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HIRE Remote Developers/ Engineers

Graffersid has dedicated technogeeks who loves to solve business challenges for startups. Scale your team fast and achieve milestones quicker. Enhance your development capacity with Industry’s best team that achieves big goals faster.

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Handpick the best talent of the Industry With Graffersid’s competent and professionally Accomplished experts. Peak the Growth curve with skilled developers, innovative designers and experienced Quality Analysts.

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Offshore Hiring Simplified

With our Dedicated Experts, Graffersid makes it easy for Startups to Focus on Growth without any Technology Constraints

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Our Clients

We have worked with Growing Startups and Evolving Enterprises


Quick and Transparent Process to the Hire Remote Developers

C l i e n t

g r a f f e r s i d


GRAFFERSID Shortlists the Best Candidates (8 hours)


1st Round of Interview is Conducted (8 hours)


Onboarding Process (8 hours)


Requirements Gathering (3.5 hours)


Interview is scheduled with Client (8 hours)


Contract Signing (8 hours)

Hire Remote Developers to Enhance your team capability now.

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Cost Comparision

Hire highly qualified team of Graffersid with Incredible Cost Benefits

Our hiring cost for remote dedicated developer starts from $1,000 per month


Employee Salary

Inhouse Developer

$ 12,500

Graffersid Contact resourse



HR Cost

Inhouse Developer

$ 100

Graffersid Contact resourse



Recruitment Cost

Inhouse Developer

$ 2500

Graffersid Contact resourse



Office Space and System Cost

Inhouse Developer

$ 350

Graffersid Contact resourse



Upskilling and Learning

Inhouse Developer

$ 100

Graffersid Contact resourse



Work Culture Maintenance

Inhouse Developer

$ 50

Graffersid Contact resourse


Total Estimated Cost

Inhouse Developer

$ 15,500

Graffersid Contact resourse


Division of Responsibilities

Areas of Responsibility






Benefits of Hiring Remote Developers from India

Hire Remote Developers At Affordable Cost

Affordable hiring, Quality Assurance and Time Overlap with major countries are some of the factors making India the top country to hire remote development team. Leverage all such benefits and cut hiring costs to boost the growth of your startup with Graffersid developers.

Clients from


Cities across globe


Employment Rate by IT industry


New Trained Professionals Every Year


IT Market Revenue in India (by 2025)

$500 Billion

IT Industry has the highest employment rate in India, producing skilled and
competent talent every year. With business-friendly policies, India remains the
most preferred country to hire remote dedicated developers.


Perks of our company

Why To Hire Remote Developers from GRAFFERSID ?

Top-Rated Developers and an Award-Winning Team

Top-Rated Developers and an Award-Winning Team

90% of Clients that have worked with Graffersid have raised funding. Our dedicated team enables startups to grow without constraints and accelerates Technology Power.

World’s Top Incubators trusts Graffersid

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TOP 10

leading startups in India

leading review website, ranked us “Top 15 upcoming IT companies in India” for 2018

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Do You want to hire Remote developer ?

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Best Practices

Efficient, Smart and Dedicated Professionals

Even when you hire a single developer, from Graffersid you hire the complete team’s experience.

Our closely connected team provides a strong backbone to every project that we work on. Daily scrum calls helps developers share their challenges and take guidance from other experienced developers from the team.



Certified Developers


Weekly Tech Workshop


9500+ dev community


Transparent and proactive

60% of the total time saved


We make it easy for you to scale your team at any instant.

Startup Friendly Policies

We understand and support the dynamics of a growing startup.

No Bond

Graffersid Values Trust More than a Bond. Grow Limitless with Us.


Track resource time and tasks using sophisticated tools


Timely and transparent communication makes us the most dependable partner.

Account Manager

Each client is assigned an Account Manager for all query resolution ensuring a single point of contact.

Technologies we use

Technology Geeks


Python programming language is known for rich third party libraries. Developers love python because of its easy understanding and fewer lines of code able to implement big tasks. It’s clarity as an object-oriented programming language beats other languages in the same domain. Use of python in data science has elevated the value of this language in the market.


Different from others, Bootstrap is mobile-first front end web technology. Basically, Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework enhancing the responsiveness of web interfaces. It also contains Javascript templates that support modern designs of a button and other elements of a User Interface.


It is the most advanced version of Standard Markup language that defines HTML. Inclusion of a new set of attributes, behaviors and elements has equipped HTML developers to design and create stunning interfaces with high interactivity in real-time. Its APIs for complex web applications has enabled any web framework leverage benefits of HTML5


Dart is the Official programming language in which Flutter is written. Mostly used for cross-platform ability, Flutter is an SDK used to develop the app for Android and iOS platforms. With features like Kotlin and Swift, it can also be trans-compiled into Javascript Code. It is Google’s UI toolkit for creating beautiful natively compiled applications.


One of the most versatile languages still preferred for most of the development. With JavaFX, the most modern version of Java, building desktop applications has never been easy. TIOBE index still marks Java as the most popular language. For developers, Java equips them with abilities to work for Full Stack development without major use of any other language.


React has revolutionized the development of user interfaces. It is a Javascript library that is declarative, flexible and highly efficient. ReactJS an open-source component-based view library, it is mostly used for Single Page Applications. With small pieces of codes known as components, it makes the creation of complex web applications easy for developers.


