With the evolution of technology, it has become easy to develop websites and web applications. There is an abundance of technologies such as Laravel, PHP and others available to ease the development process of building websites.

Laravel is one such technology that is used for back-end applications. Laravel is a PHP-based back-end framework for web application development.

You can easily develop web applications regardless of the number of web pages. You can create a single-page website or an entire web application with Laravel.

It has an impressive syntax, which makes it easier to learn and build web applications with its awesome set of tools and frameworks.

Surprisingly, according to Trends Building’s research, over 647,000 users have used Laravel for web development as it’s an open-source framework that is easy to learn and robust.

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If you want to dive deep into understanding Laravel, then here’s an indefinite guide for you to understand Laravel.

If you want to know why Laravel stands out amongst other PHP frameworks and why you should use it for web application development, read this article to dig in more!

What is Laravel?

It’s a cross-platform, open-source PHP framework used for developing web applications. It enables users to take advantage of the huge library comprising pre-programmed functionalities such as HTML tempting, routing, and authentication.

This gigantic library makes it easier to build robust applications with a minimum amount of coding. Also, it serves as a highly functional and effective development environment with command-line interfaces and is intuitive.

Moreover, it uses ORM (object-relational mapping) for manipulation and easy data access.

The best part is that developers can effortlessly add features or functions to their applications as they have robust dependency management and modular packaging systems resulting in highly scalable web applications.

The design of the web application is more structured as it reuses existing components from various frameworks to develop web applications.

Also, it offers a host of functionalities which consist of the basic features and functions of PHP frameworks such as Yii, CodeIgniter, and various other programming languages such as Ruby on Rails. What makes it build robust and effective web applications is its abundance of features.

If you’re well-versed in Core and advanced PHP, then Laravel is going to make your work much easier as you can easily develop a secure website from scratch. It will help you save money and time.

Features of Laravel Programming language

Why should you use Laravel

Laravel offers an incredible bunch of robust tools, making the work easier and faster, resulting in well-structured codebases. Also, it’s easy to maintain. You will end up saving time and money.

1. Easy to learn

It’s comparatively easy to learn and use. However, you have to have a core understanding of OOP (object-oriented programming), PHP, and HTML to use it effectively.

Furthermore, Laravel can be effective and helpful in MVA architecture as it’s easy to understand relational database management systems such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.

2. Makes the development process easier

The prime reason behind designing Laravel was to simplify the tasks that most developers came across in website development, such as migration, caching, authentication, routing, and many more.

It’s simple to construct pre-made modules into applications with the help of an expressive command-line interface and intuitive composites.

Also, it has a huge and impressive collection of online documentation, which is great for experienced web developers. You can also access online learning resources.

3. Offers tools for developers at all level

It has an abundance of functionalities for developers at all levels, making it progressive and standing out amongst all the frameworks.

For instance, beginner developers can access and use starter kits for modules that cover authentication and other features.

While experienced developers can use the engine and the kits provided to create their authentication process and then combine it with the frontends.

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4. Highly scalable

It can scale easily with the help of integrated support for distributed cache systems. Also, it can address trillions of requests per month. Furthermore, it has the serverless deployment platform, Vapor, which is AWS-based and provides a high degree of scalability.

5. Gigantic ecosystem and community

Interestingly, it has a massively large ecosystem that is supported by a huge community of developers. It’s also the most in-demand and widely used PHP framework, making the library of Laravel packages and applications extensive.

It offers official and third-party packages, where the official packages include server management, authentication, subscription billing, automation, and browser testing. You can find third-party packages on numerous websites, including Laravel News and Packalysts.

The vast community of developers is quite supportive and is flooded with a large amount of information. For queries, you can easily visit any of the Laravel forums, such as the Laravel subreddit, laravel.io, or laracasts.

6. Massively popular

Most companies use Laravel to build robust and highly functional websites. Popular companies have built their websites with Laravel, such as invoice ninja, my rank, by the chart, Alison, restaurant.com, Setapp, and many more.

Why should you use Laravel?

Why should you use Laravel

Here is some reason why one should use Laravel for the web development:

1. Expressive Syntax

Its expressive and easy syntax makes it easier to learn. It is comparatively easy to learn, making it one of the most widely used languages for developers.

The expressive syntax is easier to work with, making it easier to create various web applications.

2. URL Routing Configuration

URL routing is essential to let users see the desired content, such as product descriptions, contact forms, and articles. URL routing enables web applications to load the desired content that the user wants to see instead of loading a blank or error page.

Laravel uses the routes in a very simple method by accepting URLs and closing them.

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3. Impact of Laravel on market shares

As mentioned, Laravel is a widely used PHP framework across a wide range of industries or domains. There has been a spike in the number of websites built by Laravel, and the growth is estimated to increase in the near future.

In fact, according to the current statistics, Laravel has been used by approximately 646,000 active websites, of which 16.500 websites have been built using Laravel in India.

The numbers are rapidly increasing, making the framework popular. The most popular domains that use Laravel are technology, computers, real estate, science, electronics, arts and science, business, education, and customer service.

4. Effectively handle configurational errors

User satisfaction and app usability entirely depend on the errors that a software application has.

Errors are frequently detected in data entry forms and displayed when a user clicks the submit button. If any software application fails to handle errors, it may result in poor customer satisfaction. Chances are high that most customers will stop using it.

However, Laravel has a great ability to handle errors and is connected to a monolog logging library that has a wide range of strong log handlers.

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5. File Caching Support

Thousands of internet users visit common or popular websites at the same time, resulting in sending requests to CNS, and to handle them efficiently, web developers can require high-end equipment.

However, it’s far better to directly transfer requested pages once, cache them, and then serve the future requests from the cache.

Apparently, Laravel is designed to use a file cache driver which is designed to store encrypted items and even multiple cache configurations can be set for the same driver.

What is Laravel used for?

Undeniably, Laravel is the most widely used and popular PHP framework, used by many big companies for building web applications.

Businesses from various industries, such as IT, finance, entertainment, travel, and retail, use Laravel as a backend framework.

