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Movie Booking Application

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Movie Booking Application

Client’s Business Requisite

Our client approached us for developing an online movie ticket booking app. They wanted us to design an application with a user-friendly interface, through which we can have a look at various multiplex located near them, check the timings, offers and book a show. The client wanted to save their users from the hassle and inconvenience of standing in long queues outside the theatres.  The client requirement was to build an easy and convenient booking system, through which users can book a show with a punch of few buttons.

Primary Objectives

  • Design and develop an application which is compatible with most mobile browsers
  • Scalable and secure application
  • Feature-rich and multiple application development
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Fast-bug-free application


In response to the client requirement, we developed a rapid, browser-based online movie ticket booking application. Our teams dedicatedly work to develop an application which is a frontrunner in terms of the way it allowed users to check shows, reserve the seat and pay for their tickets through online payment options. The application gives the flexibility to have a look at the movies that presently showing, nearest theatres from their place, show timings, seat availability and price per ticket. Our developers created an application that is compatible with all the browsers and uses a secure payment gateway server. We added a feature that enables users to make payments for their tickets instantly through credit/debit cards and other online payment options.

Movie Booking Application
Movie Booking Application


Here are the features that the application offered to the users:

  1. List of latest released movies:

The application constitutes a list of latest released movies, which is updated on a regular basis. This enables users to choose a movie of their choice from the list.

List of Movies
  1. Theatre section:

This feature provided users with the list of theatres in the city to choose from.

  1. Show-time selection:

We made sure that users are able to book the show according to their preferred timing without any inconvenience.

  1. Seat Availability:

Using this application, users can check the seat layout select the seats according to their personal needs?

  1. Price per ticket:

Users can check the pricing option depending on the choice of class they have made, for example, gold class or silver class.

  1. Online payment gateway:

We added seamless and secure online payment gateway option

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