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Points to keep in mind while designing client’s idea (UI/UX)?

designing client's idea

Many people don’t understand the work of UI/UX designers. For them, it’s just designing that needs to look good. At the start of a project, it is important for designers to understand what to ask graphic design clients to gather as much information as possible.

This needs to take place before you have someone to handle the job, as it is obvious to have a meeting to determine the cost and timeframe of the project. To get the accurate estimate in your proposal you should ask some or all of the research questions below. It will help you provide the right information to your UI/UX designer.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Research what the design is for. This will have a great impact on the style, content, and message of the project. For example, a person in Vietnam has a different UI preference than someone in the US. And so on for different factors mentioned below.

 Now, some factors that can impact its design:

  1. Internal (i.e. employees of the company) or external customers
  2. Age
  3. Geographic location
  4. Gender
  5. Depending on the project, factors like economic status and religion may also come into play.

What Is The Message?

What message you want to deliver to the target audience needs to be clear. The overall message can be something as simple as showing gratitude to customers or announcing a new product. Once that is established, go beyond it to find out the “mood” of the message. Is it exciting? Thoughtful? Compassionate?

Gather some keywords that will aid the overall style of your design. If you are in a meeting, consider asking each person to come up with a few words and ideas that they think describe the mood of the message, and brainstorm from there.

What Is The Perspective Of The Project?

You may already have a VISION of specifications for a design, thinking of the feature after hiring a UI/UX designer can add a lot of cost to the project. This is where we would suggest you hire a Project Manager(like us) who can suggest the best features for your project.

The UI/UX designers are not very good at suggesting new features or the most useful ones, however, they are the starts when it comes to the representation from the users’ point of view.

The amount of content to present, budget, and final use of the design may all depend on these decisions:

  1. Number of web pages/screens
  2. Number of clicks on a page
  3. Clarity of scope
  4. Timeline

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What Is The Budget?

In many cases, clients are afraid to disclose their budget for a project. They may either have no idea about – what a design should cost, or they just want you to say a number first in order to get it done for cheaper.

Generally, the cost of the UI/UX designer is fixed. The standard rates differ as per the number of pages. If you try to negotiate too much on price the UI/UX designer may just ask to alter some parameters  (such as timeframe or the amount of design you provide) to fit within the budget.

It is ok to say you need to review the project whether they reveal a budget or not. You will get back to them with your preferable quote. Sometimes, the UI/UX designer’s budget will be higher than you expect, now just ask the UI/UX designer for a whole project cost rather than per page cost.

Is There A Specific Deadline?

If the project needs to be delivered on a specific date, then make it a point to give a deadline at least 2 weeks ahead. It may coincide with a product launch, or another important milestone, for your UI/UX designer. If there is no deadline, you have to create a timeframe for completing the project.

The designer may claim that the timeline is insufficient and you feel it is not considerable. Let your UI/UX designer win this race while mentioning that you would need a daily progress report and review calls.

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Can The Client Provide Creative Direction?

It is an absolute necessity to get a little creative direction from the client. Of course, the designer will be creating something new and unique for you, but some ideas from your side will help the designer to meet your expectations.

For designers, it is important to understand your preferences of the below points hence you should consider keeping the references websites ready, for each element respectively.

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Works of art
  • Other designs
  • Websites

A good designer will always take your pre-decided color scheme, typefaces, logos, or other elements that need to be incorporated. You can even give your own style sheet.

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Delve into this information while working on your ideas with your designer, it will help the working relationship and design process to run smoothly. Be sure to have detailed notes when asking these questions, and include as much information as possible in your proposal.

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