A combination of LinkedIn, OLX and Monster

SearchedOn can be considered as consolidation of 3 portals in 1, namely LinkedIn, OLX, and Monster.

Scope wise, it is a pretty giant website as it was aimed to be a single drop point for corporate world.

Target Portals :

  1. Android Application
  2. iOS Application
  3. Website

IT Review:

I have already helped companies built similar projects in the past, but each feature as a independent projects in itself. Hence finding the right company and merging all the features to optimize it requires significant effort on UI and backend.


    • Users:
      1. Companies
      2. Candidate
      3. Admin
      1. Candidates:
        • Login/Signup
        • Posting like LinkedIn
        • Post Reactions like LinkedIn
        • Tab for Job openings
        • Applying for Jobs
        • Creating a Resume
        • Access to paid Resume formats provided only by Admin
        • Festive Greeting Messages Feature based on country
        • Separate tab to post requirement and finding vendors
        • Ability to upload products they want to see
        • Purchase of the products on classified like OLX
      2. Company/ HRs
        • Can post the current job openings
        • Find candidates
        • Can connect with other companies
        • Can view the social posts


      • Admins
        • Admin has full authority for CRUD operation on profiles, posts, etc
        • Will upload corporate resumes
        • Will upload Resume formats
        • Keep check on transaction on Classified Portal
        • Promocode


While analysing the requirement, it occurs to me that having so many functionalities on the portal would make it look clumsy and confusing.

Hence, I suggest to keep all the options in a single drawer from where the multiple portals could be accessed.

This also works to reduce the development and designing cost.


The biggest and probably the only challenge is to show the features which are as good as 3 independent portal in 1 which means huge number of clickable options.

It takes us about 1.5 month with several revisions to achieve the final design as per the clients comfort. Would have loved to share you the final design but I have NDAs, nonetheless, the one I created looks pretty close to twitter.


  • Understanding the project,

In case you plan to build a similar website you should consider working with your development team in below format.

Documenting the requirement
      • Change Request Document
      • Flow charts
      • User Case Diagram
      • Activity Diagram
      • State Diagram
Understand the problem the portal is trying to solve:

Users currently have to handle multiple platforms which makes information redundant and takes much more effort to manage. Hence, it is an attempt to solve the need to go to multiple platform by outperforming the existing ones.

  • Behaviour of Target Audiences:

It is tough to note down any specific target audience as the scope of the project is huge. Therefore, there could be multiple domains of audience who could be targeted but for the launch we suggest to focus on 3 audiences, as the corporate officials, HRs and the people looking for new employment.

      1. Recruiter:

The recruiters wants to know who all are available for hiring and ways to quickly discover and reach them.

        • Finding the relevant person,
        • Customized resumes help candidates to show case their skills better,
        • Sharing the information with co-workers,
        • Followup with candidates to manage the process,
      1. Candidate:

Candidates want to be discovered and acknowledged for their achievement, talent and creditbility.

      • Create an optimized resume by selecting from a range of available templates,
      • Hire a professional to write the resume,
      • Apply for openings,
      • Revert to HRs for hiring request,
      • Sell/Buy products,
      • Engage socially in the corporate world,

Project Management:

Bit of self-branding. As a policy, I only act as the Project Manager for our clients wIe do not build the projects or have any development team in-house. This enable us to find the best company at the right cost for our clients without any alternate intentions.

As a Project Manager, we handle the Designing, Development, follow-ups, timely delivery, feedbacks and all the project related management. While for clients it is only us who are answerable. Single point of contact.

We have a network of tried and tested 100+ companies across the globe for different budgets and requirements.

  • Graphic designer:

The core focus is to highlight the 3 ways in which the user can use the portal. While looking at the portal they should be aware about their options and privileges.

      • Wire-framing
      • Designing the screens of the application,
      • Prototype:

I use In-Vision tool to create a good prototype. Before starting the development you should have the exact experience on how would your application feel like once it is created.

Invision has commenting facility which helps the client to easily communicate their thoughts on the minor details of the design with precision to the designer.

  • Development Team:

The way I do it is, I intentionally give half information and create loopholes to check how good the development company is to whom I am planning to outsource the project. Company’s ability to think of innovative ways and how quickly they can catch the loopholes , is a test of their talent.

Criteria to choose IT comapny:

    • Company which satisfies the technology stack,
    • Manages multi-Layer organization management,
    • Handled Payment gateway,
    • Worked on Job Marketplace model,
    • Worked on Social Media model,
    • Worked on E-commerce model,

I personally generally prefer to keep the requirement document simple and easy to understand for the client, no matter how complex the requirement. Whereas while communicating with the developer team I prefer to have a more elaborated document and track the deliverables.