This question might have popped up in your mind: what’s the purpose of using Laravel and why do big companies prefer building web applications?

The answer is quite simple: Laravel is massively popular due to the plethora of features it offers to make the work easier.

Primarily, it’s been used by most companies to build custom web applications by using PHP. This web framework has the extensive capability to handle multiple things by itself, such as templating, routing, and authentication.

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Laravel runs on PHP due to its server-side and massively emphasizes data manipulation and model view controller design.

Other frameworks, such as React, focus on user interaction and their fancy features. However, Laravel provides a stable and solid platform to build on and it does it well.

Moreover, you can easily build dynamic and stable websites, eCommerce websites, and portal web apps such as news, job portals, forums, content management systems, social networking websites, and enterprise-level applications.

The best part is, if your application focuses more on a blog-style that has multiple text-based posts, you can use WordPress, which is also PHP-based. Instead of forcing you to use features you don’t desire, Laravel lets you construct with tools that are similar to those found in WordPress.

Is Laravel a Backend?

Laravel is majorly used for backend framework development. However, it does provide front-end functionality and some of its features are front-end driven.

Does Laravel use scripting language?

Does Laravel Use Scripting Language

Laravel isn’t a complete PHP programming language. It’s a PHP framework that uses the scripting language.

If you’re wondering whether scripting and programming languages are the same, In reality, they are both different and are often differentiated by speed and usability.

Scripting languages are platform-focused and are interpreted languages. On the flip side, programming languages are platform agnostic, and they run on a combination of operating systems and processor architectures and use compiled languages.

Scripting languages depend on the compiler on which the application is working.

Looking for Dedicated Developer


If you want to develop web applications fast and effectively, then you should perhaps consider learning Laravel or getting the web applications built on it. It has an abundance of resources that can simplify the development process by minimizing the need for coding.

It also has an intuitive command-line interface and a secure virtual development environment. Furthermore, it has a strong community and is easy to learn for beginner developers or expert developers.

The real estate industry is one of the most dynamic and in-demand business niches in the market. According to grand view research, the real estate market is expected to grow and reach $4,263 Billion by 2025.  If you have an idea of real estate website development, then you should definitely go for it.

Observing the above mentioned statistics, it’s quite evident that the real-estate business industry is growing exponentially, and developing a user-friendly website can be an effective way to reach more prospective clients and increase revenue.

Should you invest in developing real estate websites

Now, many of you must be wondering why you should invest in developing real estate websites when you can do the business offline. Aren’t you?

Well, the answer is quite simple. With the evolution of the internet and smartphones, every business niche is shifting to promoting their business online. With digitalization, developing a website opens doors to greater possibilities for growth and development of businesses.

Developing a high-quality real estate website is perfect to target online audiences and connect buyers with sellers.

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Also, it will help you build connections and loyalty with your customers by gathering feedback and reviews from them. When you receive positive feedback from them, it helps to build a good reputation which increases credibility. Generally, people prefer going with real estate agents who have a good reputation in the market.

Hence, if you’re in the real estate business, then developing a website can really turn out to be beneficial for your business growth.

If you’re thinking about developing a website but aren’t sure how to get started, then this article is the need of the hour as it will guide you through the features that should be considered when building a real estate website, their implementation, and a step-by-step guide on how to build one.

Key Requirements when developing a real estate website

Key Requirements when developing a real estate website

When developing the website, you need to consider implementing its key requirements for making it more dynamic and interactive. Here are the key requirements which you should implement:

1. A Strong Domain Name

Besides developing an attractive website, it’s extremely important to choose a smart and strong domain name for your website. A domain name is chosen once. Make sure that you come up with an effective domain name on the first attempt itself such as .com .et, .org and .net. Among this .com domain are consider as most effective.

You can definitely consider these tips before choosing a domain name, such as keeping the domain name short and professional, which should go along with your brand identity; using keywords that connect well with your real estate niche.

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2. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO helps to increase the visibility of websites which will increase the traffic of your website and will improve the ranking of your website. Isn’t it amazing?

With strong SEO strategies you can boost the credibility and website usability of your website.

It’s a good idea to consider hiring an SEO specialist to help you assist with planning effective SEO strategies to enhance the visibility of your website and reach more audiences through organic or algorithm search results.

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3. Easy to navigate through your website

A real estate website, like any other website, is loaded with a lot of information that might get difficult to navigate. If you have designed a beautiful website that is difficult to navigate, it doesn’t make any sense as no one’s going to stay at your website.

You can create a good website navigation by integrating search functionality with your site by fixing a search bar icon. You can also include sitemaps to help users easily navigate to your website. Also, keep the design of your website simple to subtle to help users understand the website. They can search easily on the website.

Key Features of an Ideal Real Estate Website

Key Features of an Ideal Real Estate Website

Here are the basic features which should be there to build in an ideal real estate website:

1. It should contain multiple listing services

An ideal real estate website should have the MLS feature to connect users to MLS data. With MLS, it creates an interaction between buyers and sellers making your website more visible and accessible to various agents. Also, it will connect your website directly to local MLS databases.

2. It should have search filters

Real estate and rental websites should, ideally, contain search filters to provide relevant results. You can provide users with search filters to filter the listing types, home types, prices, amenities, facilities, number of bedrooms, etc. Also, it helps users exactly search for the requirements and can filter them.

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3. Insert couple of good real estate images

Although easy navigation and responsive design enhance the user experience. However, to capture the interest of future tenants or buyers, captivating, high-resolution, and relevant property images are a great idea to bring more visitors to your website. You can also meet strict requirements for photo size, resolution, and format to ensure better quality photos on your website.

4. Include Virtual excursion or videos

Who doesn’t want to see a detailed and informative guide about the interior and exterior modelling of a real estate asset for better decision making? A video excursion with virtual reality is a perfect feature to provide a comprehensive guide to real estate property. Its virtual excursion can help the buyer or rental with a clear visualization about the property.

