancement process.

A proof of idea answers whether the innovation that is getting looked at would satisfy the reason it is being intended for or not. What’s more, knowing what precisely to anticipate when fabricating a PoC is ever fundamental.

Assuming you have a task thought that should be tried for attainability simply get in touch with us! At GraffersID together, we’ll transform your speculation into a profitable project.

The digital universe is brimming with new tools and technologies and every business whether it is a startup or an established one prefers to develop websites to ground their clients for presenting their work portfolios. For developing a user friendly, they need to hire expert WordPress developer. But many people still have question that how and cost to hire an expert WordPress developer?

Table of Content: 

  • Which software or tool should be chosen for your websites?
  • Who is a WordPress Developer?
  • How to Hire Expert WordPress Developer the USA
    1. Aiming your project idea
    2. Cost to Hire Expert WordPress Developer
    3. Platforms for locating WordPress developers
    4. Searching out for potential candidates
    • Pricing
    • Examining work portfolio
    • Go for References or testimonials
  • Other factors affecting the hiring of expert WordPress Developer
    1. Plan Milestones
    2. Provides Maintenance
  • Conclusion

Now, the question arises-

Which software or tool should be chosen for your websites?

The study finds that 38% of websites are created using WordPress and the underlying reason for this huge acceptance is that users can easily build the website even if they are green in programming languages.

Even though you have the least knowledge about coding, you can induce the functionality with the aid of plugins, create and manage the content, modify the themes accordingly and a lot more can be done using WordPress.

Nevertheless, to create user-friendly and interactive websites you should Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers. Many amateur users encounter difficulty in securing their sites, redesigning the websites, entirely custom-making the themes. To sidestep these problems, WordPress developers are required by many users.

Thereupon, WordPress developers with technical expertise are highly demanded by customers. However, the question is ‘Where do you look for talented WordPress developers? And, how can you hire them?

The answers to your questions are right here, GraffersID, a top web and app development company, helping businesses to grow 10x by developing digital solutions for their business.

Also offering them to hire dedicated remote developers on a contract basis as per their project requirement.

In this article, we will cover all the essential information for hiring WordPress developers but before that let’s begin with ‘Who is a WordPress developer’?

Who is a WordPress Developer?

who is a WordPress developer

A WordPress developer who specializes in managing and improving the WordPress website by managing multiple themes and plugins to develop an interactive, user-friendly and SEO optimized website in correspondence with the client’s requirements.

Listed below are the roles and responsibilities of a WordPress developer-

Roles and Responsibilities of a WordPress developer

A WordPress developer is responsible for creating intuitive and interactive business websites. They work on conceptual understanding, creating and testing the site structure.

For securing websites, WordPress developers use codes and create different layouts. As well, analyze and clear up all the issues and bugs associated with the websites.

Know The Advantage & Disadvantage of WordPress Website

Listed below are some functions that WordPress developers perform:

  • Designing and performing the latest attributes and functionality.
  • Settling and directing the website’s framework.
  • To make sure the website is high-performing.
  • Handling all the technical facets of Content Management System.
  • Formulating a flexible design and transforming it into running plugins and themes.

So, we have a better knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a WordPress developer.

Now, we need to focus on getting the best WordPress developers who can perform the functions in accord with the clients or organization’s goals.

Here 8 Ways to Make your WordPress Website Standout from the competition

Though locating a talented and experienced WordPress developer is quite a troublesome act as there are numerous platforms on which millions of personnel screen several projects. But, fortunately, few platforms aid with better hiring experience and entice great talents.

How to Hire Expert WordPress Developer USA

For hiring the best developers, our hiring personnel undergo a simple procedure which is beneficial in many ways-

  1. Aiming your project idea
  2. Cost to hire expert WordPress developer USA
  3. Platforms for locating/ hire expert WordPress developer USA
  4. Searching out for potential candidates

Starting with the initial step-

1. Aiming your project idea

aiming your project idea

Significantly, it is required to know the purpose of your project. You need to have a clear mindset of why you need WordPress developers. Do you need to customize the website or are you building a website from the beginning?

Scoping the project idea evidence the need of hiring a WordPress developer. Hereunder, are a few points to be considered-

  • Overview: Be prominent with your project goals and needs.
  • Pages Involved: Examine the number of pages your website should have and what content it involves.
  • User Experience: Plan out your user’s interaction with your website, initiating the first page to every page they land upon.
  • Features and functionalities: If your website demands any special features like calendars, booking, etc. structure it accordingly for the developer’s consideration.

Besides building a full website many clients demand partial work such as updating the existing plugin or need to pitch your sales. In this instance, you need to have fully documented details about their project and their specific needs. Also, deadlines need to be discussed beforehand for better communication.

