LeBot: AI powered SaaS based chatbot

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“Le” stands for The and “Bot” stands for an autonomous program. LeBot is an AI powered SaaS based chatbot. LeBot can be used in vast areas of client interactive domains from converting leads to survey forms, it can handle all the dynamics of the different markets.

We have powered LeBot with some unique quality which makes it stand out from its competitors. As always, we have put especial emphasis on the UX part since long chain of conversations could become really complex and confusing.

LeBot follows a tree-structure approach to easily drive the conversation flow and hence drive the customer behaviour.

Features of LeBot:

  • Lead Conversion

    LeBot can easily be attached to websites with 0 technical knowledge. When your customers visit your website they can interact with the chatbot and resolve their queries, while you can focus your time and attention on more important things. Therefore, now you can convert leads even while sleeping.

  • Trained Answers

    You can train LeBot to fluently have conversation with the users. You can define the set of questions to LeBot where each question is associated with its respective responses. This works best when the questions are exhaustive and repetitive. It can save lot of time for customers and human resources for the company. It also has the potential to replace the FAQ for any industry.

  • Conversational Tree

    LeBot is advanced enough to handle sophisticated conversations and guide the user to the end goal. Imagine the possibilities if your end goal is selling a product (almost always). We have designed LeBot in a structure that you can construct a sequence of conversation where the flow of conversation changes based on the response of the customer. Since the conversations can be tricky and lengthy, our expert UX team has very carefully designed the UI to ensure that you never lose track or leave an open end conversation.

  • Variety LeBot can handle

    LeBot currently has a vast number of answering possibilities, namely, Text, Radio Buttons, Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Calendar, DropDown, Checkboxs, Website, Email, Phone Number and Range Selection. Pretty much covering all the aspects of any business deal.

  • Appointment Booking System

    Since, the inception was to create a bot which can convert leads to paying customers and replace the human need for repetitive work, it was imperative to have a system for booking calls. The bot can schedule a booking based on the calendar availability. It can also give reminders for the upcoming meeting and meeting updates.

  • Chat history

    LeBot can even maintain a chat history for the users so you can manually cross check the conversation as per your availability. It can also help you experiment with different strategies, test customer behaviour and improvise the conversion rate and make most sales.


  • Website Integration: Chatbot
  • Survery Form
  • FAQ
  • Search Products
  • Filter products
  • Messenger Integration

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