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Insights about Kotlin

About Kotlin

Consider Kotlin for Top Level Objects, Clean Syntax, and Better App Efficiency

Kotlin is a new programming language from Google that is quite popular due to its clean and compact syntax and range of functionalities. It acts as a life saver for Kotlin developers as the language can solve real world problems that ensure interoperability with other languages like Java. Furthermore, it can be considered as the safe and secure language apt for concise programming.

As we know that Google supports Kotlin, it is the major reason that companies prefer Kotlin over Java. Moreover, Kotlin compiles the same bytecode as Java; so, when developers are to create Android apps they prefer Kotlin.

Some of the biggest companies that have invested in Kotlin include Google, Amazon, Uber, Foursquare, Trello, Basecamp and many more.

Hire Kotlin Developers
Released in February 2016, Kotlin is an open source statistically typed programming language supported by Google that targets JVM, Android, JavaScript, and Native. The best part of the language is its extended functionality and a combination of object-oriented and functional programming features. Moreover, it is focused on safety and tool support.
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Features of Kotlin

Kotlin a Smart and Affordable Solution for Your Android App

Kotlin is a cross platform language that facilitates interoperability with Java programming language. Moreover, Google’s influence has made it popular amongst market giants as it seems to be an affordable and a safer option than Java. Even the IDE plugin works smoothly and allows almost similar functions and features that Java has. This is the reason today many companies are shifting to Kotlin, you can have a look at the stats below to have better understanding of the background and influence of Kotlin.


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popularity and great usage in the market


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that it is a high-yielding language


Developers want to

work with Kotlin as their programming language

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Benefits of Hiring Kotlin Developers

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Safer Code

Being an easier cross platform language, Kotlin has easy and clear codes that make it safer as compared to other languages. Moreover, the chances for errors are much lower.

Easier to Maintain

Kotlin is a one stop language for almost all app development as it supports a great number of IDEs, and android studios. This flexibility makes it free to use for all who have tried and tested the development tools. Thus, it is easier to maintain.


Being an open source systematically typed language, Kotlin facilitates a varied number of apps. Moreover, the extended functionalities make it affordable options as you don’t have to spend extra like you do in other languages.

Cross Platform

Kotlin is a cross platform language where it can be compiled into JVM, iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, and other embedded systems that aids efficient and faster development.

Massive Interoperability

Another great benefit of using Kotlin is its massive interoperability with Java where you can run Java codes on Kotlin, which contributes in making Kotlin developer’s life easier and productive. It also helps in increasing their efficiency.

Collections and Streams

Kotlin being an advanced programming language tackles the collections well with the help of a rich functional API that return as the collections are characterized by the identical functionality.

Kotlin Trends


Kotlin in India

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Why is Kotlin one of the Key Technology Trends?

If you observe the trends you will get to know that Google itself is becoming Kotlin oriented. So, the major developers are moving towards adopting the same that will facilitate easy and fast Kotlin development. Apart from this, Kotlin has a solution for many issues that are surfaced in Java that provides developers with safer codes, clarity, and support. Thus, we can say that it is touted as a tour-de-force in the Android app development ecosystem and creating waves.

When it comes to hiring Kotlin developers, consider exploring India for dedicated Kotlin development. It is the top avenue amongst big tech giants due to the availability of resources, problem solving approach, and easy accessibility. You will get scalable apps that solve the real world problems. Moreover, the cost involved in the development process is also less starting from $15 to $30.

Benefits of hiring Kotlin developers from India


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