Assuming that you have an amazing software idea, and you are looking to build an amazing software development team to work on your software project to convert it into reality. Like other entrepreneurs you are also confused about how to build a software development team structure. Don’t worry we are here to resolve your software development queries. Check out this blog and create your extraordinary software development team.

Before you directly dive into building an incredible software development team, one needs to understand that it is more than hiring the dedicated developers, UI UX designers, project managers, Quality Assurance Tester  and other technical people.

Designing leaders should likewise guarantee their cooperation lines up with the objectives of the business and that they watch out for the future so that they’re prepared to scale and handle the difficulties that fast development makes.

Showing others how it’s done achieves a portion of these objectives, yet all at once, it’s sufficiently not. Tech leaders should likewise be passionate.

Whenever someone notices programming developments, the main thing that strikes a chord is a product designer. It is a characteristic suspicion, however, the effective group comprises six distinct roles according to their expertise.

The product development group structure is a variety of information that guarantees the development of winning programming items. The group structure is quite difficult for developing tech associations.

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It’s likewise one that merits investing passion in because the right plan can have a major effect. It influences correspondence and usefulness as well as affects camaraderie.

Abilities are intentionally not investigated among the variables here, even though being talented is profoundly vital to building a fruitful programming improvement group.

Notwithstanding, many organizations indulged the job of abilities to the detriment of different factors like industry information and passion.

Software Development Team Structure

Software Development Team Structure

Progressing software from its beginning through different periods of development is a complicated cycle that requires a cooperative multidisciplinary exertion.

One normal element distinguished as the reason for the disappointment of a few IT projects is a wasteful programming improvement group structure.

Eight out of the ten biggest IT organizations in the world are situated in the US, as per sources. Together, they create more than $25 billion in income for each quarter. This issue features the requirement for plainly characterized jobs where every job has laid out liabilities.

In an ideal circumstance, everybody would have a little group of generalists and specialists working for them, getting along lovely without a hitch. However, the truth of the matter is that each firm has time and cash requirements. Subsequently, by far most of the re-appropriated software development groups are generalists.

1. Business Analyst

Certain individuals think analysts are just bringing in cash for the organization. Yet, that isn’t accurate in many business situations today.

A talented Business analyst assumes a major part in pushing a business toward usefulness, productivity, and benefit.

Business analysts assist organizations with breaking down their current cycles; characterize steps and undertakings to work on those processes, plan new highlights, items, or benefits; and assess the effect of new executions.

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2. Project Manager

This job is a mediator person of the portable, web development, and programming development processes. They associate the group with an item proprietor and make sure that the work process hasn’t been disturbed from the group side.

At the point when the development cycle is progressing, assignments continue to flood and it is barely noticeable one or to disregard the cutoff time. On the off chance that something doesn’t go as indicated by discussions and plans.

It is the project manager’s responsibility to discover what occurred and how to keep what is happening from rehashing the same thing.

3. UI/UX Designers

This title goes under many names, including yet not restricted to, data modelers, client pleasers, product architects, and experience designers.

Be that as it may, UI and client experience suitably portrays the relationship UI UX Designs have with the item.

4. Front-end Developer

The legitimate software development team structure comprises a couple of sorts of designers with various jobs and obligations.

Front-end Developers are accountable for deciphering the mockups arranged by the Product Manager into code. This piece of the cycle can’t be overemphasized: front-end developers have the information expected to guarantee a smooth, easy-to-use insight.

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5. Developers

Software developers are individuals who compose the code in light of the direction of tech planners.

Developer composes codes to carry out the center application rationale, setting up information bases, arranging similarity with the application server, and coordinating outsider APIs.

6. Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance is basic to your item’s prosperity. Having quality assurance offers organizations a ton of advantages like expanded efficiency, decreased expenses, improved application security, and estimated progress.

Testing is a software quality assurance principle that guarantees the item works in any case.

Importance of software development team structure

Importance of software development team structure

The team is normally self-sorting out where efficiency relies upon aggregate commitments. As may be obvious, the assortment of jobs in the product development group is undeniably more mind-boggling than just engineers.

Composing the code is the least demanding part, and in any event, for an engineer, it’s not the most tedious action. A compelling construction, with plainly characterized jobs, obligations, and capacities, works all the more intently together, imparts better, and works all the more effectively to arrive at objectives.

Research shows that correspondence and close coordinated effort are essential for complete venture achievement. This is possibly accomplished assuming the product or site development group structure is accurately set up.

1. Define the team goals

Groups are made to fill specific needs, for example, specific activities where a group is broken down once the venture closures or they can be a central unit for progressing projects.

