About the client

NSHM is one of the leading educational institutes with the world’s best class learning experience. NSHM is India’s only institute that provides experiment-based learning. It was founded in the year 1996, and the glory of this association is going beyond the boundaries. There are several courses this association provides like management, business, health, finances, sciences, technology, communication, engineering, tourism, design, and much more. All courses are based on industry needs. It will help the students to get their dream jobs on their skills and knowledge with this association.

With a decent environment of expert guidance for students preparing their future bright and secure. Working with such a kind of accomplishing association was a great experience for us.

Features of  NSHM Knowledge Campus Website

With years of experience in our design and development team, this project had challenges of its own. The team at GraffersID conducted an intensive survey revealing key areas of user experience. Here are the features we created to ensure that NSHM is always leading in its market.

1. Dynamic header slides

NSHM website Dynamic header slides

The client wanted an interactive user interface on the website. The design team at GraffersID discussed various ideas for making the website engaging. After brainstorming through lots of ideas, we decided upon Dynamic Header Slides. These slides help NSHM in capturing the attention of visitors. The extensive quality of the slides brings momentum to the progress.

Our designing team found through testing that – As the visitors stopped to look through the slides, they also ended up checking out more features of the website. Header slides also give a unique look to the website. With its innovative design, this feature can grab the attention of visitors and catch them.

2. Fixed Call to Actions (CTAs)

There are many websites with the generic placement of CTAs. But an actionable CTA is crucial to meet up the demands. This is why the development team added a fixed CTA to let the visitors take quick action. On the NSHM website, visitors can effortlessly take an action with a static bar. Visitors are of various personalities, so it’s important to analyze which kind of call to action should be implemented.

3. Chatbot

This feature assists the visitor to connect with the people behind the site of the brand. After clicking on the chatbot icon, visitors can write queries and suggestions on the system of NSHM. Connection with the users assists the brands in getting awareness about things that can lag them behind. Our team has designed this Chatbot feature to get instant messages about the visitors’ queries.

4. Robust Search Bar

This search bar feature on the NSHM website is developed with the intention of a quick search of wide options. Visitors never wait and lose their time scrolling the pages multiple times. To reduce the time consumers spend searching for things on the website, the development team at GraffersID decided to deliver the search feature in a single tip. Just type the query and it will encourage the visitor to visit the desired page. This search bar feature will procure the right thing in front of prospects.

5. Video Integration

NSHM Website Video Integration

Video is the best option to give a personalized and transparent experience to a brand. About 99% of people prefer to watch videos over extended forms of content. That’s the reason our development team has designed this feature on the site. In this feature, everything about the college and students is properly described. Along with the attractive presentation, layout, graphic quality, and pixels.

6. Quick Access

NSHM Website Quick Access

The initial goal of the NSHM website is to bring traffic and the second one is conversion. The more people visit the website the more chances to get conversions. As the developers researched to provide a better User Experience to customers, they found that visitors never intend to relinquish their time in accessing the site.
The more quickly they can get access, there will be more chances to analyze your brand. To do this, the development team provided the Quick access feature on the website. This allows the visitor to quickly access every part and feature of the website. Optimization of the site in terms of loading speed and activities is crucial to meet the requirements of SEO.

7. Geographic Information

After visiting the website, visitors may want to know the institute’s location. Getting the exact location of the Campus is important for students to visit it personally. The GraffersID development team was looking for a way to provide the location, as well as show the exact path to reach the campus from the visitor’s location. The developers embedded the map in the site which can be used to get relevant paths to reach the objective. The pointer will guide the location including inside the campus.

8. Multi-language support

Languages can be a huge barrier between a business and its customers. While researching the website, the development team found that multi-language support increased up to 30-40% of visitors. To let other visitors outside the country understand the purpose of the website, the development team added support for 50+ languages to the website. According to the preference of users, they can alter the language of the website. The GraffersID developer team can manage the whole layout of the website according to the visitor’s language.