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5. Messaging

Messaging feature is extremely important for better interaction between a buyer and a seller. An inbuilt messaging tool helps them to place their requirements before each other. It can be in the form of love chat, direct voice, or video messaging. Also, it’s a great tool for contacting the realtors and getting feedback from the clients.

Additional Features of Real Estate Website

With basic features you can easily build a real estate websites, but with additional features you can enhance the user experience:

1. Comprehensive Listing

As mentioned earlier, it’s quite obvious that potential buyers and tenants would be curious to know the details about the property. Make sure you provide a detailed listing on your website that involves demographics, price, crime rates, descriptions, etc. for comprehensive and detailed information.

2. Calculator

A calculator can be a great financial tool to calculate house affordability by considering factors such as salary, annual household income, interest rate, mortgage loan term, and many more. It will also give you an overview of buying and renting a property.

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3. Calendar

Calendar enables users to book meetings with real estate agents to visit the property. Also, with calendar, realtors, customers, and property owners can view the details of events before booking them and can also synchronize the user’s profile with some great calendar apps such as Google Calendars and Apple Calendars.

Steps to build a real estate website

Steps to build a real estate website

1. Select the right CMS

It absolutely makes no sense to build your website from scratch. With the right content management system, you can use the in-built functions and templates for your website.

Often, web developers use WordPress to get access to tons of plugins, themes, templates, and add-ons. In fact, it’s a good option for real estate websites as well.

2. Pick the right web Hosting Provider

Websites need web hosting to store all the data and files while making it accessible to the visitors. When it comes to web hosting, it becomes extremely important to pick the right web host to improve and boost the website’s performance.

For picking the right web host provider, you need to understand the needs of your website, that is why you are building the website. Understanding the needs will help you to decide which web host provider will be best for your website.

Also, with server monitoring tools you can find web host providers. You can look at the uptime score to decide whether a web host provider is right for your website or not. Try to go with the web host which offers great sever speed to ensure that your website loads quickly and efficiently.

Generally, web hosting isn’t free and it costs you to host your website on someone else’s server.

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3. Incorporate unique features in your website

Before building the website, you need to do extensive research on your competitors. It will help you identify the needs and expectations of users from a new real estate website.

Based on which you can add unique features to your website that will help you stand out of the competition. When creating a feature list, try to define the main purpose behind developing your website and its goals.

4. Build Wireframes, Prototypes, Mockups

An attractive website design can make your website look appealing, which will bring in more traffic, which isn’t easy.

It will need proper planning to build a high performance website, which requires selecting color schemes, logos, images, and various other user interfaces to add them to the page.

Also, you need to select an order to organize the elements for easy navigation and an improved user experience.

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5. Select a price range and hire a right software development company

After defining the goals and purpose of your website, you’d get a brief idea about the price range you would want your website development to fall in. Considering your budget, it’s always advisable to hire the right software development company. With the right software development company, you will reap good results.

When thinking about hiring a software development company, GraffersID could be the perfect choice for website development services as it will cater to your needs with the best services for real estate website development, which will save you time and money.

6. Coding

After deciding the features and design of the website, you will need to hire developers for coding and execution. They will use an appropriate tech stack for incorporating the features, and they can also take advantage of modules, APIs, and themes.

7. QA and Review

After developing the app, you will need skilled and professional quality assurance engineers to ensure a high-quality and user-friendly website for enhanced user experience for tenants, buyers, property owners, and realtors who are all visiting it.

8. Strong SEO and SMM

Developing the website isn’t the end; it’s extremely important to market it as well for increased traffic. Strong search engine optimization and social media optimization strategies can bring a massive boost to your website.

To increase your audience and increase the visibility of your website, what could be better than implementing SEO and SMM? Start optimizing your search engine to increase the visibility so that more traffic drives towards your website, and make sure to build a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Meta, LinkedIn, and others.

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How much does a real estate website cost?

Building a real rate website highly depends on your budget and whether you want to build through website software development company or freelance website developer

If your company is located in the US, then you can either hire a website development company or hire freelancers. If you don’t have a high budget then you can also hire offshores from different countries such as Bangladesh, India.

If you’re thinking of hire website development company in US, then it will cost you around $16000.

However, if you hire a software development company in India, it might get cut in half. And if you’re searching for it, then you can check out GraffersID. It’s a software development company that caters to high-quality services at reduced amounts of $8000–12,000.


Nowadays, most real estate agents consider developing high-performance, custom-based websites to bring their business more clients and revenue.

Nevertheless, it’s quite important to hire a reliable web development company to make your work hassle-free while ensuring flawless website development.

According to the stats, 90 percent of people prefer to use the mobile app over a website. Considering these stats, entrepreneurs are coming up with unique software development ideas ( App and Website ) and they want to convert their ideas into reality.

Despite going with full-fledged functional apps at an early stage, it’s better to build an MVP model as it will not only help to get feedback from customers and acquire initial users, but it’s always worth saving hard-earned money and time.

We know that you understand the importance of MVP. That’s the reason you are looking for tips to reduce the custom software development costs of your MVP model.

And this article will definitely help you.

Let’s have a overview of

What is an MVP?

Minimum Viable Product is a version of a software product that is launched with essential features to validate from users and receive the feedback from them. Based on the feedback, entrepreneurs decide whether the app is worth investing or not. Launching MVP at an early stage with minimum essential features can be cost efficient and time-saving.

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Ever wondered how companies like Facebook and Spotify successfully launched MVP?

They didn’t spend much time and money on building unnecessary features. They stuck to essential features to get feedback from customers before proceeding to develop full-fledged apps.

Features That Affect The Cost Of Mobile App:

Features That Affect The Cost Of Mobile App

1. The complexity of app

If an IT business company develops a mobile app that is complex, then there would be fewer ways to reduce the cost.

Hence, it’s essential for business owners to pre-define the requirements before getting started with the development process.

External and internal integration also help to determine the complexity of an app. Also, the newness of an app becomes a barrier to reducing the software development cost.

2. Top feature of app

It’s a simple equation: the more features in an app, the higher its software development cost.

Include the features that you think are important or beneficial for the app. You can prioritize the features based on the user flow. Some features can be basic, while some will require the latest technology.