2. Cost to Hire Expert WordPress Developer

cost to hire a WordPress developer

Depending on what your project demands, you need to make it clear whether you need to outsource your software development project or hire a freelance WordPress developer.

If you reside in countries like the USA, UK, Eastern and Western Europe, the cost to hire WordPress developer is around $ 80 to $ 200 per hour, depending upon the developer years of experience. At this you can set up a software development team or get your software developed with your software development partner.

There is another option that can save your money, which is, you can hire expert WordPress Developers on Contractual basis.

For that you can directly connect with GraffersID: Top web and mobile app development company. We can provide you expert WordPress developers for $15 – $30 per hour based on years of experience. When you hire remote developers from GraffersID you can directly communicate with them and they will work solely for your project.

3. Platforms for locating WordPress developers

platforms for locating developers

After planning the idea, the next process to step in is to locate the developers from various platforms.

Though there are many sites, mostly Upwork and People Per Hour is the go-to site for many users.

Upwork is the simplest and quickest platform that provides you with the vetted developers in a while. You can easily get developer at a pricing of $10-$28 per hour. You can get 75k+ WordPress developers to hire regardless of small or large projects.

But there is not surety that they can complete the work on time. Their will be a communication.

Here are Benefits of hiring dedicated developers

There are many other platforms that provide dedicated developers depending on the region.

Preferably, hiring developers from various online platforms like freelancer, Upwork, fiverr and others becomes hectic after following a long procedure. As you can not directly evaluate work of any person until and unless you have a one on one communication with them.

To get the vetted WordPress developers, you should consult with well-established IT companies like GraffersID. They provide dedicated developers to unicorn startups and the hiring process is quite simple yet effective. They emphasize talent over degree.

  • They examine the potentiality of the candidate through a given test performed right in front of us.
  • Based on the skills and experience they decide the salary

4. Searching out for potential candidates

searching out for potential candidates

After winning over the scope idea, it’s time for hiring WordPress developers through different aspects.

The first and foremost task to do is to list out the applicants who you think don’t meet the client’s requirement or do not fit in the role.

Now, the time comes where we need to evaluate the applicants based on three essential factors-

A. Pricing

You need to know the hourly rate for WordPress developers of different countries such as

Price Comparison of WordPress developers

($15-$20) per hour indicates an experienced developer with an excellent communication skill, which is very affordable in comparison to developers  in USA, UK, Eastern and Western Europe.

Besides the hourly rate of WordPress developers, you have to consider the training and onboarding of a new developer.

For many tech companies, a fixed model is the best as they know the services they need and the requirements. But when it comes to ideas without estimating the price then working on an Hourly model is appropriate for many clients.

B. Examining work portfolio

Hiring developers that can fulfill your project goals are essentially needed. For this, it is good to walk through their portfolios and look through the required details-

  • Proficiency level Complex project demands more functionality and for this, you need developers with experience who can easily build your site.
  • Past Projects You must go inspect the developer’s portfolio to extract out whether they have worked on projects similar to yours or not.
  • Project Type Hire developers based on what your site wants. If you hire developers who work on only customizing themes and you need to build the whole website then it won’t work.

Are you confused between “Custom built website” vs “WordPress” ?

C. Go for References or testimonials

Working with someone unknown is risky and challenging. Bundles of questions drive-in whether they will fulfill the requirements or will they be able to meet the deadlines?

Therefore, it is better to search for any references where you can find their previously completed projects and perhaps have a word with someone they have worked for.

These are a few aspects that need to be considered before selecting the potential candidates.

Other factors affecting the hiring of expert WordPress Developer

Before moving ahead, let’s have a look at some other factors that define whether you are settling for the best or not.

1. Plan Milestones

Many projects are difficult to manage, hence, the best way to make them manageable is to propose milestones. This way it will be easy for you and the developer to have a timely report of your work and you can keep track of your progress.

It is good for the developers if they set the milestones by themselves so that they can calculate the time needed to complete a particular task.

Want to know Webflow vs WordPress: Detailed Comparison?

2. Provides Maintenance

Before your project comes to live the developers need to check. Many other platforms provide. Many other platforms provide any issues and make corrections to them.

Communicate with the developer about the support and maintenance before hiring them.

Eventually, the hiring process gets completed after finalizing the contract. The contract should contain details like

  1. Client Details
  2. 2. Developers Details
  3. Milestones details
  4. Project scope
  5. No. of working hours of developers
  6. To-do task if any feature is out of project scope
  7. Post-launch support
  8. Shared Passwords

These details should have to be mentioned in the contract to avoid miscommunication between the client and the developer.

