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Best 8 Free Language Learning Apps & How Does It Work?

best language learning apps

Want to learn a new language? We say it’s a great choice. Besides helping you stack up your skills, learning a new language can help you communicate with different country companies, developers, and freelancers. Also, these apps can help you to know more about their cultures. However, if you are a working professional, and you are way too busy to enroll in a new language school or if you want to build a learning management system and don’t know other countries’ languages, we have just a list of the best free language learning apps you can use to stack up your skills and communicate with different foreign companies.

That being said, here are the top 8 free language learning apps you should check out today.

Top 8 Language Learning Apps in 2024

1. Duolingo

Duolingo - Langauge learning App

The app’s primary focus is on entertaining exercises that encourage learning by putting your vocabulary to the test. As a result, you will be required to utter words and phrases, translate, match terms to their definitions, and perform other tasks. 

The vocabulary sets are organized thematically, and you move according to Duolingo’s set sequence. However, you can also try out some of the lessons if you’re more experienced. You can review a lesson after you’ve finished it to help you remember what you learned.

Availability: Android & iOS

Languages: 20+ languages, including Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French, English and German.


  • Perfect for busy professionals, allowing users to learn as little as five minutes
  •  Interactive activities to boost vocabulary 
  • A game touch to keep things interesting 


  • Learning streaks can easily be lost
  • A lot of ads
  • In-app purchases to leverage all features. 

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2. Beelinguapp

Beelinguapp - Langauge learning App

There is nothing else like Beelinguapp. One of the best free language learning apps, Beelinguapp attempts to aid students in honing their language abilities through a variety of stories, such as news articles, books, fairy tales, and more. 

Each narrative is presented in two languages, one at the top and one at the bottom of the page. You may customize your settings; however, having one be your native language and the other be your target language often works well. There is audio available so you may listen to the stories in either language in addition to reading them side by side in both languages.

Availability: Android & iOS

Languages: 13 languages, including Japanese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, English, Chinese and Korean 


  • It allows you to focus on a target language
  • Offers songs, lyrics and stories for better learning
  • Audio for stores available 


  •  Limited stores for a free account 
  • Improper grammar explanations 

3. Memrise 

Memrise - Langauge learning App

Even while the free edition just provides you with a tiny taste of everything Memrise has to offer, it may still be used to learn some vocabulary and determine whether you like the user interface. 

Memrise’s free edition gives you the chance to study and review words and phrases. You can practice learning your target language in whichever language you feel most at ease (probably your native language). One amusing trick, though, is that if you already speak one foreign language, you may use those abilities to learn another target language. For instance, if you already know Spanish, you may attempt learning Portuguese while brushing up on your Spanish by designating it as your learning language.

Availability: Android & iOS

Languages: 200+


  • Videos for a more practical understanding 
  • Flashcards for a better vocabulary formation 
  • Features like reviews, grammar explanations, and video modes


  • Requires a paid plan to use most features
  • Restricted language output
  • Unreliable flashcards

4. Busuu

Busuu - Langauge learning App

Like using flashcards to study? You may get your flashcard fix with Busuu’s free edition while weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a full membership. 

You may use busuu’s flashcards to help you increase your vocabulary by downloading the app for free. This is only a portion of what busuu provides to premium customers, so if you enjoy the format, you could think about subscribing to have access to native speaker conversations, tests, grammar drills, official certificates, and more.

Availability: Android & iOS

Languages: 12, including Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese. 


  • Users can set personalized goals
  • Comprehensive explanations for grammar and culture
  • Comprehensive checks for vocabulary


  • Questionable quality 
  • Lacks the entertainment value 
  • Incorrect explanations 

5. 50Languages 

50Languages - Free Langauge learning App

Look no further than 50Languages if you’re a beginner wanting to kickstart your language study. 

Basic vocabulary instruction is the focus of 50Languages, which provides a wealth of free tools for doing so. You may utilize the app’s free lessons, exams, and activities to brush up on some of the most important vocabulary and learn new words. 

There are also in-app purchases available to disable adverts and access more content.

Availability: Android & iOS

Languages: Over 50 languages, including Spanish, Russian, German, English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and more. 


