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Our UI/UX design services

Elevating/Amplifying Potential of Startups with our UI/UX Expertise

User experience (UX) Design

User Interface (UI) Design

Understanding UI/UX Design Better

UX is how it works, UI is how it looks



User Experience is the ease of using a product. It defines what text and features should be available and where should they be placed.


User Interface is about designing the screens/interfaces and putting up content in a structure defined by UX.


CTA Placements

Creating the Layout that enhances the usability with perfect actionable elements makes UX incredible.

Seamless Navigation

Simple Navigation is a key part of UX Strategy that allows users to reach different sections without any difficulty.

Value Driven

Filling just the right amount of data which is essential for the users to make an informed decision with minimum number of clicks and in the fastest possible way.

Consistent Design

Delivering a strong message consistently across the product with design and elements establishes your business as a brand.


Leveraging all the features offered by different devices helps in creating a highly personalised experience and requires a deep knowledge of all the platforms.

Perfect Interface Elements

Selection and Design of Input Control elements, Navigational elements is key for encouraging the user to interact with the product and explore more features in a way that the app owner wants.

Red Routing

Defining a flow for the user to follow that would result in high goal conversion for the startup. For Example, in an e-Commerce website Add to cart and check out are Red Routes.



User Interfaces should be easily understandable to leave a long-lasting impression in a user’s mind. Color sections and Font style are extremely critical for the success of any product.

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UI/UX Design is Beyond Technology, It’s the Emotion



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Meet the users’ needs

Understanding how the user will perceive the product is the best way to make the product completely for the user. User testing helps designers to find the
improvement areas to meet the end user’s needs.

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Know where you are in the design process

It always helps to know where you are and what are the options available with you. Features like BreadCrumbs help users navigate across the product

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Understand Accessibility

Accessibility can be defined as how easy it is for the user to find what is desirable. From the perspective of the user, placing the right element at the right place makes the product accessible to more users.

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User Persona

Creating the profile of an ideal user of the product gives you more insight into the expectations of the end-user. Know what your user likes and optimize the
product accordingly.

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UI/UX Design & Prototyping

Context is key

Personalized experiences are loved among users. Designing elements with
the context as the driving factor makes the product more relevant and
relatable for the users

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Typography is powerful

Some words speak louder than others. Designers use typography to put emphasis on a vital part in a lot of information.

Have a clear hierarchy

Have a clear hierarchy

Clearly defining the flow of action for users towards important sections and
informative sections is important. Easy navigation makes using the product a
comfort for users.

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Usability first

Creating a product to help the user accomplish a desirable task with fewer efforts and higher efficiency makes the product usable. The objective of usability is to deliver a satisfying experience for the user

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Keep it consistent

A brand is made up of consistency. Using the same colours, fonts, shapes and theme of the website boosts the message that the brand wants to deliver. It makes the user familiar with your ethics and they remember you always.

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Less is more

Users demand comfort, they don’t want unnecessary things. Saving the time of users and allowing them to focus on one thing at a time amplifies the efficiency of User Experience.

80% of customers are ready to pay up to 2X more for better User Experience

By 2025, Global Market Size of UX and UI is expected to touch $20 Billion

Google Search Stats show UX as hitting peak volumes in the last 12 months.

User Experience is Pivotal in building a product for the Billion Users.

Remarkable. Refreshing. Rewarding.

With a shifting focus towards crafting better digital experiences, the process of Design thinking is cardinal to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of billions of users. Brands are heavily emphasizing on User Experience to be the market leaders.

User experience is redefining the buying process and holds the power to disrupt the industry.

With a shifting focus towards crafting better digital experiences, the process of Design thinking is cardinal to satisfy the ever-evolving needs of billions of users. Brands are heavily emphasizing on User Experience to be the market leaders.

Our UI/ UX Design Process

How we design products for our clients

Understanding the need for end-users and expectations of stakeholders is the very first step that guides the team of Graffersid in various stages to create a product with all essential features.

We do loophole analysis to come up with problems and their possible solutions. Creating a well defined user persona is the
second step. With deep research, we are able to design elements that have high user acceptance which drives the designing process.

A flow is set for the user to follow at different stages of the application. Wireframing creates a visual skeleton representation of the idea. It helps to define what is critical and needs to be emphasized.

Screens are filled with colors, animations andeasy-to-read text that appeals to its target audience. WIth the help of tools we create a life-clickable prototype of the complete idea. It allows for a quick and cost-effective way of producing a scaled-down version of the product to test on users.

This phase gives valuable insights about the product and finds
out the flaws if any. Once done with testing and the last iteration to
rectify the errors, the product is ready to be developed with real coding.


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TOOL stack

UI/UX Tools we use


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gorilla Testing

Perks of Hiring UI/UX Designers From GraffersID

Why GraffersID

Graffersid is a leading UI/UX Design company. Awarded as Best UI Design in Premium Category by Design Conclave along with many other prestigious awards.

We have been the design partners for startups like

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Kargologic got selected by a COCA COLA venture with only a working prototype we designed. We worked with the founders right from ideation stage to the final product Development. Graffersid developed a product for Kargologic with incredible results.


Success Stories

Our Customers love what we do



Do you have a Question for us?

We work in 2 Models Hourly Pricing and Dedicated Designer hiring. Depending on your requirements, you can either hire a dedicated UX/UI Designer for a fixed duration or, you can outsource the entire project to the team of Graffersid. Let’s discuss what would be the best option for you.

Yes, we do maintain the agreed terms between client and Company over the contract. We support working with all business ethics. Our designers understand the Intellectual property rights and are obliged to follow those.

For Dedicated Designer model, we take 100% monthly advance payment for each contract on a per resource basis. For example, if you did a contract of 6 Months with a contract price of $2500 per month then we will take $2500 at the start of the contract and then the next $2500 after 30 days and so on for 6 months. For Hourly pricing, we will do a minimum hour estimation and bill you for it. If the hours exceed we will inform you the same with proper reasoning and bill you for the balance amount.

Our aim is to form long term bonds where both parties are happy. Before we start the work we will show you what we are planning for your idea with a a 6 hour demo with 0 Cost. If you like the design only then we will sign the both and not otherwise. Hence you pay only if you like our services. We are extremely client friendly.

We follow a 3/3 approach, we will give you 3 design variations out of which you can select one. Based on your selected design we will do 3 changes to meet your desired results. For Dedicated Designers on monthly contracts there is no limitation on how many variations you need.

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No bond Policy.

If the resource doesn’t perform then the contract will be terminated within 1 month of notice.




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