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Recruitment Portal with Online Tests

Recruitment Portal with Online Tests

“Recruitment Portal with Online Tests”

Recruitment portal with an online test had done for a traditional multinational Human Resource consultancy firm. You can think of it as Monster with a Custom test facility to evaluate candidates. Furthermore, companies can create their own team. While also filtering the resources based on their scores for the portal’s global tests.

The idea was great. Every company wants to evaluate its candidates based on multiple parameters. Which may differ from company to company. Hence the firm decided to empower each company to test their candidates online with custom questions/tasks or filter candidates based on the score of the portal’s global test.

Platforms on which the Recruitment portal is available:

  1. Android Application
  2. iOS Application
  3. Web portal

Recruitment Portal Features


They will have majorly 15 different options to work over and huge data to analyze. Nonetheless, the most important feature of a recruitment portal needs to be the highlights.

  • Finding the relevant person.
  • Filter people based on different exam/task categories relevant to the JD.
  • Sharing the information with co-workers.
  • Followup with candidates.
  • Creating the custom test/quiz for the interview.
  • Categorizing the tests.
  • Posting events.
  • Analytics on candidates, and numerous other traits (Confidential).
  • Posting new requirements.


Candidates want to be discovered and acknowledged for their achievement, talent, and also credibility.

  • Take relevant online tests and create a good profile.
  • Update the kind of job preference.
  • Apply for openings.
  • Revert to HRs for hiring requests.
  • Resume builder.
  • View company and recruiter profiles.
  • Chating/Conferencing option.
  • Profile Linking.

Understanding the problem:

The platform wants to help companies discover the relevant talent set pool with the assured quality resource in a matter of minutes. While making the process fun and interactive.

The current problems are:

  • Candidates write false information on the resume.
  • Bolster their achievements.
  • Get fake experience certificates.
  • filtering takes a huge time.
  • Incorrect availability of the resources.

Hidden Challenge faced while development:

Too many clickable options:

The main thing was the huge number of actionable available for the recruiter. However, this would create confusion and make the portal look clumsy. Also, People should easily understand their options and navigate with the hassle.

Stopping the candidate from cheating while giving the test:

The candidates were supposed to give tests online which would be considered as their first filtration criteria. Since the tests can be given from any place it was important to assure that the candidate doesn’t try to cheat.

Communication Gap:

As a founder, you are always thinking to improvise on your idea. However, the development of such apps with multiple functionalities generally take some time and in the meantime. Moreover, It often happens that the minor details are forgotten. Maybe unintentionally, or may not have been thought through. Also, If you haven’t documented the requirement properly. It often results in an altercation and nobody is to blame.

Nonetheless, it can be easily overcome by writing in a detailed document of all possible minor functional points that you can think of. Even if in a layman language, it will come in very handy later stages of the development.

Sales Feature

The test-based hiring recruitment portal was a need of the hour and is backed by such a magnificent company. It was sure to catch a lot of eyes. Furthermore, This excitement could be used in a very productive way. The main power of the platform was in the analytics features. It sure took time to be developed but now was the time to bear fruits. However, the client gets a free subscription to try the portal or extension in the current plan based on the below criteria.

  • Sharing a public post about the job opening on social media platforms.
  • Free Coupons with the nearest food vendors for a successful closing.
  • If they can refer a friend and the friend post’s a job, then both parties get benefited.
  • The candidate gets a custom-built free resume.

With such a recruitment portal, the word spreads real quick and getting students on board is not a challenge. However, for any person looking to start a similar portal, You should really focus on bringing the companies on-board.

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