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Cyber Attack on Australia’s Social Security System Accidentally Improves User Experience

Cyber Attack on Australia’s Social Security System Accidentally Improves User Experience

It’s distressing to report that Russia came with cyber attack threats and broke into one of the busiest websites of Australia, Centrelink and accidently improves user experience.

This hack was reportedly discovered late Wednesday afternoon when a few Centrelink employees noticed an unusual number of low calls and a large number of claims being processed.

Initially, they suspected a website glitch, but a deeper investigation revealed that not only a small chunk of data got breached, but the entire coding was reconfigured. A suspicious IP address was found from Russia, which hacked the website and accidentally improved their website user experience.

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We researched on this topic and got a report in which a reporter got in touch with a few medical students, who said that it’s always been a tough process for students to submit a youth allowance claim. The students believe that the government genuinely makes it a difficult process.

According to them, it’s a time consuming process as it takes a lot of time to fill the form, and if you miss any line, you will have to fill it out again from scratch, which becomes quite difficult. Then you have to be more patient as you need to wait for another few days for the site to load.

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Once the claim is in process and gets approved, you’ll probably have to wait a few more days to collect the money. Luckily, if you’re living with your parents, you don’t have to bother much as you don’t have to pay rent.

However, if you aren’t living with your parents, then you will have to wait for weeks to get money to clear your rent.

It turns out that an accidental Russian hacker fixed the UI UX of the website by tampering with the code while collecting precious data.

Just like Centrelink, accidents can not improve your website’s User Experience, Consult Us Now for UI UX designing.

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