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“Be an Entrepreneur” is an Anniversary Campaign by Graffersid Team to boost startup success rate.
Graffersid is giving 10 Entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to discuss their ideas with Experienced Mentors for APAC, US, Europe, and India Regions. The 10 Startups will also get a descriptive website custom made by Graffersid.

3 mentors are :
1) Ashish Srivastava, APAC Region:
Senior Vice President at Triterras, Singapore
Ashish has 12+ years of IT industry experience and is a Tech Enthusiast. He has headed the development and successful launch of a crypto-coin.

2) Ravi Shanker V, India Region:
Associate Director, Cogent, India
Ravi has 15+ years of experience in the Retail Industry. He has worked with multiple big names to produce some outstanding results.

3) Karishma Valliappan, US and Europe Region:
Global PM for International DanceSports Federation, UK
Karishma has 9+ years of experience in the Consultation field. She is a travel fanatic with a keen eye to businesses.

The competition is tough with so many innovative ideas and interesting stories.

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Congratulations to all the winners !!
After a very detailed interview of 250+ entries, here are the finalists for our "Be An Entrepreneur" Campaign. 


At Graffersid, we are driven by a dream to increase the startup success rate. If we were to take your project, than we want to ensure that the product is loved by the audience. Only then we can proudly place it infront of the world for years to come.

How we Work?

Need a Idea executed?

Before we write a single line of code we will help you validate your application, making sure that your users love it. We are widely known for our prototyping policies which give you a working application in 15 days, which can be then tested with real users.

We love to hear new ideas, hence all the discussions are NDA protected, so relax and let’s build something beautiful together.

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