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ReportsBuyer- One of the biggest Report Aggregation Platform


“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.” Alan Moore


ReportsBuyer is US based company, focused on providing the users with well researched and detailed quality research reports. ReportsBuyer have one of the largest aggregators of the authentic researchers from multiple domains and for different market across the globe.

Imagine a life where there is no written track or documentation of learning and discoveries. Knowledge is the biggest tool, no matter what stage of life you are at, you would need to grow yourself and learn from other’s experience. Quantifying the importance of the Researches in any industry or field of work is simply impossible.

The problem:

Internet is a pretty big beast when it comes to finding the right information. It can even be considered as highly unorganized segment since the information is scattered over. For finding the relevant information a user generally spends a minimum of 3-4 hours on a single sitting before giving up. If we go deeper into the specific domain you can be looking at days before finding the right articles or data you are looking for.

The problem is that there are too many categories and no fixed standards of nomenclatures. Hence the user ends up tying multiple combinations of keywords which can be frustrating, exhausting and highly distracting.

ReportsBuyer organized the categories and made it highly easy to access with unique search algorithm and blatantly visible categories. All the keywords were absorbed and correlated to specific categories making it convenient for the end user. This enables the users to type as per their convenience and get redirected to the relevant domain.


ReportsBuyer does a lot of hard work in generating quality content. Moreover, they also appreciate individuals and institutes dedicated to sharing information. Researchers, publishers, and writers were the major focus for getting content on the portal. While Entrepreneurs, colleges and corporate were the consumer focus.

Feature to attract new users :

Ability for the researchers to share their statics on social media. For the researchers, this marketing will attract more followers to purchase their work while for the platform this will attract more writers on-board and create organic content.

  • Publishers:
  • A dedicated dashboard is provided to the Publishers where they could submit their work. To maintain consistency a fixed format is provided as a sample and the Publishers are urged to keep their work in the similar format. Publishers also have the ability to bulk upload the documents which are automatically recognized and stored by the system. Once stored, the data is extracted and presented for the world to download for the appropriate cost.

    Nonetheless the most important feature needs to be the highlights.

    • Uploading the work by simply uploading the document of excel, word and pdf format,
    • Analysing how many people viewed their work,
    • Article wise earning,
    • Comparing their work with others,
    • Analytics on users background and interests.
  • Consumers:
  • Candidates want to discover the right content in a affordable pricing.

    • Easy filters,
    • Unique Key word linking
    • Finding relevant work with minimum clicks,
    • Buying the reports,
    • Purchase once access forever,

Hidden Challenges

No Real hidden challenges in terms of the technology here, it is a simple 3 tier marketplace, with Admin, Researcher and the user. Nonetheless, since the users are dealing with a huge chunk of data and a vast number of categories, it is extremely important to focus on the user journey and user experience (UX). We are not even talking about the UI yet. The User Journey is the way a new user reached the end destination and the user experience defines how easily or quickly is he able to find what he is looking for.

User Flow

ReportsBuyer User Flow

Admin Flow

ReportsBuyer Admin Flow


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KargoLogic- Uber for Logistics


KargoLogic is an Australian start-up company entering in the ever-thriving Cargo Logistics segment. Kargologic facilitates planned and on-the-go cargo booking services with an innovative concept.

Users can book the desired logistics based on the weight and size of the cargo. Moreover, the booking can be completed in just 3-steps. While the on-the-go feature is super handy, KargoLogic also gives option to plan the booking in advance. KargoLogic has also given special focus in making the information readily available to the users. Hence, managing multiple order and the invoices has never been easier.

KargoLogic is a multi-vendor platform. In this segment of business, the life of Vendors has been excruciatingly tough. Majorly because managing multiple trucks and driver while tracking the successful delivery of the order without any technological interference is extremely time consuming. In the light of same, KargoLogic takes special care in organizing the data and capturing the minute details of delivery. Moreover, this data can then be analysed over a set of graphs and filter to optimize the saving. Vendors need to no more worry about the best cheapest route as the Route Optimizing Algorithm automatically suggests the best van for pickup for each order.


