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If you had a bakery shop, would you serve the same piece of cake again and again to every client? Apparently, a big NO. You would first find their flavor and then serve accordingly.

Our approach exhibits the same formulae. We aid our clients by appreciating their vision and delivering the best possible outcome by reckoning the target audience and their usage behavior.

Why are we needed?

    • Technology selection:

      Technology is like maths, for every problem there are a hell lot of solutions to reach the desired result and the best solution varies person to person based on his or her approach. It is like a maze to choose the right technology from the available 1000+ languages in the market.

      We have delivered 100+ projects and are well aware of what technology is required at what phase for a company.

      You might say: So what ! even the companies we deal with gives us these suggestions.

    • Companies generally sell what they have, not what is right for you:

      Most of the initial Entrepreneurs don’t even need a full-fledged website to be built from scratch. And for some the basic technology like WordPress, PHP, etc. are a disaster if chosen.

      In every couple of months, there is a new technology in the market and yet the IT vendors choose ages-old technology and frameworks. You deserve, if not the latest then, at least a stable, more advanced sophisticated language to work with.
      And NO, it doesn’t cost anything extra. It is just an excuse that many vendors use to discourage the clients since vendors have not upgraded themselves.

      An aware choose could help deliver a great product with seamless user experience.

    • Timely delivery:

      For an Entrepreneur, the most crucial thing is time as they have commitments to the market, investors, plans, and targets but technical people are a bit tough to handle and maintain as they can easily sway you with the technicalities.

      Lot of times they are genuinely stuck with some unexpected occurrence of the event or an unidentified error.

      In either of the above case, with our experience and vast network in the IT field, we ensure timely delivery and take care of all the discussions and issues.
      The process we maintain is mentioned at the last for better understanding the actionable.

    • Variable Cost:

      There are no labels in this industry. Did you know, you can save 50% of your cost and can look/feel the product even before it is built if you are able to find a company who has “genuinely” done similar work in past.

      We have fixed minimal charges based on the requirement, hence our sole aim is to deliver you the best quality at the right price and time.

    • Truth:

      People often use fake portfolios and persuade clients for a domain of their comfort. To tell you a short story, I had a requirement for an angular based project and was searching for a team with similar experience, one of the vendors sent me a core javascript website claiming to be built on angular (never is the lifetime is it possible).

      By getting involved only as a Technical Project Manager (no in-house development service) we can give you unbiased services and take care of the technicalities.

    • Saving Time/ Single post of contact :

      Taking follow-ups, mostly a single company does not have expertise in all the domains (although everyone claims) like Graphic Designing, Project Analysis, Development, testing etc.

      Finding, hiring and managing different companies is a huge task, for us, it is not, we have been doing this for years and know where to look for.

      You only have to interact with us while we handle all the headache and deliver you the quality from the right sources on time.

What is unique about us?

    • A deep market research to understand the target audience and their behavior patterns which enables us to build a product more relevant, familiar and user friendly products. (criteria for research is mentioned below)
    • We have an end to end service for startups from building idea to go-to-market strategy (sales).
      80% of our clients stay back after completing their development requirement to acquire initial clients and build the traction in different markets around the globe.
    • We have produced some phenomenal results in sales that we are proud of (you can read them in portfolio section soon ).

How do we do, what we do?

User experience and the right feature are the heart of any product, the preference for feature and ease-of-use (user experience) changes from geography to age group to domains of your target audience.

It is a serious matter of concern for us that you get the technicalities. However, we value your agony. Not every person understands the technical elements as easily as the others. So we just pull out the tooth that aches and fit something comfortable.

Our approach is very sophisticated. Your suggestions and viewpoints are what we use as the guiding light while finding the best route.


  1. Documentation
    • Minimal time investment on handover to people in different role.
    • Reducing the scope of misinterpretation.

    Planting a document is just not enough when it comes to the web and app development, at the time when lots of minor details are concerned.

  2. Charts:
    • Flow charts:
      This shows how the action map will look in the entire project. All the possible results are to be cover in this chart.
    • User Case Diagram:
      Listing multiple users of an application and the level of power (accessibility) they have to interact with the portal.
    • Activity Diagram:
      A bit more technical, this diagram shows every possible activity a user can perform and its effect on different layers of the application.
    • State Diagram:
      This may come later as it is super technical.
  3. Market Research (Don’t serve same Ice-Cream to every customer, pick the taste):
    • Demography of users.
    • Age category of users.
    • Country and preferred language.
    • Finding independent popular apps which cover a specific functionality like: Chatting, listing, profiles, bookings, payments and so on.
  4. Decision phase:
    • Finalizing the right technology stack
    • Deciding the budget for complete project
  5. Project Management (Single Point of Contact):
  6. We use Project Management tools like Basecamp to manage the complete project with our remote team.

    From here on we handle the transparency, Designing, Development, follow-ups, timely delivery, and all the project related management. While for clients it is only us who are answerable, hence maintaining a single point of contact.

    We have a network of tried and tested 100+ companies across the globe for different budgets and requirements.

    Many a time a single company may not be the best option for the complete development. Finding a single good company is a huge problem, finding 2 is like a suicide. But then that is what we are here for.

    • Graphic designing:
      • Wireframing:
        It is a rough diagram black and white diagram to understand the placement of different things on each screen, which a user can see and interact.
      • Designing the screens of the application:
        Color filling stage of the development. Text, images, icons, and screens are filled with beautiful colors and style to make it engaging and attractive.
      • Prototype:
        Before starting a development we wanted to have the exact experience on how would our application feel like once it is created.
        You can actually click and see the transition from one screen to another.
    • Selecting a Development Team
    • Through tesing of the deliverables before it reaches you.


  • Daily status reports,
  • 1 weekly demo call to check the progress,
  • Locking of wireframes before starting designing,
  • Development starts only after complete sign-off of screen designs,
  • Single repository is maintained for all documents and file sharing,
  • Complete code sync at GitHub (cloud).


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