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About the Client

Cryptocurrency and Crypto technology is still new to the majority of the people on this planet. In such a case, CryptoHODL was an idea to help everyone understand the technology and build awareness around it. Trading is a popular concept but Crypto technology has so many hurdles to get people to start investing in it. Through a digitally driven process, spreading the knowledge about crypto and its trading was a tough challenge.

The team of GRAFFERSID ensured that the Custom Mobile App Development and Custom Website Development of the app are executed after consultation with the Crypto and Trading experts. The Idea of the client attracted funding from top investors in the Seed Round itself.

The prototype developed by the team of GRAFFERSID was able to work smoothly and ensure that every feature of the product is as expected. After the launch of the app, its popularity went high within a few months garnering more than 2 million users in the first year itself.

With a constraint of reduced time for development as presented by the client, GRAFFERSID paced up the process with more resources and developers working on it with incredible sync between the team. Competitor Analysis, Creating Accurate User personas, and Discussions with Stakeholders were some of the steps followed in the “Requirements Gathering” Process.

The further process was taken over by Experienced Designers and architects of the GRAFFERSID. 

Features of the app and website

Developing a mobile app for a particular segment of the audience requires the team to carefully study users and think about the features around them. When it comes to advanced features, the is packed with them, thanks to the team of Graffersid. There are a lot of features in the app right from the necessary ones to the exclusive features.

1. Rich Cryptocurrency selection

The team of Graffersid has integrated this feature into the app to enhance the investing experience. This fund comparison helps investors drastically in making the right decision. Right on the front page, you can see all the cryptocurrencies and their prices without putting in any effort. 

Rich Cryptocurrency selection

2. Place Bulk Orders

Most of the time investors place the order in bulk or sometimes in multiple options. But, the process of buying stocks one by one takes a lot of time. This feature allows investors to place orders in bulk with a single click. Along with this, a chart of selected cryptocurrencies is there to keep the selection simple and easy.

Especially testing this feature, GRAFFERSID conducted plenty of tests like a stress test, a peak test to ensure that on a time when most of the users are live and placing orders, the App and Website work as expected. 

3. Cutting Edge Charting Tool

Earlier in the crypto trading world, investors trade based on guesswork. No forecast was available back then and the development team of Graffersid took that seriously. With the quality experience in mobile app development, they introduced an advanced interactive charting tool. This feature helps in analyzing, forecast, and comparing stocks. 

The advanced interactive charting tool includes different indicators, line and candlestick, unique drawing tools, and three types of chart with a bar graph. The most essential and impressive feature of this app is that an investor can directly trade from the chart. Thus, making the application super easy and convenient.

4. Unlimited Watchlists

No one would invest in the first look. Therefore, the unlimited watch list tool allows investors to create unlimited watchlists and check the real-time prices of any cryptocurrency. There is also an option to customize the watchlist based on priority. Not only this, but the watchlists can be copied to different platforms such as an excel sheet. Which makes it easier to keep a record of favorite cryptocurrencies.

5. Real-Time Market Feed

The real-time market feed tool shows the exact and real-time net change, percent change, and share of volume. Cryptocurrencies tend to change 24/7. Therefore, the team of dedicated developers of Graffersid integrated a 24/7 all-time algorithm that calculates the real-time price. Also, an investor can find the latest market stats and news about the crypto that helps in staying updated with the crypto world. 

For crypto traders, providing this news serves a special purpose. Nobody invests without proper research and people generally don’t have time to look out on the web for news. Therefore, having this feature in the app ensured that the retention time is always high even in OFF days of trading. 

6. Simple yet attractive user interface

UI/UX is undoubtedly the heart of any application. Without a user-friendly interface, an app’s success is questionable, especially in online trading apps. Even a second-long feature can cost thousands of rupees in a trading app. The user interface of is super easy and interactive and even a non-investor can trade and make a profit with the application. Everything from the market list to one-click purchasing and selling can be done with just a few clicks.

GRAFFERSID’s team of UX architects and UI Designers worked pretty hard to simplify things like the Analytics dashboard for users. But the way it came out finally was absolutely stunning in the words of the CryptoHODL owners. 

