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Shop Discovery App

About the Client

With already hundreds of Ecommerce app already in the market, Hoplet brought many new features for the users. Founders of the App had combined 12 Years of Experience in Marketing and Ecommerce marketing. After interacting through almost ten thousand people, they found some gaps in the current digital solutions for online shopping. 

Features like “Upcoming Visits” and Calender planning were never seen among users. With this USP, Hoplet became the favorite online shopping source for millions of users in the first year itself. Attracting fundings in Serie A round itself, Hoplet grew its revenue by 112% on the first two years on a YEAR-ON-YEAR basis. 

Features of the app

Working towards making an app for fashion and clothing was not an easy job. In a market already saturated with some big players, the team of GRAFFERSID  took up this challenge, we sat with experienced personnel and surveyed potential users so that we could come up with these features.

1. Profile Creation

Hoplet feature 1

With the onset of online shopping, it has become a personal affair. Everybody has their own set of preferences and they want to enjoy it during their shopping experience. Understanding this as the basic criteria, we created a profile but our team focused to ensure that it is not a hectic step.

So, providing options like Sign up with Google, Sign up with Facebook were also there. It just makes the process effortless for the people at any point of time. 

2. Image Recognition

Saw an enticing piece of clothing somewhere, but don’t know how to find it? Many shoppers are familiar with this problem. Our team also pondered over this hurdle for quite some time and came out with an algorithm that scans clothing from either your phone or physical graphic. Then it redirects the user back to the app and shows similar clothes and accessories.

3. Search and Filter

It was crucial that the user is able to make suitable choices from the abundant range of clothing. That is why the search bar is fitted with all the necessary filters to help an indecisive user to make a firm choice based on their preferences as to pricing, quality, and brands.

4. Location-specific recommendation

Many apps recommend trending fashion, but still, there was a particular opportunity that was waiting to be availed. We developed a special algorithm to let users see what was the trending fashion for any gender or age group in a particular city. Such a recommendation can be given for any part of the country that the user wants to know about.

5. Chat Feature

Interaction is a very important factor for any app to increase its usage time. The chat feature is included in the app to increase its intra-user interaction. Through this feature, the user can chat with other users, brand pages, or influencers. The feature also gives an option to share links to particular products and posts from within the app.

6. QR/Barcode scanner

A lot of time, shoppers go to a physical store and select a product but have no option to check if the dress is available for a lower price somewhere else. This feature aims at solving this problem. It redirects the user to the particular dress within the app if available. This happens by simply scanning a QR code or barcode on a tag attached to the dress.

7. Engaging Timeline

The inspiration for this feature is taken from popular social media platforms. To keep the user constantly engaged, there is an added section named timeline, on which the user can scroll and find fashion-related news, photos, and posts by their favorite fashion influencers and brands.

Here they can like and share such posts or even save them as references for the future.\

8. Easy Share

Social media is a popularity booster that can let the app have a huge organic reach to its targeted customers. The sharing panel in the app is designed for a hassle-free one-click share. This panel can straight out share the clothing ideas or news in form of a post. The shared posts have an incoming link to the app when shared on various social media platforms.

9. User-specific recommendation

User-specific recommendation

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be a game-changer in the e-commerce arena. To fuel the app engagement with the help of AI, our team created a smart AI assistant that can recommend the user based on their previous shopping patterns. The user can also ask queries to the assistant regarding the products and make better choices.

10. Customized Cart

To ensure that the shopping of multiple products is effortless within the app. The developers created a cart option with highly customizable features. The cart option feature ensures a trouble-free experience while shopping for multiple products. It gives the option to add or remove additional products while automatically calculating the price and discount for the user.

11. Easy return and exchange

In an unlikely condition, if the user receives a product different from what was ordered or just wants to return the product for any other reason, we have incorporated a special panel where the user can see all the updates regarding the exchange or return. It lays out all the terms and conditions and estimated time of pickup for exchange and refund, as per applicable conditions.

