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Case Study of Corporate Landing Page: Zillion

Case Study of Corporate Landing Page: Zillion

About the Client

The digital revolution brought opportunities and challenges to many businesses around the globe. Especially, the Industrial Sector got the power of automation and the potential to reduce costs by almost 40% which can incredibly boost the ROI. But, the professionals in the sector were experienced with conventional methods and practices.

Inculcation of modern technology requires experts to work with Enterprises and Market Leaders. Zillion does the same. Zillion consulting group understands the need for bridging the gap between technology and Industrial sector businesses.

With the team of Industry’s top 1% trained professionals, Zillion has helped Multinational companies become the leader with digital power also.

Zillion is a popular brand among the best Industrial sector companies. Their consulting services are 360 degrees complete. Building a website for such a holistic brand required a deep understanding of their position in the market and dominance.

Features of the Corporate Landing Page

The market-leading brands are very sensitive about their values, their business presentation, and aesthetics that are being delivered to the audience. The team of GRAFFERSID worked intensively on research and formed the aesthetics that meant care and quality for customers while a dominant and leading brand for the market.

Keeping the design minimalistic, we built the landing page with a highly professional theme.

1. Consistent Branding

The client for this project already had a strong branding presence in the business service consultation sector, hence the website development team took this as a responsibility to maintain this branding.

The overall structure and design of the landing page were designed to accommodate the USPs of the business. We leveraged the company’s logo color scheme to give a familiar feel to the page while accommodating the designs which amplify the product offerings of the client to the visitors.

2. Custom Video Background

Lately, there have been tons of experiments in the web design and development field, as a website development company we have kept up with these changes. One of the popular trends is the use of small loop video played in the background.

This replaces the old static background approach and provides more interactivity to the website. After studying the field of operation of the client company in detail, the design team chose the video backgrounds that synchronize with the company’s goals.

3. Cost Calculator

A major part of visitors looking for particular services tends to put pricing as the most important factor for choosing a service provider. To solve this problem and provide the client with an extra advantage, the team incorporated a custom-made cost calculator on the landing page.

This gives the visitors rough estimates of cost breakup based on the type of services they are looking for. Besides, it has filters to take custom queries from the user and store them for analytical purposes later.

4. Dynamic Testimonials

dynamic testimonials

As an experienced UI/UX design company, GRAFFERSID understands the importance of trust-building. To ensure this, the front-end developers integrated the dynamic testimonials section with an auto slider effect. This lets the testimonials change automatically every few seconds.

Helping in saving space and giving a more interesting aspect to the landing page. Also considering from the point of flexibility, it easily lets the client company change and adds new reviews and testimonials to the slider.

5. Search Engine Optimisation

When it comes to getting organic and fresh traffic on the website, having a high ranking on the search engine page becomes extremely important. Through detailed conversation with digital marketing specialists, the UI/UX designing and development team created a roadmap for ensuring optimum SEO for the landing page.

The team has integrated SEO plugins facilitating keyword integration and maintaining the general HTML structure best for high search engine ranking.

6. Color Coding

colour coding

Adding a unique flair to the landing page, the UI/UX design and development team used special color-coding patterns for different cards on the landing page.

This color-coding is extremely helpful in the segregation of different kinds of content. It helps the user in forming a visual connection between all the services offered by the company and particular content related to them. 

7. Internal Linking

Linking of the landing page occupies an important role in the website development process. Further, it also contributes to the digital marketing campaign of the client. That is why both the front end and the backend team have efficiently collaborated to form simple yet effective links between various components of the website. Further assisting the search engine crawlers in indexing the website for better search engine rankings.

8. Search Bar

The initial inquiry regarding the page showed that the site was going to host data on a diverse range of topics. This was because the client provides varied consultancy services in different fields.

To ease the surfing experience for the user, the dedicated developers team placed a swift search bar that has the option to provide the results as per particular categories.

Additionally, the search bar also stores the search terms for future reference and analysis by the management about visitor interests.

