Barcode based Dairy Management System

Barcode dairy management system
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Dairy is a one of the oldest industries and is very stably placed in the day to day diet of people for centuries. And due to milk being perishable in nature it needs to be acquired on a daily basis. Therefore, making milk industry a high demand market with logistics taking place on daily basis. The communication, till date, has been happening over calls or Whatsapp. Generally, an excel is maintained to keep things managed and tracked.

This portal is aimed to assist dairy owners in managing their day to day business which providing a better connectivity with their customers. The system can easily manage the distribution system and automate the tedious manual processes. With automation the company will be able to reduce the losses, control damaged goods and time wastage, while increasing the profits, productivity, timely delivery, customer satisfaction and tractability.

The apps also provide a way to connect seamlessly with the customers be it same city or otherwise. Customers get to choose to enrol for monthly or on-demand services from the brand, hence allowing the company to easily handle the dynamics of the business.

Features that made the application interesting:

  • Barcode based equipment tracking:

    Milk industry has multiple containers for carrying different quantity of milk. These containers are often reported as damaged or lost at the time of delivery which becomes a huge cost to the owner.
    We place barcode on each equipment and tracked the delivery personnel carrying it.
    Damages were controlled by 30%.

  • Control of theft:

    At the time of delivery there are loses while reaching the destination. With our system each barcode is associated to a corresponding capacity. While taking the delivery the customer can mark if the quantity is acceptable or there are issues.
    System generates a report to pinpoint the specific delivery boy with whom there are repetitive issues irrespective of the route or customer
    Theft and complaints were reduced to 4%.

Other Features to help the owner run his business smoothly:


  1. Manage Distribution Partners

    The dairy owner can add new partners. This will create an account for them where the system keep a track of the amount of business done, quantity sold, invoices raised and the timely payment of the invoice. Hence giving a real-time insight on how beneficial is the partnership and what the areas of improvement are.

  2. Inventory Management

    The system will keep a track of per day total production of the milk, and the subsequent by-products this will help in calculating the relation between the supplied milk and the quantity of the received by-product which can be then optimized to increase the amount produced. Moreover, information like total milk sold, total milk distributed and total wastage in terms of quantity and money on a daily basis will be readily available. This data is then processed to generate a monthly and yearly report for deeper analysis.

  3. Manage Invoices and Salaries

    The software can automatically calculate the amounts to be received and to be paid to each partner for each month after all the deductions. Owners can anytime view old invoices and track the payments without any dependencies or having to shuffle between heavy paperworks. Employee payments can also be track. Our smart apps has the capability to take daily attendance and track different types of leaves and holidays based on which it can calculate monthly payable salaries on the defined date.

  4. Performance Tracking, Theft Tracking:

    Performance of the employee varies on multiple factors in this industry. Each employee’s performance is auto calculated based on the feedback of the customers, daily attendance, theft percentage, and damage percentage. In this way, true performance analysis could be made to understand which employee is most productive.

  5. Take orders online:

    Customer can place an order as per their convenience from the customer app. Be it a last minute requirement of extra milk or a monthly subscription, our app can handle it all. When the daily distribution list goes to the Delivery boy all the orders are seamlessly placed without any confusion in the final quantity of the milk to be delivered.

  6. Allocation and tracking of delivery:

    There are 2 option to allocate the order to the delivery boy. First, where the Admin manually assigns the order to the delivery boy. Second, where delivery boy’s area is geo fenced and any order coming from that region on the map is auto assigned to the respective delivery boy. The delivery application can than give the owner a live tracking of the parcel with estimated time of delivery.


  1. Receive Orders:

    Delivery Boy’s delivery schedules can be fixed and at a specific moment he will receive the information of all the deliveries with the quantity for the day. Pickup point information can also be scheduled as a part of daily update. Owners can directly push the scheduled delivery and even the last minute delivery to the delivery boy. Delivery boy will get notification update, after clicking on it he can see the delivery details and pick up the parcel from the collection centre.

  2. Marking the pickup and delivery:

    Delivery boy can mark the parcel as “Collected” from the collection centre post which the tracking starts. After the parcel is delivered delivery boy can mark it as delivered based on which the report can be generated. Notification is sent to the owner and the end customer post delivery.


  1. Orders, Payment and Offers,

    Customers have the option to choose between a monthly subscription or a demand based milk delivery. However, Customers always have the capability to place orders on the go. The payment can be done online as well as offline to the dairy owner. In case of offline payment the Admin needs to update the status as paid once the payment is done. The app maintains a track record of all the previous payments with an option to download an digital invoice for the same.

  2. Adjust pick up and drop timing,

    Customers can easily update their pickup and drop timing through the app without having to make tedious call and coordinate with the delivery boy and the dairy owner. Delivery boy gets a notification for the updated timing and it reflects in his schedule re-arranging the order of delivery. The system also tells the delivery boy the amount of extra time we will have to travel to meet the new timing.

  3. Track Orders,

    Customers can track where their order is at the moment, at any time. Hence enabling easy coordination. Customer can easily be occupied in their day to day work and be available as per the estimated time of delivery, or they can make arrangements to ensure that the delivery is not missed.

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