Java Full Stack  VS  MERN Stack

What Is Stack?

A stack is a mere combination of programming languages with compatible technologies. To be precise, a stack consists of a programming language, libraries, patterns, tools, frameworks and a UI or UX solutions software.

Popular Stacks For Web Development


Front-End Frameworks



Back-End Frameworks

Full-Stack Frameworks

Full Stack Development

Full-stack engineers, who are unable to handle different software development streams, work on all facets of a platform

Benefits Of Full Stack Development

1) Simple Switching 2) 100% Ownership 3) Complete design framework 4) Easier Design and implementation status 5) Easy to upgrade

Why Hire A Full-Stack Developer?

1) Cost-Effective 2) Fast Delivery 3) Accountability 4) Diverse Experience 5) Project Ownership 6) Easy Upgrades 7) Higher Productivity

MERN Stack Development

A web development framework is called the MERN stack. ExpressJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB are its functional components.

Benefits Of MERN Stack Development

1) Outstanding Support. 2) In-built testing tools. 3) Top-notch tools for developing apps 4) MVC architecture supported 5) Handle both front-end and back-end development

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