HearToKnow: Experience Sharing Platform

HearToKnow is a beautiful concept; it helps connect users with people in corporate and colleges for a one-to-one discussion. It can be considered as a mentoring marketplace application. In the world where opportunities are in abundance, employee and student decisions have shifted from college credibility and salary to added benefits to enhance the quality of life. HearToKnow helps people understand and share experiences in audio and video format.

Experiences in the domain of Shopping, Travel, Career, Interview process feedback and many more.  Users can go as far as booking a private session, for a minimal amount, with the people who have done those things first hand and with a person whose review they find to be most useful.

It also provides an extra source of revenue for the people with 0 extra effort. They have to share what they know and earn what they want. In a world where reviews can make or break a company, there is a huge problem of fake scripted reviews, HearToKnow aims to make it tough for companies to fake their reviews and bring out the truth of the internal working of the companies or the cities or shops.

For example:

Imagine you got an offer letter from Accenture for the job profile of Senior Business Analyst or from a startup like Graffersid. Before making any commitments you want to know how the company is and how the internal processes are.  HearToKnow can help you find the people who have worked in the company. You can then hear and see them giving their feedbacks and opinions.


Making the UI that attracts people from all age group,

With such a diverse group of audience, it is very important to choose the right color scheme and layout which can accommodate diversity. Mentor and Mentee audience ranges from college students to people looking for CXO level positions. In general, the major deciding factor for design and color theme are the Age, Gender, location, and profession to name a few.

Hence we moved out of the generics and focused more on the services that are being offered which were majorly professional or serious. This helped us narrow down the options and the possible design variations. We made the application look professional and simplistic for people of all age group to access easily. We did compromise on some of the fancy stuff we would have liked for better user experience.


Make the platform look trustable and reliable,

For the platforms where people are paying for mentor’s time it is critical that they first trust the platform and the registered people on it. Apart from the registration process to verify each profile and a background check, the UI/UX should depict the same level of confidence and professionalism. We used the traditional way of a blue tick against verified profile and throughout the platform, we highlighted the way we on-boarded different mentors and ensure the quality of their knowledge.

HearToKnow Profile





Should feel relevant to the vast range of professionals coming from varying backgrounds.

Not everyone is a technology geek, some people have a limited understanding of the technology while some are extremely fluent. HearToKnow has Mentor and Mentee whose background could be an uneducated blue collar person to a 20-30 year experienced person or from an Ethical Hacker to a housewife who barely uses phones. The platform had to be made simple for all the users to understand the features available and to use them to their full efficiency.

HearToKnow Category

Simplifying which reviewers profile matches best for the type of information user is looking for.


For a platform whose core revenue model is to have people make calls, it becomes more of the matchmaking business. HearToKnow earns over each call that is made via its portal between the mentor and mentee. The Mentor gets paid for the amount of hours spent over the call with the mentee. Hence ensuring that the visitors find their required mentor quick is of utmost importance. Mentees are looking for a very specific profile and ensuring that they find them easily and with minimal efforts is where we will win.

Giving the basic info for free and charging only for additional info.

We made sure that mentees get the basic information without any cost which would get them confident to pay for the mentor’s time. We identified 8 parameters which really influences the decision of the mentee. We made it available in theform of search and filter while highlighting it over the mentor profile listing page.

It is like planting an idea in the head of the user and exploiting that idea until a decision is made. The idea will automatically grow on them till the time we can hold them on the portal and keep feeding them the same thing. Once they see the value in the profile of the mentor which can address the problem that the user is facing they will stick to the portal and will be willing to pay any price for it.