For example, e-commerce apps involve basic features such as add to cart and payment features, while if you look at apps with advanced tech features like AI and MI, such as Google Assistant and Alexa, you need to add the latest tech features, which will add to the cost.

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3. Size of the team

The size of the team can become a roadblock in reducing the software development costs. The bigger the team, the higher the development cost. Building an in-house team can cost you more than outsourcing the team.

The cost of MVP development highly depends on the number of developers you have in your software development team. Besides the developers, the expense of designers, testers, and other experts will add more to the cost.

Also, if there’s a lack of communication within the team, it can cause an increase in cost.

Hence, IT business owners must hire the right software developers.

4. Consulting and Planning

Consulting an agency can help you connect with business experts who have worked on similar projects and have 5-10 years of experience. Top software development companies can give you the right assistance and advice in the MVP development process.

Planning and managing MVP development processes is time-consuming, complex, and requires intense research.

Here is a Guide to choose the right software development partner

Hence, consulting a good software development company can also help you design a complete project plan and will recommend the right technology for development.

If you’re looking for a software development company to ease out your work, then GraffersID is the perfect company to help you with planning development projects and recommending the right technologies and platforms to help your company grow.

5. Product Engineering

A research study was conducted by Failory, which found out that 90% of startups or IT business companies fail due to poor product engineering.

Hiring the right domain enterprise is important for product design. They can design and develop existing or new products.

Poor planning can increase the cost of software development. Hence, effective software development planning is important.

Top ways to develop MP in cost-effective way:

Top ways to develop MP in cost-effective ways

Here are top ways to develop MVP in cost-efficient way:

1. Cross platform development can be a great choice

If you want to expand your company with the least amount of development cost, then cross-platform development works the best.

You can use tools such as Xamarin and React Native to reduce the cost of software development.

These cross-platform tools will work seamlessly on both Android and iOS and will also create different codebases for each operating system.

2. Use Continuous Deployment (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI)

The CD and CI models are best for reducing costs efficiently while maintaining the quality of the product.

The models run two operations simultaneously or at the same time. It includes test code changes and pushes the main codebase into the product.

Often, this model is used to enhance the quality of the product. It also assists developers to find errors and bugs. There’s also rapid code updates, where codes are updated rapidly, which automates the process of testing, deploying, and building the app.

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The company can deliver the product at a faster pace when following the standard protocol of the CD/CI process.

When there’s acceleration in product delivery, then the company can focus on other aspects of their business objectives to increase profitability.

Every company wants to speed up their development process as it ensures enhanced software quality, massive cost reductions, and a speedy and early launch of products.

3. Early Testing of Software

Testing of software helps to detect, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities. Testing your software at early stages helps you to find and fix errors at an early stage, which becomes less expensive than discovering the defects at a later stage.

It reduces the development cost. You can also take the help of your QA team with MVP to enable testing.

Regular testing ensures an improvised software development process. It’s also less time-consuming, which ensures no delays in projects.

Early testing results in the successful delivery of products at a reduced cost of software development.

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4. Choose a leading and reliable software development company

Choosing a leading and reliable software development company can result in significant savings on MVP development costs.

You can hire highly skilled software developers or developers with good experience from software development companies.

MVP development is a key aspect of custom software development and hiring wise developers for your project can save your budget while ensuring an enhanced quality product.

It’s always good to research a software development company before finalizing.

GraffersID is a multi award winning software development company. If you’re looking for highly skilled and experienced developers at an affordable pricing, then you can consult GraffersID to hire top-notch developers.

5. Include the essential features

Including all the essential features in MVP can be great for a reduction in development costs.

Listing down all the features based on the analysis and segmenting them is the best way to prioritize while launching the product.

You can segment the essential features based on the features that can deliver true value to your users.

Prioritizing features before launching can also help in reducing the software development costs while launching the product early in the market.

6. Outsourcing the MVP Development

If you’re looking for an affordable and inexpensive way to develop an MVP, outsourcing to an offshore software development company really helps.

An outsourcing company provides end-to-end development and builds the MVP software for you while you have to pay the developers just their hourly charges.

You pay the developer for what he’s compensated for, or sometimes you can pay one-time hiring fees as well.

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7. Select the best engagement model

A) Dedicated Team Development Model

This model is used when you work with your technology partner to increase your team by appointing either full-fledged offshore development centers or hiring a few remote specialists for software development.

If you’re looking for a long-term project, this model works the best.

However, before going with this model, you will have to consider three factors as it can have a direct impact on MVP development.

The first factor is the onshore development model, where you hire developers from nearby locations that are residing in the same country or city. You don’t have to face any communication challenges while working with onshore developers, and you have to pay the minimum wages based on the cost of living in that country.

The second factor is the hybrid development model, also known as a dual development model, which covers both onshore and offshore development.

Here, the operations are performed as per the requirements and the demand. You can keep the resources on your premises for a few weeks, and then they can be transferred back to the basic operation office. The time could be 3 months or more, based on the requirement.

This development model is quite flexible. Onshore involves architecture and design, while offshore involves backend operations. If you have a good budget then you can consider this model.

The third factor is the offshore development model. The offshore development model is ideal for companies with limited resources.

If you have a low budget and don’t want to compromise on the quality of the product, then this is the best model.

However, choosing offshore developers requires research. You will have to find developers for your startup who are updated with the latest technologies and have good experience.

This model is perfect to save development costs.

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B) Time and Material Engagement Model

Here, the cost of development is determined by the number of resources you hire and the amount of time it takes the company to build the project.

It’s a reliable way to build a professional relationship by assigning a task that will assess the quality and delivery of offshore agencies.

C) Fixed Price Engagement Model

It’s cost-effective and works best for short-term and long-term projects. In this model, you and your technology partner can agree on a time frame to complete a certain task with a pre-fixed budget to avoid any chaos in the future.

Here the vision of the task allotment, deliverable process, acceptance and development process is crystal clear.

Also, as the payment is pre-fixed, you’re bound to pay for what you’ve agreed on.


