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Future Trends of Media and Entertainment Industry

Technological Trends that Will Take Over Media and Entertainment Industry in the Future

When it comes to the media and entertainment industry, it places supreme importance on monetizing intellectual property. Here blockchain can be the biggest trend that will transform the way content is created, consumed, and protected.
The entertainment industry seems to have a great scope to use augmented and virtual reality in the future. Media houses can indulge in gamification, sports, VR museums, and theme parks where players catch virtual critters in the real world.
AI seems to transform the entire media and entertainment industry with tailor made content recommendations, auto generation of thumbnails, film editing, and search optimization. The main focus would be to increase entertainment value and improve user experience.
Data privacy and security has never been out of the spotlight and will become the primary area of focus for many media and entertainment houses. Data encryption and cloud workload security are expected to take the center stage.
By facial recognition we generally understand biometric authentication, but there’s far more scope of its usage for entertainment. You might have seen facial recognition apps on media platforms like snapchat that best serve as a personal entertainment tool. And, its usage is expected to grow in the future.
Technology Trends in Entertainment Industry

Media and Entertainment Industry Stats You Should Know

Media and Entertainment Industry Growth Stats that Will Affect Your Business


The global M&E market is expected to grow to US$ 2.6 Trilllion in the future.


If you closely look at the categories, the internet advertising segment in media has accounted for the largest market share of 39.7%.


From the investment perspective, marketers and companies are going to spend around 50% of their budget in digital advertising.


Global market for media and entertainment is growing faster in terms of revenue at an 8.6% CAGR.


It generated the revenue of USD 2,133.4 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach a market value of USD 5,099.2 Billion by 2030, growing.
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Sites in World

Top Online entertainment Sites
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Perks of Hiring Developers from graffersid

Why Hire Entertainment App Developers Graffersid?

Graffersid has a team of young and enterprising individuals who create scalable and technology driven entertainment app solutions to incorporate the best required for the entertainment domain.


Cost Effective Solutions

Our team of expert entertainment app developers will help you build a feature rich and cost effective solution with stunning look, advanced functionality, and easy user interface. It will help you lure more customers and earn lucrative profits along with reduced cost.


Dedicated Resources on Demand

At Graffersid, you will get dedicated entertainment app developers who know what is to be done; so, you can focus on what’s important for the growth of your media or publishing house.


Diverse Skills

Projects related to media and entertainment app development need skill oriented people. At Graffersid, you will get a team of dedicated developers who possess diverse skill sets that give you an easy hand of a variety of skills under one roof.


On Time Delivery

In this highly competitive market, timely delivery is utmost important along with quality. At Graffersid, you will get a balance of timely delivery and quality with early and frequent testing, strict adherence to quality control, and by pulling the creative scope pivots.


At Graffersid, you will get an expert team of dedicated entertainment app developers that give utmost attention to gaining clarity and communication around the critical lines of the project. You can bank upon us for the best possible outcomes with cross cutting experience.


Huge Client Base

Working with Graffersid, you can be assured that your entertainment app is in the best hands. We have served clients across countries while staying focused on client satisfaction.
media and entertainment industry market
When we look at the growth trend of the entertainment sector, we will discover a stark growth right from 2014, which is going to continue till 2023.

Media and Entertainment Market

Importance and growth trends in the media and entertainment industry market

If we look at the trends, convenience and on-demand availability of interest based options are the biggest factors that will drive the media and entertainment industry in the future. Here digital tools have played a significant role that has facilitated the delivery of innovative content and a superior distribution model.
Now the key players are looking to invest in the media and entertainment sphere through increased penetration of smartphones, growing eSports sector, rising demand for on-demand and live streaming of music and videos along with augmented reality and virtual reality platforms.

Global media and entertainment industry market share, by model Type

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Media and Entertainment Market

Our Expertise

Group 1045

Mobile and Web

You can give the best experience to your customers by offering them hassle free ticketing with the help of amazing mobile and web apps developed at Graffersid, a top entertainment mobile app development company.

Group 520

Customized Media Apps

We offer customized entertainment app solutions catering to your specific requirements ultimately focused on facilitating rich user experience and give a much needed personal touch that may include a dedicated section for personalized news and blogs.

Group 1044

Brand Management

You will get professional grade CRM, brand management apps, and responsive design publication tools. It will help you improve brand awareness on social media; especially, if you belong to PR industry or any ecommerce enterprise.

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People are looking forward to more convenience, comfort, better options, availability, and interest based entertainment, which is possible through digital transformation and technical advancements. It indicates that investing in media and entertainment application development is a smart idea.

If you run a media and publishing house or run social media pages across different channels, an entertainment app solution can help you in numerous ways that include:

● Gaining market insights and tracking trends in the media industry
● Seamless integration with social media platforms
● App alerts so that your customer don’t miss on anything
● Spreading brand awareness at a mass level
● Reduces content duplication
● Deeper customer usage analysis
● Live chatting feature to enhance customer service

We are expert at creating entertainment app solutions in domains like digital publishing, social media, design and multimedia, publishing CMS,Community building and video streaming (OTT).

Hiring developers for entertainment app development will help you with the best quality at the most affordable rates along with:

● Expertise
● Professionalism
● On-time delivery
● Custom solutions
● Excellent communication
● Flexible hiring options

At Graffersid, all our discussions are NDA bound. We will share a signed copy even before you share an idea with us. Moreover, we ensure to keep your idea with great secrecy with or without an NDA. The developer team of Graffersid works in tight security and assures a high level of confidentiality with your idea.

The development cost depends on your requirements related to website design and features. We offer two models of engagement namely: dedicated entertainment app development model and product development model. You can Hire Entertainment App Developers on a monthly contract basis or can outsource the entire project to our team over fixed cost.

We offer fully customized entertainment app solutions depending on your requirements including all important features, functionalities, and design on your suggestions. As you discuss your requirements, we focus on delivering features that can help improve user experience and result in higher market acceptance.

To hire entertainment app developers will take about 1 week of time. We follow the below process:

1. Understand the project
2. Identifying the most suitable candidate from talent pool
3. Internal interview round to ensure quality
4. Client interview for 100% satisfaction
5. Contract Signing
6. Onboarding
7. Connecting client with resources for direct communication
8. Sharing Time and Task tracker sheet for transparency

Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, Trello and Discord are some of the mediums we use for communication. We welcome your suggestions and are open to your feedback. Moreover, we are working with the intent to reduce hassle and save your time. Thus we create an open channel of communication between the client and our developers after signing the contract and clearing the invoice.

Yes, before you hire a dedicated developer, we insist you take at least one round of interviews to be sure about what they are paying for. We are extremely confident in our developers and hence encourage our clients to take technical interviews to assess the depth of knowledge, experience, and communication of the developers.


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