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Online Grocery Buying Platform: EasyGrocery

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About the Client

EasyGrocery started with an aim of simplifying online grocery shopping and delivery. Though online eCommerce solutions existed in the market with a different level of personalization and automation, EasyGrocery was able to attract large sections of the audience.

Using the latest technology to suggest recommendations for every user differently, EasyGrocery became the favorite destination for grocery needs. The founder of the EasyGrocery app wanted to deliver a next-level customer experience.

At GRAFFERSID, putting the user at the center point of design and development is a customary step. There have been a lot of online grocery websites working for over a few years. Studying the websites and user reviews along with going through multiple reports about user experiences during online buying revealed some of the important points for our team.

Features of the EasyGrocery

Experience of developers at GRAFFERSID in UI/UX Design and Development of eCommerce website guided the project workflow easily. There was enough time spent on requirements gathering and planning that fastened the design and development process.

The differential part of the EasyGrocery website was a personalization for the user and it required intensive work at data management and processing part. With cloud-based technology, we used high-quality resources in an affordable manner which helped EasyGrocery to reduce the budget.

Top Features of the landing page and website include AI-based search, personalized recommendations, easy reorder, and placement of the call-to-action elements.

1. Filters in Search

80% of the online shoppers perform a search inside the website for finding their desired product. Considering search as a frequent activity performed by the visitor, the website development team at GRAFFERSID decided to simplify the task for the user.

Introducing filters like category, price, name, brand made it easier for a user to find their product. With clicking on a single filter, only products related to it were shown. For EasyGrocery, this filter performed very well and the retention time on the website was also increased.

2. Save for Later

Generally, the users get an option to add the products to the cart before checking out. In EasyGrocery, we also gave an option for the user to save the items for later. Often, there are a lot of products that entice the users but they are not buying them at that right moment.

With this feature, users had the power to maintain two different types of carts. One where they can put items which are going to be ordered soon and the other where they can save the items for future reference.

3. New Products Promotion

New Products Promotion

According to the weather, season, and demand of the products, daily new products were presented in the header part of the website. As a website design and development company, GRAFFERSID understands the psychology behind the design for humans, and therefore, presenting the offers, discounts at the top was a part of the same strategy.

Also, regularly new products are added in the stock and to notify users about it, the top section in the home pages serves the purpose.

4. Multiple Payment Options

Payment flexibility is a concern for many users. Their experience during the payment process can be a deciding factor between different products and brands. Therefore, conducting research on the easiest and most popular ways of payment helped us identify the platforms to use.

Though, we used every payment method to be present there but giving priority to more used options enabled the user to check out quickly. Also, we provided the option to save the payment method and its information.

5. Popups for Offers

Popups are a great way to delight users with your best offer going on. Using the tracking algorithms allows businesses to find where is the user currently and the time spent over a single page.

When a user spends more than a specific time before doing any action on a web page, the pop appears with the offer for the user. This feature ignites the user to take action and add products to the checkout list.

6. Sign in through Multiple Options

Users don’t have much time to spend on things that directly are not affecting their purchase process. Signing up is one of those steps. To make the sign-up process easier, we allowed logging in with a Google account, email account, and Mobile number.

But, data capturing is an essential step for businesses. Therefore to make users fill up their more information like Location, mandatory email id, and much more.

7. Referring to friends

The best marketing ambassador for any business is its customer itself. With good research conducted by the team of GRAFFERSID, we provided a referral option for users. Through this referral option, they can directly enjoy cash which can be used for purchasing groceries from the website.

Also, to the invited friend, extra cash was awarded for downloading through the referral link. During the first quarter of the launch, people shared the app heavily making it a huge success.

8. Social Channels Sharing

Social Channels Sharing

Connecting social channels is a beneficial step for the business as well as the customer. Logging directly in with social channels simplifies the process for users and for business, it gives them a chance to collect more data and serve the user more effectively.

Also, sharing the offers on social media made the users earn loyalty coins which can be used to avail extra discounts. This feature itself resulted in 30% more sales and sharing on social media.