8. Leverage Design System

A design system is a collection of interrelated patterns, UI elements, code snippets, reusable components, and style guidelines to manage the design and develop products such as websites or apps.

A design system allows the team to focus on quality and innovation while reducing half the time required for designing, developing, and testing.


We hope these ways can help you reduce MVP development costs while maintaining the quality of your product.

PHP is a popular language and is generally preferred for web development. However, developing a PHP web application without the help of a PHP web development company can be difficult as it requires technical knowledge about languages and competencies.

In fact, a desired web application should have innovative and interactive features, which requires an expert who can design the application to achieve the desired functions.

Here comes the need to hire a professional website development company to develop customized mobile applications and web applications.

If you’re looking for good web development companies in the USA who can offer a variety of tech services, then this is the perfect article to stop by. Picking the right PHP development company is a cumbersome job.

Hence, to ease your work, we have compiled a list of top 11 PHP web development companies that are known for the quality of their work and the services they offer.

1. GraffersID: IT Staff Augmentation Company

GraffersID PHP Development company USA

GraffersID is an award-winning PHP development company that is renowned for developing intuitive and interactive websites in different sectors such as healthcare, logistics, Information Technology, and marketing agency.

GraffersID, a leading staff augmentation company, established in the year 2017, with a mission to help startups and increase their success rate. As they provide startups to hire dedicated remote developers at an affordable pricing.

If you’re looking to develop an ecommerce application or website, you can reach out to GraffersID to hire dedicated PHP developers on an hourly and monthly contractual basis.

Besides, we also provide IT staff augmentation services, offshore development services, web and app development services. GraffersID brings quality, expertise to the projects.

It has helped mission-driven startups boost their revenue 20x. GraffersID is trusted by Startups, who has raised funding from top companies like Coca-Cola, Harvard, YC Combinator and many other.

2. QArea

Quera logo

QArea is among the top PHP Web Development Companies in USA that offers advanced software solutions to meet market demands. The company has a huge qualitative staff with more than 250 developers and highly skilled professionals, and it specializes in all major application development domains, giving it more than 18 years of experience in software development.

Also, the company has partnered with well-known tech companies such as Dasghlane, Skype, Kroodle, and many more.

3. Iflexion

Iflexion Logo

Iflexion is the top software development company in the world and is present in more than 30 countries. They offer mobile and custom-built web solutions. The company specializes in all major domains, from developing business automation software to large data intelligence products. They have top tech companies as their clients from across the world, such as Toyota, eBay, Xerox, PayPal, and many more.

4. Open Source Technologies

Open source technology Logo

OST ( Open Source Technologies ) is a US-based mobile and web app development company, founded in 2009. They have offices located in Philadelphia (USA), Georgia (USA), and New Delhi (India). The company is known for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for serving clients across different industry verticals.

Moreover, the company won New York Small Business Excellence Awards in 2016 and 2017, and the Manhattan Award for Best Web Design Company in 2016 and 2017. The company comprises around 50 dedicated employees serving on time delivery.

5. FollowBright

Followbright Logo

FollowBright is a US-based mobile and web app development company, founded in 2002. The company consists of 50 employees. They provide cost-effective solutions for a wide range of clients, ranging from small enterprises to big companies.

They have assisted various businesses with their services, building a lasting impression on some popular companies such as the University of Denver, the US Department of Energy, Innova+, and InterThink.

6. IT Craft

IT craft Logo

IT Craft is a web development company that provides custom web development solutions to commercial corporations, online stores, small businesses, and other organizations. The company specializes in providing web and mobile development solutions to different industry sectors. They also offer automated testing services for apps to ensure that they perform glitch-free and smoothly on the web.

The company also believes in working on different horizons of new and advanced technology, which includes custom mapping. Virtual reality, augmented reality, and others.

7. Blue Fountain Media

bluefountainmedia logo

Blue Fountain Media is a US-based company founded in 2003 that has maintained a consistent top position in ecommerce, corporate, education, B2B, B2C, and non-profit startups. The company has around 200 employees. They have ensured brand loyalty, generated a few leads and increased traffic in applications for their clients.

They have delivered market-driven targets because of their outstanding team who believes in working collectively to achieve the company’s targets and goals.

Also, their team has been recognized internationally for working hard consistently and maintaining the good reputation of the company by the world’s superior award agencies such as Telly Awards, Image Interactive Media Awards, Horizon Interactive Awards, and many more.

8. Web Development Group (WDG)

WDG - Web Development Group

WDG ( Web Development Group ) is a US-based PHP web development company that offers a wide range of web development and software design services. The company specializes in Drupal development and WordPress and offers optimum solutions for custom UI and UX designs.

WDG has worked with top companies and has been one of the top web agencies in the US. The company has worked with the biggest names in the market, such as the American Diabetes Association, American Red Cross, Flight Safety Foundation, and many more.

9. Dom and Tom

Dom tom logo

Dom and Tom is one of the top software agencies in the US with more than 10 years of experience in software development. The company has three more offices in major cities in the US, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. The company offers a wide range of services in major tech domains.

Also, the company offers a wide range of web services to various clients that cover everything from UX design to software quality assurance and Android and IOS development.

10. Team International

teaminternational Logo

Team International is a well-known PHP web development company headquartered in the US. The company also has other offices in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, the UK, and Columbia.

The company has expertise in all major development domains and offers a wide range of software solutions covering SMBs, retail, banking, and others.

11. XBSoftware

XBSoftware Logo

XBSoftware is one of the best SaaS PHP development companies in the US. The company specializes in providing market-driven software solutions integrated with optimized web tools.

If you’re looking to develop a SaaS product or cloud-based application, then this is the perfect company to look for.

Also, the company has another regional office in Belarus and they are planning to expand in other countries as well.


If you’re looking for the best PHP web development companies in the US, then feel free to check out these companies.

All of these companies are well-established and their services range from providing software solutions to designing web and mobile applications to UI/UX designing integrated with web tools and optimized web features.

Also if your are looking software development partner in India, or outsource your software development projects to a trusted software development company in India, then you can Contact with GraffersID, a top web and mobile app development company.

