What is a Chatbot?

what is chatbot
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The key is to keep the customers engaged.

The chatbot is a programme that simulates human conversation. Chatbots are also known as conversational agents. They have proved to be beneficial in various ways. For instance, it helps in reducing employee workload and increase efficiency. The main agenda of chatbot is to acquire basic information from clients without any human intervention. By doing this, a business can save a lot of time by outsourcing this job to computer programme rather than employee sitting in call centers.

It is a known fact that there is a huge investment in establishing a call center. Also, it is difficult for the start-up to establish a call center. As a result, the entire team or the founders spend a lot of resources in redundant and repetitive tasks. In this scenario, chatbots come in as a great alternative at a fraction of the cost.


The investment of time and money can be utilized in a more efficient way by focusing on growth, client acquisition strategies, or improving the delivery. You will be able to convert leads even when you are sleeping.

Gartner has forecasted that 85% of customer interaction will be made possible without human users. This figure that once seemed imaginary now seems possible to attain within a short period of time. So, chatbots are the new generation tool of customer interaction using artificial intelligence.

Choose the best fit for your needs.

The Chatbot is basically a family of two which includes Scripted Chatbots and Artificial Chatbots. Both of these types are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Let’s know more about the different types.

Scripted Chatbots: In this type of chatbot, script or a set of questions are fixed. There is an aim attached with the scripted chatbot. It can be anything like solving basic queries, helping visitors to discover best products, sell deals faster, convert leads to customers, and many more. You want visitors to easily find the best deals of their interest in seconds? In this case, you just need to design a script which will eventually take the users to your landing page.

An example of scripted chatbot is Landbot. You can see the image below about how scripted chatbots work.


Picture Courtesy: Landbot.io

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots:  

This type of chatbot helps the users to resolve their queries in real-time. Artificial intelligence is a technology that reduces human efforts. Similarly, artificial chatbots are computer operated chatbots which helps the business to resolve basic queries without human interference.  

Some of the popular AI chatbot platforms are WeChat, Amazon Echo, Operator, Slack, Allo from Google and many more.

Insomnobot 3000


Picture Courtesy: Insomnobot 3000

What makes you different?

Chatbots are highly flexible and can be very easily customized. We have the power to create a unique chatbot with our imagination which can be really versatile. Some positive traits of chatbots are explained below.

  1. Improves the way your customer feels about you. Apparently, helping with conversion rates.
  2. Induces personalized treatment to your customers.
  3. Chatbots helps in streamlining the customer preferences while shopping.
  4. Who does not like quick response? A chatbot can convert 100% of messages without any employees.
  5. It helps in saving time and resources as most of the questions asked on chatbots are repetitive.
  6.  It helps in reducing the workload of your employees.
  7. Are you tired of working hard to convert the clients? Chatbots have shown high accuracy in converting potential clients into customers.

So, have you already made up your mind to try your hands on chatbots? Since you now know all the positive sides, you should at least give it a chance and experience a new era of communication. It is really cheap to build a customized chatbot. I know because I have done it for 10+ websites already.

What could be more satisfying than getting a pizza delivered in 10 minutes?

Chatbots have formed a unique place in the market for all types of businesses. It can help the business to gain customer information in real-time. The key reasons businesses are attracted to chatbots are:

  •      Increase in productivity;
  •      Humor along with help;
  •      Curiosity factor;
  •      Real-time information;
  •      Independent performance;

Chatbots in Real World.

There are some great examples where MNCs have saved millions of dollar and startups have increased their sales. Let’s take a quick look:

AUS-based AT&T increased customer satisfaction by 22% by decreasing call volume by 50% using Chatbots. By a study, it is claimed that Chatbots will have 60% more penetration in the Telecom industry. Similarly, US based company Casper’s Chatbot Insomnobot has helped patients suffering from insomnia by understanding the struggle of the victim. Below is the example of how Insomnobot works to keep the patients engaged and motivated.

Chatbots are entering in almost every field some famous examples are Nike, Ebay(e-commerce), SnapTravel(travel), Accenture(IT), Slack(Management), Freelancing.com(Marketplace). How can we forget about startups?, it is a growing trend to include chatbot in the developed countries like US, Canada, Singapore, UK and Australia.

Summing up

Chatbots have helped millions of users in distinctive ways. It has various positive sides that helps the business to conquer their aim and manage their time efficiently. If you are unable to add chatbot yourself, you can always hire right professional services.

The aim while selecting should be to provide a smooth and unique customer experience. On the other hand, it should be beneficial for the business in terms of efficiency and saving time. Below are some tips that can help you to select the best fit for your needs:

  1. Determine the goal of the chatbot?
  2. Finalize a budget
  3. Evaluate what suits you best: scripted or AI chatbot;
  4. Create a script in which you want the chat to progress?
  5. Find a SaaS product, or hire a development team to Create a chatbot
  6. Decide what works the best, a small chat icon on a website; a complete chat page or integration with some social media or chatting application.

There are various platforms that can help you to build your unique chatbot. These platforms have a user-friendly attribute which makes it easy to develop a chatbot. You can create your chatbots using below platforms:

  1. Beep Boop;
  2. Botsify;
  3. Smooch.io.
  4. ChattyPeople and more.


Furthermore, you can even build a custom chatbot of your specific needs or website or even, mobile app. You can hire a professional company who can help you to meet your needs in the most efficient way.

The above key points will add value to your chatbots and ensure that your goal is achieved. Stay with us to get more insights into chatbots and help your business grow effectively.


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