  • High-quality content
  • A lot of language options 
  • You can choose language skills


  • The interface is not user-friendly 
  • Complicated lesson formations 

6. Mondly

Mondly - best language learning app

You may sample a little portion of the Mondly app’s potent learning punch without investing a thing. 

With this app, you can access the initial foundational content as a free Mondly app user and you will also get access to continuous content that you can use to establish a study schedule, such as a new lesson every day, a quiz every week, and even monthly challenges. 

Don’t worry if you discover that you enjoy having free access but would want additional content. You may have access to more classes, dialogues, vocabulary builders, conjugation tables, and other features by purchasing a premium membership.

Availability: Android & iOS

Languages: Includes 33 languages like Arabic, French, English, German, Italian, Japanese and more. 


  • Interactive learning methods 
  • A sense of competition  
  • A separate app for young learners 


  • Complicated interface
  • Lack of level distinctions 
  • Over-priced premium packages 

7. Innovative Languages 

Innovative Languages - Langauge learning App

Want to guarantee that you regularly have updated learning materials? You may get new information every week with the Innovative Language app without paying any money. 

This is due to Innovative Language’s weekly release of new free audio and video courses. You may easily include these free resources into your study routine. Still, if you want to test out Innovative Language’s additional services, you might want to think about signing up for a free trial. 

With the premium language course from Innovative Language’s free trial, you get complete access to an extensive collection of audio and video courses, lesson notes, conversations with audio, your own personal word bank, and more. If you enjoy it, you may want to think about subscribing for ongoing access.

Availability: Android & iOS

Languages: More than 30 languages, including Russian, Korean, Japanese and French


  • Interesting learning approach 
  • Practical lessons 
  • You can choose the language, level, and topics


  • Lessons lack organization 
  • Content quality is not consistent 
  • Not-so-engaging videos 

8. Drops 

Drops - free language learning app

Watch your vocabulary expand as you put in your daily five minutes of effort! 

Yes, Drops promises to accelerate your language learning to just five minutes each day. 

Drops use visual learning to match words in your target language with visuals. By doing so, you may avoid associating terms in your target language with their English equivalents and instead focus on their genuine meanings. And there are plenty more terms to learn on the app. There are around 1700 divided into 99 subjects for each language. 

The most excellent part is that everything is free and you can subscribe for limitless learning time if your Drops addiction is simply too powerful to be contained in five minutes a day, but that might be harmful to all your Drops users.

Availability: Android & iOS

Languages: 45 languages, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and more. 


  • A sizable word bank with a wide range of themes 
  • Learning via repetition
  • The capacity to omit words 


  • No grammar lessons or explanations 
  • Hardly any audio 
  • No experience in talking

Benefits of Using Language Learning Apps

In today’s globalized world, the ability to speak multiple languages is a valuable asset. Language learning apps have revolutionized the way we acquire new languages, making them more accessible and enjoyable than ever before. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your career prospects, connect with people from diverse backgrounds, or simply exercise your cognitive muscles, these apps offer a myriad of advantages.

Convenient Access to Language Learning

  • On-the-go Learning

One of the primary benefits of language learning apps is their accessibility. You can learn a new language anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on a train, waiting in line, or relaxing at home, your language lessons are just a tap away.

  • 24/7 Availability

Unlike traditional language classes, these apps are available 24/7. There are no fixed schedules, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Say goodbye to rushing to classes or missing lessons due to other commitments.

Personalized Learning Experience

  • Adaptive Lessons

Language apps often use AI algorithms to adapt to your learning style and pace. They provide tailored lessons that focus on your weaknesses and reinforce your strengths, ensuring efficient progress.

  • Customized Content

You have the freedom to choose the topics and areas of language you want to explore. Whether you’re interested in business vocabulary or everyday conversation, you can customize your learning journey.

Gamification and Engagement

Learning a new language can be challenging, but language apps turn it into a game. Through gamification, they make learning fun and engaging, using rewards, challenges, and interactive activities.

  • Learning Through Play

You’ll find yourself immersed in a world of language puzzles, quizzes, and challenges. It’s like leveling up in a video game, but with the added bonus of acquiring valuable language skills.