There are a ton of upsides without a doubt. Not exclusively does re-appropriating empower them to accept troublesome advances yet additionally assists them with guaranteeing business progression regardless of any functional disturbance. By outsourcing software development projects to an expert IT company outside your country, with heaps of involvement and explicit aptitude, any association can use innovation in its product and gain a high ground on the lookout.

Table of Content

  • What is software development outsourcing?
    1. Cost-effective:
    2. Efficient Task performance:
  • Why is software development outsourcing the best option?
  • 8 Most Costly Mistakes in Software Development Outsourcing
    1. Lack of organization’s research and Selection process:
    2. Never consent to a full payment:
    3. No specialist from your group
    4. Absence of skill with The outsourced task:
    5. Be Wary of Free Additional Services:
    6. Not Verifying Business Portfolios and Background:
    7. Lack of Cultural Context:
    8. Poor Team Management and Communication:
  • Why partner up with GraffersID?
  • How to Outsource a Software Development Project?
    1. Characterize your project aims and requirements
    2. Setting Expectations before Research
    3. Analyze the other software development company
    4. Costs and Size
  • Why should your startup outsource software development?
    1. Financial plan
    2. Eliminates the need of an HR team
    3. Shorter Software Development Time
    4. The lead will focus on his tasks.
  • How to set up your outsourcing strategy?
  • Conclusion

Outsourcing software development ought to be differentiated from software offshoring. The dangers associated with offshoring, especially for development companies that prioritize cost over quality can be significant.

Our recommendation is to thoroughly research a number of outsourcing candidates and ensure the option you pick has the mechanisms set up to deliver quality software.

Working Mouse utilizes the Way of Working to en­sure we consistently deliver high quality applications.

What is software Development outsourcing?

What is software development outsourcing

In simple terms, Software Development Outsourcing implies that an organization appoints or hires an external software development agency based on their skills to perform all the tasks for your software development project, instead of performing those tasks in house.

The biggest advantage of Software Development Outsourcing is that

1. Cost effective:

Many of you thinking why is it cost effective? To understand it, let’s assume that your software development company headquartered in the USA, cost of developing a software in the USA is around $30,000 – $70,000 depending upon the complexity and time involved in the development process.

On the other hand, if you outsource your software development to a country like India, then your software development cost will be reduced to 50 percent.

As highly talented and skilled software developers in countries like India are available at an affordable cost and there will be no communication barrier. Also you can hire a software development partner to reduce your software development cost.

The cost of developing similar software in India is around $12,000 to $50,000 depending upon complexity and time involved in software development.

2. Efficient Task performance:

As we have discussed above, countries like India have skilled and experienced software developers.

They have a better understanding of the programming languages and have the curiosity to learn new things. A software developer with 5 + years of experience has worked on multiple similar projects and has gained expertise in a particular domain.

If you hire software developers from GraffersID, we make sure that you get vetted developers in the industry.

Know about What is POC ( Proof Of Concept ) in Software Development

Why is software development outsourcing the best option?

Presently, almost all software developers are doing likewise and different organizations all over the world are getting on.

Outsourcing Software Development Services is a brilliant decision to upscale organizations and see quicker results without agonizing over the innovation side.

Organizations decide to work with rethinking suppliers who handle a whole task. The organization that is being reevaluated has in-house software developers who are knowledgeable about many programming dialects and systems.

This permits them to adjust to the customer’s necessities and complete any product advancement project.

8 Most Costly Mistakes in Software Development Outsourcing

8 Most Costly Mistakes in Software Development Outsourcing

Here are the most cost mistakes that organization committees make when hiring outsourcing software development projects. Therefore to help other to avoid such mistakes, we have listed down them below:

1. Lack of organization’s research and Selection process:

It happens that when an organizations pick an outsourcing partner dependent upon the cost and settling on the least expense available while requesting a great item.

Without a doubt, the expense factor assumes a huge part while looking for outsourced programming improvement administrations, you ought to look at their working model and capacity available, type their name in the web search tool and see what you get, look at the surveys about the organization and input from the past clients, its portfolio, site, blog entries, and social media, where an organization is introduced.

2. Never consent to a full payment:

It is generally expected practice for a worker for hire to demand some measure of installment ahead of time.

In addition to the fact that they need cash to live for, they may likewise require a few assets to spend on the development interaction.

They may have to refresh their development tools, buy ones that suit your venture better, or pay for the ones that work on a membership basis.

Know in  detail What is the Software Development Life Cycle?

3. No specialist from your group

In some cases, working with a group of outsourced designers with practically no specialized information from your side might represent a few dangers for an organization.

It isn’t just about checking whether the work is done appropriately and regardless of whether it is excellent.

However more about having the option to set things clear and have solid documentation with obvious necessities for your outsourced development team.

4. Absence of skill with The outsourced task:

One more issue with outsourced is an absence of skill. At the point when you need more skill in programming development and representative of these errands to an outsider’s help, you presumably can not survey the consequences of their work sufficiently.

Without having a reasonable comprehension of the distinctions in technology and arrangements, you are at the risk of wrong recruiting.

Here are 5 Actionable Steps to Develop a Successful Software Startup from Scratch

5. Be Wary of Free Additional Services:

Project workers offer a wide scope of services, Offering extra administrations at a reduced cost is a broadly utilized showcasing strategy.

Now and again, they even retreat to employing subcontractors to wrap up the responsibility effectively.

That is the reason it could be a bit dubious assuming they offer you a few extra administrations, particularly assuming they offer them free of charge.

6. Not Verifying Business Portfolios and Background:

It is fitting all the time for organizations to perform a broad examination, get experiences, comprehend the help contributions and recruit designers.

Organizations ought to never utilize a devoted seaward advancement group without completely looking at their portfolios.

So they ought to completely look at their history, including the number of on the web or web and portable applications they have created and how rapidly they convey the end result.

Want to know Why Outsourcing Software Development to India is a Success?

7. Lack of Cultural Context:

You have never worked in a socially assorted group, you probably won’t understand it, however the social setting and the public distinctions matter.

