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Setup your own fully managed remote tech team with GraffersID, Offshore Development Center Services. Hire dedicated developers within days and at an affordable cost.

With complete control, flexible policies, quick onboarding, defined work culture and curated talent pool expedite your product development timelines to become market leaders.

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Managing teams for NASDAQ listed Companies to unicorns of tomorrow

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Quick and Transparent Process to the Hire Remote Developers

C l i e n t

g r a f f e r s i d


GRAFFERSID Shortlists the Best Candidates (8 hours)


1st Round of Interview is Conducted (8 hours)


Onboarding Process (8 hours)


Requirements Gathering (3.5 hours)


Interview is scheduled with Client (8 hours)


Contract Signing (8 hours)

Consult Offshore Development Center to Enhance your team capability now.

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Cost Comparision

Get a Managed Team of Developers with a fixed monthly cost

Our hiring cost for remote dedicated developer starts from $1,000 per month


Employee Salary

Inhouse Developer

$ 12,500

Graffersid Contact resourse



HR Cost

Inhouse Developer

$ 100

Graffersid Contact resourse



Recruitment Cost

Inhouse Developer

$ 2500

Graffersid Contact resourse



Office Space and System Cost

Inhouse Developer

$ 350

Graffersid Contact resourse



Upskilling and Learning

Inhouse Developer

$ 100

Graffersid Contact resourse



Work Culture Maintenance

Inhouse Developer

$ 50

Graffersid Contact resourse


Total Estimated Cost

Inhouse Developer

$ 15,500

Graffersid Contact resourse


Key Comparison

Difference between Offshore Development Center vs Outsourcing

A developer will never be removed from the project or shared between different clients. Hence you never risk losing a developer.

Unrestricted, unconditional direct access to the developer. Without any middle man you can manage the contract developer just like you would manage your in-house developers

If the bench is unable to full fill any of client’s requirement, GraffersID hires the resources specifically for the client from the market.
Get a complementary HR manager to discuss issues, enhance work culture, get deeper insight and connect better with team.
GraffersID manages hiring, up skilling, training, grievances, retention, happiness index. Tell us what needs to be done and we will make it happen.
Well-thought process in place to ensure the best performance can be driven out of each resource deployed.

Division of Responsibilities

Areas of Responsibility






Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers from India

Offshore Development Services At Affordable Cost

Affordable hiring, Quality Assurance and Time Overlap with major countries are some of the factors making India the top country to hire remote development team. Leverage all such benefits and cut hiring costs to boost the growth of your startup with GraffersID,  a top web and app development company.

Clients from


Cities across globe


Employment Rate by IT industry


New Trained Professionals Every Year


IT Market Revenue in India (by 2025)

$500 Billion

IT Industry has the highest employment rate in India, producing skilled and
competent talent every year. With business-friendly policies, India remains the
most preferred country to hire remote dedicated developers.


Perks of our company

Why To Consider GraffersID as Offshore Development Center?

Top-Rated Developers and an Award-Winning Team

Top-Rated Developers and an Award-Winning Team

90% of Clients that have worked with Graffersid have raised funding. Our dedicated team enables startups to grow without constraints and accelerates Technology Power.

World’s Top Incubators trusts Graffersid

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TOP 10

leading startups in India

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leading review website, ranked us “Top 15 upcoming IT companies in India” for 2018

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Best Practices

Efficient, Smart and Dedicated Professionals

Even when you hire a single developer, from Graffersid you hire the complete team’s experience.

Our closely connected team provides a strong backbone to every project that we work on. Daily scrum calls helps developers share their challenges and take guidance from other experienced developers from the team.



Certified Developers


Weekly Tech Workshop


9500+ dev community


Transparent and proactive


We make it easy for you to scale your team at any instant.

Startup Friendly Policies

We understand and support the dynamics of a growing startup.

No Bond

Graffersid Values Trust More than a Bond. Grow Limitless with Us.