  • Friendly Competition

Many language apps allow you to compete with friends or other learners. This friendly competition not only motivates you but also helps you track your progress.


  • Affordable Alternatives

Language learning apps are often more affordable than traditional classes or tutors. You can access a wealth of resources without breaking the bank.

  • No Hidden Costs

With language apps, there are no hidden costs. You pay for the app, and everything you need is at your fingertips. No textbooks, workbooks, or extra fees are required.

Improved Retention and Consistency

  • Daily Practice

Consistency is key when learning a language. Language apps encourage daily practice, helping you reinforce what you’ve learned and maintain steady progress.

  • Immediate Feedback

Apps provide instant feedback on your pronunciation and grammar, helping you correct mistakes as you go, which is vital for effective learning.

Diverse Language Options

  • Learning Multiple Languages

Many apps offer a wide range of languages to choose from. Whether you want to master a popular language or a rare one, you’re likely to find it in the app store.

  • Rare Language Availability

For those interested in less commonly taught languages, these apps open up new possibilities. You can explore languages that may not be available in your local language schools.

Community and Support

  • Learning with Peers

Language apps often have community features that allow you to connect with fellow learners. You can practice speaking with native speakers or engage in group discussions.

  • Access to Tutors and Experts

Some apps provide access to language tutors and experts who can offer guidance, answer questions, and provide valuable insights into the language and culture.

  • Boosted Career Opportunities

In today’s global job market, language skills are a significant asset. Many employers value multilingual employees, and language apps can help you acquire the skills that open up new career opportunities.

  • International Networking

Learning a new language can also expand your professional network. You can connect with colleagues, clients, and partners from different parts of the world.

Cultural Understanding

  • Connecting with People from Diverse Backgrounds

Language is a gateway to understanding different cultures. By learning a new language, you can connect with people from diverse backgrounds on a deeper level.

  • Appreciating Different Cultures

Language learning apps often provide cultural insights alongside language lessons, fostering a greater appreciation for the customs, traditions, and histories of other cultures.

Cognitive Benefits

  • Enhanced Brain Function

Learning a new language challenges your brain, improving cognitive functions such as memory and problem-solving. It’s like a workout for your mind.

  • Delayed Cognitive Decline

Studies suggest that bilingual individuals may experience a delay in cognitive decline as they age. Learning and using multiple languages can help keep your brain sharp.

Flexibility and Adaptability

  • Adapting to New Environments

Knowing another language makes it easier to adapt to new environments, whether you’re traveling, living abroad, or working with multicultural teams.

  • Cultural Sensitivity

Language learning fosters cultural sensitivity, allowing you to navigate diverse settings with respect and understanding.

Fun and Motivation

  • Staying Motivated in Learning

Language apps inject fun and motivation into the learning process, ensuring that you stay engaged and committed to your language-learning journey.

  • Enjoying the Journey

Ultimately, language learning should be an enjoyable experience. Language apps make the journey entertaining and rewarding.

Language learning apps have transformed the way we acquire new languages, offering convenient access, personalized learning, engagement through gamification, cost-efficiency, improved retention, and a diverse range of languages. They also facilitate community building, provide access to expert support, boost career opportunities, enhance cultural understanding, offer cognitive benefits, promote adaptability, and inject fun into the learning process. Embrace the power of language learning apps and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth.

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  1. Are these apps suitable for beginners?
    • Yes, all of these apps cater to beginners and learners at various levels.
  2. Do I need to pay for these apps?
    • While most of these apps offer free versions, they also provide premium options with added features.
  3. Which app is best for learning vocabulary?
    • Memrise and Drops are excellent choices for vocabulary building.
  4. Can I use these apps offline?
    • Some apps offer offline access, especially in their premium versions.
  5. Are there age restrictions for using these apps?
    • Most of these apps are suitable for users of all ages, but some may have age restrictions in their terms of service.
  6. Can I learn multiple languages simultaneously with these apps?
    • Yes, you can learn multiple languages using these apps, but it’s recommended to focus on one at a time for more effective learning.

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