9. Loyalty Programs

Engaging and Nurturing customers is a key part of the success of any customer-oriented product. Loyalty programs exactly do that.

For customers who were loyal to the websites and were willing to stick to it, EasyGrocery had premium plans. Faster delivery, priority-based order and service, and extra discounts were part of loyalty programs.

10. Re-Order

Groceries are essential items that are purchased at regular intervals. Therefore, the previous order was always saved and shown on the home page itself. If the customer is looking for the same items again, they can order the same things with just a click.

Saving the customer’s time made their online buying journey happy and this was reflected in the reviews given to the website. In just 3 months of launch, EasyGrocery got more than 1500 reviews.

11. Digital Billing and Saving

Managing the daily and recurring expenses is a very crucial part of financial management for anyone. Therefore, understand this to be an important feature, the team of GRAFFERSID worked intensively on simplifying the interface of a single invoice and finding any invoice anytime.

You can also filter your monthly expense, weekly expenses, and daily expense easily. It helped users keep track of their expenses and manage the funds.

12. Flash Delivery

For customers, if they need the delivery to be done on a priority basis and before the average time, they can use the Flash Delivery option. It asks for added fees for quicker delivery but delivers in half time than the usual.

For EasyGrocery, this feature was another source of revenue and for users, this gave them more control of the process and allowed them to feel like they own it.

13. Product’s Video

Sitting at home customers want to know more and more about the product. There was an option of uploading the product’s video. Users’ spent a lot of time watching product videos and for EasyGrocery, it was an option to promote the products with a detailed feature list and information about it.

14. Check the popular Items

Check the popular Items

People always love to know what’s going trending around. We also had a list of “Most-Purchased Items this week”. It ignites users to go through the items which people have bought in highest number in recent times.

With user retention increasing due to this feature, the website rankings are also benefitted from SEO Metrics. Sometimes, people start purchasing the same items because of the FOMO principle.

At GRAFFERSID, we understand the psychology behind the UI/UX design and development which helps us to design interfaces that result in more conversions.

15. Product Description

For every eCommerce site, the product description feature holds prime importance. Today’s customer wants to get educated about the product before clicking over the Buy button.

Giving more sections about the grocery items like Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date ensured that user is getting the required information easily and highlighted. The product description also has important keywords to find the product. Enabling this feature, rankings in the search results are also boosted.

16. User Reviews

For every product, the user has the option to provide a brief or detailed review. According to research, user reviews hold key importance in the decision-making process of a new visitor. Therefore, to ensure that it is properly conveyed through the website, the UI/UX design of this section was done with extreme care.

Users were allowed to put user reviews in text, image, and video format. Also, they can give Stars out of 10 for delivery or product quality in few clicks.

Other users can also like and dislike the current reviews. This means that if a review is fake then it can be reported easily. This feature was one of the unique parts of the EasyGrocery website.

17. Real-time AI-driven Chatbot

With technological advancement in the eCommerce market, chatbots are playing a crucial role. Today, almost 70% of sales are going through online channels. Therefore, having manual chat support for user queries is almost impossible.

GRAFFERSID has developed award-winning chatbots with a humanlike ability to talk and understand.
At EasyGrocery also, a real-time chatbot was embedded to support the user in troubles. After thorough testing during the prototype phase, the chatbot was successfully able to solve the common queries.

18. Ask for Adding new Product

The more you make a user control the process, the more they market the product with true intention. With this inspiration, we added a feature that would let users put a request for a product not available in stock.

It can be a new product that has not ever been sold on the website. Users can share details about the product in form of images, text, or links.

What did the Client say about Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

Working with GRAFFERSID has been a pleasant experience for us. With amazing knowledge of technology and expertise in the field, GRAFFERSID was easily able to solve our problems and provide solutions.

Their experience even guided us to make a better user-oriented product. Getting the delivery on time and without any bugs was really appreciable. We are working on more projects with this amazing team.

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