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Asia Innovation Congress

Asia Innovation Congress

Asia Innovation Congress is a very renowned event organization for the Asian Market. AIC recognizes companies, startups, and agencies for their outstanding work in various fields. Every year they invite various celebrities and prominent entrepreneurs from a vast domain to award and recognize the ones who are making a big difference in their respective domains. Started by Mr. Ankit Joshi who has worked with brands like CMO Asia, Accenture, Google, Reebok to name a few.

Target audience of Asia Innovation Congress:

AIC’s market revolves around corporate and the established entrepreneurs. Hence the people visiting the website will be senior Management or the C-suite. These people have reached their position with years of experience and fighting all the odds. These are the decision-makers of the company and they need to be treated with the utmost care.

Audience Psychology:

These senior profiles are not easy to convince, they have seen the world and their core role is to make quick decisions. As a website, we have only a few seconds to create a lasting first impression. Missing out even one-minute details could mean that we lose the trust and hence the possible chance of business.

Website flow:

AIC is a renowned brand hence there was no need for proving that the brand is worth the money. People were coming in because they were aware of the benefits and because they wanted to be a part of. Keep that in mind, we first highlighted the upcoming events and how can people register for it. We showed-off all the big names and celebrity associations in past events.

With the initial sections, we showcased our previous events along with highlights of the renowned people who attended the event. Once the expectations were set right we again introduced our upcoming events with multiple options to participate. These events are expensive and limited to a selective crowd.

Color Theme and Font Style:

The audience could belong to a very diverse age group hence color based on age would not justify. The common factor for all these professionals was their authority in the company they belong along with their agenda to partner with Asia Innovation Congress. Targeting the same we choose a variation of Red.

Red is an intense color and it symbolizes energy, power, desire, and passion, these are the same factors that also drive these position holders into their day to day life. Moreover, this is also what is expected out of an Awards Event. Events are supposed to be joyful and celebratory which pumps the blood of the beholder.


Event Creation and Update:

There is always a constant need for updating the website with the latest events, having to go to a developer or a technical person could be extremely time-consuming. Hence we powered the website with a backend portal to update the events with a complete schedule. It reduces the manual work of coordinating and calls from attendees as they could now self-service.


event-creation Asia Innovation Congress



Event Registration:

Attendees can register for the events by logging in or filling in their details in the RSVP form attached to each event. A list is created in the backend to keep a track of the people who have shown interest or have paid the entry fee. These registered users will get daily updates about the event and direct emailers with the marketing material as published by the Admin for the PR.

Different Packages:

For each event different packages could be made available like Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc. where a variety of services can be offered to the companies registering. On successful registration, the company’s detailed are stored in the respective segment which helps the Admin derive statistics for better market placement.

Asia Innovation Congress Pricing Plans

Event Listing:

Not just the upcoming events but even the old events hold a lot of value not for the Asia Innovation Congress but also for the companies who have won the awards. This acts as a reference point, it even helps in the SEO and improving the Google rank. For the upcoming events, the companies prefer to view the specific events of their interest and location, hence we have a listing page where users can search for events based on their interest.

Asia Innovation Congress Schedule Details


Asia Innovation Congress website is powered with a media section for all it’s guests to collect the best images from the events. The Gallery section also helps in influencing the decision making of the visitors, it demonstrates the quality of the event and the level of network possible between the fellow participants.

Asia Innovation Congress Media

Client Feedback:

This is just brilliant, it is far better than what I was expecting. It very well defines what we stand for. It has the elegance to stand alongside big brands whom we award and yet depicts the humbleness that we treat everyone as equal. A startup today can be the Unicorn tomorrow.

I am very pleased. Thank you so much.

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