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Insights about PHP

About PHP

Consider PHP for Security, Versatility, and Better Control

PHP is a language that’s easy to understand and implement. Moreover, it has a scope of adding more capabilities and expanding the functionalities owing to its varied set of tools. If you are looking to develop a solution fast and easy, then consider PHP development as it uses its own memory. Also, the entire development process is more cost effective than other languages, all thanks to open source nature.

Apart from this, the server side scripting language comes with a security layer that protects your business from potential security threats and viruses. Upon that you will get a large community ready to share the experience, knowledge, and coding guidelines.

Some of the popular PHP websites include Yahoo, Wikipedia, MailChimp, WordPress, and Flickr.

About PHP
PHP developers
Released in 1997, PHP is a language that can be easily deployed and promotes fast development processes. Since it is easy to understand, even inexperienced PHP developers can also create websites and apps. All this contributes greatly to its efficiency and quick deployment, which still remains the strongest benefits. And, this is the reason, you will see market giants like Facebook and Slack have invested in PHP and are using it.
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Features of PHP

PHP a Practical and Fast Solution

PHP has been the first choice for small and large industrial applications as the scripts are executed directly on the server side. Since its compilers and extensions are free to download and use, the language turned out to be cost effective. Moreover, it allows PHP developers to directly integrate logic into the creation of web page content. The easy deployment and quick solution has been the biggest reason for its popularity today.


Rank roves

its popularity and great usage in the market


Ratings depicts

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Developers want to

work with PHP as their programming language

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Easy and Simple

Being the easiest scripting languages, PHP doesn’t require manual or intensive studying. Moreover, the command functions are simple that makes it easy for PHP developers to create and optimize applications.


When it comes to apps or websites, functionality can change in a second during the course of the project. The best part is that PHP can easily accommodate changes even after starting the project that saves time.

Cost Effective

PHP is an open source web language that involves no expenses of licenses and software , which results in minimal costing. Moreover, it can work on different databases efficiently and effectively.

Seamless Integration

Due to compatibility of major operating systems, PHP can run on different platforms including UNIX, Solaris and Linux. Also, it enables easy integration with other technologies.

Gives More Control

PHP allows for more control as compared to other languages due to its simple codes. Also, PHP developers can add and/or mix HTML tags, making the content extremely dynamic.


PHP is scalable and has the potential to turn into an efficient performing language. It can either be used to write codes or even for creating large number of applications.



PHP Developers in India

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With one of the largest pool of talented as well as experienced developers, hiring a dedicated PHP developer from India is one of the best choices that Startups make. Above graph shows the per hour charges of a dedicated developer in top countries.

Why is PHP one of the Key Technology Trends?

PHP is one of the most admired scripting languages that is used for creating websites. The faster turn-around time, enhanced security and affordability has led to its popularity. This is the reason it is being counted as one of the key technology trends and market giants like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Flickr etc. are using it.

When it comes to hiring PHP developers, consider exploring India for dedicated PHP development services. You will get practical and scalable solutions delivered on time. Moreover, the cost involved in the development process is also less as compared to other regions across the globe that stands somewhere between $15 to $30.

Benefits of hiring Remote PHP developers from India


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