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Market Trend

About Node.js Development Services

Built on top of Google V8, Node.js Sparked Back-end Development

Node.js is a runtime environment built on Chrome’s V8 Javascript engine. Improving the productivity of developers, Node.js has all the benefits of Javascript language.

With Node.js driving the backend development, it gives Startups a chance of scaling to any limit with better efficiency and robust technology stack. Npm is the Node.js package ecosystem which is the largest source of open source libraries in the world.

Asynchronous nature and Event-driven I/O are making Node.js the preferred backend technology for Web development.

Node.js Market Trend
Hire Node.JS Developers

Paypal experienced a 50% increase in performance when employed Node.js in backend with a 35% reduction in response time. Netflix is relying on Node.js servers for A/B testing of their huge audience in real-time and personalizing content suggestions for millions of users. With extensive support from Google and Corporate Community, Node.js is growing exponentially every year. Hire Node.js Developers in India from Graffersid to grow by 10X.

Apps built Using ReactJS
Hire Node.js Developers

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Node js Developers

Excel in Development of Solid Web Applications with Powerful Node.js

The Lightweight code of Node.js is thriving to improve the digital experience of users. Node.js enhanced the efficiency of real-time applications with Non-blocking I/O and Single-Threaded Nature.

Fastest release of the product is possible with Node.js free modules available in several open libraries. It makes Node.js favourite tech of Startups to quickly launch MVP.


Reduction in

Development Cost With Node.js


Modules of

Libraries are available for Node.js



Increases of Companies Hiring Dedicated Node.js Developers from India

Do you want to hire Node.js developers to scale your Mobile App?

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Quick and Reliable Process to Hire NodeJS Developers

Hire the Expert and Dedicated NodeJS Developers in a week.


3.5 hrs


Requirement gathering


GRAFFERSID Shortlists the Best Candidates

8 hrs


Interview is scheduled with Client

8 hrs



8 hrs

1st Round of Interview is Conducted



8 hrs

Contract Signing



Onboarding Process

8 hrs

Why India is Preferred? / Hire Node.js Developers from India / Benefits of Hiring from India


Node.js Developers in India

Hire ReactJS Developers in India

The above graph clearly shows that out of the top countries of the World for hiring a dedicated NodeJS developer, India is the most affordable. You can hire 5  Node.js developers in India for the same cost as of hiring 1 developer from Singapore.

Node.js is a Javascript runtime environment which makes it easy to learn and start project development with lots of libraries. With more than 12% contribution to India’s GDP, the IT Sector is well established and supported by Government Policies.

In India, Startups have the opportunity to cut costs and invest Smartly in Competent and highly skilled developers.

The cost to hire a dedicated Nodejs developer depends upon the experience required and complexity of the task. Generally, it is around $9-$29 per hour.

Benefits of Hiring the offshore Node.js Developers from India


Why Graffersid?

We Celebrate the Success with our Clients


Only Growth Focused

We want to nurture Relationships so if a resource is failing to achieve goals, we are ready to replace the developer or terminate the contract with no loss to the client.


Quality-driven Performance


Effective Community Support


No-obligation Contract


Flexible Engagement Models


Hassle-free Project management


Skilled and Experienced Team


Integrity and Transparency


Ready to Upskill


2000+ Dev Community

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leading review website, ranked us “Top 15 upcoming IT companies in India” for 2018

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HobNob, raised $1 Million in Seed Funding just months of their lauch.

Are you looking forward to hire Node.js Developers to enhance your team?

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Success Stories

Clients reflecting on our Strong Bond



Do you have a Question for us?

What should be the minimum size of a team, I have to hire?

There are no boundations on hiring. You can hire a team of developers or a single developer according to your requirements. GRAFFERSID analyzes the requirements of the project and helps you in hiring the perfect developer.

Why should I choose Graffersid for hiring dedicated Node.JS developers?

There are a plethora of advantages when you hire a dedicated Node js developer with GRAFFERSID. Some of the perks include

  • No Bond Policy
  • Flexible Hiring Models
  • Experienced Developers
  • Award Winning Team
  • Niche-Specific Developers
Do you provide any document to secure the authority of my project?

Yes absolutely. You will have the 100% ownership of your deliverables. Our contract states that all work created by developers is the property of the client. We also sign NDA to maintain proper privacy of the project.

How can I contact the assigned developer about feedback and queries?

As soon as you ONboard a dedicated Node.js developer, you will have complete access over hired developers. Moreover, Our developers will regularly maintain communication regarding everything that’s going on with the project. You can contact developers via Skype, emails, and calls.

What are the payment terms?

We deduct the amount for which the developer has worked and we refund the completed remaining balance back to your account.

For example, if your monthly contract is for $2500 per month and the contract is terminated after 20 days of working then

2500/30 = $83.33 (daily cost).
83.33 *20 = 1666.66 (Cost for 20 days)
2500 - 1666.66 = $833.33 (refunded back to the client)
And all further payments for the contract are nullified.


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No bond Policy.

If the resource doesn’t perform then the contract will be terminated within 1 month of notice.


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