12. Video Shopping

Everybody has witnessed the success of short video apps. We leveraged this potential of the audiovisual medium in the app and created a special section aimed at video shopping. Here brands and fashion influencers can promote any products, share tips and hacks related to fashion through short videos. The user can also see recommendations regarding the products shown in the videos on the panel below.

13. Custom Designs and Prints

The demand for custom products has seen considerable growth. Seeing this opportunity, A feature was included, that lets the user create their custom-designed and printed t-shirt and accessories. Here the user can choose a t-shirt or accessories and get them printed with a particular design or picture chosen by them.

14. Loyalty Programs

In a market where competition is fierce and retaining first-time users proves to be a challenge for many e-commerce platforms. To tackle this problem, our team has integrated a feature, that provides offers and loyalty benefits according to the purchase frequency of the user to keep them engaged with the app. This happens through an inbuilt algorithm that ensures smooth working of this process.

15. Notification and Updates

No user wants to miss a long-awaited sale while also wants to be informed about the status of their orders and where they have reached, if in transit. To help with this, a very timely and aesthetic notification and update system are included. This feature is customizable regarding the timing and apps over which notifications can draw out, keeping in mind the ease for the user.

16. Upcoming Visits

Many times we get late on ordering something close to us but from a shop that has a massive following. Things generally are sold within minutes in such shops. To not let our use miss any chance of grabbing their favorite piece of attire, we introduced a very unique feature called – Upcoming Visits.

Basically, it collects data of users visiting different stores and if the store has the required fashion dress or accessory unavailable, then we give an option for users to get notified when will the next available set be present. The shop owner generally sets a date of availability of goods a week earlier and the user is notified about it daily.

The creative Mobile App Development team of GRAFFERSID worked their way with surveys, beta testing to ensure that this feature is attracting new users all the time. 

17. Favorites to Shop Later

Shopping has become a daily affair and if not ordering the thing, people like to stay alert of new fashion, new trends going on. Therefore, to satisfy the craving of being modern and not getting out of trend we introduced the feature of “Shop Later”. It helps users to catch the things they want to purchase later anytime. With this feature, users don’t miss anything when they actually decide to purchase the item. 

18. Gamified Shopping

Gamification of the shopping experience is proving to be a popular trend for customer retention. Seeing this trend, we assimilated something similar. The Games section of the app includes various arcade games and quizzes through which the user can win loyalty points, discount coupons, and much more, helping them enjoy the shopping process.

19. Premium Account

This is a subscription-based service under which the user can pay a certain monthly or yearly fee. By subscribing the user can have access to multiple premium features within the app. The user can also use this premium subscription to use services of other platforms affiliated with the app.

20. Social Accounts Connection

Human is a social animal and we are living in the era of Social Media. Shopping online with the latest accessories and not flaunting it over social media is a sin. With connected social media accounts in a single platform, we allowed users to share their shopping experience right where ever they want. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram are the most used platforms for notifying their users about the shopping experience.

It helped our client two-ways. Users were able to share the updates directly to social channels which increased the usability of the app and also the App got promoted in the followers and connected accounts of users across all platforms. 

21. Multiple checkout templates

Making the checkout process easy was very important to convert the user interest into sales. For this particular reason, the feature of ‘multiple checkout template’ was embraced by the team. Under this feature, the user can save multiple templates with different addresses and payment options. Due to this, the user doesn’t need to enter details manually every time they checkout.

22. Text confirmation

Security is a prime factor for ensuring a quality experience for the users. To make certain of this, we integrated an auto-text sender that notifies the user on the phone number user has registered. The text options can be customized in the settings of the app as per the needs of the user. The messages can also help in confirming orders and getting notified about delivery status.

What do App Owners say about GRAFFERSID?

Developing an Ecom app that is close to the audience and understand them was our dream for so many years. We appreciate the expertise of team GRAFFERSID and their on-time delivery. We are very pleased with their services and are continuing with them for a longer run. 

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