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Mona Lisa- Global Mentoring Solutions

Mona Lisa- Global Mentoring Solutions

About the client:

Mona Lisa is an online test proctoring service that aims to alleviate some of the difficulties placed on institutions that perform or would want to conduct online exams through the use of technology. This may be used by the teacher to organize and schedule examinations, and it can also be used by students to obtain information about past, current, and upcoming exams, among other things.

It is the opportunity for instructors to watch their students’ activities in real-time that is the most advantageous aspect of using these GPS devices. It has been designed to be user-friendly to avoid difficulties for both students and instructors.

Features of Mona Lisa:

We recognize that one size does not fit all and thus provide tailored proctoring solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our artificial intelligence-powered proctoring application software – Mona Lisa – is capable of more than simply detecting test cheating.

It stops it from happening! Whether it is a corporate or educational institution, we all aim to provide the same underlying concept – authenticity – as well as a sober remote proctoring experience to exactify the examinee’s identity and hard-earned knowledge to the highest degree possible.

Despite the fact that our design and development team has years of expertise, this project presented its own set of difficulties. To better understand the user experience, the GraffersID team performed an extensive study that revealed many important areas. Here are the features that we developed to guarantee that Mona Lisa remains at the forefront of its industry.

1. Real-Time Risk Detection and Prevention

Mona Lisa Real-Time Risk Detection and Prevention

While utilizing the Mona Lisa, the client desired an interactive user interface. GraffersID’s design team explored several ideas for making the interface more interesting. We opted for auto proctoring after a long brainstorming session.

Our AI-powered Mona Lisa is the most efficient way to auto-proctor an online exam. As a consequence, we provide real-time risk detection, including keystrokes, mouse clicks, and shortcut keys, as well as risk alerts and ratings. We also prevent the associated risks, as required by the business. This is the most extreme case of auto-proctoring in action.

2. Live Camera & Screen Streaming

Mona lisa Live Camera & Screen Streaming

Not only GraffersID wanted the Mona Lisa to audit the camera and screen streaming, but we also wanted the Mona Lisa to notice any sensitive movement. As a result, our AI-powered Mona Lisa uses the same data points to segment and classify them for any possible fraudulent actions or material theft. Mona Lisa may be utilized for more than simply proctoring examinations; it can also be used to audit a sensitive distant activity that needs great attention.

3. Distilled & Unique Configuration for Every Exam

Mona lisa Distilled & Unique Configuration for Every Exam

GraffersID’s designers were at a loss for how to configure data with precision after a lengthy conversation with the customer and knowledge of the scenario. However, with patience and hard effort, this AI model performs well, delivering accuracy. Hundreds of data points are automated by our systems and engineers to guarantee the correct and unique setup for each test for various organizations. So, if you have a particular need for a critical assessment at your institution, we are ready to provide you with a unique configuration every time.

4. AI-Enabled Tool

Our AI-Enabled Mona Lisa uses a dataset to analyze thousands of occurrences and flags any unfair method as possibly fraudulent behavior. Mona Lisa identifies and alerts the student and proctor in real time when a foreign item such as a media device, cell phone, or even a calculator that is not permitted is detected. Mona Lisa identifies, classifies, and recognizes faces using a combination of image detection and classification. This is the closest image processing stage to the human level.

5. Detection of Similar Patterns Among Examinees

Every act of cheating is dependent on the pattern of particular actions. Thus, Mona Lisa is built by the GraffersID design team in such a manner that it identifies patterns inside data. She determines if there are any regularities in the given data by inspecting it. The categorization of data based on previously acquired knowledge or statistical information gathered from patterns and their representation is described as pattern recognition.

6. LMS Integration

We recognize that the need for an online education necessitates the use of an LMS platform. We offer ready-to-use integration to make the whole pre-exam and post-exam experience more enjoyable. Mona Lisa offers a one-stop solution for everyone, whether you host an LMS platform or desire one from us.

7. Reports and Dashboards

Mona lisa Reports and Dashboards

It should fundamentally be capable of producing a wide range of real-time reports for institutions in a detailed and effective manner. According to the evidence, the manner of depiction is especially important, since it has been shown that multimedia displays are, contrary to common perception, literally more attractive to individual users.

Thus, the client wanted Mona Lisa to be multimedia-based dashboard reports, for example, is fundamentally superior to its competitors, and online exam software that provides multimedia-based dashboard reports, in particular, is significantly superior to its competitors, which is a sharp contrast to the popular belief in the industry.

And GraffersID dedicated developers put all their efforts into making the Mona Lisa in that manner.

8. Configurable Roles And Permissions

The ability to set up verified roles and access should be a basic feature of any online test software, guaranteeing that both individual administrators and allocated instructors can exercise complete control over the exam in a broad sense.

The results of fairly individual exams may be monitored and disseminated impartially in this manner, allowing institutions to effectively monitor the accessibility levels of fairly individual examinations on the whole.

9. Get a Notification

Students and parents needed to be informed about forthcoming tests, assignments, deadlines, projects, and courses, and the software needed to do it with a high degree of accuracy and without revealing too much personal information, or so they believed.

Instant notifications were thus required. GraffersID makes it extremely simple to particularly operate in Mona Lisa, and as a result, no data is now basically missing by the user in a significant manner.

10. Easy Approval

Online test software must have an automated assessment tool that allows users to quickly accept and amend the questions that have been produced in an exam session. Designers at GraffersID gathered information from the client about how they wanted and entered it into the program to include this functionality. It is beneficial to reflect on the results immediately after the submission of the paper by the student.

11. Interactive testing phase

To effectively prepare students for examinations, the program should offer question banks, suggestion papers, and references, usually links or PDFs on a wide range of topics in a comprehensive and detailed manner. The question banks and the test interface must be interactive in view, with appropriate multimedia assistance and text editors being used to a significant extent. The method of presentation should primarily be attractive, and sufficient to capture the general interest of certain individual pupils to a significant degree.

12. Creation of Assessment Patterns

This tool especially assists you in giving your evaluations the appropriate form and clarity they need subtly, while also saving your time. Essentially, it is nothing more than the identification and grouping of the many fixed grade categories with the tests, showing that assessment is important. The pattern generation function, contrary to common opinion, serves to give your evaluations a correct structure and clarity, for the most part, allowing you to make more informed decisions. Any individual course will follow a fundamentally certain style of instruction, although in a subtle manner.

13. Configuration of question types with varying degrees of difficulty

While the development team of GraffersID was working on this project, the researchers realized that they needed to include varying degrees of difficulty in the tests so that students may test their learning according to their preparation.

Simple question kinds such as single word, descriptive, multiple-choice, open-ended, and quizzes may be created using this option. They can also be associated with a marking system that includes negative markings for simple computations. It is possible to distinguish between difficulty levels (easy, tough) to conduct examinations in a more differentiated manner.

What did the client say about collaboration with us?

It has been a joy to collaborate with GraffersID on this project. A significant barrier to our brand’s growth was caused by the problems and complexity that arose inside the system. However, GraffersID has gone above and beyond to ensure that the work runs more easily for its customers. They recognized what we were attempting to accomplish and made suggestions to improve the website’s overall functionality.

It was amazing to see them do so much research to build our website. There was a continuous concern for the user’s point of view on their part. They provided us with a consultation service to assist us in improving our branding. Also suggested are the best practices that we may use to spur further growth and progress. Above all, we recommend GraffersID as a tool to assist brands in their progressive migration. We are very happy with the final result of the website.

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