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Graffersid Founder wins “50 Most Influential Global Youth Marketing Leader” !!

Graffersid Founder wins 50 Most Influential Global Youth Marketing Leader

“50 Most Influential Global Youth Marketing Leader”

Each year, World HRD Congress awards companies and individuals over multiple categories and domains for their outstanding work over the year. The recognition is not company size specific but is completely centralized to the achievements made by the winners. From companies as big as the IBM to as small as a newly formed Startup are selected based on their credibility in the market. One such category is “50 Most Influential Youth Marketing Leader ”.

This category is dedicated to the individuals and companies who are market leaders in their respective fields or who have a significant achievement for their age. Defy the traditional age-to-achievement balance to mark the extra-ordinary quality of services.

These events are held every year around 13th February at one of the biggest Indian Hotels, Hotel Taj, Mumbai. It is a week-long event with thousands of attendees from different countries globally.


Graffersid Award

Award (50 Most Influential Youth Marketing Leader):

In the ceremony held on 13th Feb 2018, Sidharth Jain, Founder and CEO Graffersid has awarded this prestigious award of “50 Most Influential Youth Marketing Leader”. For the stellar influence over the Startup ecosystem in and outside of India. “Graffersid” is a “Website and Mobile application development company” with an aim to improve the startup success rate. Most of the start-ups mainly focus on their idea but the most important part is sales and ability for a single user to easily and pro-actively onboard a new user. This is where Graffersid comes in to help start-ups incorporate features and enhance the user flow of the application.

Some of the other winners were:

1. Ronen Aires, Student Village, South Africa,

Ronen is the Founder and CEO of Startup Village. Startup Village is a Johannesburg, SA based company leading in youth marketing and career development solutions provider. It helps multinational conglomerates and start-ups to make a better reach in the millennial. Which is a highly volatile, fickle and yet the biggest and the most important target audience in the 21st century.

2. Yamini Menon, GoZoop, Dubai,

Yamini was the founder of 56 Blue Light, a Dubai based Digital Marketing agency. 56 Blue Light, after just 2 years of operations, was acquired by GoZoop Pvt. Ltd. Yamini now leads the team as the Creative Directors for the marketing operations within the UAE for GoZoop.

Yamini Menon

3. Kanika Mittal, Director, Reebok India,

Kanika with her amazing understanding of the digital market is spearheading for Reebok India’s Market as the Director and Head of Marketing. Her list of achievements is huge and her result matrices are outstanding. She has received multiple national as well as international recognition for her incredible result-oriented career.

Kanika Mittal

4. Munaf Kapadia, Founder, The Bohri Kitchen

Munaf is the guy who quoted GOOGLE to sell Samosas, at least that is how he likes to introduce himself. The Bohri Kitchen has gained an incredible fan following in a very short period of time. Right from famous film stars to the common man, they have served them all. He is now focusing on growing the home brand and making it more accessible for people to experience their unique and gourmet meal.

The Bohri Kitchen

5. And many other great influencers,


We are humbled to stand beside all those who excel in their individual domains. And it makes us that much more strength to move towards our goal towards bringing a positive change in the ecosystem.

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