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#BeAGraffer campaign is a call for all creative minds to redesign Graffersid`s logo and a onetime opportunity to collaborate with Graffersid. The campaign will be scheduled from 31st May to 2nd June and participants can forward their designs under the submit section. Designs can be submitted from any corner of the globe.

NOTE: To submit your designs, you can create a shareable link from google drive and paste the URL under the submit section.

Points to be kept in mind while designing.

  • Logo should be designed as per our ideology and relate to our services
  • Designed Logo should follow up Blue theme.
  • Logo should express a message to promote and nurture startups.

Participants can submit all types of designs under the desired format.

The results for the competition will be declared on 4th June 2019. Winner will be provided an exclusive opportunity to collaborate with us and be our design partner.


  • Cash Prize of Rs.10000.
  • Get a chance to be an exclusive design partner of Graffersid.
  • A one to one mentorship session with a leading graphic designer ‘Mr.Prakhar Sharma’ 


Bhargav Bhatt

The Winner of the BeAGraffer campaign is Mr. Bhargav Bhatt (UI/UX Designer) from Bangalore.


At Graffersid, we are driven by a dream to increase the startup success rate. If we were to take your project, than we want to ensure that the product is loved by the audience. Only then we can proudly place it infront of the world for years to come.

How we Work?

Need a Idea executed?

Before we write a single line of code we will help you validate your application, making sure that your users love it. We are widely known for our prototyping policies which give you a working application in 15 days, which can be then tested with real users.

We love to hear new ideas, hence all the discussions are NDA protected, so relax and let’s build something beautiful together.

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