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Movie Booking App

About the Client

With a vision of digitizing the process of movie booking, the founders of this app were dedicated to simplifying the process of booking a movie ticket as much as we can. Digital transformation of physical activity is challenging when there is something like advance booking and payment gateway involvement.

Our experienced team had previous experience of making such applications at GRAFFERSID and it helped us solve challenges for the client in no time. 

After launching the application, it was downloaded by 1 million people within the first 3 months. With the highest retention rate among users, the App won the award for User Engagement and User Retention. The innovative approach, and researched ideas were behind the success of the app in grabbing users and not letting them go at any stage. 

About the App

In response to the client’s requirement, we developed a rapid, browser-based online movie ticket booking application. Our teams dedicatedly work to develop an application that is a frontrunner in terms of the way it allowed users to check shows, reserve a seat, and pay for their tickets through online payment options.

The application gives the flexibility to have a look at the movies that presently showing, the nearest theatres from their place, show timings, seat availability, and price per ticket. Our developers created an application that is compatible with all browsers and uses a secure payment gateway server.

We added a feature that enables users to make payments for their tickets instantly through credit/debit cards and other online payment options.

Features of the App

Here are the features that the application offered to the users:

Movie booking app features

1. Create a profile and Track Yourself

Cinema lovers have a separate space for their love of movies and superstars. Understanding their love for movies, we gave a personalized experience to them by allowing them to create their profile with personal details. They can also track their previous movie booking record there. Saved movies, and upcoming movies can also be saved in personal space given to every user. 

2. List of latest released movies

We didn’t want our cinema fans to miss any movie, therefore having a list of just-released movies, movies released a week ago, and so on was a mandatory option. This ensured that our users don’t need to look out anywhere else for the movies upcoming.

For our client, it helped in increasing the retention time of the app for each user hence elevating the chances of earning through ads. Our objective of grabbing users’ attention who do not want to book movie tickets immediately but just are looking to nourish their movie knowledge was also achieved. 

3. Filters

Every one of the movie lover understands the value of 1 second when they fail to book tickets for their most awaited movie launch. This forced us to think of ways where we can save the time of users in finding what they are looking for.

A simple search option just increases the time in finding the required detail when there are so many results for a query by a user. So, we talked to movie experts and found that there are a few ways to help our users in the search. We worked on the development to give filters like – Genres, Date, Timing, Theatre Name, and much more to simplify the search.

If the user knows what they are looking for, the search time is reduced by 3 seconds. 

4. Theatre section

Every theatre has something which the audience likes about them. Therefore, developing a mobile app for more than a million users asks you to not miss any theatre. This feature listed the total theatres available in the area near users. Though users had the option to put location and they can see theatres of any particular location anytime.

For improving the experience of the user in this section, we also marked theatres with traffic of the crowd sensors. It means that a red color would appear above the name of the theatre if it gets filled quickly and green color over the theatres which stay empty. 

5. Show-time selection

Theatres generally have fixed timings for the movies and shows which are running on screens. This feature enabled the user to get to know about show-timings of the movies running with sitting in the home or in a car. Anyone can see the showtimes of any other cities also.

Just entering the name of the city would let the list of shows running at what times appear on the screens. There are some special shows that run in specific cities and understanding this need of the users, we made sure that they can catch up on shows running anywhere in the country. 

6. Seat Availability

On a survey that we did for the “Requirements Gathering” step, it was found that for favorite movie releases, users missed the timings and bookings due to unawareness about the masses booking in the same theatre. With a digital solution, we had the chance to eliminate this issue completely.

Our seat availability feature was open 5 days after the release. Users can book their seats for their favorite movie launch at any point in those 5 days and also can see the pace of seats getting booked if they want to book it later. During the beta testing of the app, few users were allowed to take part in the testing process and this feature completely eliminated the issue of missing seats. 

Have an app Idea

7. Save the Movie

While looking for the challenges faced by the users of movie booking, we found that professionals with a busy lifestyles had to miss many movies because they did not get notified at the right time. With the notifications feature, we wanted to sort out this problem for over 200k users.

As a user, you just had to put a click over save the movie and it helped us in knowing which movie notifications you want to get. Our algorithms monitored the seat booking patterns and gave notifications to users via SMS, Push Notifications, and Email notifications until the user booked the seat.

All types of notifications are customizable and can be stopped at any time. Users can ask the app to notify them on just phone or just mail. 

8. Price per ticket

Movies or Cinema are loved in every section of society, profession, and lifestyle. Theatres do understand this and provide a variety of sitting options with a variety of prices. We also wanted to present the price per ticket for different sections in the theatre.

According to our survey, we found that there are generally 3 sections of price division in all the theatres. Gold, Silver, and Premium. With premium being the most expensive, it had the least number of seats. Similarly, silver was the most affordable option with maximum seats and Gold being on the average side.

We always presented the division of the seats under these categories to help users book movie tickets at the price they want. 

9. Popular News

Fans of movies are also followers of the news, events, and trends arising in the Cinema Industry. Our client wanted us to innovate and find ways to make sure that the user is opening the app even at odd times and hours.

Satisfying the curiosity of fans by giving them what they are chasing inside the app with UI/UX that was appealing and delightful at the same time ensures we achieved our milestone. Users spent at least 2 minutes daily reading the latest stories, events, and news about releases of movies as well as their favorite superstar. 

10. Online payment gateway

Here comes the most crucial part of the app that required the special attention of our team. Unifying different payment gateways through one app is easy but ensuring 100% confidentiality of the details and security was our top priority.

Users, they don’t want any kind of issue, delay, or glitch to occur in this part of the movie ticket booking process. Our professionals at GRAFFERSID tested and tried this feature n number of times for making sure we are winning the trust of the users.

After a survey of the most popular payment methods used by our audience, we connected every one of them through this app. It made the payment process simpler and more convenient for use. 

11. Book Movie for a Friend

Movies with friends are a different level of joy but not all the times we live this moment. There are several occasions to surprise a friend or gift them something they love. With 100% uniqueness, we introduced the feature of Booking a movie for friends. Users can book a movie for anyone living in the country and can also send them ticket details whenever they want to surprise their friend.

This feature was absolutely loved among friends living apart. Booking for each other brought friends closer and became a trend. 

12. Discount and PROMO Code

For loyal customers, businesses give extra perks than anyone else. Knowing that a movie lover wants to watch a movie every Friday, we introduced a loyalty program for users. Watching a certain number of movies in a month made them earn coins which could be used later in getting a discount from the actual movie ticket fare.

Our client wanted to integrate the social platforms in the app also so that users can share their activities with their social communities. This helped our client in garnering free promotions and let users earn more coins on every share.

What did the Client say about the developed app and website?

“Team of GRAFFERSID is passionate about bringing success through their hard work and innovative approach for everything. They have helped us beyond our expectations in developing this app and taking it to market with huge success. We really appreciate their passion and dedication towards work.” 

If you are looking for an exclusive application that can help your target audience with flawless online moving booking, then Graffersid is here to assist you. Our team of developers has extensive experience in creating a wide range of mobile applications, be it for entertainment, business, or lifestyle. 

The best part of working with us, we customize our services to provide meet your requirements at cost-effective rates. Contact us and see how our exclusive mobile app development services can give your business that needed boost!


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