9. Intuitive Design

intuitive design

Even though the landing page is made for a company with a technical background, both the designers and developers have warranted that it remains intuitive for normal visitors.

With its smart navigation assist buttons and color-coded design, the page makes information more understandable and clear. Likewise, it was also kept in mind that the visitor should be able to reach and complete the CTA without any distraction through the minimal design model.

10. Server and Hosting

In addition to the clean and efficient code, the speed of a website also largely depends on the server and hosting services for the landing page. After understanding the business requirements of the client in detail, the GRAFFERSID  developers chose the server and hosting services for the page that assisted the design structure of the page.

Also, the backend development team provided its best support for the efficient travel of data from the site to servers and vice versa.

11. Responsiveness

Contrary to the older times there are now more internet users accessing sites from their phones than their personal Computer. This change has made responsiveness one of the key web design factors.

The team has made sure that the site performs similarly on different devices with the help of technologies like bootstrap. Further, the element of responsiveness also lets the landing page get better rankings on the search engine result as more search engines now prefer a mobile-friendly site.

12. Site Caching

To amplify the speed and efficiency of the page it requires that the transaction time between the servers and the web page is minimum. The backend developer team used the site caching technique to make this possible.

Simply put, the server is provided with pre-made results so that it doesn’t have to process every single request by different users. This is extremely helpful in saving resources like server space and to provide faster results to the visitor.

13. Google Analytics Integration

In a competitive environment like today, it is not enough to just have a landing page or website. A business needs analysis and hard numbers that can provide a clear picture regarding the performance of the site. That is why the landing page has been integrated with the Google Analytics program that provides multiple data points and parameters to the client to make adequate decisions.

The most important features include knowing the SEO compatibility and getting interactive data regarding the geographical location of the users.

14. Form Integration

form integration

One of the basic and most important tasks of a landing page is to generate new leads for the business. A large part of this approach focuses on getting the visitor to provide their contact information to the client voluntarily.

The design team has laced the page with strong and attractive CTAs to get the user to reach the lead capture form. Additionally, the form also has an auto-fill option when permission is provided by the visitor to the landing page.

15. Security

As mentioned previously, there is a large amount of data that travels between the site and the servers of the landing page. That is why it becomes crucial that proper security measures are put in place to protect this data from unwanted access by malicious third parties.

Our team at GRAFFERSID consists of developers with great experience in cybersecurity. Hence the team integrated the highest level of security protocol with the page to ensure proper encryption of personal data.

16. Aesthetic and Clear Typography

aesthetics and clear typography

We consume a large amount of written data in the form of different types of content on the Internet. To stand out among other competitors, the content on the site must be presented uniquely.

To warrant this the design team worked on typography factor to improve the readability and visual appearance of the page. Additionally, it was also made sure that the new fonts and presentation style does not hinder the speed of the page and instead acts as a catalyst for better performance.

17. Social Media Linking

To enable the client landing page to fully leverage the power of various social media platforms. The developers’ team has integrated the footer of the page with buttons that take the visitors straight to the social media profiles of the client on respective platforms.

Further, the page has been laced with plugins that simplify the social media marketing process for the company and also provide a better picture in form of analytics regarding visitors going to the social media profiles from the landing page.

18. Chatbot

To enhance the interactivity of the landing page and provide a better user experience to the visitor, constant assistance must be provided by the site. However, there may be thousands of visitors accessing the site at the same time which makes this task difficult.

To get rid of this difficulty, the page has an automated chatbot that can help the visitors by answering basic queries and also transfer leads to the company. While it also stores chat data to give further insights into queries of the visitors to the company that can help in making further improvements.

What did the client say about the Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

Zillion is about helping as many people as we can with sheer quality and ensured results. Our aim was to build a website with our aesthetics maintained and message quite clear.

The team of GRAFERSID is highly talented and experienced in the technology domain. They helped us beat several barriers and bring the best out it. I am very thankful for the complete team for enabling us to go digital and maintain our brand likewise. Protection Status

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