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Insights about Swift

About Swift

Get Open Source Community, Easy Code Readability and Maintenance Using Swift

Swift provides for an easy development of iOS apps with feasibility, hassle-free methodology, and less coding. We can say that it is the language of the next generation that has been developed taking into consideration the ideas from Python, CLU, Ruby, Haskell, C#. Moreover, it is a great alternative to the object oriented language C. Another great part about app development using Swift is that it has compelling features of object C and language C. Showing you the real time output Swift is blended with functional programming attributes.

The applications developed using Swift are HubSpot, Lyft, Pandora, OpenTable, Airbnb, LinkedIn, Yahoo Weather.

About Swift
Swift Developers
Released in 2014, Swift is a powerful and intuitive language that millions of people are already working on. With a concise and expressive syntax, it includes modern day features that developers adore today and that make the entire writing process more interactive and fun. Being the top programming language it is 2.6X faster than Objective C.
Developed using Swift
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Features of Swift

Swift for Future Development in Mind

As Swift takes a lot of useful components from the Objective-, it brings in a new host of features that allows Swift developers to write easy, reliable, and safer codes. Owing to these features and the demand for creative and engaging mobile apps, the Swift app development has been on the rise.


Rank in the market has established

Swift as one of the primary programming languages


Ratings in the market

make it a popular language


Developers love

Swift as their programming language

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Benefits of Hiring Swift Developers

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The biggest benefit of Swift is its open source Swift community that makes the language more developer friendly.

Speedy App Development

Swift aids the process of speed development through FlatBuffers, which makes it a more competitive and performing web application.

with C

Being similar to C, Swift comes with an interoperability that allows Swift app developers to write code in one language and use it in another language.

Less Error Prone

Another great benefit of Swift is that it comes with an option to define values that allows Swift app developers to define whether the value exists or it is nil. In case the developer takes nil value Swift triggers the run time. Thus, it keeps the app bug free.

Supported by Multiple Devices

Swift is not just limited to Apple Devices, instead it can be used on Linux and Windows. Thus, it supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac devices.

Improved Performance

Swift being faster than Objective C, it allows for faster code execution that improves the process of development to a great extent.

Swift Trends


Swift Developers in India

Hire ReactJS Developers in India

With one of the largest pool of talented as well as experienced developers, hiring a dedicated Swift developer from India is one of the best choices that Startups make. Above graph shows the per hour charges of a dedicated developer in top countries.

Swift being the powerful and robust programming language provides for a golden gate for your business to make a name amongst Apple users. As the name implies it is swift that results in rapid Swift app development process and easy integration. If you look at the app store you will realize that around 42% of apps are already using Swift. The growing numbers prove that the Swift community is expanding and we can expect growth and expansion in the future.

When it comes to hiring Swift app developers, India is the best avenue. Depending on your business endeavours Swift app developers can create and modify the apps. And, interestingly they tend to complete the project in less time with great cost efficiency. Usually, they charge nominally starting from $15.

Benefits of hiring Swift developers from India


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