Looking for Dedicated Developer


WordPress is the most preferable software used by many entrepreneurs, small and large businesses to build their websites. Thus, to find / hire expert WordPress developer is not that difficult but what makes it difficult is looking for that WordPress developer who benefits the company with their technical assistance, brings out the best user experience, and can handle the SEO issues.

A comprehensive approach to hiring a WordPress developer is essential to check whether they are the right fit for your team. Save your hiring time and cost by contacting us.

Planning to build an app but unaware of the exact cost for developing the app? Well, determining the exact app development cost is undoubtedly a complicated process. So to help entrepreneurs, startups we have try to provide an estimated app development cost.

In this article, we are going to cover all the significant points that can clarify the pricing of making an app and the factors taken into consideration. We will help you build a budget-friendly and high-quality app.

There are mainly two questions that concern you- How much does it cost to build an app? What are the factors of pricing?

In brief, the affordable cost of making an app is dependent on the development and the hourly rate of hire developer which varies from $20 to $150 based on the region and complexity of your mobile app. The price may also vary based on the skillset, scope of work, and app type.

Comparatively, the cost to develop an app in the US is higher, based on the app type-

App Development Cost in US

From the above table, we can see the pricing structure of building an app in the US is quite high, on the other hand, the pricing structure of building an app in India is quite low and affordable.

Our highly skilled team at GraffersID, an award-winning web and mobile app development company provides you with app development service at a fairly affordable rate and productive development.

App Development Cost in India by GraffersID

Steps to Develop User Friendly Mobile App

Based on the selection of your app type, now it is time for building an app. The entire App development process is complicated and each step includes a huge cost depending on a heap of variables. The procedure for developing an app includes-

  • Research and Planning.
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and Marketing

Let me take you through the pricing structure of each step-

A) Research and Planning

Research and Planning in App Development

In this phase, your app ideas start taking shape. You begin with planning different use cases, preparing detailed functional requirements of your app, and building a roadmap. Now for verifying your app idea and for market analysis, you need business analysts.

This phase includes-

  • Business model description
  • Value proposition canvas
  • Personas list
  • User journey map

The cost of the research and planning phase in India takes around 2-3 weeks.

Listing out key factors that determine the app development budget-

  1. Quality
  2. Cost
  3. Speed

Every app development budget is based on these three factors, now, it is on you to decide what is your application’s requirement. If you need to develop a high-quality app on a low budget then the timeframe should be an additional few weeks to your development schedule. The reason behind this is you need more time in advance designing your product. Similarly, if you go for a higher budget the development timeline can be 2-3 months only including offshore resources.

Now, let’s hop onto the basic pricing structure of designing an app-

B) Designing and Structure Of A Mobile App

Designing and Structure Of A Mobile App

Designing an app is equally important as the development process. The inclusion of many attractive and important features and their functionalities leads to a higher cost in building an app. Mainly this phase includes Wireframes and developing Prototypes.

The overall budget of designing an app on a single platform in USA is around $70 – $150 per hour. On the other hand, If you outsource UI UX design to affordable countries like India can reduce you app development cost. The Average costing is around $15-$35 per hour. The overall time is taken to design an app can be 20 days and can vary accordingly.

Designing an app comprises four steps and each step requires a strategy to bring the app into a reality similar to the visualization.

Let’s take a look at each of the steps and the required amount-

1) UX Design

UX is all about the user’s friendly use of an app. UX designers have to plan the idea following the user’s perspective. Thus, UX completely brings the screens into the paper for a better user experience. This procedure needs, understanding of the market, the goals of users’ utility of an app, who are the users.

For example, an app includes color psychology, button placements, designing solutions for the users. These tasks are performed by a UX designer and the cost of it fluctuates according to the requirement.

2) UI Design

Designing an application requires creating mockups to get an idea of how the app will look like. Visually presenting what you have planned is a difficult task and to perform it requires more money. Visual designs include-
Layout, Typography, Colors, Screens, Shapes, and Elements.

Know in detail about difference between UI UX

3) Branding

Branding plays a vital role in marketing your product. If you develop an app, then it is evenly mandatory to market your brand. The branding for an app involves Marketing and Logo Branding.

4) Copywriting

Copywriting is a must to keep users engaged and interact with the application solutions you are providing. It includes text like- Newsletters, Landing pages, Technical documents, Blog Posts.
Now, if you hire a good writer, the cost of writing a copy changes accordingly.

C) Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

After the conceptual and detailed design of an app, we move on to the app development process. Developing an app consists of three important parts-

1) Backend

For supporting the functionality of an app, the server-side object and databases are required.

2) API

Through Application Programming Interface, the backend database/server and the app are connected.

3) Frontend

It is cited as the application’s client-side. The front-end developers provide the structure, content, and behavior of an app to make it interactive.

