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Interior Designing WordPress Website: Case Study

Rory kelly Interiors website

About the client:

Rory Kelly, an interior designer based in Dublin, is a man on a mission: to make your house the best it possibly can be. Whatever the project, from a simple window decoration to a full home renovation, a color consultation to a whole new build, Rory’s acute eye for practical elegance has earned him one of the city’s most in-demand interior designers.

Rory, a graduate of the Dublin Institute of Design, founded the company in 2008 with his partner. They have a core team of excellent craftsmen and fitters who create custom curtains and soft furnishings, as well as custom-made furniture to order, and because they have a comprehensive index of essential skills and intricate techniques, the company can provide a complete service from design to installation.

Features of Interior Designing WordPress Website

Despite the fact that our design and development team has years of expertise, this project presented its own set of difficulties.

In order to better understand the user experience, the GraffersID team performed an extensive study that revealed many important areas. Here are the characteristics that we developed to guarantee that designing agency will remains at the forefront of its industry.

1. Integration of video

Video integration Rory kelly

Video is the most effective medium for providing a customized and transparent experience to a brand’s customers. Approximately 99 percent of consumers prefer to watch videos over other kinds of extended material, according to research. It is for this reason that our development team has created this function on the website. Everything about the institution and its students is thoroughly covered in this section. In addition to the visually appealing presentation, layout, graphic quality, and pixels.

2. Location Information

After viewing the website, visitors may be interested in learning where the office is located and have an in-person discussion. It is essential for visitors to be aware of the precise location in order to visit it firsthand. The GraffersID development team was searching for a method to give the visitor the location of the workplace as well as a way to show them the precise route to take to go to the campus from their current position. There is a map integrated into the site that may be used to find appropriate routes to the goal, which was created by the creators. The pointer will direct you to your destination.

3. The media compression

Large images of significant size or bigger videos may have difficulty being loaded. Media compression is the only solution available if you want to prevent this kind of situation. Our team created this feature to be aesthetically attractive while also using the least amount of data possible, as well as possible.

4. Content Management System (CMS) software

The GraffersID development team included a content management system (CMS) into the site to manage the website content. Business websites benefit from Content Management Systems, which provide oversight of the content. The CMS tool’s functionality is important since it allows you to manage all of your material on one platform. Furthermore, once it has been placed on the site, this tool may be simply modified without the involvement of a developer.

5. Graphics and illustrations of exceptional quality

Graphics of excceptional quality Rory kelly

A well-designed graphic may convey information that a thousand words may be unable to convey. A great deal of emphasis is put on the use of high-quality images and illustrations in contemporary web design. The UI UX design and development team has utilized visuals to increase the desire for the goods while also providing consumers with sufficient information. Furthermore, the bespoke drawings produced by the design team have contributed to the site’s ability to retain a distinct appearance.

6. Presentations of Testimonials

Client testimonials Rory kelly

The feedback provided by current customers assists a business in establishing a reputation throughout its early development stage and beyond. As a result, the display of these testimonials on the website becomes equally essential. A slider has been implemented on the site by the development team in order to better use the available space. The functionality allows for the reviews to be scrollable horizontally and changed on the fly as needed. These testimonials are conveniently located on the main page for the convenience of new users.

7. Responsiveness

The number of devices we use to access the Internet is constantly increasing, and these devices include phones, tablets, and computers. As a result, responsiveness becomes even more important, particularly for a site that receives a lot of traffic from mobile devices. GRAFFERSID’s development team utilized technologies such as Bootstrap to make the site accessible to various devices while keeping the same level of performance.

8. Compatibility with Multiple Browsers

It is common for the site to get visitors who access the site via various browsers, similar to how different devices are used to access the site. Though most browsers display web pages identically, a few components may be shown differently owing to differences in browser protocols. To combat this, the development team performed rigorous testing sessions to ensure that no display discrepancies exist.

9. Connectivity on Social Media

Today, social media is an unavoidable component of every successful digital marketing plan. Social media connection is nearly always required for an e-commerce website. The development team guaranteed this for the site by linking it with the company’s different social media sites and handles through icon links in the website’s footer.

10. Security

The landing page, which contains critical data related to personal data and analytics, must be secured against cyber-attacks and viruses. As a result, backend developers have laced the website with security protocols such as HTTPS.

This encrypts all data going between the servers and the page, making it only available to the page’s authorized administrator. Furthermore, if an unauthorized third party attempts to breach the security system, the security notification system is instantly triggered.

11. Thumb Zone Compatibility

As previously said, a huge percentage of people visit websites through mobile phones, thus navigational ease on touch devices becomes important. As a result of their bespoke mobile app development expertise, the GRAFFERSID design team has utilized the idea of thumb zone compatibility.

The components in this design approach are arranged in such a way that they are readily accessible to the user’s thumb, which is frequently used to scroll the web pages.

12. Contact Us Form:

Contact us Rory kelly

GRAFFERSID recognizes the significance of a website’s lead generating skills as a website-building business. As a result, in order to improve the lead-generating process, the development team has linked the site with several forms based on the client’s business requirements.

In addition, the backend team has verified that this information is properly stored and secured so that the client may refer to it later.

13. Integration with Google Analytics:

A website needs frequent data related to user activity on the site in order to make additional changes in the digital marketing strategy. To do this, the site’s development team has incorporated the popular Google analytics software.

This enables the client to get important insights about the user’s history, such as their location and user behavior, which aids in reaching productive conclusions for the future approach.

14. Server and backend:

While the outer look of the website is essential, the backend performance of the site is more crucial.

GRAFFERSID’s backend engineers developed an effective storage and retrieval method by using efficient data structure models. This allows the site to contain a large number of components while yet operating at peak efficiency on a little amount of server capacity.

Furthermore, the backend work was done with future scalability in mind to make the site more adaptable to new developments in mind.

15. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Because search engine results are the primary source of new visitors to the site, the page must be designed with SEO optimization in mind.

GRAFFERSID’s specialized development team used the frontend concepts required to optimize a site for search engine rankings.

Furthermore, the landing page has been connected with bespoke plugins to make it simpler for the customer to manage their entire SEO strategy.

What did the client say about collaboration with us?

It has been a pleasure to collaborate with GraffersID. The difficulties and complexities that occurred inside the system were a significant barrier for our company. Graffersid, on the other hand, has put out their whole effort to make the job go more smoothly. They were able to comprehend our requirements and offered recommendations to enhance the website’s functioning.

It was incredible to see them do so much research in order to create our website. They were constantly concerned with the viewpoint of the user. In terms of services, they had given us the consulting service in order to take our branding to the next level.

Also recommended were the best practices that we might use in order to spur further growth. Lastly and most importantly, we propose the GraffersID in order to facilitate gradual changeover for the businesses. We are very pleased with the final outcome of the website.

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