Track resource time and tasks using sophisticated tools


Timely and transparent communication makes us the most dependable partner.

Account Manager

Each client is assigned an Account Manager for all query resolution ensuring a single point of contact.

Technologies we use

Technology Geeks


React has revolutionized the development of user interfaces. It is a Javascript library that is declarative, flexible and highly efficient. ReactJS an open-source component-based view library, it is mostly used for Single Page Applications. With small pieces of codes known as components, it makes the creation of complex web applications easy for developers.


Started as a Blogging Website, WordPress has gone through the most number of revisions to turn into a full-fledged website development platform. Responsive, Customizable and Interactive websites are at the core of WordPress Website Development Services. With over a million of Plugins, Experts at WordPress can also create a custom plugin to satisfy the specific needs of the business.


DevOps is a combination of tools and practices to integrate and automate software development processes. It primarily focuses on cross-team communication, team collaboration and empowerment, and technology automation.

DevOps teams use tools and practices to speed up and automate processes, which improves reliability. A DevOps toolchain assists teams in addressing key DevOps fundamentals such as automation, continuous integration, and development.


Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows you to create an online and offline store. WordPress is used by bloggers, while shopify is used by store owners. It enables you to sell both online through your own website and in person through Shopify POS. It’s an e-commerce website builder that has features for everyone, from novices to e-commerce professionals.

It’s an ideal platform for running an e-commerce business. The drill to operate shopify is quite simple as you have to open storefront, showcase products, interact with customers, accept payments and much more. It provides you with all the tools that are required to successfully run the platform.In a nutshell, it eases the process of selling products over the web.

QA Testers

Manual testing is a kind of software testing in which test cases are manually executed by a tester without the use of any automated tools. It is used to identify defects, issues, and bugs in software applications. It is the most primitive testing that aids in the detection of critical bugs in software applications.


Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment with cross-platform ability mostly used for backend development. This library is asynchronous and event-driven completely making it usable for non-blocking. Node.JS is built on Google Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine, the code executes very fast and saves a lot of time during development.

React Native

React Native is a web framework whereas React is a Javascript Library. React Native unifies the tools required to create responsive mobile applications for android, iOS and Windows. Created by Facebook, it has a large developers community that makes React Native the most trustable technology.


Simplifying the majority of tasks in web projects like authentication, caching, routing and sessions, Laravel eases the work for developers. It is an open-source PHP framework used to develop high-end web applications. Laravel is popular for its characteristics of technology such as ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter and many more.


It’s an object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft in 2012.
It’s a subset of JavaScript designed to scale up web applications. It can be used both as a set of tools and a language. It supports optional static typing, which can aid in the detection of errors as they occur, making it perfect for large team collaborations.
It serves the same function as JavaScript and can be used for client-side and server-side applications.
Presently, more than 39,000 websites are using Typescript for building web applications. The number of users actively using typescript has massively increased from 20% to 48%. The prime reason is its insane capability to detect errors, making it less prone to errors.


PHP is a server-side scripting language especially designed for web development and used to develop static and dynamic websites. PHP is generally utilized in conjunction with HTML, but it can be combined with web frameworks and a web template system. With over 20 million websites that are developed using PHP, it is the most frequently used coding language.


It is the most advanced version of Standard Markup language that defines HTML. Inclusion of a new set of attributes, behaviors and elements has equipped HTML developers to design and create stunning interfaces with high interactivity in real-time. Its APIs for complex web applications has enabled any web framework leverage benefits of HTML5


MERN Stack combines the MongoDB, Express, ReactJS and Node.js technologies using Javascript as core in all of them. MERN Stack is mostly used for user-friendly web applications with high responsiveness and dynamic nature.

Node.js provided an environment for the development of scalable applications rapidly. Express is responsible for single page and multi-page web applications having numerous features and robust backend.


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Do you have a Question for us?

Outsourcing in engineering and computer science refers specifically to offshore software development. Offshore development work is a job where you delegate project management to a great team in a different area. You can communicate with software development teams from other countries to complete your work. 

