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About Flask Development Services

Best Framework for Agile Development

Flask is a microframework for python used for developing web applications. Its quick rendering feature makes it more explicit than other frameworks such as Django. Flask is a great framework for beginners as it is lighter and easy to use than Django.

It was initially released on 1st April as an April Fool joke. Later on, as the development community got their hand on Flask, it quickly became a widely popular framework. It is now used to scale up to complex applications in a seamless way.

Trusted by giant companies such as Netflix, Airbnb and Lyft, dedicated Flask developers are in high demand among growing startups.

About Flask
Hire Flask Developers

Lyft, Reddit, Mailgun, Airbnb are some popular names with the Flask framework used in the development of web platforms. Flask is most favored by Startups because it gives ample chances of iterations without large losses due to an uncertain change coming in. For innovative startups, who are in the bootstrapping stage, Flask offers the freedom to test different architectures without major impact in base code. With a rise in modern technologies, there is a need to test and try what works for businesses. Therefore, Flask development services are on their peak curve across the world. Hire Dedicated Flask Developers in India from Graffersid to grow by 10X.

Developed using Flask
Features of Flask

Features of Flask

Control and Customize the Development the way you want with Flask

Modern startups require highly customized solutions for software or application development and flask development services allow them to have freedom at any stage.

Flask framework is built with the highest compatibility level for third-party APIs and other apps. This makes it better than the Django framework, especially for Startups.


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Technology industry is Dependent on Flask.


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Benefits of Flask Development Services


The simplicity in the entire development process

Flask is one of the most user-friendly micro-app frameworks, which comprises rich and robust documented packages. All in all, it helps developers to code projects with faster speed and smarter features.

Provides Configured

Flask framework offers great ease to developers by allowing them to configure their ORM. It uses SQLAlchemy and Peewee in order to manage ORM, which offers flexibility and ease to developers.

Flexible Project

Flask framework allows programmers to mitigate major issues and Flask bugs which usually arise due to rigid frameworks. Due to this property, applications developed by flask always offer a rich and premium experience when compared with other frameworks.

High-Security Settings

Flash is designed with impressive security settings, it supports password hashing in order to assure the safety of your project. Along with this, it allows session and token-based authentication coupled with two-factor authentication settings.

User-Friendly Database

While using the Flash framework, users have to design their database on their own with desired features. All the users need to recognize or conceptualize the tables in order to code them efficiently.

Offers Unicode Support

Flask offers UTF-8 encoding for your website which offers painless Unicode support for the developers. This offers better testability, efficiency during the entire web development process.

Benefits of Hiring Flask Developers from India


Flask Development in India

Hire ReactJS Developers in India
Hiring Flask developers from India is extremely affordable for Startups Across the Globe. The Chart clearly differentiates between the cost for one developer among countries and hiring Flask developers in India seems the best choice. (US $100, UK $85, Singapore $75, Aus $65, India $15)

India is the second country after the US with most English speakers. Yearly, around 1 Million students graduate as Computer Science Engineers. IT is a leading industry with over 12% contribution to India’s GDP and a major employment industry for the talented youth in India.

The python-based framework is extremely popular among Indian developers because of the small learning curve and future benefits as per job perspective.

The cost of Flask development services goes around $9-$30 per hour. It depends on the factors like the complexity of the project and experience of the developers required.

Benefits of Hiring the offshore Flask developers from India


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What is the major difference between Flask and Django framework?

The Flask framework is based on the concept of bare-minimum, which means that it leaves the bell and whistles. On the other hand, Django includes batteries which offer a lot that is out of the box.

What are the benefits of using Flask for web development?

Flask is one of the rich-featured micro web frameworks, which facilitates software engineers to develop web applications with much flexibility and documented packages.

What happens if the developer is not performing well as per our expectations?

We are highly committed towards building long lasting relationships.But just in case, the developer is not performing well, you can change the developer according to your needs or we can terminate the contract without any obligations.

Brief the entire pricing model of your firm?

The total cost mainly depends on the hours of hiring of the developers or the team of developers. It can be on Hourly Basis or can be hired for Full-time.The cost can be variable according to the complexities and requirements of your project.

Is your company comfortable in signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Absolutely Yes, our company is highly committed in order to meet the expectations of our clients. Along with this, we are always ready to sign an NDA agreement as an assurance to keep the entire process confidential.

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