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5 Innovative Tech Features For Grocery Startups 2023

grocery shopping

Before we enter this discussion let me clear you 2 things the ideas we are going to discuss are not theories. They have been practically applied by our team in our client’s projects. And second that it is not a Newton Science that costs a fortune to implement; just a couple of hundred dollars and it can be developed. Read along with the article to know the best grocery app features to add in:

The world is moving towards automation and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it. However, Grocery is one of the oldest and biggest markets. Be it a Brick and Mortar or an online store, everything is at a boom and new features are popping out every day to help customers shop easily and fast. US online grocery market is hitting $40 Billion and is expecting to grow at 150% annually reaching $220 Billion by 2025. While Indian grocery is hitting $4 Billion and is expecting to grow at 300% with the increasing penetration of internet users and acceptance of online shopping. Nonetheless, Stats are pretty much the same for different countries around the globe.

As the market is growing and maturing with time, the expectation of the consumers is also increasing at the same pace. Furthermore, Consumers want things to be more automated and easy to check out their carts. Imagine if your customers can shop and checkout on their own without having to stand in long queues. If they could discover products in 1 action.

New features:

1. Barcode scanning-based product Identification:

Problem: The main aim of any application is to make the customer reach the end goal as soon as possible. Moreover, Product discovery is the most time taking process for the customer, where they have to enter the category. Then subcategory and scroll through the different variants of the same products to place an order.

Solution: All this hassle can be removed if the customer has the product in his hand. He can just scan the barcode and the product will automatically pop out on the screen and get add to the cart. Also, If the customer wants multiple quantities they just have to place the product multiple times in front of the camera.

2. Store map to locate the product:

Problem: Frequently I have so visited big stores and got completely lost. It becomes more inconvenient when you hate to ask people where to find things. Therefore, you get tired and irritated.

Solution: An app that has an in-build store map. The user can scan the barcode of a wrapper or manually type the name of the product and the application could navigate the user to the specific shelf in the store. Where the product could be found. Moreover, In a general observation, the sale has observed to have increased by 14% in 3 months of experimentation.

3. Using AI’s Object detection based Product Identification:

Problem: In grocery fields, there are products that may not have a barcode or you might have thrown away the wrapper. In that case, you have to go through the hassle of selecting the right product manually which takes time and is a bit annoying.

Solution: What if you could just show your camera the image of the product and it could tell you all the brands offering that product. Something like Soya Chucks or beans, etc. Or if you could show your camera the packaging and it could find the exact match for you.

4. Face Recognition/ Fingerprint-based Login systems:

Problem: With the rising trend of digitalization there is an application for almost everything. It is humanly impossible to remember all the passwords for such a wide range of apps. For too long we have been using the traditional ways of logging in and registering through phone numbers or email ids or Social Media logins with passwords.

Solution: All smartphones these days have equipped with front cameras and fingerprint scanners. We can create login systems that are fast and do not need any effort in remembering long cumbersome passwords.

Futuristic Tech:

100% Automated Shopping Experience

  • Imagine a time when you just enter the store and the store camera can detect if you are an existing customer or a new customer.
  • When you enter, the system will search your face to see if you have ever entered the store. However, if it finds a match your profile will have been fetched from the database. In case you enter the store for the first time, the system will create a profile for you.
  • As you shop, the store camera will detect your activity and update your cart,
  • Once you have finished shopping you can go to the mobile app and check out the order by online payment or cash on the counter.

The advantage to Brick and Mortar Shops:

  • Better Customer Recognitions

Features that have become obsolete:

  • Searching for product
  • Typing inside the app
  • Manual Product verification
  • Paper-based invoicing
  • Waiting in long ques
  • Roaming around the store to find product

Technology is as big as our imagination. If we can image it then technology has the capability to make it happen. Hit is if you have new ideas we are always on a hunt.

For the love of technology let’s build something incredible.

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