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Based in Chicago, USA, this Restaurant Project is a popular food-chain company with more than 25 outlets across the country. Started in 2002, this Restaurant Company has a customer base of over a million cumulatively. With the rising demands of numerous cuisines, Restaurant Company decided to go for digital transformation in 2019. Rising customers of business made sure that it is always in the top 10 restaurants of the USA consistently from the last 10 years.

Delivering a similar experience to the online customers was a tough challenge for such a huge Food-Chain Company but the exceptionally hard work of team Graffersid enabled them to do so.

Restaurant Company found growth because of its variety of dishes and cuisines. Serving international travelers, it also offers continental, the Middle East specific, and Indian dishes. From 2010 itself, the growth of Restaurant Company revenue was multi-folded.

Year by Year growth of 25% ensured that it became one of the most popular food chain companies in the USA Continent. Authenticity, Taste, Lavish cuisines, Amazing Ambience are some of the features of popular Restaurant companies in the USA.

From Philadelphia to Los Angeles and New South Wales, this restaurant food app chain is receiving thousands of orders daily across the country. It started from Los Angeles way back in 2002 and then expanded first to Michigan and then simultaneously to the rest of the USA. On 29th December 2020, the Restaurant Company received 13,972 orders within 12 Hours.

About the Restaurant Management App

Graffersid started working on the comprehensive digital transformation of the Restaurant Company with a Restaurant Management App as the first solution. Understanding the customers and their interests, likings, and behavior during the online orders of USA, the team of GRAFFERSID – A Top Mobile App Development Company was able to craft a seamless strategy for the development of Mobile App.

With the first step as Requirements gathering, the development process began. Creating a user-person with surveys and data collected by the local restaurants, designers, and architects of the app were able to understand the basic requirements and elite features.

The first target was to help the users place orders with ease. Integration of payment options and providing them with multiple ways to communicate with the delivery persons were also in focus. Let’s have a look into the features of the Restaurant Mobile App of Restaurant Company.

Features of the Restaurant Management App

The Restaurant Management Mobile app was targeted to simplify the ordering process for the users. With a basic set of features, it also had several features that increased the retention time of the app and offered users a variety of customization options.

1. User Account Creation


Every user can create their account in the Restaurant Company mobile app. Putting details of an email ID or Phone number allows them to create an account.

2. Account Verification

Security is a very crucial factor for users in the digital world. Therefore, the Restaurant Company app always verifies the user before allowing them to order the food. The phone number of the email gets verified.

3. Digital Menu

After registering into the app, the user is able to see the variety of menus available in the desired outlet of Restaurant companies across the USA. Not just the menu, but the dishes available at the moment and the expected time in the cooking of the dishes are also mentioned with the price. There are many filter options available on the Menu with basic filters like Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Lunch, Breakfast, Snacks, Dessert, and more.

4. Save your favorite dishes

With a strong database behind the mobile app, the user is also given a lot of free space to store their favorite dishes. This feature is mostly used and loved because it allows them to not choose dishes every time from the menu. Saved favorite dishes are always ready to order and the process of ordering gets quicker.

5. Put a Note to Chef

Restaurant Company is famous for freshly baked and cooked food. Just like on a physical visit to an outlet, the mobile app has got realistic features. Note to the chef is a text message that Chef can read before cooking. It allows some users to get the food they want. With spicier, or less sugar and anything they want.

6. Location Detection

Helping users in locating the nearest Restaurant Company Restaurant, the mobile app of Restaurant Company has an API connected to Google Maps. With location permission set ON, the app identifies the nearest outlet of the Restaurant Company and reduces the delivery time.

7. Table Reservation


There are festive seasons when the limited seats at Restaurant Company restaurants get filled very quickly. To serve the users with a planned visit to a Restaurant Company restaurant, We have a table reservation feature. With simple scheduling algorithms used, the first come first serve basis is maintained in digital methods also. The digitally available seats are open for reservation and the user can reserve the seat 2 days later also. This allows in reducing the customer’s frustration of making a plan to visit the restaurant and then finding it filled.

