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Employee And Workforce Management Software: Sirius

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About the Client: Sirius

Sirius is an employee and workforce management software that needed a UI/UX design change for its dashboards. Remote working has not only become a culture but a norm in many places. To hire talented and affordable resources, businesses are eliminating the local boundaries and going across the globe. But, with such a huge pool of resources comes the difficulty of managing and tracking the work of a remote employee. Sirius makes this management task easy, smooth and highly efficient. Tracking and employees activity is crucial for any business when the working model is completely remote. The loss in efficiency keeps increasing if the measurement of the employee’s work is not done correctly. Sirius software is built with key principles that track every aspect of an employee. The Founders of the Software have been very visionary and wanted a simple, minimal and yet effective design of the dashboard that includes all features for users.

At GRAFFERSID, our development and design team has vast experience of working with startups having innovative concept and ideas. Designing the interfaces was done after proper research and surveys conducted in the Requirement Gatherings phase.

Features of the Dashboard

The HR manager, team leader and other leaders of the team have many tasks to do. Just checking whether the employee is working on not can waste their time much more. Therefore, the team of GRAFFERSID understood the key factors and important elements which are necessary while tracking the productivity of a person. Data was captured with many sensors working at the same time. With the affordable use of cloud technology, there were many resources which we used for Sirius interface designing and data analytics. Before presenting any information to the manager, the two steps were critical for working on the software. One was capturing the data and the other was analytics and presentation in graphical format for easy understanding.

Role-based Dashboards

Role-based Dashboards

For enterprise-level companies, mostly there is a hierarchy in place which defines their roles and access to the company’s information. Maintaining a similar hierarchy, this Sirius dashboard has different versions defined by their roles in the company. For the top leader’s role, the HR Managers, team leads were also considered employees and they can track more people. Also, the bottom roles in the hierarchy can not see the information about their top leaders. Sirius Founders were very happy with this differentiation between roles and it helped them convert clients easily. Keeping the UI of each dashboard the same, there was not much difference between the dashboard’s look but the stats and numbers differ.

Team View

Every project manager has a team working with him. During times when the complete team is working remotely, the manager can click on team view and get the list of active participants at any time. Along with these, the core team lead has many projects as his responsibility. Therefore, for a core team lead, clicking on team views will show multiple teams and their activity. On further clicking over a team, the individual names of members would show up. This gives detailed information about anything a manager would like to know.

Individual View

Individual View

Along with the Team View, every manager at any level can also check the activity per member. Clicking over the name of an employee would take them to a dashboard that has all the information about the activity of that person. Details like location, active status, productive time, inactive time and many metres are shown in order for a comprehensive understanding of the employee work. There is a graphical analysis of the work done by employee across different browsers and software’s. For large to mid-scale enterprises, data security is a big issue. They generally have highly valuable and sensitive data stored in their systems. So, knowing the use of software helps managers tackle any such situation easily.


During remote working, managers have to build trust over the employees and their team members in order to achieve greater goals. Sometimes, certain companies have location-bounded services which are different as per the geographical location is concerned. Therefore, there is a feature in the dashboard which identifies the most accurate location of the person working.


Though a simple but very useful feature, the activity status of the employee. Active Status is shown not when there is required software open on the screen but if there is some activity going on. The sensors which are being used are powerful enough to track every activity comprehensively. Having the permission to track the camera, screens, mouse and keyboard, makes the sensors able to capture the activities going in front of it and inside the system. This advanced feature of the Sirius dashboard enabled many business managers to check the employee’s activity in a fraction of a second.

Attendance management

Understanding that this Sirius software can be of more help for the businesses, the design team of GRAFFERSID came up with the idea of integrating the Attendance management system with it. Founders of the Sirius software were pretty happy with it as now they can offer more features and services to their clients. Attendance management was an automotive feature of the Sirius dashboard. Already the system was using sensors to capture the daily activities of an employee, now it also created a database that was dedicated just to show the daily and weekly attendance to the manager and team leads.

Productive Time

Understanding something makes you able to control it better. The founders of the Sirius dashboard had a great understanding of how an employee works and what are the actual hours that aided the project. Dividing the total time of employees into sections like meeting time, discussion time, work time and other sections. For larger projects, to estimate the approximate costing and also to stay efficient, calculating every fraction of an hour is important. Therefore, this feature was given special attention and the presentation of this time was simple and easy to understand. During the prototype phase, this feature worked well and was given good appreciation.

Type of Software usage with Timestamp

The advanced Sirius software has a lot of features that enable managers to deeply understand the activities of all employees. This feature tells the manager about the usage of different software’s during a different part of the day. You can check when the employee was engaged with Chrome or Swift, Meet or Zoom. Also, knowing this with the timestamp gives you the ability to track down any error or problem which has occurred. Small-medium companies take services of many premium accounts where logins are numbered and limited. In such cases, there can be a limited number of people who can log in at a certain time. So, it becomes easy to know which devices were logged in during at


Screenshots have become a vital source of information pieces for anyone. They are real-time and can not be manipulated anyhow which brings the original information. Sirius software was scheduled for taking 6 screenshots daily and storing them for the manager to view anytime. These screenshots were stored locally for one month and later they were moved to cloud storage for ensuring that local storage does not get filled soon. Cloud-based storage compresses the files and consumes pretty little space. Deleting these screenshots required permission from the top of the company hierarchy to allow. Therefore, deleting all the screenshots at once of a selected employee was also an important feature. The smart management of screenshots attracted a lot of business owners.


Along with screenshots, the Sirius software was able to capture camera shots frequently during working time. The employee remains unaware of this activity when the camera captures the image. As per the screenshot, the cam shots were also stored smartly and used cloud technology for efficient storage management.

Payroll management

Payroll management

Along with the management of Attendance, Sirius software can also be used for payroll management. Adding the salary caps and the payment system in the software-enabled it to calculate the monthly salary and notify managers about its right time to transfer. Since Sirius software is counting the productive time and all kinds of time for an employee, it also gives an opportunity for team managers to put rewards and a higher pay scale for employees that have worked pretty well. Sirius software can produce reports of the employee working which helps during the annual meetings of appraisals. Now, appraisals can also be based on numbers and stats in place of assumptions.

Project-wise tracking

Along with team-wise and individual-wise tracking of the tasks, the Sirius software also allows managers to check the project-wise tracking of the team. With clicking over a project, a manager can check the work done during multiple intervals of the day and week. This feature was accompanied by smart filters. Filters were present daily, weekly and monthly. With these filters, managers can see the weekly time spent on any project. The cost of each project is time-bound when the size of any project is large. Therefore, this feature helps team leaders to calculate the estimated time left in the completion of the project.

What did the Client say about Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

Working with GRAFFERSID has been absolutely easy and amazing. The developers at GRAFFERSID are very well equipped with modern tools and have good knowledge of doing things. We have worked with GRAFFERSID on more than multiple projects now and every time, we got the deliverables well within the timeline. Their communication is flawless and clear which helps in reducing the time and bringing a product to market in quick time.

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