Likewise, the ventures might be a present moment or long haul, affecting the general collaborations. The objectives you set primarily decide the prerequisites for your product development group.

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2. The financial plan allocated to the project

How much spending you have access to cover the whole task will restrict the number of colleagues, even the status and experience of the experts you need to recruit.

Since indeed, simply zeroing in on the social events and selecting ability into your development group will cause you a migraine about enormous costs, so be truly astute while building an improvement group to make the most effective utilization of the monetary assets you have.

3. Great Communication and Team Spirit

There used to be a stage where knowing how to compose great code was adequate to qualify as a decent engineer. That time is a distant memory.

You should employ devoted designers because of their own experience working and taking care of issues in a group climate.

Today software developers are additionally expected to be great at interchanges and successful in coexisting with other colleagues.

4. Working for an agile group

The development of perplexing items requires an adaptable way to deal with work. The interaction is accordingly described by standard circumstances that call for ability in a few regions all the while.

That is when different colleagues need to participate to take care of an issue.

Likewise, an Agile group is described by the way that new squeezing undertakings arise frequently, and now and again they require considerably more than the past ones.

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5. The complexity of the project

The extension and intricacy of your task will direct the size of your group as well as the jobs of individuals you will require in your group.

For instance, on the off chance that your undertaking is at the confirmation of idea stage or building an item model then a group of four to six individuals might be to the point of achieving all assignments.

6. Settle in the Team Structure and Roles

Whenever the objectives and procedures are characterized, the time has come to thoroughly consider the individuals. Contingent upon the technique picked, they might shift and incorporate a few explicit jobs. Most programming improvement associations accept the more individuals they toss into an undertaking, the better the outcome will be.

Tragically, this, which might appear to be an extremely basic and clear way, isn’t the way programming development works. There are huge tasks that require tremendous quantities of human hours to finish.

However, a bigger labor force seldom means better outcomes.


Where would it be a good idea for you to search for an ideal software development team

The customary approach to building a long-standing business is to begin recruiting in-house engineers individually, beginning with an exceptionally experienced senior expert continuing depending on the situation.

The ideal individuals will remain, while the people who turned out unequipped for doing the assignments or in any case incapable to find a place with the group will leave.

Different nations with tremendous rethinking potential are South Korea, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Because of the absence of involvement, language and social holes, negative political environment, or regulation contrasts, these nations are fairly not so great for re-appropriating complex tasks.

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The best software development team are those with the construction that meets their organization’s requirements best. Everything revolves around understanding your necessities and impediments and doing the most ideal occupation because of those.

Reach out to us at GraffersID, a top web and app development company. While there’s no enchanted software development team structure recipe that works for each and every task, these strategies have been demonstrated very effectively for us throughout the long term.

It’s critical to take note that these techniques aren’t stale. We continually calibrate our staffing cycles to guarantee that each venture is important and our client’s business needs are met.

In the technology-driven era, users prefer convenience over complexity. That is the fact, and we all are aware of it. When a startup or an entrepreneur creates a MindMap of his dream software it is free of errors and bugs. They understand that any mobile application or website user will always look for user-friendly and productive features.

Developing the software is not easier this way. Throughout the software development life cycle, developers go through many complications and errors which result in inconsistent and defective software.

Have you ever thought, what if the developed products launched for end users without testing? What if the developed product does not function poorly? What if the software has a lot of bugs?.

If it happens, you develop a software and launch an untested software, then rather than acquiring new users, you will start losing your existing customers also. A lot of bugs lead to software crashing, which annoys users, and because of which most of the users either uninstall or stop using your software.

Real-life software Breakdowns

Before discussing the need for a QA analyzer, here are some real-life software breakdowns due to improper product development processes.

In the year 2015, Starbucks was hit by a major computer failure which caused the loss of millions in sales at stores in the U.S. and Canada. Coffee shops were compelled to offer free drinks till the time systems were fixed and refreshed.

In the year 2020, Juspay underwent a data breach that affected 35 million Juspay customers, a report says. The stolen information was being disposed of to the dark web. The data consists of name, bank name, and mobile number.

This explains how software failure can lead to major loss and can be worse than trivial bugs or unsuitable designs. Thus, Quality Assurance should be majorly focused on to avoid such major loss. The quality assurance testers play an important role to build a confident and user-friendly product.

At GraffersID: Web and App Development Company, we provide specialized QA testing services, using automation tools and technologies to develop a bug-free, secure, and smoothly performing software product.

Our QA engineers are hired not only for testing and bug-fixing but they mainly focus on preventing the flaws and ensuring the qualitative software development process. We understand how a quality software product is important for your business growth.