The project had a huge scope right from:

  • Vendor Management,
  • Client Management,
  • Order Management,
  • Delivery Management,
  • Trip Management,
  • Route Optimization,
  • Re-order Automation,
  • Shipper Applications,
  • Order Tracking,
  • GPS Navigation,
  • Notifications and alerts,

Hidden Technical Challenges:

The flow can be left incomplete. A real-time use case of different users can have multiple “escape points” which needs to be identified and connected.

Any application trying to get the offline business to an online system, needs to be very carefully crafted. Majorly because, it is a human tendency to try to find a workaround. Having said that, it is pretty common for the new Entrepreneurs to miss such openings majorly for 2 reasons, one because of the genuine intentions and other because of the limited technical knowledge. Nonetheless, such openings are crucial and have potential to cause significant damage at later stages of the application.

These open ends can be even more critical in the industries dealing with lower income professionals. The incomplete flow or the possibility of manipulation could result in chuck of extra amount being billed to the end user without any possibility of tracking back to the culprit.

To understand such openings imagine, the driver is near the pickup point but delays the pickup by taking a stoppable. Or what if, the driver adds extra additional charges in the transport. Or what if, the excuse of lower internet connectivity is used to procure some extra cost. There are a thousand of them. These excuses may not be too big in the vendors perspective but are a huge issue for the client who is looking for a flawless and straightforward approach to logistics. Losing a single customer could be a huge loss in the initial stages of the startup. As one happy customer is your ticket to his complete network.

Sales Features:

The target audience here are corporate, single truck owners and the multi-truck owners. Nonetheless, the real need for the platform is to have the corporates who can post new requirement and generate business on the platform. Since it is a day to day requirement there should be the good initial motive as with may/may not be future incentives. Because once the complete process is set on the portal and the information is well managed it is tougher for the clients to switch to a new portal. However, it is also important that the incentive should be automated so that the user is not distracted and can easily focus on the real work.

The corporate user would be attracted when there is cost savings and the repeat order would be possible if there are incentives for each booking or the process is automated. Leveraging the knowledge we had generated, we felt a very good opportunity to showcase a new user on how much are current users were saving on their orders. While we also gave incentive to the existing customers like cash back, free coupons, free subscription to paid features, etc. based on the targets of bookings.

Market Research:


Location : Australia

Language : English

Colours : Vibrant, Corporate feel, Mid Duration usage

Most used apps for user experience: Sydneysiders , Deputy, Uber, Slack


Location : Australia

Language : English

Color : Smoothing, Long Duration Usage, Casual Feel

Most used Apps for user experience: Indeed, Uber Driver, Zoosk

KargoLogic Feature Comparision

Technical Competitive Analysis:

For KargoLogic, we selected 3 Australian competitors and 3 international competitors to find the most successful features, sales strategy and revenue models. We got some valuable output after the analysis.

  1. Some of the most successful features in international products are not being used by the local competitors.
  2. The complete segment is divided in 3 verticals :
    On-Demand Instant Booking, Logistics for future bookings and Offline Market
  3. There were 3 possible revenue models contrary to the simple market research stats: Feature based Subscription, Per Booking Commission, and Monthly Subscription.
  4. Existence of the necessity of the offline features.

These points are major game changers and potentially disruptive to the complete initial thought process.

Initial Flow Chart

KargoLogic Feature Comparision

After research Flow Chart

KargoLogic Final Flow Chart


KargoLogic now has 100+ vendors on-board and is looking to launch in March 2018. KargoLogic has successfully tied-up with some of the biggest players in the market. Moreover, Kargologic’s innovative features and services are applauded internationally. The research and out-of-box thinking arising from personal experiences of the founders have laid the initial base for the start-ups. The level of credibility could also be estimated by the fact that KargoLogic has successfully partnered with some of the global brands as clients who are ready to shift their Australia based process to the portal for automation.

As of this day, KargoLogic has already been short-listed in MyBigIdea.org.au, one of the biggest startup recognition portals in Australia. This has made them very well known in startup ecosystem of Australia. Of course, the journey has just started and it is too early to assume or claim anything. Nonetheless, the future looks bright with the initial head-start. We plan to make this as yet another success story in our journey to improve the startup success rate across the globe. Wishing them all the luck for future.


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Tooreest: 2500+ downloads in 2 months!!


Headquartered in Singapore, Tooreest is a travel-related application to book local people as a guide for different services they offer over multiple locations around the globe.

Tooreest is a very helpful app for travelers to plan their travel quickly, hire some local guides and book different packages and tickets at cheap rates. It was love at first sight.