9. Forms

MSHM website Forms

The NSHM website has various forms to make it susceptible for visitors to jot down all the queries. Queries, pain points, suggestions, recommendations, and much more can be sent to NSHM’s customer support team through these forms. Our team has augmented a detailed list of questions that will help the brand to get in-depth knowledge about visitors. Not just that, we have added forms that will provide customer support to the users.

10. FAQs

This kind of Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs catalog enables the visitors to clear their doubts instantly. On the other hand, this feature works the same as the “autocomplete functionality” of Google. This feature is designed by our team in the “autocomplete functionality” manner. After unlocking the one link of the question, there will be several similar actions open up within time. We have documented all the questions from surveys and in-depth research.

11. SIS Integration

This SIS integration is a widely considerable feature of the website. GraffersID development team made sure that visitors can effortlessly find this on the NSHM website. SIS integration allows maintaining the record of documents, and all relevant information in a secure manner. It updates the record and notifies the executive member with the integration of email that it can access these records easily.

12. News and calendar

NSHM Website News and calendar

Staying up-to-date is important for the NSHM website. As its visitors are mostly students, the website should be displaying important notices and news about the campus. GraffersID’s development team integrates the news and calendar feature in the website to keep its visitors up-to-date about everything going on in NSHM. Updated activities of associations persuade the visitors to get aware of the campaigns. Even the year-wise calendar’s giveaway feature influences the visitors. After tapping the CTA on the website, this feature integrates with the search engine of users. It avoids visiting the website for the latest news about the particular brand. Features with this stuff come under the brand commodities which are crucial to building credibility in front of the world.

13. Admission system

As an educational association, the not-so-sophisticated procedure can help to satisfy the end desire. Similarly, from the admission to the transaction process, everything must be smooth and reliable. This type of transparent feature assists the visitor to move forward with the association. Above all, the present feature on the website for the admission system is that it meets the requirements of academics.

14. The User-generated reviews

Users can review the whole website about their performance and services, with the review option. In this way, the brand gets a clear vision about the stuff on which action to be taken. And which business campaign is performing well in search engines. Along with the visitors can write the suggestion as well. Reviews assist the brands to steal the peak position by providing valid offers.

15. The media compression

Extensive size can create problems in loading the image. To avoid this kind of stuff, media compression is the only option to choose. Our team has designed this feature to make it visually appealing along with less consumption of data.

16. Payment gateway

For smooth transactions, this feature is valid to ingrain in the site. The gateway can be International and national of transaction processing. From every aspect, it works far better to avoid complications. This feature assists to make the payment gateway effective and transparent from both ends. Along with this, it can maintain the exchanges of foreign countries. Furthermore, it takes care of your privacy and makes a clear passage to reach the destination.

17. Multi touch-point contact page

Multi touch-point contact page revisits the different kinds of professionals with their space for the query. This feature is designed to get awareness about the people. After checking the information about the profession, the whole list gets changed according to pre-ready templates of questions. In the templates, all the questions will be regarding a particular profession. This exclusive feature was added to the website by GraffersID’s development team to obtain a greater collection of particular professional data.

18. Unique identity number

On any website, a large number of visitors visit. To get valid information about the daily comers and the diverse one. This feature is designed for this reason to assign the initial visit with a unique identity, number, or code. And if the same visitor revisits the site then it can be identified with that particular identity number. Our team has expertise in dealing with technicalities that can make the brand away from complications.

19. Content Management System tool

The GraffersID development team embedded a CMS tool in the site to take care of the website content. Content Management System delivers supervision about the content for business sites. CMS tool feature is relevant to manage the content on one platform. Furthermore, this tool can be easily manipulated without the developer, once it’s established on the site.

What did the client say about collaboration with us?

Working with GraffersID has been a great deal. The hardships and technicalities occurring in the system were a huge roadblock for our brand. But Graffersid has put down their whole efforts to make the work smoother. They understood what we wanted and made suggestions to improve the website’s functionality.

It was amazing to see them conduct such thorough research to build our website. They always focused on the user’s point of view. Including services, they had offered us the consultation service to level up the branding. Also suggested the best practices which we can perform to create more development. Above all, we recommend the GraffersID to bring progressive transition for the brands. We are very satisfied with the result of the website.