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Things To Consider Before Working With React

Things to consider before working with React

Being the owner of a start-up based in India is not a piece of cake. The challenges often comprise the constant need to keep pace with the latest technological changes and updates. And, this is about the time that I wanted to develop an app with React Native. For development and deploying my React App, Hire ReactJS Developers. In the same process, we learned the following here are things to consider before working with react:

  1. React is easy to master because of the following-

 It is a JavaScript framework used to write a real yet native mobile-based application. To be precise, it is a library that lets you create your own set of libraries. In simpler terms, even if you are a learner or a developed mind, there is no room for complications while using React Native.

The above figure shows the react as the preferred choice of JS

Source- Tecla

  • Routing- 

 Routing in the react-native as we can say has come a long way. In the web browser, the pages are independent and reloaded from the stack. But speaking of the react-native, the pages are stacked on top of each other. So, when you navigate from one screen to the other, it will keep it in the memory. And for the same purpose, it is recommended to find a stable router. Before, you start with the application development process. 

  • App Theme Development- 

The dark mode is in fashion. A dark theme may help the user in a way that he does not strain his eyes when operating in the low light environments. You can attain the darker themes by following the below process- 

Define your-

  1. Color constants 
  2. Get the required colors into your application 
  3. You can also design the components to incorporate the color

(If you want to go into detail about the same, you can contact GraffersID. And we will help you with another blog for the same purpose.) 

But, no matter what, keep the following notions in your mind- 

  • It is better done at the starting when you are beginning with the process of application development
  • Do no overcrowd the theme
  • React does justice to its name- 

What if we tell you, you do not need any library or framework to develop a multi-platform mobile application? 

 Now, you must be in a state of shock and would ask what to do then. How can you create a mobile application without a library? The answer is simple. You can employ WebView (it is the browser that is bundled inside the aforementioned app). 

But, there are certain disadvantages to the same. The WebView doesn’t guarantee overall performance. The visual effects so expected aren’t present. And, handling or taking care of such a gruesome gesture is hard. And, in such circumstances, you can couple it with the React Native. How will it do it? React Native will compile down to the application’s platform native code. 

  • Great Work Efficiency-

 What do you understand by the term efficiency? No, we aren’t taking your grammar test. We want to convey that React Native ranks high when it comes to doing a certain amount of work in the short development cycle. React native is used today by fortune companies as well as the start-ups. Moreover, to date, major app development cases are- Facebook, Instagram, Uber, and Walmart to name a few. 

Hire React JS Developers India

You can keep the following pieces of advice in mind, to increase the performance of the app- 

  • It is crucial to keep only the necessary features and eliminate unwanted ones. 

Often when using an android application, we witness that there could be a plethora of processes running in your immediate background. It may lead to memory leakage. In such a process, it can undermine the overall quality of your app’s performance. In such cases, avoid the use of ListView, and employ scrolling lists such as VirtualList, FlatList, or even SectionList. It will amplify the performance of the abovementioned android application.

  • Reducing the size of the application is an important criterion.

It is because the devices respond naturally better to smaller applications. You can also use ProGuard to minimize the size of the graphics. 

  • Styling with the react-native- 

 There is a library known as a react-native extended stylesheet, which makes the overall styling more fun and interactive. Though the style system has flaws, it is easy to use as well as efficient. All you have to do is to keep your components small. And, the UI, as well as the styles, will fit on one single page. 

  • The Expo

 Do you know that reactive native is home to hundreds of libraries that are almost ready to use? But, despite this fact, it gets no attention from the creators or developers. And, when you try your hands to upgrade a newer React Native version, things may get ugly. 

Expo plays a crucial role in fixing such issues. Expo is a well-known toolbox that accentuates the functions of React Native. It provides its usefulness because it consists of many APIs and tools to build facilities. It helps by developing as well as storing the contents in a cloud. It can even upgrade the application when installed from the app store or play store in the background. 

  • Media Resources- 

 Now, here comes the tricky part. If your application is not sensitive to an image or a video than an extra deal of effort might go in the development process. Moreover, loading images of any high quality can make the overall application process slow. 

  • Profiler & the other tools 

You must know how to employ the use of Profiler. You can use the debug menu, watch out where your fps is running at, and run a Profiler. You can do this to ascertain the root cause of the problem. 

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Wrapping it up- 

The popularity of react-native has sky-rocketed lately. But, any tools comes with a plethora of pros and cons. And, the above things we wished someone could have told us or prepared us. 

As the adage goes, it is better late than ever you can keep the above things in mind before developing an app using react-native.       

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