Platforms on which Tooreest app is available:

  1. Android Application
  2. iOS Application
  3. Descriptive Website

We will cover the below aspects of the project:

The aim here is to help you make more informed decisions in terms of features and find the right IT partners. It would help in saving extra cost or getting duped by fake companies. By Sales consultancy, we want to educate the buddy entrepreneurs with tested strategies to acquire your initial clients.

  • IT Review:
    1. Pre-Requisites
    2. Understanding the problem from the user’s perspective
    3. Hidden Challenges
    4. Behaviour of the target audience
    5. Adding feature for acquiring client after launch: Our USP
  • Project Management

    1. Documents Required
    2. Graphic Designing
    3. Prototyping
    4. Selecting the Development Team

  • Sales Consultancy
    1. Deciding the target audience
    2. Selecting the country
    3. Best places to find target audience
    4. Getting Users on Board

Tooreest Guide Features
Tooreest User Features

IT Review:

The moment I heard the idea, I jumped with joy. Being a traveller, I have faced hours of research to decide the right destination and to get relevant booking suggestions for the best-customized experience.

Tooreest brought exactly solution needed, ability to engage with the local people who are willing to engage at the affordable cost.

  • Pre-Requisites
  • Before you reach out to any development team you should have the below things ready with you. This will help the IT partner to understand you perspective better and avoid any possibility of confusion

    Don’t worry your IT partner will correct you and give appropriate solution when required.

    1. Document, mentioning all your requirement/thoughts. Simple layman language would do.
    2. Reference website with similar feature, if any.
    3. Reference website for your designs preference.

  • Understanding the problem users face:
  • A traveller on average takes a month to decide the location he want to visit. Another 1 month to customize the trip as per his preferences.

    These were the points that matter the most.

    • Security,
    • Verified LOCAL person,
    • Experience,
    • Comfort,
    • Food,
    • Hygine,

    Who could be the best person to help you plan the trip?
    A LOCAL person.

    Who could be the best person to show you around the town with safety?
    Someone with good knowledge of the market. A LOCAL person.

    The decision to divide the guides in categories was critical, for best user experience:

    • Sightseeing,
    • Food, shoping,
    • Hotels,
    • VISAs,
    • Tour Packages, etc.

  • Hidden Challenges :
  • Tooreest is an app catering to international travellers which means it should be usable by people from all geographies, and languages.

    1. Language
    2. Day-Light Effect on timezones
    3. Time Difference
    4. Automating Government ID Verification for different countries
    5. Ease of understanding the Application by different audience
    6. PayPal 3-tier Payment integration

  • Behaviour of Target Audiences:
  • How did we decide which is our target audience? You can find that in the Sales section below.

    In order to create a engage your users you should have a design with which they are already comfortable. For this let us analyse where the target audience resides and which feature are they comfortable with.

    1. Travelers:
      1. Country of the major travelers:
        China, USA, Korea
      2. How is the business done:
        Majorly in cash through agents, or tour package portals.
      3. Most used apps/ websites for references of comfortable feature:
        • China: WeChat (business), Mobile Baidu (Searching) ,QQ (Chatting)
        • USA: Facebook, Google, FB Messenger
        • South Korea: KakaoTalk, Korail, Itour Seoul
    2. Guides and local people:
      • Most used apps/websites for reference of comfortable feature:
        Vietnam: Facebook, Viber, Zalo
      • Language convenience:
        Not very comfortable with English, hence might require a tutorial.

  • Final Features Decision phase:
  • Features to acquire users: USP

    The product was launched in Vietnam. Tooreest had a feature for vendors to request partnership with added benefits (no-extra cost). Since online travellers can be acquired through digital-marketing. Tooreest wanted to capture the offline market without additional cost. Local guides got digital publicity, Tooreest got offline presence + some great content for their social media page, making it achieve 1200+ followers in 3 months.


    1. Virtual Guides:
    2. Ability to on-demand chat with the guide from relevant category.

    3. Physical Guide:
    4. Ability to hire a person to be with you physically when you reach the destination.

    5. API for Day-Light Effect
    6. Video-tutorial to guide the first time user over the Android and iOS application
    7. PayPal payment gateway
    8. On-boarding process for guides

Tooreest User flow

Project Management:

As a policy, I only act as the Project Manager for my clients. I do not build the projects or have in-house developers. This enables me to find the best company at the right cost for my clients without any alternate intentions.

As a Project Manager we handle the Designing, Development, follow-ups, timely delivery, feedbacks and all the project related management. While for clients it is only us who are answerable. Single point of contact.

I have a network of tried and tested 50+ companies/developers across the globe for different budgets and requirements.