In spite of the fact that variety is demonstrated to drive development and monetary outcomes in the long haul, initially, it may prompt miscommunications and mistaken assumptions.

8. Poor Team Management and Communication:

It may sound extremely repetitive, however, correspondence is the way to progress.

You may imagine that you are being perceived in the manner in which you arranged, however, individuals come from various foundations, training, encounters and will have their own perceptions.

Why partner up with GraffersID?

Outsourcing software development is a major step for any organization, from new companies run by a little group to worldwide partnerships.

Software Development Outsourcing enables organizations to associate with the world’s best-trained professionals, regardless of the number of miles lie between them.

There’s consistently a component of doubt and uncertainty, yet all the same that is reasonable: straying from set up processes is generally difficult, regardless of how important it could be.

Find the most recent master ordered reasoning and industry experiences about Software Outsourcing. Outsourcing is a genuine association that expects support to keep the relationship solid.

At GraffersID, our product development specialists make a solid effort to think that you are the best team to work with anywhere in the world. In case you have any inquiries in choosing extraordinary Software Outsourcing teams or need to track down a team for a project, get in touch with us today.

How to Outsource a Software Development Project?

How to outsource software development project

Regardless of whether you’re a business king or launching a startup or a business supervisor assembling a satellite item, reevaluating your product development is a basic business choice.

You can’t fall flat and there are many variables to consider to guarantee you pick the right organization to get everything done.

1. Characterize your project aims and requirements

You really want to characterize your undertaking requirements as plainly as could be expected. To start with, this assists you with explaining what you need to create. Second, it assists the outsourcing software development with joining you’ve picked to better comprehend your thoughts.

2. Setting Expectations before Research

Assuming your need is tracking down vendors with the lowest rates, and you start your examination dependent just upon costs, there’s a higher possibility that you’ll wind up with an unfit seller. It’s best all of the time to set standards and a rundown of assumptions prior to directing exploration.

Want to know Why is a Quality Assurance Tester needed on a software development team

3. Analyze the other software development company

You can choose the most trustworthy outsourcing organizations in a given nation utilizing different platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork, and Clutch.

They can provide you with lots of data about expected accomplices from that point. Level of aptitude and past undertakings , their rates, their evaluations and grants they got.

4. Costs and Size

You really want insight, impressive skill and great quality. If you contribute well at this stage you truly will get what you pay for.

Picking a payment method will assist you with thinking about all factors. You can choose either a fixed-charge valuing model or an every hour evaluating model. The model you pick will rely upon the kind of administrations you require and the contracted period.

Contingent upon the length of the work and the administrations you require, you should decide if the organization requires a long haul or momentary developments.

This will help you enormously in overseeing costs and setting a financial plan as per your necessities.

Why should your startup outsource software development?

Why should your startup outsource software development

It ensures further developed correspondence inside the group. The way that this group of engineers has effectively cooperated, implies that once the undertaking begins they will work agreeably as one entirety.

1. Financial plan

To most new companies spending plan is one of the main pressing issues and cost should be considered in each choice.

Other than staying away from exorbitant uses on long enlistment and preparing processes, space broadening and purchasing office hardware, new businesses can likewise save cash with outsider agreements on the grounds that these organizations are by and large low estimated.

2. Eliminates the need of a HR team

On the off chance that the HR of a startup doesn’t have the foggiest idea what the startup needs from their group of designers then there may be serious mix-ups in employing.

When utilizing the outsourcing force, you abstain from such difficulties, as outsourcing teams have proficient HR doing this piece of the gig.

3. Shorter Software Development Time

The product invests in some opportunity to foster when moved to another organization.

Joint effort with an outsider guarantees you can meet the achievements and expectations of your undertakings with effectiveness.

This is generally in light of the fact that the designers of the organization are profoundly talented at what they do. They as of now have every one of the assets they need to complete the undertaking effortlessly.

4. The lead will focus on his tasks.

Development of your products is significant, yet it isn’t the main thing one needs to do when beginning another business.

As are relied upon to perform different tasks in the cutting edge corporate world and take up numerous responsibilities. You can commit constantly and energy to the organization’s strategic components fundamental for its smooth activity.

You will be saving a great deal of time enlisting, recruiting, and preparing your representatives. Organizations can use this additional chance to focus on the center parts of the companies.

How to set up your outsourcing strategy?

How to set up your outsourcing strategy

In the present business markets, everybody is taking a stab at an upper hand. For the equivalent, reevaluating systems have turned into the way to progress.

A firm that spotlights money outsourcing will forever be cutting-edge on the most up to date consistency principles, monetary guidelines, and bookkeeping rules.

Look at the company’s notoriety web based, including tributes from past customers. Try not to be hesitant to request a couple of current or past customers that can vouch for the achievement of the supplier’s technique in digitalization.

  1. Finance and Accounting Outsourcing
  2. Promoting Automation
  3. Customer Service Outsourcing
  4. Catalog Management Outsourcing
  5. Outbound Sales for Growth
  6. Back Office Outsourcing



All product outsourcing organizations will give you inputs on your activities. Accept this as a benefit to additionally get what innovation is required and which sort of cycle is the most fitted for your task.

GraffersID contains what’s best in tech organizations. During over a time of coding experience, we have acquired the trust and certainty of numerous huge organizations from around the globe.

Our clients particularly esteem proficient interviews, which we give at each phase of collaboration. We are anxious all of the time to help you and we put forth a valiant effort to fulfill you with the product we produce.

At GraffersID As a proactive reevaluating accomplice, we have helped organizations of all sizes and in each industry to set up seaward improvement groups. From new businesses, programming organizations – and so on! So if you have a project for us.

Let’s build your next product! Share your ideas and you can get a consultation from us.

Convincing individuals to help a thought or a task requires more than a sound portion of idealism. Unyielding financial backers request obvious proof that a startup and its strategic agreement can be practical and fruitful. It’s known as a proof of concept. The objective of a POC ( Proof of Concept ) in software development is to test whether or not a thought is practical.

