“BOLIH- Hire Labours around the city”

Bolih is an application to Hire Labours around the city. You can think of this as the Upwork for Labours. Bolih, a database for profiles of all the labours in the city. These labors are then marked on different attributes and their prior experiences. Based on the different parameters and making use of attributes like Age, Gender, Height, Weight, etc or skills like prior experience, companies worked with, etc customer can find to hire labours that would be more productive.

The labour industry is one of the most inconsistent industries in terms of longer contracts or labours sticking too long with the same company. After 1 month of extensive research, we were able to find multiple reasons for the occurrence of such behavior. To target it we had 3 main users for the platform.


An employer can log in to the system to filter through the list of the labours available for the hiring. One can hire labours on a daily basis, weekly basis, or on a monthly basis. The customer can even book the labours in advance for a certain date or a week.


Labour’s functionality is intentionally restricted to minimal such as receiving the notification, viewing the job details and employers detail to understand the nature of the work. Labour can be unskilled or uneducated hence there is an option for changing the language.


Admin can supervise and manage the decency of the portal. It even takes care of guarding how the vendors are doing and if they are responding to the jobs properly. Because of poor backgrounds of the labours, the Admin needs to do multiple verifications to ensure that the genuine and safe people are being suggested for different roles.

Problems in the current process:

  • Job Inconsistency:

    There are multiple reasons present for verifying the jobs here in this field are not regular or we can say that it is not for a fixed duration and there. They generally last for a couple of days to the maximum for a month. The reason exists in the nature of work for both parties. The vendors did not spend the proper time to hire labours and, on the other hand, labors are interested more in daily wages rather than having a fixed-job. They only need money no matter they did the work properly or not.

  • Improper habits:

    The labours do not have a proper habit which leads to various health issues and due to that, they are not able to go to the work regularly. Some labours are with the mindset to not work for a day or so. The habits could be disturbing for regular employees or other labors working together.

  • Extremely tough to locate and hire good labors:

    Every now and then employers come across someone who is great at his work. They generally store the contact information for future collaborations.  The pre-occupation of good resources leads to poor management. They may or may not keep track of the pre-commitment for a job.


  1. Highly Customized Filters:

    One of the most used features of the employment application is probably the app’s filter. However, this app is changing the industry standards to showcase which labour has past experience and skills required for the specific job.

  2. Physical Attributes:

    By giving special emphasis, the physical attributes of the labour are designed. The information on different physical attributes is helpful in finding the labour and it also saves time.

  3. Pre-Booking Labour:

    Employers can pre-book labours for a specific date or for a duration of dates. This is to assure labour to keep the dates free and generate a timely reminder about the upcoming commitments. This helps build relations between the employer and the labour making them more loyal and trustworthy.

  4. Rebooking past labour:

    Once an employer gets hold of good labour they generally don’t want to lose them and want to rework with them when the right job is available. The system has the capability to find labour easily from past bookings. One can book the labour easily and they will also get to know about it. This will be beneficial for both the employee and the labour as both are in profit.

  5. Background Check:

    The admin does a background check for all the labors listed on the portal. This is a very significant part of the hiring process in ensuring a safe and stress-free working environment. Since these are short-term requirements, it becomes troublesome for employers. And to endure the cost and effort for verifying the background even though they want to. It is very important for one to know where the worker comes from and is it safe to work with them. Because the safety of other workers is also important. One should keep in mind the nature and behavior of the employee.

  6. Rating and Feedbacks:

    The ratings are taken from both the employer and the labour is helpful in finding the best worker in the city for whom one can work for and work with. It makes the complete system more fair and balanced. As important it is to ensure that employers find the right labors. And also equally important is that labors know the background of the company. Both have to understand each other’s value and then only they can build an empire. The ratings are helpful to know about each employee and labour, and also what they think about each other.