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KargoLogic is an Australian start-up company entering in the ever-thriving Cargo Logistics segment. Kargologic facilitates planned and on-the-go cargo booking services with an innovative concept.

Users can book the desired logistics based on the weight and size of the cargo. Moreover, the booking can be completed in just 3-steps. While the on-the-go feature is super handy, KargoLogic also gives option to plan the booking in advance. KargoLogic has also given special focus in making the information readily available to the users. Hence, managing multiple order and the invoices has never been easier.

KargoLogic is a multi-vendor platform. In this segment of business, the life of Vendors has been excruciatingly tough. Majorly because managing multiple trucks and driver while tracking the successful delivery of the order without any technological interference is extremely time consuming. In the light of same, KargoLogic takes special care in organizing the data and capturing the minute details of delivery. Moreover, this data can then be analysed over a set of graphs and filter to optimize the saving. Vendors need to no more worry about the best cheapest route as the Route Optimizing Algorithm automatically suggests the best van for pickup for each order.


The project had a huge scope right from:

  • Vendor Management,
  • Client Management,
  • Order Management,
  • Delivery Management,
  • Trip Management,
  • Route Optimization,
  • Re-order Automation,
  • Shipper Applications,
  • Order Tracking,
  • GPS Navigation,
  • Notifications and alerts,

Hidden Technical Challenges:

The flow can be left incomplete. A real-time use case of different users can have multiple “escape points” which needs to be identified and connected.

Any application trying to get the offline business to an online system, needs to be very carefully crafted. Majorly because, it is a human tendency to try to find a workaround. Having said that, it is pretty common for the new Entrepreneurs to miss such openings majorly for 2 reasons, one because of the genuine intentions and other because of the limited technical knowledge. Nonetheless, such openings are crucial and have potential to cause significant damage at later stages of the application.

These open ends can be even more critical in the industries dealing with lower income professionals. The incomplete flow or the possibility of manipulation could result in chuck of extra amount being billed to the end user without any possibility of tracking back to the culprit.

To understand such openings imagine, the driver is near the pickup point but delays the pickup by taking a stoppable. Or what if, the driver adds extra additional charges in the transport. Or what if, the excuse of lower internet connectivity is used to procure some extra cost. There are a thousand of them. These excuses may not be too big in the vendors perspective but are a huge issue for the client who is looking for a flawless and straightforward approach to logistics. Losing a single customer could be a huge loss in the initial stages of the startup. As one happy customer is your ticket to his complete network.

Sales Features:

The target audience here are corporate, single truck owners and the multi-truck owners. Nonetheless, the real need for the platform is to have the corporates who can post new requirement and generate business on the platform. Since it is a day to day requirement there should be the good initial motive as with may/may not be future incentives. Because once the complete process is set on the portal and the information is well managed it is tougher for the clients to switch to a new portal. However, it is also important that the incentive should be automated so that the user is not distracted and can easily focus on the real work.

The corporate user would be attracted when there is cost savings and the repeat order would be possible if there are incentives for each booking or the process is automated. Leveraging the knowledge we had generated, we felt a very good opportunity to showcase a new user on how much are current users were saving on their orders. While we also gave incentive to the existing customers like cash back, free coupons, free subscription to paid features, etc. based on the targets of bookings.

Market Research:


Location : Australia

Language : English

Colours : Vibrant, Corporate feel, Mid Duration usage

Most used apps for user experience: Sydneysiders , Deputy, Uber, Slack


Location : Australia

Language : English

Color : Smoothing, Long Duration Usage, Casual Feel

Most used Apps for user experience: Indeed, Uber Driver, Zoosk

KargoLogic Feature Comparision

Technical Competitive Analysis:

For KargoLogic, we selected 3 Australian competitors and 3 international competitors to find the most successful features, sales strategy and revenue models. We got some valuable output after the analysis.

  1. Some of the most successful features in international products are not being used by the local competitors.
  2. The complete segment is divided in 3 verticals :
    On-Demand Instant Booking, Logistics for future bookings and Offline Market
  3. There were 3 possible revenue models contrary to the simple market research stats: Feature based Subscription, Per Booking Commission, and Monthly Subscription.
  4. Existence of the necessity of the offline features.

These points are major game changers and potentially disruptive to the complete initial thought process.

Initial Flow Chart

KargoLogic Feature Comparision

After research Flow Chart

KargoLogic Final Flow Chart


KargoLogic now has 100+ vendors on-board and is looking to launch in March 2018. KargoLogic has successfully tied-up with some of the biggest players in the market. Moreover, Kargologic’s innovative features and services are applauded internationally. The research and out-of-box thinking arising from personal experiences of the founders have laid the initial base for the start-ups. The level of credibility could also be estimated by the fact that KargoLogic has successfully partnered with some of the global brands as clients who are ready to shift their Australia based process to the portal for automation.

As of this day, KargoLogic has already been short-listed in MyBigIdea.org.au, one of the biggest startup recognition portals in Australia. This has made them very well known in startup ecosystem of Australia. Of course, the journey has just started and it is too early to assume or claim anything. Nonetheless, the future looks bright with the initial head-start. We plan to make this as yet another success story in our journey to improve the startup success rate across the globe. Wishing them all the luck for future.


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