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Future Trends of Financial Sector

Technological Trends that You Will See in Financial Sector

The banks provide all the features of a traditional bank with a twist of no physical establishment. Hence all your services are completely digital. It is expected that physical visits to banks will decrease by 60% by 2025 with customer preference shifting to online banking.
Reg Tech is the domain of handling regulatory processes online. Mainly involves reporting, analysis, processing and forwarding, approval, cross verifications, background verifications and compliances.
AI and integration will help fintech companies resolve customer concerns by enhancing efficiency. Moreover, a customer centric approach, cost optimization, enhanced security, and real-time data integration are the critical needs that will be the focus of fintech firms in the future.
Predictive analysis is one of the significant trends that will affect fintech. Market giants from the industry have already started using it to improve business models, conduct risk analysis of potential borrowers, and to drive further innovation.
Crypto and blockchain occupy the largest share in the financial industry all over the world and bitcoin is the biggest example that we see today. Moreover, the vast public ledger across a peer-to-peer network is another thing that is trending in the market. Fund transfers, settling trades, and voting, are some potential applications that companies are ready to invest in.
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Important Stats from the Financial Industry, You Should Know

Growth Stats from Financial Sector that Will Affect Your Business


96% of global consumers are aware of at least one fintech service in use or at least one fintech company.


The global fintech market is expected to reach upto $309.98 billion at a CAGR Of 24.8% in the future.


Digital payments will make the largest segment of the total transaction.


Using chatbots will save banks $7.3 billion globally by 2023.


The global market for cryptocurrency was valued at around US$0.5 bn in 2016 and is anticipated to be US$50 billion by 2025.
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Perks of Hiring Developers From graffersid

Why Hire Fin-tech Developers From GraffersID?

GraffersID is a top fintech software development company with a team of dedicated fintech developers who have expertise across various technologies. We are ready to create tailor-made fintech applications and software as per your requirements.


Offers a Fintech Super System

Our team of dedicated software developers is expert at creating an entire fintech super system that can help you with varied applications to make the process easier and convenient for your firm and clients.


Higher Personalization

At GraffersID, you will get a higher degree of personalization where all our fintech applications are designed to meet your personal goals while giving your ease of use in the already complicated financial world.


Improved Convenience

We know customers crave convenience and we value that. Our team of professionals is master at balancing the benefits of technology and data specifically intended to deliver convenient fintech solutions that reduce cost and improve efficiency.


Huge Customer Base

Being a reliable source in delivering quality fintech solutions, Graffersid has been the top choice for startups and market giants. We have served 100+ clients across 11 different countries. We have always focused on client satisfaction and never disappoint our clients.

Better Functionality

At Graffersid, you will get an expert team of dedicated fintech developers that are open to improving core functionalities by designing personalized fintech apps to unbanked people, reducing cost, seamless integration, and data analytics.


Proactive Insights

Our team of fintech developers offers a feasible blend of innovative technology, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics for proactive insights that can be easily embedded in the financial ecosystem.

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When we look at the growth trend of the financial industry, we will discover that fintech is going to reach a market value of approximately $ 305 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual rate of about 22.17% over the forecast period 2020-2025.

Financial Market Trends

Importance and growth trends in Finance industry market

If we closely look at the ongoing trends, demand for convenience in every sector is driving innovation and so is the finance industry. The key players are looking to invest in the financial sphere due to high usage of smartphones, and rising demand for on-demand services.

Global Finance industry market share, by model Type

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Finance industry market

Our Expertise

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Custom Fintech

At Graffersid, you will get custom fintech applications. that offer higher degree of personalization along with safety and convenience to your users. We aim to deliver improved customer experience through our fintech solutions.

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MIS Reporting and Financial Analytics

We offer end-to-end fintech applications on both mobile and web platforms where you get consolidated and combined financial regulatory reports such as fixed assets Process reports, inventory accounting, along with a robust financial analytics platform.

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Billing and Payment Solution

Consumers need digital money management solution that they can quickly adapt to. You can count on us for easy billing and payment solution to streamline your billing and customer management.s

Do You want to Hire Fin-tech Developers ?

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Do you have a Question for us?

Considering fintech solutions for your organization would help you manage money your way, easy and faster remittance transfer, deliver customized services, improved UI/UX, and easy customer interaction.

If you run a media and publishing house or run social media pages across different channels, a fintech solution can help you in numerous ways that include:

● Gaining market insights and tracking trends in the financial industry
● Seamless integration with other fintech software and apps
● App alerts so that you don’t miss on important information
● It will help you to process payments cost effectively
● Easy monitoring of account balances

We are expert at creating fintech solutions in varied areas like money lending commercial software, banking software, investment software, personal finance management, regulatory reporting and MIS, and many more.

Hiring fintech developers will help you with the best quality at the most affordable rates along with:

● Expertise
● Professionalism
● On-time delivery
● Custom solutions
● Flexible hiring options
● Excellent communication

Generally we take 2-3 weeks time to develop standard software and apps. Custom software requires more time depending on your requirements and further understanding can be gained after discussion. Contact our team for a free quote

At Graffersid, all our discussions are NDA bound. We will share a signed copy even before you share an idea with us. Moreover, we ensure to keep your idea with great secrecy with or without an NDA. The developer team of Graffersid works in tight security and assures a high level of confidentiality with your idea.

The development cost depends on your requirements related to website design and features. We offer two models of engagement namely: dedicated fintech software development model and product development model. You can Hire Fin-tech Developers on a monthly contract basis or can outsource the entire project to our team over fixed cost.

We offer fully customized fintech solutions depending on your requirements including all important features, functionalities, and design on your suggestions. As you discuss your requirements, we focus on delivering features that can help improve user experience and result in higher market acceptance.

To Hire Fin-tech Developers will take about 1 week of time. We follow the below process:

1. Understand the project
2. Identifying the most suitable candidate from talent pool
3. Internal interview round to ensure quality
4. Client interview for 100% satisfaction
5. Contract Signing
6. Onboarding
7. Connecting client with resources for direct communication
8. Sharing Time and Task tracker sheet for transparency

Skype, Slack, Whatsapp, Trello and Discord are some of the mediums we use for communication. We welcome your suggestions and are open to your feedback. Moreover, we are working with the intent to reduce hassle and save your time. Thus we create an open channel of communication between the client and our developers after signing the contract and clearing the invoice.

Yes, before you hire a dedicated developer, we insist you take at least one round of interviews to be sure about what they are paying for. We are extremely confident in our developers and hence encourage our clients to take technical interviews to assess the depth of knowledge, experience, and communication of the developers.


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