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Food Delivery App: Foodie’s Call

Food Delivery App: Cover Image

About the Client:

Several food delivery apps are available on app store, but with rapid pace of advancement, only innovative apps are winning in the market. This food delivery app runs on AI-driven algorithms with the highest level of personalization. Founders of the app have rich experience in working with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence systems. That’s why, this app also uses many AI-driven features.

For GRAFFERSID, it was a challenge to showcase and present these features in a simplistic and easy way. With intensive research and brain-storming sessions with stakeholders, user expectations and user personas were crafted which helped in making several decisions over UI/UX design and development.

After the launch of the app, it gained massive popularity within the first six months. New user registration was going up with an incredible retention rate.

Features of the Food Delivery App

 Features of the Food Delivery App

From a simple registration system to checking the feed of their friends and other people, this food delivery app has numerous unique features to engage the users. People can check what their friends ordered and can also do the same. Even, they can chat with their friends and discuss the restaurants to look out for.

Swift Registration System

The time taken between Installation and registration on a program is a crucial one as a longer registration cycle can lead to a high bounce rate. Having worked on similar projects extensively, the GRAFFERSID Mobile App Developers team has integrated a hybrid registration system that also works as a login system. The user has the choice to register via OTP, email and social media accounts which makes the process swift and easy for an average user.

Location Auto-detect

The location API used in the app is a crucial component that is essential for food delivery app or any delivery based app. The GraffersID team has made custom changes in the display panel of the map in accordance with the location that the client serves. The feature has been put through stringent tests to make sure that the locations displayed are as accurate as possible. The auto-detect feature can accurately pinpoint the user location to display the most relevant results.

Modular Design

As an experienced mobile app development company, the GraffersID design and development team has ensured that the design aspect of the app matches the business approach. The food delivery app requires the presentation of a large variety of food on its homepage. Thus the modular design dashboard was chosen as it gave a clean and orderly look to the app. Also, the design pattern makes it easier for the user to interact with various elements on the screen.


When it comes to the technical side of the app, responsiveness becomes a necessary feature given the different type of phone model available. The app is already filled with visual elements that need to look equally good despite the type of device. Hence the app uses technologies like bootstrap and JavaScript frameworks that make it flexible for devices having different screen ratios. More importantly, there are specific customizations available within the app enabling the user to change the positioning of certain elements.

Profile Dashboard

Profile Dashboard

Personalization of user experience is important to make sure that the client can retain the users after initial use. The profile dashboard is a personal space for the users where they can post pictures of their food and participate in trends. Further, the users can also follow other profiles on the app and view their posts. However, the development team has given adequate privacy controls to the user ensuring the protection of personal data.

Dynamic Content

The days of static content are gone now and the need for dynamic content is on the rise. While the user may scroll over a simple image, a moving graphic can easily captivate their attention. The UI UX designing process of the app has also focused on the inclusion of dynamic content on the home page. While the backend team at GRAFFERSID has made sure that the performance of the app doesn’t get affected by this change anyway.

Search Bar with Filters

There can be a range of delicious food options on the app yet if the user doesn’t know about them then it’s of no use. Keeping this in mind the app comes with a search bar with auto recommendations based on previous and popular searches. For the users who aren’t clear about what they want to order, there is a special filter system included with the search bar. This allows the user to filter their search based on the type of food, its price, delivery time and much more.

Image Scanner

Saw a mouth-watering dish but don’t know its name or where to get it? This problem is more common than it seems. To address this, the developers at GRAFFERSID have created an image scanner for the app that can scan food images. After the scanning, the system searches for a similar recommendation from within the database. This feature has been received very well by the users and has got quite positive reviews.

Smart Recommendations

The most special feature within the app is the smart recommendations. Here the special algorithm designed by the custom mobile app development team collects the behavioral data of the user. After which the system sends personalized food recommendations for the user analyzing all the order patterns. Additionally, the user can also make changes to the smart recommendation system from the settings dashboard of the app..

Restaurant Dashboard

Restaurant Dashboard

The establishment which prepares the food is as important as the food itself, especially in times where hygiene is most important. The restaurant dashboard is an essential feature that shows images of the restaurant, its ratings and verification status. The dashboard also contains the option for the user to directly message the restaurant. While any inconsistency in the actual delivery from the food displayed can also be reported from here.

Notification and Alerts

Maintaining a consistent communication channel with the user is necessary, particularly between the time of order and its receipt. This greatly assists the user in choosing a delivery time slot according to their convenience. Hence the app comes with a dedicated push notification system alerting the user of any progress and changes in the order status. Further, these notifications and alerts are also used to inform the users about new offers and discounts on the platform.

Bill Split

It is quite obvious that food may be ordered for get together and groupings and if the order requires splitting bills, it may get hectic. To solve this, the inbuilt bill split system on the app lets the user split total bill amounts between different profiles on the application. This can help in both digital payment orders and cash on delivery orders.

Payment Gateway

With the introduction of numerous digital payment breakthroughs, there is ample infrastructure supporting instant digital payments. To ensure that the app is in line with this change, the app has a highly secured payment gateway built within. This gives the user to pay with credit/debit cards, digital wallets and also popular systems such as UPI. Additionally, the app keeps records of all the payments for future reference in case of any dispute.

Order History

Repeating the same order can become a boring task after a while and to make sure this doesn’t happen, the developers have added the order history feature. Here the user can simply reorder without wasting time searching for the same food again. This also makes it easy for the users to look for all their previous order histories and payments made for them.

Live Order Tracking

The success of aggregation and food delivery apps largely depends upon their logistics system. As a custom development company, GRAFFERSID has extensive experience in designing logistics systems for other clients. Using this experience, the team has created a custom live order tracking system. This helps the user in tracking their orders in real-time with constant updates about the location of the delivery vehicle. Also, the algorithm tracks the distance and traffic density to provide for estimated delivery time.

Loyalty Bonus

To get the user to place orders frequently, the client needed a system that calculates and provides a special loyalty bonus without affecting the profitability. Hence the GRAFFERSID conducted long research sessions and studied different loyalty programs. After which they included loyalty bonus programs that provide rewards as the gap between two orders decreases while the volume of order increases.

Have an app Idea

Long Scroll Timeline

The internet is filled with digital platforms that seek user attention, hence the app required a unique functionality that kept users engaged. The long scroll timeline within the application is inspired by the social media feel where the user gets to see posts about food. This includes cuisines from around the world and stories behind them. Also, the user can find posts regarding healthy foods and updates from friends.

Social Media Connectivity

Getting an app connected to social media platforms is increasing its reach multifold. That is why the app makes sure that the user can easily share their food pictures and stories on social media. With its one-click share, users can get options for sharing ranging from messenger platforms to popular social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. The same post can also be shared on the timeline feature as mentioned earlier to boost engagement.

AI Chatbot

Diligent customer service is as important today as it was 50 years ago. The only difference is that an organisation may now need to handle thousands of customers at the same time due to the aggregation model. The AI chatbot integrated within the application by the development team is capable of handling these user queries and problems. With predefined responses, the chatbot can answer basic questions from the user. In case of any complexity, the chatbot can refer to a real customer care executive.

What did the Client say about Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

For this dream project, we wanted to work with an experienced app development company with a really good portfolio. GRAFFERSID is one such partner for startups. Not just the development process but the whole communication and delivery process is flexible enough to aid the startup cycle. I would highly recommend them for being a technology partner for innovative and challenging projects. This team can accomplish incredible goals.

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