Collectively, we know that digital products quality is significant for an organization. To keep track of the platform’s performance and security, it is important to be mindful of your product’s efficiency.

What is QA Testing in software development?

  • What is QA
  • Other aspects of QA Testing
  • Types of QA testing

QA Testing is the process of preventing your software from bugs, unwanted issues to ensure the smooth functioning of the product. Once the product is fully developed, the QA testing is done to make sure of the quality process from the end to the beginning of the development process.

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But, it is much more than that, it is significant in building relations with the client, making your business reputation in the market. It provides customer satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements.

QA Testing is an essential process for every project to make it a successful one. It is an efficient and cost-effective process by identifying errors in the initial.

QA Testing’s can be performed in two ways –

  • Manual Testing:
    Where the tester analyzes all the essential features of the software product and creates test cases for the same based on which test reports are made. These tasks are performed manually without using any tools.
  • Automated Testing:
    Where testers write codes for tests and use automation tools for testing and validating the software.

Is a Quality Assurance Tester needed for development?

Is a Quality Assurance Tester needed for development

  • Why is a QA tester needed?
  • What do they do?

Quality Assurance Tester plays a significant role in developing any application. In the former stage of application development, final users feel inconvenience while using the product.

Therefore, QA Testers’ role is to focus on improving the development process and averting it from errors or improper functionality.

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The QA Tester performs various functions like testing, tuning, and debugging. Mainly, they focus on product matching the product requirements, solving errors if any, planning the tests, and analyzing the issues and software defects.

Thus, the reason why QA testers are needed for development is unavoidable. They sometimes become developers and use specific tools to check and fix the bugs for quality and error-free products.

How does QA work?


How does QA work

During the Quality Assurance, process developers go through several steps of planning different methods for assuring high-quality products.

  • Reviewing the project requirements
    The QA team will thoroughly go through the project’s requirements and software specifications to know the functional and non-functional features of the software.
  • Writing Test Cases
    Based on the requirements of your software development project, QA Tester prepares test cases for the same.
  • Creating Tests
    Once the test cases are written, the QA Team will create tests in the required areas. It helps in improving your software quality.
  • Outlining issues and software faults
    After the tests are developed, the QA team informs the developers about the issues so that they can further make adjustments accordingly.
  • Iteration of tests
    QA team can repeat the testing after all the corrections are made. This is done to confirm that no further issues can be seen and the software will smoothly function.
  • Informing the bugs and fixes
    QA team will document the testing process and make sure of improving the quality of the software development process. They will come to know what tests are being performed, what are the issues generated, what steps are taken for correction, what are the results of testing.

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Quality Assurance Testing – Above and beyond software’s bug-fixing

Over and above correcting software faults, Quality Assurance testing determines the quality standards and instruments the required mechanism to meet the needs and standards of the final product.

Before moving on to the process of developing a software product, associations need to document the qualitative requirements for understanding the customer’s quality experiences because all in all, end-users fall for is a qualitative product.

Besides the essential need of managing and fixing errors, the quality goals of a product are equally significant. Because things that do not assist customers’ needs are abandoned and referred to as ‘defective’ pieces.

Why is the Quality Assurance Tester important in team?

  • What QA team does
  • With whom they work
  • Why QA team important

Quality Assurance Tester in your software development Team is essential before deploying the product. They hold the responsibility of delivering better quality and authentic products to the customers. The QA team is a vital part of the development process from the very beginning.

They understand the client’s requirements, decide the parameters to deploy the required product, analyze the errors in the functionality of the product and create test cases to fix the bugs.

The QA team works with the Project Manager, Product Owner, Business Analyst, and Developers during the complete development process.

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The team ensures that they follow the planned strategies, procedures, and standards for a smooth development process and easy workflow of the product.

The QA team should work with developers to acknowledge the issues and understand the requirements needed to fix the issues.

Thus, the QA team is important in meeting the product’s deadline. For ensuring an early and quality software development process, the QA team must deploy the product on time or before time. Besides they provide customer satisfactory products which further helps in building long-term relationships with the clients.

Good quality products or service is the foremost thing for a user and delivering the same is the responsibility of the QA team, and this brings several clients and customers on your way.

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Is QA a part of the Scrum team?

The Scrum team comprises Scrum Expert, Product Owner, and Developers. Each member of the team significantly performs their tasks. QA role in the scrum is much more than just writing test cases and informing bugs to the team.

They perform a variety of functions and include in the software development team from the very beginning of the project. They work with developers, business analysts and sometimes help the product owner in writing acceptance test cases.