8. View Available Tables

Users can also check if there are any tables available or not before entering the restaurants to save time and frustration. Another enticing feature is that the estimated time for getting at least 1 table available is also shown. It is calculated based on previous days and the timing of the day. With a lot of data fed from previous months, the time prediction algorithms are getting more accurate.

9. Multiple Payment options

From V.me, Apple pay, Samsung pay, lemon wallet, and other online wallets to Cash On delivery, every payment option is covered. The app also allows you to safely input your debit or credit card information for payment. Users can save your card for instant payments in further orders. Developed with the highest standard of coding, the data of every user is safe and kept confidential always.

10. Social Media Integration

Logging into the mobile app is made extremely simple with multiple options like using the email ID or any social media platform ID. Supporting social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, and Pinterest at the moment. Also, users are allowed to share the details of the menu or their favorite order details in the social media platforms directly from the app.

11. Curated Combos

Machine learning algorithms are employed to understand the user behavior and start recommending them the combos and dishes they love. This personalization is absolutely loved by users and increases the chances of ordering by 50%.

12. Schedule Orders

For users with regular needs of tasty dishes of Restaurant Company restaurants, we have a calendar plan feature. For the next 2 days, users can schedule the orders before the actual time and can’t wait to get the order automatically without spending extra time and effort. It allows businesspersons, working professionals to save precious time and get food without any hustle-bustle.

13. Orders History

For all the users, every transaction is recorded and shown in the Past orders section. At any point in time, the user can get the details of their every past order. A filter of checking past orders within months is also available. It helps people with a diet plan to remember the important dates.

14. Track Order

For excited users, we have real-time live tracking of order after it gets placed. Users can get the live position of the delivery person inside the mobile app. Allowing the mobile app to coordinate with Google Maps is mandatory for this feature to work.

15. Estimated Time of Delivery

Once the user has placed the order, the app quickly calculates the time taken to bake, cook and deliver the order and notify the user in real-time. The time taken in cooking is calculated with previous orders time data stored in the backend and fetched to machine learning algorithms. Also, the google map coordinates and tells the traffic and estimated delay in the delivery to finally calculate the overall time of delivery.

16. Contact the Delivery Person

In the same interface of Tracking Order, the details about the delivery person are mentioned. For proper communication of delays and delivery, the contact number of the delivery person is shared with the user as soon as the food is cooked and the delivery person is assigned the task.

17. In-built Customer Support

The Restaurant Company app serves millions of the USA across the country and delivering the high value of customer experience is the responsibility of the Restaurant Company Community. We helped them achieve this milestone digitally with multiple level customer support systems built into the app. Initially, the AI-Driven chatbot interacts with the user which also has got options to directly call a customer care executive and talk to them.

18. Loyalty Programs

For customers who are regularly using the apps, some points are earned. When accumulated, these points have the power to unlock huge discounts and get a reduced price on favorite dishes. This feature helped the Restaurant Company get 30% more orders and retain more customers than traditional methods. Loyalty points are also earned on every share of the dish from the app to social platforms or WhatsApp groups.

19. Push Notifications

To entice the users and tell them about new offers, discounts, and campaigns, Push notifications are extremely useful. With the simple UI of the notifications, the updates are sent to users automatically.

20. User Reviews and Ratings

Helping the Restaurant Company restaurants improve, the users are also asked to rate the food, services separately on a scale of 5 with an option of detailed review. It helps the Restaurant Company community to understand their audience and deliver a better experience.

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What do the Restaurant Company Owners say?

We thought that matching the quality of the Restaurant Company digitally will be tough but the team of GRAFFERSID made it super easy for us. Their clear communications of objectives and explanations about the use of technology made us confident in boosting digital platforms. GRAFFERSID is highly professional in its work with timely delivery and really amazing innovation work. The Restaurant Company app is experiencing 3X the orders with a Mobile app developed by GRAFFERSID.