7. Filter System

A filter system is a crucial aspect when you build a stock trading app. Without filtering the date and price, it is nearly impossible to forecast a share price. The team of Graffersid is well aware of this fact and they have integrated an advanced filter system, which filters on the basis of change in price, market capital, day change, and date. Thus, making it simple for investors to forecast and prepare the analysis report. 

Filtering is a concept used to save the time of users in the process of completing a task. With sheer accuracy, we provided numerous filters to enable users to save huge time while making a decision based on certain information. 

8. Advanced Search Tool

The search tool is the most useful and Vital in an investing application. Without the search tool, there would be no online trading app. But, the mobile app development of is very well planned. Therefore, this application has all the necessary as well as advanced features such as a search tool. There are more than 50 cryptocurrencies and still counting.

With the search tool, it is now easier to search for simple and complex cryptocurrencies. Along with this, the development team of Graffersid has implemented an advanced algorithm that shows every single detail about the crypto that you searched for as well as its real-time performance. 

9. Guest Market Watch

Guest traders can also watch the market without any login or creating an account. This feature allows traders to have a look at the simple yet attractive UI and advanced tools. This will not only help in gaining the trust of the traders but also it attracts traders to try this application. 

Crypto was a new domain for traders and always there was going to be new user base creation. The Founders of the app allowed people to just Guest Watch the growth and dynamics of the market. In such a way, Learners can understand the terminologies of the market, the time of the market, and everything else. 

10. Target Investing Planning

Target Investing Planning is an excellent feature for newbie traders. This feature teaches you real-world trading such as right investing time, forecasting, and where to invest. Along with this, around the clock, expert suggestions and signals are always there to help you. Cryptocurrencies tend to change each second and predicting the graph of crypto is very difficult for a new trader. Thus, expert suggestions and guidance can be a permanent guide for newbie traders. 

11. Robo Wealth

Robo Wealth is another important and useful feature. This feature keeps you updated about your favorite cryptocurrency. From time-to-time, this will notify you about the positive as well as the negative performance of your starred crypto. Also, based on your risk profile and favorite crypto’s, it will suggest to you whether you should buy or not. Therefore, a beginner can easily trade without potential risks. 

12. Analytic Dashboard

This feature helps you in monitoring your portfolio and past trade performances. With the help of an analytic dashboard, an investor can track progress as well as calculate the total gain and losses in a single frame. The analytic dashboard also displays the past trades with exact buying and selling positions. The team of Graffersid has integrated this feature to assist traders in meeting their financial goals. 

13. Easy Fund Transfer

With the help of an easy fund transfer option, investors can enjoy a one-click seamless transfer of funds directly into their bank accounts. Not only that but the application supports up to 10 payment gateways. From UPI to PayPal, a trader can transfer funds to any payment gateway. The status of payment history is also available with a single click. 

14. Insight sharing

Sharing everything with friends is now a trend. Investors also want to share their portfolio and profit history with their friends. Insight sharing does the same. It allows a user to share their insights and portfolios with friends. Along with this, a user can share only profit sections and hide the losses. 

15. Crypto Scanner

Even after a few years of experience, finding crypto which matches the risk profile is troublesome and frustrating. Even cryptos are highly volatile investment options. But, the team of Graffersid has already figured out a way to solve this issue. This Crypto Scanner feature furnishes you with the script that matches your risk profile. So you don’t have to waste time finding the right crypto at the right time as this feature is going to do so for you.

16. Alerts and Notifications

Nobody wants to miss the news that impacts the market. Just like every other market, the Crypto world is also affected by economical news. Therefore, a notification and alerts system can help investors stay on track and leverage the latest news at the perfect time.

As cryptocurrency prices change every second 24/7, investors can also save thousands of rupees by clearing the position at the right time with the help of notification features.

What do Founders say about the Efforts of Team GRAFFERSID?

Our app is doing absolutely well. We are very happy to collaborate with GRAFFERSID for digital products and they helped us in everything. Their team is incredible and has good technical expertise. Sidharth helped our team to work together and develop the app and website in time. 

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