It doesn’t zero in on the attractiveness or creation cost of an item or administration, yet it mostly attempts to address the inquiry, is the thought attainable? Any business that needs to excel and way over their primary concern would want every one of their dares to be effective.

Furthermore, albeit a proof of concept isn’t idiot-proof and doesn’t ensure a positive outcome, it assists associations with choosing whether or not a thought merits seeking after.

With such a huge amount in question as far as time, assets, cost, and the nature of your product item, setting aside the effort to appropriately design programming advancement and the final result before the real sendoff is a higher priority than any time in recent memory. A POC ( Proof of Concept ) is an incredible spot to begin.

Proof of Concept in Software Development

Proof of concept in programming improvement depicts unmistakable cycles with various goals and member jobs.

The general target of proof of concept is to track down answers for specialized issues, like, how frameworks can be coordinated or throughput can be accomplished through a given design.

POC may likewise allude to halfway arrangements including clients acting in business jobs to set up whether a framework fulfills specific prerequisites.

A Proof of concept can be utilized in the accompanying scenarios:

  • To look at the worth of a product though.
  • To characterize if the thought matches the necessities of the expected clients.
  • To ensure that the picked programming improvement technique is fitting.
  • To distinguish impediments and analyze their usefulness.

When the partners concur that the thought can be sought after, the proposition for additional stages is acknowledged. The real execution includes finishing the cycle from configuration to testing in various stages.

When you know the specialized and strategic issues with your thought, you can further develop your genuine cycle by settling on better decisions for model plan and full-scale creation later.

It is likewise utilized in assembling, designing, pharma, and different areas. POC forestalls misfortunes that happen to assume you contribute time and assets for creation straightforwardly in building the real arrangement.

How to Create a Successful Proof of Concept (POC)?

  1. Conduct Research and Development
  2. Specify the Need of Your Idea
  3. Check Your Idea’s Feasibility
  4. Create a model and test it.
  5. Accumulate and report input.
  6. Present POC for the approval.

Benefits of Creating a Proof of Concept’s ( POC perspective)?

Creative digital products regularly depend on novel thoughts. Making a proof of idea can assist with guaranteeing your plan and advancement process is suitable and in good shape before it even starts.

This article responds to the inquiry, what is a proof of idea, including explaining how a proof of concept is diverse to a model or least practical item.

Few out of every odd computerized item improvement venture will profit from proof of idea however in certain conditions,

1. Recognize improvement challenges

You can likewise utilize a POC to recognize which improvement challenges are inescapable and which you might conceivably keep away from.

You would then have the option to conceptualize with your gathering how to manage such troubles.

2. Mitigates Risks

The Proof of ideas supports distinguishing the potential issues the item might experience at a later stage. The issues incorporate strategic, specialized, monetary, lawful, or utilitarian issues that might emerge during the turn of events or execution stage.

Recognizing hazards at the underlying stage and rectifying them saves time and assets for business visionaries.

3. Recognize improvement challenges

You can likewise utilize a POC to recognize which improvement challenges are inescapable and which you might conceivably keep away from.

You would then be able to conceptualize with your group how to manage such difficulties.

4. Convince Investors

Proof of idea includes a specialized examination to exhibit the practicality of the item. It assists the financial backers with settling on an educated choice before putting resources into the task.

Benefits of Using Proof of Concept

1. Estimate assets required:

POC building assists you with working out more definitively at the beginning phase the expense, group, innovation, and different assets expected to foster the total arrangement or simply its MVP.

2. Check & Verify your idea:

POC is regularly the initial step to thoroughly consider your item, focusing on utilitarian and specialized angles. It assists you with changing your business thought

3. At the point when you need to control your answer with another element or innovation:

For this situation, evidence of idea is likewise required, and the POC business layout ought to incorporate a careful investigation of client assumptions.

4. Improve your existing software

Assuming you want to further develop your application, then, at that point, POC expects you to research and conceptualize rehearses that will permit you to remove unreasonable or futile thoughts and foster reasonable methodologies.

Proof of Concept vs. Prototype

Proof of concept may seem as though fabricating a model, yet there are contrasts, and each has its capacity. The proof of concept is a kind of little venture to test the thought.

Proof of concept exists exclusively to show that an item idea is both useful and can be created. Assuming the verification of an idea shows that the thought is feasible, one can continue with a model, then, at that point, MVP, or even begin fostering a far-reaching item.

Proof of concept demonstrates that the item’s thought is feasible, while a model exhibits its usefulness.

Simultaneously, because of MVP, you get to send off a fundamental rendition of your genuine item to the possible clients and accumulate client input. Making models is another significant exercise.

The formation of models is done to assist with imagining how an item will work in reality. It shows plan, route, design, and so on hence, proof of idea shows that an item thought can be made, and the model shows how it’s made.

Proof of Concept vs. MVP

The proof of concept exhibits that the plan of action or thought is doable. MVP is the main variant of a proposed activity or item.

Proof of concept alludes to a particular situation and affirms that the customer should be sure to settle on a specialized or secure arrangement. When examining phases of programming improvement, you may some of the time run over the terms Proof of Concept, model, and MVP all said in one breath or even utilized conversely.

The word least means here that an MVP comprises nothing more except for the basic beliefs which, even though it’s quite difficult, should be chosen now.

Suitable, then again, shows that it’s adequately utilitarian to be delivered to people in general and tried in real economic situations.


Proof of Concept is a little speculation that can carry a ton of advantages to the customer. Because of the PoC, we can recognize the possible difficulties and forestall them.

It’ll guide in the correct heading to measures that should be taken, which will help in additional item creation.

At times there’s another innovation more reasonable for the venture, however, it very well may be found simply because of Proof of Concept. Accordingly, it ought to be a piece of each product advancement process.

A proof of idea answers whether the innovation that is getting looked at would satisfy the reason it is being intended for or not. What’s more, knowing what precisely to anticipate when fabricating a PoC is ever fundamental.

Assuming you have a task thought that should be tried for attainability simply get in touch with us! At GraffersID together, we’ll transform your speculation into a profitable project.

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