InstaCar: InterCity Taxi Rental App: $1 Million Funded

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InstaCar is India’s most reliable and fun car service. This car service makes travel easy and joyful for one. It is an online outstation taxi marketplace that helps the user to find and book the cars on rent. The app provides many features to the customer so that they can travel happily.

The InstaCar was founded in 2016 and its headquarter in Indore. It has raised $ 1million in a Seed Round funding from HongKong-based Swastika Co Ltd. The funding makes InstaCar the first startup in Madhya Pradesh that received foreign direct investment (FDI) and to receive a 7 digit seed funding.

Some of the best memories are made over travel, for some it can go as far as being a life-changing experience and InstaCar understands it very well. Hence InstaCar is solving the problem of booking a car for inter-city travels and making it a personalized experience to suit the occasion and mood for each requirement.

The InstaCar has over 500 cars and from the beginning, it grabs the attention of high profile people and travelers because of the unique experience it offers. The Playback singer SHAAN is one of the priced customers they have.

Challenge for us:

After raising the funds Instacar’s main aim was to enhance the User experience (UX) to make the booking process simple and straight forward. Since Instacar is all about personal experience and the joy of traveling, UI was required to be consistent with Brand Identity and give premium look and feel.

  1. Reduce the number of clicks for booking
  2. Make services look more captivating
  3. Drive the User towards making a booking
  4. Simplify the UI to make the options easily understandable
  5. Revamp the Instacar UI to give Premium Look and feel
  6. Create a nostalgia for travel with design

Our Research: Features in InstaCar and available data

  1. Reliability-

InstaCar as a brand is so that famous personalities like Singer Shaan is using it. It is one of the most important features which attracted the attention of the people towards it. Every booking has been successfully met and is always on time no matter the time or the occasion. We wanted to give this feeling to the audiences as soon as they land on the platform.

  1. Verified Drivers-

All the onboard drivers have verified backgrounds. Instacar also tests its drivers to match drivers with the type of journey they will be eligible to take orders for. Necessary training is provided to drivers to make them more job fit which ensures that customers experience a very smooth ride.

  1. Safety-

The safety is the major issue faced by many cabs and taxi traveler hence InstaCar provides safe and happy travel facility as they have the verified drivers, easy booking confirmation feature, and also one can easily search for the relevant driver. Also, the cars provided by InstaCars are well maintained so that both driver and traveler and travel safely.

  1. Luxury Travel-

InstaCar deals mainly in luxury cars such as sedan and SUV domain. They also provide snacks, water bottles, tissues, etc which ensures that all the basic needs are met. Right from the Car quality, to driver’s uniforms Instacar ensures that the customer feels the premium experience.

  1. Data we have

InstaCar already records a lot of data about their drivers like their habits, allergies, interests, extra-curricular interests and additional talents. We thought it could be used to enhance the match between the users and the drivers based on the nature/purpose of the journey of the customer.

Our Approach

10 click process to 2 click –

We have seen that there are different apps through which we can book the car and travel the world but the booking process is quite annoying. These tedious processes irritate the customer increase the bounce rate and giving a negative impression for the service provided.

With that in mind, we designed Instacar to reduce customer efforts to makes the booking process quick. Here we successfully reduced the 10 click process to around 2 clicks hence speeding up the booking process. It increases the conversion rate by 35%. We made the process easy and efficient.

Instacar Flow

Enhanced Filters

We wanted to utilize the stored data about the drivers to bring the best match of the driver for each type of requirement of the customer. For this we broke the stereotype and made our custom filters which focused at the skills, hobbies, habbits, of the drivers like Singing, Dancing, Smoking, Marital Status,. Although it was a bold move but this features was widely appreciated by the audience we tested it with.

We went one step ahead to even certify drivers for the type of journey, like Solo Trip, Family Trip, Corporate trip, Couple Trip, Group Trip, etc. ; Spoken Languages, Talents and many more. Every Journey is unique and the customers should have the best companions for each one journey.

Instacar filters

Searching relevant driver-

Travelling routes play a crucial role in the journey. One who is driving should know where to go and how to go, which route is better and which one is not. Therefore Instacar enhanced the ability to search the relevant driver so that traveling can be made easier and the traveler will not face any problem. One can enter the location they are driving to and the application will search and suggest the best matching driver based on the past orders and driver experience.

With great knowledge about the place, it becomes easier for one to explore the places and make memories. They don’t have to waste time searching for places and finding the exact location, through this they can be carefree enjoy the journey.


Simplified representation-

The app is designed in a manner to facilitate easy understanding of the available information. In our research we found many apps to be beautifully-designed but they lack easy access to required services and the user may remain unknown to them.

Instacar provides some outstanding features which beat the clichéd industry standards, hence we simplified the representation for the user to easily and quickly identify the available information and features. Users should understand the services available to them before taking any action because the user’s satisfaction is very important. Once a customer finds the app useful and effective, they will definitely refer it to another, it goes without saying that there is nothing more powerful than word-of-mouth publicity.

Instacar UI simplified


With the InstaCar funding of $1 Million they look to expand their operations to multiple regions across India. They will be competing for head-on with other major players in competitor’s territory which makes the user experience of the application even more crucial.

We did thorough research and enjoyed breaking the industry norms. We worked directly with the founder who was very open to suggestions




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