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About Angular

One Platform for Web, Mobile and Tablets, to Next Level.

Angular is a Javascript Framework that allows developers to create single-page applications quickly with absolute ease. Enhancing the features of Javascript, Angular has an incredible set of tooling that makes the traditional Javascript robust.

Created by Google, Angular is constantly updated and has an amazing global developers community.

Loved By Millions, Angular enables applications with high scalability, due to its push model feature. Made for Effortless application development, Angular is vastly used in almost all Google Applications like Google Voice, Search, Ads, OpenSource, etc.

Hire Angular Developers

There are more than 3,600,000 websites built with Angular. This popular technology has got 58,000+ stars on GitHub from contributors. Angular constantly pushes the latest version in the market with a focus on web speed for single-page applications. Enhanced by Google in every update, Angular development services are behind the success of PayPal, The Guardian, Upwork and Lego. With lots of incredible possibilities awaiting, Angular can help your business skyrocket in no time. Hire Angular Developers in India from GraffersID, a top mobile app development company to grow by 10X.

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Benefits of Angular / Why Angular?

Build the Next-Gen Application with Angular’s Reusability and Speed. / Most Reusable Technology Reducing Time to Market Incredibly.

It’s modern, powerful and has a nice ecosystem for the development of applications and lots of pre-built tools saving your huge time.

Better for Individuals, Best for Startups, Angular gives solid data management capabilities that help the business grow consistently. Actively maintained across the Globe by Google, Angular has Flawless Products at its core due to testing friendly environments.


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The technology industry is Dependent on Angular


Revenue Increases

Companies Using Angular as leading tech.


dedicated Angular developers

are active Across the Globe

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Hire AnGular Developers Swifty

Hire Angular Developers with an Effortless Process


3.5 hrs


Requirement gathering


GRAFFERSID Shortlists the Best Candidates

8 hrs


Interview is scheduled with Client

8 hrs



8 hrs

1st Round of Interview is Conducted



8 hrs

Contract Signing



Onboarding Process

8 hrs

Why India is Preferred? / Hire Angular Developers from India / Benefits of Hiring from India


Angular Developers in India

Hire ReactJS Developers in India

To Hire Angular developers from India is extremely affordable for Startups Across the Globe. The Chart clearly differentiates between the cost for one developer among countries and hiring Angular developers in India seems the best choice. (US $100, UK $85, Singapore $75, Aus. $65, India $15)

India is the second country after the US with most English speakers. Yearly, around 1 Million students graduate as Computer Science Engineers. IT is a leading industry with over 12% contribution to India’s GDP and a major employment industry for the talented youth in India.

The Model-View-Controller architecture of Angular is a breakthrough in Automatic Data Synchronization. Data Binding Capabilities and numerous components of Angular makes it favourite technology of developers for large projects.

The cost to hire Angular Developer in India is around $9-$30 per hour. It also depends on the years of developers experience, custom requirements and complexity of work.

Benefits of Hiring the offshore Angular Developers from India


Why Graffersid?

A development company with a personal approach


Client-Friendly Model

In case of resource failing to meet the expectations, the contract is terminated within 1 month of issue raised.


Professionally Trained Resources


Top Tech Certifications


Highly Skilled and Niche-Specific


Team of 40+ Experts to Support


Flexible Culture to Embrace Change


Always Ready to Upskill


End-to-End Transparency


Winners of Global Tech Competitions


2500+ Dev Community

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leading review website, ranked us “Top 15 upcoming IT companies in India” for 2018

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HobNob, raised $1 Million in Seed Funding just months of their lauch.

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The complete process of Requirement Sharing to onboarding gets completed within a week. With your support, we can close it quickly.

At Graffersid, we sign an NDA with our client on mutually agreed terms. Our team and every member involved in the project follows the rule of not letting any single piece of information get leaked.

The payment is done on the first day of the month regularly till the agreement is valid as per your requirements. Suppose if you hire dedicated Angular developer for 6 months at a contract price of $2500 per month, then you will pay the amount on the first day of every month in advance.

Being the best Angular development company, Graffersid is extremely client-friendly. Our aim is to build and nurture long lasting relationships. So, if the developer is not performing as expected then we have two solutions. One is to replace the developer which can be done within a week of the issue raised. Second option is to terminate the contract with no obligations.

Graffersid works with complete ethics and transparency. The amount for duration which the developer has worked is deducted and the remaining balance is transferred back to your account. For example, if your monthly contract is for $2500 per month and the contract is terminated after 20 days of working then

2500/30 = $83.33 (daily cost).

83.33 *20 = 1666.66 (Cost for 20 days)
2500 – 1666.66 = $833.33 (refunded back to the client)
And all further payments for the contract are nullified.

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No bond Policy.

If the resource doesn’t perform then the contract will be terminated within 1 month of notice.




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