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Food Detection and Nutrition Tracking App

Detection and Nutrition Tracking App

About the Client

Health-conscious people always crave to improve their health management. There are plenty of things to do. The founders of the nutrition tracking app noticed a market gap that was unseen even after so much innovation in the Health Industry.

A common person doesn’t have knowledge as the nutritionist possesses but a fitness freak or health-conscious person needs the application of knowledge every day. Founders conducted a survey and found that not having proper knowledge of food ingredients and their nutritional value was the concern.

With people having heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses elements, they always need to know about the food before eating it. The app helps them understand the food and its nutritional values and content. Helping Fitness freaks and health illness-related people, this app garnered huge attention with every age group covered as their target audience.

It won the award in the category of Best UI/UX Design of the Year and Innovative Solutions Award. Currently, the registered accounts number more than 3.67 million with at least 900k daily users. Being a marketplace with thousands of users online, this attracted huge funding and spikes in the growing revenue. 

Features of the food detection app

Fitness has always been a major focus point for many people. But due to the current pandemic situation, health consciousness among the masses is expanding even more rapidly. For businesses in the Healthcare Industry, having a mobile app is mandatory.

People became more conscious about their health but with no physical stores open and no travel of communications channels open other than digital, Businesses like a Food Ingredients detection app had no option. This app primarily focuses on identifying the calories, fat and nutritional value of the food being consumed.

The app is fed with powerful machine learning algorithms with the Image Recognition feature working more time. It compares the image of the food with previously fed images with the tag of the food type. With inputs like Amount or Weight are required from the user to fill and the algorithm is 98% accurate in predicting the nutritional value of ingredients. 

1. Personal Profile

Affording a personal trainer or dietician is not economical for everybody. Noticing this problem, we, first of all, included the personal profile feature. This means that the app instead of giving generalized tips for everybody focuses on individuals. Here the user enters health-related information, then the app uses this information to create the user’s profile and later provides suggestions according to it.

2. Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index or BMI can be referred to as a rule of thumb that is used to identify whether a person is underweight, normal weight, or overweight. This is done by using a person’s height and weight along with a bit of math. The app collects this information at the time of registration from the user and later uses it for further planning of diet and activity regimen for the user.

3. Food Scanner

The most important part of being healthy is keeping a track of what you are eating. But doesn’t it get inconvenient doing this every day? To help the user with this problem, our team worked out a very simple solution – “The food scanner”.

Using this feature, the user can just click a picture or scan the barcode of any food item and get the nutrient breakdown, along with the coordination of such food with the current diet.

4. Calories and Macro Nutrients

Calories and Macro Nutrients

Calculating daily calorie and macronutrient needs is not an easy task for an average person. Keeping this in mind, our team integrated an automatic calculator that calculates the total calorie and macro-nutrient requirement of a user according to their BMI, and weight goals.

This feature is included in the form of meters, where, as the user keeps fulfilling the goals, the meter gets filled.

5. Activity Tracker

After research, our team found that the activity regimen of a person was an important factor in creating a good diet according to the fitness goals of the person. Due to this reason, we included an activity tracking feature, that helps in making changes to calorie and nutrient requirements as per the activity status of a person. 

6. Save your Calendar with diet

Good health is achieved over a period of time and understanding this behavior of humans, design experts of GRAFFERSID also developed a feature which had every date of the month fed up with information of total food intake, total calories intake, name of the food and other details.

Having a record of your weekly diet gives a reflection of your health status. It helps you track your diet and improve at any time of the day. 

7. Water Intake

Dehydration has become a common problem today due to the active modern lifestyle. A proper intake of water is considered crucial for the smooth working of our body organs and metabolism. To assist the user in achieving proper water intake, the app includes a water intake tracker. This lets the user know how much water they have to drink and reminds them of it through notifications.

8. Articles

Keeping the user updated with the right health information is very necessary, that is why we decided to include the “articles” feature. This provides the user with various health-related articles from credible sources. It helps the user to be informed and updated while also being engaged with the app for a longer time.

9. Chart and Graphs

Chart and Graphs

We all know how hard it is to maintain a good habit, but seeing the result in front of us is something that can keep us going forward. This is why we included a beautiful statistics counter, which uses charts and graphs to show users their progress instead of just plain and boring numbers. What makes it better is the option to customize the look and feel of the charts, as needed by the user.

10. Reminders

To form any healthy habit, it is essential that the person maintains a regular streak. But, because of our busy lifestyles, it’s hard to do so. That is why the feature “Remainders” is so important. This feature reminds the user at regular intervals about various pending obligations that need to be completed.

The reminders are in the form of push notifications and updates that can be customized by the user as per personal needs.

11. Recipes

Due to the “calorie and macro-nutrients” feature, the users can know how many calories and nutrients they need, but what about “what to eat ?”. Due to this problem, we incorporated a feature called ‘recipes’ that helps the users find healthy and delicious recipes, that too according to their diet plans. This includes recipes from all categories such as vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegan.

12. Dish Detail

A very crucial aspect of the Food Information Detection App, this feature was very much appreciated with its UI/UX designed by experts of GRAFFERSID. The dish detail feature unleashes every detail of the dish presented. After capturing the image, the app also presents detailed information about the nutrients of the dish. 

13. Diets

Diet is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. Nothing else matters if a person is not taking a healthy and adequate diet. But due to the availability of a wide variety of diets, a person often gets confused.

To solve this problem, our team included various kinds of diet plans under the diet section relating to both weight loss and weight gain. Along with this, the app also includes recommendations as to which diet would be the best for the user.

14. Lifestyle

It is quite obvious that different users are going to have different lifestyles and health conditions. Keeping this in mind the team also added the “lifestyle” panel that contains various tips relating to diet and workouts.

These tips are broadly based on different kinds of professional lifestyles and health conditions that are common today.

15. Fitness Programs

Everybody has a preference regarding what kind of fitness activities they like, pushing activities on users can lead to negative results. Keeping this in mind, we included various types of fitness activities that users can do including strength, flexibility, and stamina boosting exercises.

The app even includes meditation and breathing practices, so that the user can also focus on mental health along with physical health.

16. Wearable Connectivity

The advent of various fitness-related wearables has revolutionized the health-tech industry. It was important for us that the user experience is kept completely hassle-free, that is why this feature lets the user integrate data from different wearable devices like smartwatches to the app.

This saves the time of users as they don’t need to enter all the data manually. It also gives a notification connectivity feature, that lets the user see notifications from the app in the wearable device itself.

17. Calendar

Keeping records of previous activities and upcoming activities on the fitness journey is an important task from the user’s perspective. To make this simple, the app integrates all the activities of the user with an inbuilt calendar in the app. Here, the users can see past data, adjust future activities and plan upcoming events as per their need and availability of time.

18. Premium

From the viewpoint of the developer or the owner, the app must be able to generate revenue. To ensure this, our team has included a subscription-based feature called  “premium”. Under this plan, the users can enjoy an enhanced version of available services from the app while also enjoying connecting with professional dieticians. The plan can come in multiple price ranges.

19. Social Sharing

Social media integration is an important tool that can boost the popularity of the app multifold. On the other hand, it also lets the users share their achievements with their friends and relatives. For this reason, the app lets the users share an automatically generated report of their achievements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It can be done easily by just clicking on the share option and choosing the preferred platform.

What does the Client say about the Collaboration with GRAFFERSID?

GRAFFERSID is not just a tech company they are the technology partner for Growth. After helping us turn our idea into an amazing app, they ensured that our app performed well when users grew to millions. Thankful for such work and dedication. They deserve a big part in our success. 


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