Popular among the Android developers, Kotlin is a statically typed programming language which works for both an object-oriented programming language and functional programming. It brings more clarity and interoperability in code. Kotlin was mainly designed for Java Virtual Machine and Android Applications.

.NET Core

Microsoft’s new version of .NET Framework is a general-purpose development platform that runs on macOS, Windows and Linux Operating systems. Mainly focused for the development of web applications, ASP.NET Core is a collection of libraries. The newer version is future-proof, scalable, modular and 13 times faster than the previous version.


Swift is Apple’s programming language for multiple OS systems. It is intuitive and powerful with concise and expressive code making it preferred language for iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvO and more. Swift is popular for developing secure software and applications which are also lightning fast. It works with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa frameworks mostly.


Django is a web framework responsible for the creation of data-driven websites. Popular mostly for its reusability and pluggability, Django framework is written in Python used for large scale development. With the principle of don’t repeat yourself, Django allows businesses to rapidly develop custom web applications with low coupling between components. 


Node.js is an open-source JavaScript runtime environment with cross-platform ability mostly used for backend development. This library is asynchronous and event-driven completely making it usable for non-blocking. Node.JS is built on Google Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine, the code executes very fast and saves a lot of time during development.


PHP is a server-side scripting language especially designed for web development and used to develop static and dynamic websites. PHP is generally utilized in conjunction with HTML, but it can be combined with web frameworks and a web template system. With over 20 million websites that are developed using PHP, it is the most frequently used coding language.


Angular JS is an open-source Type-script based front-end web application framework, specially designed to create dynamic web pages and widely used to create single-page applications. POJO model of Angular is self-sufficient to create spontaneous and clear codes.


User Interface and User Experience are crucial to the success of any digital project. Well researched user persona and Design Thinking helps to craft user-centric layout making the applications and websites easy to use. Prototyping and User Testing are driving phase in UI/UX

React Native

React Native is a web framework whereas React is a Javascript Library. React Native unifies the tools required to create responsive mobile applications for android, iOS and Windows. Created by Facebook, it has a large developers community that makes React Native the most trustable technology.


Simplifying the majority of tasks in web projects like authentication, caching, routing and sessions, Laravel eases the work for developers. It is an open-source PHP framework used to develop high-end web applications. Laravel is popular for its characteristics of technology such as ASP.NET MVC, Ruby on Rails, Codeigniter and many more.

Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails is a server-side open-source web framework built on top of ruby. Ruby on rails combines the ruby language with JavaScript and HTML to develop web applications. Ruby on rail is considered as the back-end or server-side web application development platform because it runs on the web servers.


World’s most popular open-source database is used mostly to deploy cloud-native applications. Its ability to deal with huge databases and security features has made MySQL as the most reliable database management system. Startup companies leverage the free platform to build and scale their applications smoothly.


One of the most used platforms for deployment of websites, applications and APIs, Amazon Web Services provides cloud computational platforms for individuals, companies and enterprises. It’s hire as you use model has spread the popularity among the developers and businesses. Amazon gives fully featured 175 services globally with its own data centres.


One of the most used platforms fClassified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB is a cross-platform database management program. Popular for modern apps which required dynamic update, MongoDB is a high-performance solution. With its schema-less data structure, the updating process can be done at any instant.or deployment of websites, applications and APIs, Amazon Web Services provides cloud computational platforms for individuals, companies and enterprises. It’s hire as you use model has spread the popularity among the developers and businesses. Amazon gives fully featured 175 services globally with its own data centres.


Success Stories

Clients reflecting on our Strong Bond



Do you have a Question for us?

How much does it cost to hire a Dedicated Developer from Graffersid?

Cost necessarily varies based on the skills you require. We offer a closed set of technology at which we really excel. Starting price for a monthly contract with Graffersid is at $1000 per month. Cost increase with years of experience and the technology requirement. It is extremely easy to upscale your team with Graffersid. Within 7 days you can onboard our developer to your team and with 1-month notice, you can end the contract. Our policies are extremely startup-friendly.

How will I communicate with the Developer?

Once we have signed the contract and received the payment we will create an open channel between you and our developers. Team Graffersid aim is to reduce the hassle and save your time. We use Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, Trello and Discord for all our communication. Nonetheless, we are open to your preferences and collaborate where you are most comfortable.

I live in a different timezone from India, How will the developer work with me?

Team of Graffersid has helped numerous overseas clients belonging from opposite time zones to complete Time Overlap. Developers of our team can be available for different time shifts to ensure we are working together. We schedule meetings, discussions at times that are suitable for both of us. Stay working crossing time zones when you work with Graffersid.

What happens when a developer is not working as per expectation?

You can raise a query to your account manager about the performance. We will do an internal analysis and give a 1 week chance to the developer to improve performance. Onc completion of 1 week you will have 2 options.
Firstly, take a replacement from us for the resource which is not performing well.
Secondly, you can terminate the contract without any cost obligation on you.

If I terminate the contract what will happen to my advance payment?

We will calculate the number of days developers worked for you and reduce that amount from your advance payment and refund you the remaining complete amount. Long term relations can only be built on happy relations.
Our ideology is simple: To become successful yourself have a network of successful clients, hence your success is our success.

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No bond Policy.

If the resource doesn’t perform then the contract will be terminated within 1 month of notice.


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