DoBulk: B2B E-Commerce for Shoes Industry

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DoBulk is an India based B2B e-commerce portal for shoes industry in India.

The shoe industry has been majorly operated on the offline market. There are a lot of redundant and time-consuming task that needs to be done on a daily basis. With DoBulk the working is much more organized, 90% less time consuming and potentially a new way to generate business.

Platforms on which the app is available:

  1. 3-tier Website Portal

We will cover the below aspects of the project:

The aim here is to help you make more informed decisions in terms of features and find the right IT parents, hence saving you from paying extra or getting duped by fake companies. By Sales consultancy we want to educate you with tested strategies to acquire your initial clients.

  • IT Review:
    1. Pre-Requisites
    2. Understanding the problem from the user’s perspective
    3. Hidden Challenges
    4. Behaviour of the target audience
    5. Adding feature for acquiring client after launch: Our USP
  • Project Management

    1. Documents Required
    2. Graphic Designing
    3. Prototyping
    4. Selecting the Development Team

  • Sales Consultancy
    1. Deciding the target audience
    2. Best places to find target audience
    3. Getting Users on-board

IT Review:

This would be like an E-commerce website where you see the products and you can choose to place the order without knowing the Distributor/Manufacturer. The idea is to get all the participating entities on the same portal. Namely, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers

  • Pre-Requisites
  • Before you reach out to any development team you should have the below things ready with you. This will help the IT partner to understand you perspective better and avoid any possibility of confusion

    Don’t worry your IT partner will correct you and give appropriate solution when required.

    1. Document, mentioning all your requirement/thoughts. Simple layman language would do.
    2. Reference website with similar feature, if any.
    3. Reference website for your designs preference.

  • Understanding the problem users face:
  • In total there are 3 types of users on the portal, so let’s understand their problem one-by-one


    Manufacturer wants to show his quality and motivate the retailers to sell his products. This also means that Manufacturer will be looking out to expand their territory without too many dependencies.

    The other part of their problem to make a reach to the ground staff to reduce cost and increase sales


    Distributor wants to connect as many retailers with him as possible since they majorly earn on quantum. Therefore it is important for them to find out the leading retailers of different regions.

    Since they deal with multiple Retailers, it takes lot of paper and memory to keep a track of each retailer’s growth, orders, delivery, payment, etc.


    Retailers have to be dependent on the Distributors to acquire the supply of the products. Lot of times, the retailer is not able to fulfill the demand because of improper delivery or being reluctant to work with a distributor in particular.

    This problem also limits the reach of a manufacturer to their clients and never reach the ears of the people who matter.

  • Hidden Challenges in development
  • No hidden challenge to be honest in the development. However, It is extremely important to take care of the visibility of the business to the right roles. Since it is a highly offline and close collaboration driven market the word can travel really fast. Now it is up to us to make that word positive.

  • Behavior of Target Audiences:
  • How did we decide which is our target audience? You can find that in the Sales section below.

    All the users on this portal are necessarily locals and technologically not very advance.

    Language wise India has 10+ major languages; however English and Hindi are dominant in the corporate sector

  • Final Features for development:
  • Feature to Acquire users: USP

    Coupon Code based on every successful booking. Coupons come almost free of cost so it becomes a very cost effective option.



    1. Manufacturers
    2. Distributors
    3. Retailers

    1. Manufacturer:
      • Login/Signup
      • Create Product Catalogue
      • Enter description with cost, shipping charges and delivery options
      • Give Coupon Codes
      • Upload products
      • Receive Order
      • Mark Delivery
      • Receive Payment

    2. Distributor
      • Login/Signup,
      • Place order in quantity with the manufacturers directly,
      • Use Coupon to get discount,
      • Can added retailers under them,
      • Distributor has the visibility to the orders made by the retailers under him,
      • Distributor can club the multiple orders made by the Retailers,

    3. Retailers
      • Login/Signup
      • Search and filter products
      • Choose a Distributor to work under,
      • Order directly from the manufactures,
      • Use Promocode to get discount

Project Management:

As a policy, I only act as the Project Manager for my clients. I do not build the projects or have in-house developers. This enables me to find the best company at the right cost for my clients without any alternate intentions.

As a Project Manager we handle the Designing, Development, follow-ups, timely delivery, feedbacks and all the project related management. While for clients it is only us who are answerable. Single point of contact.

I have a network of tried and tested 50+ companies/developers across the globe for different budgets and requirements.

  1. Documenting the requirement :
  2. These are the minimum documents that I take from my vendors to check if they have truly understood the requirement ensuring smooth delivery.

    Lot of time, in the haste of closing the deal or in the laziness to do extra effort, vendors don’t give their clients these document which results in confusion and problems at the time of delivery.

    • Change Request Document
    • Flow Diagram
    • User Case Diagram
    • Prototype

  3. Graphic designer:
    • Wire-framing:
    • Rough sketch of where will the different element be placed on the screens of the application.

    • Prototype:
    • In-Vision tool helps to create a good prototype. Before starting a development you should have the exact experience on how would your application feel like once it is created.

      In-Vision has commenting facility which helps the client to easily communicate their thoughts on the minor details of the design with precision to the designer.

  4. Selecting the Development Team:
  5. The way I do it is, I intentionally give half information and create loopholes to check how good the development company is to whom I am planning to outsource the project. Company’s ability to think of innovative ways and how quickly they can catch the loopholes , is a test of their talent.

    Always give your project to a company who can show you a demo for similar application readily.


    1. Company which satisfies the technology stack,
    2. Built a 3 Layer E-commerce website in past,
    3. Handled Payment gateway,
    4. Ability to spot the intentionally placed loopholes,
    5. Company which satisfies the technology stack,

I personally generally prefer to keep the requirement document simple and easy to understand for the client, no matter how complex the requirement. Whereas while communicating with the developer team I prefer to have a more elaborated document and track the deliverables.

Sales Consultancy :

In 90% of cases, I make the targets for next 1 year and then divide it into goals for each month. It doesn’t matter if we are working with on a contract for a month, half yearly or annually we would still follow the same process.

If you are not confident to give a quality to ensure repeat work then what is the sense of working at all.

We prefer to work only on organic growth and don’t attracting any additional expenditure.

  1. Deciding the target audience
  2. The audience is very specific as the people already in the business namely, Manufacturers, Distributor and the Retailers who deal in shoes.

  3. Getting people on-board
  4. As a strategy, the coupon code works great because the people who will be using the app are necessarily business minded, hence the attraction will be pretty luring.

    Nonetheless, to make the business happen we need all the 3 users on-board. It could only be achieved by a strong reason for them to do business online. The only quick solution is to convince a major Manufacturer to implement it in their organizer which will force the dealer to come online and in turn force the retailers to try it as well.


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