Benefits of having Quality Assurance Tester

Benefits of having QA Testers

QA testers hold expertise in various fields of the software development process. They are professionals who provide a competitive outlook to your product. QA Testers are advantageous in the software development process to make better quality and convenient products for the users.

  • Time-Saving
    Without QA testing, there will be chances of more bugs that take plenty of time to get fixed. Thus, you require organized testing where you will follow a strategic approach to catching and fixing bugs. This will save time and energy in solving complicated errors and bring out a fine product.
  • Customer Experience
    Quality Assurance testing demands a better customer experience. They make sure of satisfying their end-users not only by making the product faultless but by making the interface user-friendly.
  • Asserting Product Quality
    Quality Assurance in software development, perform for producing reliable and high-quality products. The quality tests have designed to improve the functionality, performance, and usability of the product.
  • Strengthen Company’s Reputation
    Delivering quality products leaves a positive impact on customers and wins their trust in a long-time. This is a plus point for strengthening your company’s reputation.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    When your product fulfills their needs and expectations of customers, then you will have satisfies customers. For happy customers, you should ensure that the deployed product has all the required features and it functions properly.


Can developers do Quality Assurance Tester?

  • Why developers don’t perform testing
  • Why Quality Assurance Testers, not developers?

Quality Assurance Tester has to invest time in testing every function of your software properly. Because it is a time-consuming and complicated method.

Essentially, Quality Assurance Tester is hire to identify the bugs and resolve them effortlessly. They need to perform the task until every function of your software is bug-free.

On the other hand, software developers have to code with no error rather than test their code. It is wrong to say that developers cannot do Quality Assurance testing but then the testers who hold expertise in testing know all the feasible user cases and testing of every function can be done appropriately by them.

Also, they can test the product according to the requirements given by the client.


The contribution of a QA tester is necessary and unavoidable in a software development process to ensure an excellent product considering all the requirements, and to lessen the defects.

QA testing comes up with an efficient and effective development process making the end product flawless. As well, it precludes re-work and delays in software development or future breakdown.

So, if you are willing to work with top software development company encountering international clients and having a brilliant QA team and skilled developers, feel free to get in touch with us. We emphasize top-quality products for our customers.

Software development life cycle is an organized interaction that lies at the center of each software development. Somebody distinguishes an issue, talks about it with a gathering of similar or intrigued individuals, concoct an answer, makes drafts, approach for product development, finds and fixes bugs.

Each progression turns into a contribution to the following activity. In software development, you never follow up on a hunch essentially except if you’re arranging for business self-destruction. It is an interaction for creating programming.

As such, the software development life cycle is an organized method for making and fostering great software’s. The interaction begins from arranging yet does not wrap up after the conveyance of the item. As you might comprehend from the name, SDLC is certifiably not a straightforward task in the executive’s structure.

All things being equal, it turns into a cycle where criticism is made, issues are settled through reiterations, or new highlights are gained. The software development life cycle process consists of phases like planning, UIUX designing, implementing, testing, deploying, and support and maintenance.

The phases of the product development life cycle are which depict how to create and keep up with specific programming. Each stage has various cycles and exercises.

There’s consistently a bit-by-bit plan you follow to move starting with one phase then onto the next, ensuring you don’t slip as you continue from a plan to a rollout.

This arrangement supports the total software development process. While it might change from one seller to another, it’s generally crucial for taking care of things when starting off another undertaking. Out and out, they bring about another item conveyed to a client. Each progression is a piece of a specific stage.

Stages of the Software Development Life Cycle

Stages of the Software Development Life Cycle

Here are the 6 different stages of the Software development life cycle.

1. Planning

In this stage, it’s essential to get the contribution of all partners including clients, analysts, industry specialists, and designers.

It can either be the plan of a groundbreaking thought or learning the current framework with progress as the objective.

The arranging stage additionally incorporates project plans, plans, cost assessments, and acquisition necessities.

2. Design

When the requirements are arranged out, programming draftsmen and engineers start carrying out programming particulars into a plan.

This stage builds up designs that will be utilized for application engineering and programming improvement. Partners survey the plan and give criticism.

Here is difference between UI UX design 

3. Build

The past stages are vital in light of the fact that they carefully describe the situation and frequently require fastidiousness as these intensely impact the entire software development life cycle.

At this stage, programming engineers and designers really compose the code.

Despite the strategy applied to this stage, speed and effectiveness are significant in light of the fact that this is frequently the most tedious stage.

4. Testing

As the name implies, this stage is tied in with testing the product for any imperfections.

The form and testing ease are connected at the hip and are the most significant of the entire programming improvement life cycle as this guarantees the nature of the product.