The number of team members in the development team depends on the size of the application and the in-app features.

Average Estimated App Development Cost

Hire Local Developers vs Offshore Developers

Now, the development process can be managed by a team of local developers or developers outside the country. To execute the plan you need brilliant developers.

Why India

Specific to Asia, India is the prime outsourcing country in Asia, known for delivering cost-effective and efficient subcontracting mobile app development services. Also, India was nominated as the second world country with the greatest number of graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The cost of living in India is significantly lower. In general, for the development of iOS and Android applications in India, the average hourly rate of developers extends to $20-$35 depending on the skills and experience.

D) Testing

To validate an app’s functionality and to make sure the application is secure and usable, testing is done. It requires a QA tester throughout the development process to make an application bug-free and to provide quality development. Overall development including coding, testing and deployment may take 25 days.

E) Maintenance and Marketing

After your app has been launched, now it is ready for the users to use. To keep your app running in the eyes of users, you need to keep promoting your app and its features to the users. And, to do the same you have to follow the procedure-

1) Marketing and Promotion-

Once your app is launched on app stores, you need to promote it on web stores too. Marketing and Promoting your app will redirect your users to their app stores. Besides, you can go for SEO marketing, promote your app through bloggers using promotion codes.

2) Bug fixing and Maintenance-

No app is perfect, but to make your app error-free you have your development team who will identify the defaults and get back to you with errors if found any. Every software needs maintenance and you have your team to help you with your app’s ongoing maintenance process that will further let you know the activeness of your app.

Other Factors Affecting App Development Cost


Specific to a location, costs for creating an app vary from region to region. It is dependent on the developers you are hiring from. Talking in general, the Hourly rate for programmers in developing an app in the US is 120$-150$ while in India the cost for the same is $20-$35, and similarly, in other countries, it differs accordingly.

Estimated App Development Cost in Different Region

Now, other than the country from which programmers are hired, the cost depends on the hired developers programming languages like Java, Kotlin, PHP, and many more, the specialists involved who can be testers, business analysts, project managers, scrum master and last but not the least, the qualification or the requirement categorized into senior, middle and junior level.

Complexity of App

App development is not as easy as it seems, it needs planning and research. You should be acknowledged for your target audience, your business goal, an understanding of the whole app development process, and the platform where your app is going to run.

To make an application engaging and unique, its physical features including screens, buttons, colors everything matters which take hold of the overall development cost.

The complexity of an app is dependent on the features and the technology used for the development.

Based on complexity, there are three types of app-

1) Simple Apps

These include mobile applications having necessary features, a simpler outlook, new tech screens. Features of such apps are mainstream in every app-

  • Login/Signup
  • Profile Update
  • Dashboard
  • Search/Explore
  • Messaging
  • Notifications

Thus, the complexity level of simple apps is very low and so the cost and duration of the same are less.

Simple Apps cost in India

2) Moderate Apps

These apps include additional features, databases, and a higher-quality user interface. Features of such apps are highly complex-

  1. 8-15 Screens
  2. In-App purchasing system
  3. UI animations
  4. Location tracking system

Thus, the medium complex app has add-on features that affect the development cost and is higher than the simple apps.

Moderate app cost in India

3. Highly Complex Apps

These apps have some high-end features along with integrations which leads to higher development costs. These apps are designed for bigger businesses.

  1. More than 8 Screens
  2. Video chatting and In-app call service
  3. Online streaming

Thus, a highly complex app not only requires a large number of members for development but planning and research are also a part of it. Such apps have several databases, servers, and highly complex infrastructure.

Complex app cost in India

Native vs Hybrid App

Now, it’s time for you to decide where your app is going to run. There are various platforms on which you can run your app but for startups, it is advisable to let your app perform on a single platform i.e. go for the native platform, where you can run your app either on iOS or Android.

Another platform to run your app is a Hybrid platform where you can run your app on both iOS and Android.
Now the cost of developing an app on both platforms differs a lot. For native apps, the cost is higher than hybrid apps because you need two teams for developing the two apps concurrently.

App Development cost in India based on Platforms

Estimated Cost And Time of Hiring App Developers

The estimated cost of app development is also dependent on the cost of hiring developers. The factors that affect the cost of hiring a developer are the years of experience, specialization in technology is dependent on the type of developers you are hiring. The developers can be Freelancers, In-house developers, and Offshore developers.

Correspondent to different hiring platforms like Upwork, the hiring cost in different countries varies.

Let’s have a look at the hiring cost of developers for software development in India-

hiring cost of developers for software development

Eventually, catching sight of these factors you will have a clear understanding of your app development budgeting.

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To hear more about our clients, here are some excerpts from the reviews we had last year:

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