Many things need to be considered when we want to develop a product. You can therefore choose to share portions of your project with international teams if you lack the necessary resources or cannot complete it by the deadline.

Clarifying your needs is the key to hiring offshore developers. The offshore developer must possess the requisite programming languages and state the frameworks clearly. For instance, If you cannot handle the front-end part of the product with your in-house team, you can search for offshore developers with a better grasp of technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc. 

For your reassurance, you must conduct a formal interview and require them to pass a demanding technical test. If you’re interested in hiring a Backend offshore developer, you’ve to create a test that lets us know their abilities in different criteria. You must also take cultural compatibility into account. 

How much damage would it do to the product if you cannot communicate with the offshore developers about your needs regarding the product effectively? Communication is a primary concern with offshore development. Another significant problem can be the absence of regular interaction and the appropriate system for monitoring the task status. Additionally, the time zone variation can be a bother.

With the offshore development business up front, talk over every aspect and deadlines to prevent future problems; Data Security measures also need to be considered.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the significant advantages of offshore software development. Moreover, developing projects from zero on your own is a difficult task. Workforce recruitment, development, and deployment require time. Offshore software businesses with project experience can expedite the production schedule and meet deadlines. 

Another significant advantage of offshore development is that you can share the responsibility with the offshore team in half. You need not handle everything and stress out about your limitations.

Regarding business, onsite generally refers to a production unit or an office space with full-time employees. Whereas, Offsite is where a company can handle its operations or get its work done without actually being there.

The programmers should complete the work onsite at the customer’s premises, constantly getting live feedback from the higher-ups and clients. Here, they work hand-in-hand to create the product that they desire. On the other hand, Offshore means that the professionals can work in their own space and time, considering the deadline. In this process, the client gets the final product, suggests the required changes, and gets them corrected, and ultimately we have the product.

Cost necessarily varies based on the skills you require. We offer a closed set of technology at which we really excel. Starting price for a monthly contract with Graffersid is at $1000 per month. Cost increase with years of experience and the technology requirement. It is extremely easy to upscale your team with Graffersid. Within 7 days you can onboard our developer to your team and with 1-month notice, you can end the contract. Our policies are extremely startup-friendly.

Once we have signed the contract and received the payment we will create an open channel between you and our developers. Team Graffersid aim is to reduce the hassle and save your time. We use Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, Trello and Discord for all our communication. Nonetheless, we are open to your preferences and collaborate where you are most comfortable.

Team of Graffersid has helped numerous overseas clients belonging from opposite time zones to complete Time Overlap. Developers of our team can be available for different time shifts to ensure we are working together. We schedule meetings, discussions at times that are suitable for both of us. Stay working crossing time zones when you work with Graffersid.

You can raise a query to your account manager about the performance. We will do an internal analysis and give a 1 week chance to the developer to improve performance. Onc completion of 1 week you will have 2 options.
Firstly, take a replacement from us for the resource which is not performing well.
Secondly, you can terminate the contract without any cost obligation on you.

We will calculate the number of days developers worked for you and reduce that amount from your advance payment and refund you the remaining complete amount. Long term relations can only be built on happy relations.
Our ideology is simple: To become successful yourself have a network of successful clients, hence your success is our success.

Startup businesses face the challenge of launching game-changing product ideas more quickly despite keeping on budget. They need technological know-how to maintain the rate of development while turning the product concept into a high-quality app.

It’s relatively difficult to find technically skilled developers in your locality to work with your budget. And, if you hire an in-house team of developers, you ought to provide the necessities and have office expenses. You’ve to pay the water bill, power, wifi, maintenance, etc. You can cut these expenses by hiring an offshore development team from GraffersID.

We can help you get the finest offshore development center. Receive on-time completion of high-quality services and labour performed by highly skilled individuals. Need to know more? Reach out to us right now.

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No bond Policy.

If the resource doesn’t perform then the contract will be terminated within 1 month of notice.




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