  1. Documenting the requirement :
  2. These are the minimum documents that I take from my vendors. It helps in evaluating if they have truly understood the requirement ensuring smooth delivery. Probably the most important thing to ensure smooth delivery without quarrels.

    Lot of time, in the haste of closing the deal or in the laziness to do extra effort, vendors don’t give their clients these document which results in confusion and problems at the time of delivery.

    • Change Request Document
    • Flow Diagram
    • User Case Diagram
    • Prototype

  3. Graphic designer:
    • Wire-framing:
    • Rough sketch of where will the different element be placed on the screens of the application.

    • Prototype:
    • In-Vision tool helps to create a good prototype. Before starting a development you should have the exact experience on how would your application feel like once it is created.

      In-Vision has commenting facility which helps the client to easily communicate their thoughts. With Invision the minor details of the design are captured and delivered with precision to the designer.

  4. Development Team:
  5. The way I do it is, I intentionally give half information and create loopholes to check how good the development company. Company’s ability to think of innovative ways and how quickly they can catch the loopholes is a test of their talent.

    1. Ability to spot the intentionally placed loopholes,
    2. Company which satisfies the technology stack,
    3. Dealt with multiple time zones in booking feature,
    4. Handled Payment gateway,
    5. Worked on Marketplace model,
    6. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Travels often and loves interacting with people.

Sales Consultancy :

In 90% of cases, we make the targets for next 1 year and then divide it into goals for each month. It doesn’t matter if we are working with on a contract for a month, half yearly or annually we would still follow the same process.

If you are not confident to give a quality to ensure repeat work then what is the sense of working at all.

We prefer to work only on organic growth and don’t attracting any additional expenditure.

Tooreest Milestone

  1. Deciding the target audience
  2. Audience is pretty much everyone. Anyone traveling on to celebrate a weekend is potentially our client.

    On the other-hand, we have people who are gregarious enough to show the fellow travelers around the town and the professional tour-guides.

  3. Selecting the Country:
  4. Startups, almost always, have limited resource hence finding a place where there is high acceptance and requirement of the service is critical to a successful launch. Otherwise, you would have to spend bulk on marketing, and awareness to get the audience on-board.

    Don’t limit yourself to the country of your origin or residence. Working from India, I have helped start-ups launch product in multiple locations internationally and have received tremendous success, so even you can.

    Key Deciding factors:
    • Developing/ underdeveloped country,
    • Country which has decent number of travelers 3M+,
    • Least number of cities aggregating to highest percentage of travelers
    • Should be in South East Asia (makes traveling easy),

    VIETNAM was perfect with 8 Million Yearly travellers with 80% travelling to 3 cities.

  5. Big Launch:
  6. Hired a company in Vietnam to launch the product. Got overwhelming response of 3,500 downloads in the very first month of the launch.

  7. Best Places to find Target Audience:
  8. I can’t finish writing the list websites where you can find the guides. Like, TripAdvisory, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tripoto, etc. Nonetheless, finding people who would be interested in helping travelers in their trip is like a community and can’t be found on there websites.

    To target the locals the most useful are Facebook groups, pages, and Travel blog writers.

    Service Providers:

    Without the guides on the portal, even if we got the travelers, there would be no one service to book. Hence we targeted guides for first 2 months and got whooping 200 active users.

    With 4 different strategies and portals like Facebook, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, Viator. We created a database of 100,000 guides.

    In 1 months we had 200+ guides verified and registered. The reason conversion rate stands at almost 0.2% is because Tooreest verifies all the guides with their official document to make ensure safety of the travelers.

    Users/Consumers: Generating Revenue

    Based on research we found that a maximum number of travelers to Vietnam are from China, Japan, and South Korea. Hence we started contacting the tour operators from those places to understand traveler’s behaviors.

    We even connected to all the local travel groups to the target countries on Facebook, RenRen for China and other such local social media platforms.

    In the 1st month, we had 10 Travellers on board and lot of interest from local players for tie-ups.

  9. Getting Users On-Board
  10. Digital Acquisition Strategy:
    1. Social Media Games to increase page engagement,
    2. FB and other social media groups and pages,
    3. Finding People over different platform and connecting with them on chatting applications like Zalo, WeChat, etc.
    Offline Acquisition Strategy:
    1. Tie-ups with local vendors,
    2. Tie-up with travellers to use Tooreest marked products,
    3. Offers to attract local guides to take through Tooreest App,

The journey is fun and there is a long road ahead.

Tooreest Achievment


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