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Pet Care App

Pet Care App

The Problem

For some, they are just pets, and for others, they are like their family members, a best friend, loyal companion and the list goes on… But the problem occurs when everyone in the family is out for their 9-5 job except the pet.

Our furry friends need caring like grooming, bathing, feeding and when ill, it is also needed to take the pets and make them exercise. Exercise is vital for a pet’s health h and well-being, it promotes their physical and emotional health. But due to the busy schedule of the owner, they are unable to help their pets with the exercise they need their pet needs.

So, the client wanted to build a system which can help pet owners to give the best care to their furry friends despite their busy schedules so that their pet can have a healthy, fit and happy life.


According to the recent survey, 92% of the people admitted that they are extremely concerned about the health and well being of their pets. 60% of people try to plan a shorter vacation as they have no one to look for their pets.

According to Google Trends, the number of people searching for “dog walkers near me”, “pet caretakers near me” has increased rapidly over the past few months.

Competitive Analysis          

After the initial research, we performed a competitive analysis of the currently existing applications and services that offer pet care services. We downloaded a few of the applications and compared the features in terms of the services and features they offered.


For pet owners:

Pet Profile:

After creating a profile on the app, pet owners have to create a profile for their pet. Pet profile includes the type of pet you have i.e. Dog or Cat, then choosing Breed of the pet, its Name, is Gender, Age, Weight and NaturComplete details of the pet will enable the pet caretaker to understand about the pet and know everything about it before confirming the services.

Pet profile
Pet profile

Here are the main elements of Pet Profile:

  1. Routine

This user has to include every detail of Pet Profile such as walk timing, feeding timing, training timing, sleeping timing and also the activity level. Users can put the walk timing, time to feed the pets, when they sleep and what is their training time and also the activity level.

This ensures that pet caretakers know everything before they accept the services, and they are ready to perform all the duties for the pet according to their routine.

  1. Dietary

We added the feature that lets pet owners share the eating style, food, eats, and prescription diet in the application. With this, the client ensures that the pet care provider has all the required dietary details about the pet. This will not only make their job easy but also make sure that your pet is getting the diet at a specific time.


We added all the essential elements that will make pet caretakers in taking proper care of your pet.

3. Medical Condition:

Suppose you are going for a business trip and you are looking for someone to take care of your pet, till the time you back. In such a condition, it is crucial for your pet caretaker to understand the medical condition of your pet.

Medical Condition
Medical Condition

We included fields for all the crucial medical conditions such as Allergies, Issues, Fear, Vet Name, Vet number as well as Note where you can add any special thing that you want to add.

Here are complete details of the pet that pet owners are required to fill in the application:

Pet Information
Pet Information

The Process for Pet Owners

  1. In the “Home Screen”, you will find the options to select the type of services, “Walking, Sitting, Boarding or Day Care.” After, which you can select the pet and click on continue, then you can book the date of the services, timing and put your address.
  2. Next, select the Trainers. In the Trainers profile, you can see the name of trainers, for which pet they are mostly preferred for, years of experience they have and for how many pets they have cared for so far.
  3. Once you click on “Book Now”, the pet care services are booked and the trainer will reach to your desired location.

For Pet Caretakers:

Pet Caretakers need to fill complete details about them such as their name, services they offer such as walking, sitting, day boarding and more. The caretaker’s profile also shows how many pets they have cared for.

Apart from the personal information, pet caretakers are also required to upload their resume in the application.

Pet caretakers will see the details, for which pet they have been booked, they can go through the entire profile of pet, their routine and dietary habits, day and time for which they have been booked, before confirming for the services.


Graffersid operates on to believe that truly successful software solutions come out of close operation between the client and the development company.

We worked with the technical advisor, paid close attention to the client’s business needs and requirements, and developed an app that helped people in finding the best pet care services available near them

With the hard work of our development team, we managed to build a stable, scalable, responsive pet care application that is easy to navigate.

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