The most effective way to guarantee that tests are being run consistently is to mechanize the testing stage.

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5. Deployment

This stage is practically undetectable as it is in a perfect world a mechanized stage. Truth be told, when the product is prepared, it is sent very quickly. This fluctuates relying upon different factors.

6. Maintenance

This stage is basically the last however it doesn’t end here. The product item, now, is checked to guarantee it’s working without a hitch and assuming any bugs or imperfections are distinguished.

Any discoveries will then, at that point, be accounted for. This is the place where the cycle starts once more, because of the way that the product constantly improves.

Here are 5 Actionable Steps to Develop a Successful Software Startup from Scratch

Searching for a product development team?

GraffersID has been occupied with building custom web and mobile applications. So we know the stuff to assemble effective products. Our designers and managers will guarantee that your item moves along as expected and on schedule.

You’ll have the option to focus on different parts of your business while we handle every one of the specialized subtleties for you. Reach out to us today and let’s see whether we are an extraordinary fit.

Which software development life cycle approach or type is right for you? Software development life cycle Partners have focused on the best procedures and the best and current ways to deal with programming development.

As a rule, generally, developers put stock in an Agile, DevOps, and Lean Portfolio approach that incorporates human-centered design right off the bat in any product life cycle.

We’re likewise a software development partner for work in quality and network protection from the start. These are the signs of conveying effective and attractive programming to your customers.

The software product development life cycle is a broad, multi-step process that begins when your thought is conceived and proceeds with when it’s made into an all-out arrangement.

It requires a great deal of work to achieve that large number of steps. However, it’s more straightforward to do that assuming they’re settled forever, as in this aide.

What is the main importance of SDLC( Software Development Life Cycle)?

What is the main importance of SDLC( Software Development Life Cycle)

A software development life cycle gives a system to oversee and control an undertaking by separating it into a progression of consecutive stages that might have stage entryways to control exit from that stage to the following stage.

Conventional software development life cycle models are regularly called waterfall models on the grounds that the consequences of one stage ordinarily stream into the following stage like a cascade.

Hence, numerous product improvement projects are quickly creating some distance from customary software development life cycle models to a more Agile methodology.

Why do we need SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle) models?

Why do we need SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle) models

It separated the whole life pattern of programming development that makes it more straightforward to assess each piece of programming improvement and furthermore makes it simpler for developers to work simultaneously on each stage.

It’s a Sequence of Activities completed by developers to plan and grow excellent programming. We want SDLC models to create upscale programming that meets client assumptions.

Each task is exceptional: it has a particular size, esteem, objective, and so on. Without a scope of SDLC models, groups of developers and originators wouldn’t convey a product successfully.

Distinctive software development life cycle models offer different task elements and approaches for project work processes.

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Difference Between SDLC and STLC

SDLC stands for software development life cycle. It is a deliberate way to deal with fostering a product. The social event of prerequisites is done by the Business Analyst where the development group will examine the necessities right from the planned engineering to the coding point of view.

Here genuine advancement which alludes to coding happens and this depends on the plan design. Sends applications that have disregarded the last four phases.

STLC stands for Software testing life cycle, the most common way of testing a product in a very well-arranged and precise manner. Here, the QA Team utilizes necessary gathering for testing, survey, and examination of the prerequisites.

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Here the QA Team centers around composing the point-by-point test plan exercises. Here test execution is done as well as revealing any mistakes/abandons that are found.

Manual announcing, mechanization, and testing is performed to guarantee that the created code has capacities as it ought to.

Software development life cycle models

  • V-model
  • Incremental model
  • Waterfall Model
  • Agile model
  • Spiral model



Picking the right approach relies upon your own particular venture, necessities, and environment. In the event that your product is experienced and its necessities are obvious, then, at that point, cascade may be the most ideal decision for you.

On the off chance that speed to market and client input is the best significance to your prosperity, then, at that point, you should seriously think about a nimble model.

Eventually, there is no best one-size-fits-all with regards to SDLC models. To choose the best for your organization, you should initially evaluate your own extraordinary necessities then, at that point, pick a model that works best.

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As the digital era develops and as programming code turns out to be essential for each item, administration, and business process, plainly there’s a solid requirement for a complete and comprehensive way to deal with application security. A business and security structure that rotates around a product improvement lifecycle.

Software development life cycle done right can permit the most elevated level of the executive’s control and documentation. Developers get what they should design and why.

All gatherings settle on the objective forthrightly and see a reasonable arrangement for showing up at that objective. Everybody comprehends the expenses and assets required.

We would love to hear from you so feel free to reach us out at GraffersID: Mobile App Development Services.

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